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"How do you expect to defeat a force like myself? I am indestructable, you hear?"
— Seok

Seok Akbar (セオック・アクバー, Seok Akabar) is an artificial man made out of stone and the Brute of the Thunder Hound Pirates. He is currently the user of Kabe Kabe no Mi, which allows the user to generate massive walls out of stone.


Seok Possesses the appearance of a bald man in his later twenties and his build is relatively tall and muscular. Seok has a small ovular mustache and an almost matching pair of ovular eyebrows. He also has a long breard that flows in a way that makes it almost seem like a single strand of hair, This is an illusion made by Seok when he comes his beard for about two hours every morning. Seoks skin has a slight tan to it. Large muscles cover Seoks body under his skin. It seems that even for the amount of muscular mass he has, Seok is extremely strong. This is shown when he saves his captain, Whit B. Roberts from a pirate ship about to crash land on him. Seoks clothing consists of a tradition japanese kimono, and a black, silk jacket that he wears like a cape. The kimono itself is off white in color with a dark brown patterned trim around the neck and wrists.