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Shinbu (心舞 Shinbu?, lit. Heart's Dance) is an advanced technique of the Hasshōken that makes use of the practitioner's vibration-producing skills.

Description Edit

Shinbu is, unlike the majority of Hasshōken techniques, a defensive technique. Focusing on the practitioner's arms — the most mobile part of their body — the practitioner utilizes the tightening and relaxation of their muscles to assist in parrying against an opponent's onslaught. With the addition of the vibrations to their natural parrying techniques, a practitioner is able to vastly augment their defensive skills and accordingly break the flow of their opponent's attacks by using the kinetic force of the vibrations produced with every parry.

Normally, highly skilled practitioners of the art utilize this technique before chaining in a powerful offensive movement the moment they force an opening in the attacks of their opponent.

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