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"Onward, to the protections of the Grand Line. Cut down anyone those oppose us, not only as First Division officers, but as Shinsengumi officials. Above all else, be sure to protect the Captain until to can't swing anymore!"
—Iori to the First Division.

Sengoku Iori (千石伊織, Iori Sengoku) is the lieutenant of the Shinsengumi's First Division serving directly under Captain Elijah. Iori has gained a highly respected name for himself as a samurai, and has never once had a bounty placed on him. Iori attended the same private school as Elijah making them childhood friends, great ones at that.

History Edit

Appearance Edit

With skin as pale as the normal white colored being, Sengoku is just as attractive as his Captain. He nearly holds a demonic smirk on his face at all times, but most don't see it that way. Iori has purple colored eyes, a very rare feature known to humankind. His ears are pierced and are the holders of small diamond earrings he bought from the original diamond shop owned by Elijah's other. With just a turn of his head, and the meeting of his earring with the sun there is a bright shine, although because of how his hair sits it covers this diamond.

Iori Manga

Iori as he appears in the manga.

Iori has very long hair, which sits in a high ponytail with some resting over his shoulders and the rest free flowing down his back colored purple. He wears a purple haori and hakama over his kimono. Around his neck is a traditional silk datejime with a stiff middle and soft ends, with a jewel given each division member by Elijah. The jewel's color is assigned to each member and chosen by Shingi. Each member of the Shinsengumi, other than the captain, are actually prohibited from wearing anything other than black tradition Shinsengumi attire, with the exception of Iori which is allowed by Elijah. With his distributed tasuki, it is crossed over his chest and tied in the back. Iori's nails are painted purple and sometimes white for an unknown reason, but most women find it attractive for whatever reason.

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Iori w Sword

Iori initiating his swordsmanship.

Trivia Edit

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