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Senkunin (戦職人, War Mechanic) is an eclectic fighting style uniquely taught at the Tenchidoukan dojo. It is employed as a way of taking on the desirable attributes of a machination, such as the ability to fight without hesitation and make decisions in an instant, allowing for extremely fast reactions and a brutal fighting style in which the user effectively and robotically targets an opponent and removes them from battle in the quickest possible way. This fighting style also allows for specific focus upon certain physical attributes, such as strength and durability, speed and reflexes, motor control and more. The process of focusing on one of these attributes is known as "shifting gears".


  • Ichisoku
  • Nisoku
  • Gyakusoku


  • To avoid confusion with Monkey D. Luffy's various Gear modes, the "gears" in Senkunin are more literal and are counted in Japanese rather than English. This unwitting plagiarism was unfortunate but unavoidable, as the author struggles to find another way to best name the various techniques of Senkunin.

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