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"'You see this cool stuff.....Yeah I made it"
– Death

The Reaper, is the owner of Settou Settou No Mi. Touch it without his permission and your soul will be forfeit.

The Theft Theft Fruit is a devil fruit that allows the user to steal just about anything from living or non-living things. This can range from something like their friction to something like their memories. This ability is extremely versatile and the amount of situations it can be used in is astonishing.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The major strengths of this fruit is its ability to steal various properties, aspects or other things from anything. This is extremely useful in many situations. In sneaking around the user can remove the properties that causes them to make sound from themselves to make them completely silent. They can also remove the sight of people to allow them to sneak by unnoticed. In more combat oriented situations they can steal the skill that someone has with a sword, taking it for themselves. This also extends to things such as powers or special skills. The user is capable of affecting anything in a 30 foot radius around them.

The weaknesses of this fruit are that though it can steal anything it is not forever. In the case of most things the user can keep it for a maximum of ten minutes before it is returned to whoever they took it from. In the case of skills or powers that people have they can steal the ability to use them but the original user can still also use them. The only time this does not apply is when whoever the skill was taken from is at near death. In the case of something such as a memory being taken if it is stored within an object that can retain it will not return until the said object is broken. In the case of a power unless it sorted within a fruit the ability to harness it will be taken away from the user after ten minutes. The user is also only able to steal one thing at a time from someone. The standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.

Awakening Edit