The Shinsengumi (新選組), sometimes referred to as the The New Squad, are a group primarily composed of swordsmen with the exception of a few other members. They are split into thirteen different divisions, each division having a Captain, Lieutenant and division members. The World Government refers to them as Dogs of the Underworld (地獄の犬, Jigoku no Inu) because of their rebellion during the short war against each other.

Overview Edit

The Shinsengumi is a squadron of Captains split into different division, thirteen in counting. Shinsengumi exist only to protect the Grand Line and everything within it including it's people and it's places. The Shinsengumi also has some sort of beef with the World Government from the incident three years that sparked between the two that started the Shinsengumi, Zanetti Elijah and Seavey Dan. Within just a short three year time span, the Shinsengumi gained quite the repuatation for themselves gaining respect from many different pirates and swordsmen, even drawing the attention of the Shichibukai. The World Government hates them back, and is also in fear of their power, hoping that the group would never ally with any of the other Three Great Powers.

Thirteen Divisions Edit

Division Responsibility Captain Notable Members
Division 1 Direct Attack Elijah Colored
"Kuroyasha" Elijah
* "Mujin" Sengoku
Division 2 Stealth
Division 3
Division 4 Ambush
Division 5
Division 6 Ground 1070454
"Dark Slayer" Trevor
Division 7 Healing
Division 8
Division 9 Intel EastiesFirstChar
"Akeryōshi" Vinc
  • "Sukaru" Akai
  • "Suta Sunaipaa" Starling
  • James the "Black"
  • "Axe-Fist" Camel
  • "Unknown" Child
Division 10 Research and Development
Division 11
Division 12
Division 13

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Shinsengumi attire

The uniform worn by the Shinsengumi members.

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