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Queen Shirahoshi is a giant smelt-whiting mermaid, the youngest daughter of Neptune, and the Queen of the Ryugu Kingdom.

History Edit

Thirty years ago, Shirahoshi was present on Fishman Island when the older generation of Titan Pirates, led by their then Shichibukai captain, Raptor D. Baron, offered their services to protect the island in return for their aid in searching for sea-prism stones across the deep ocean floor.

Appearance Edit

Shirahoshi has very large breasts.

Personality Edit

Once upon a time, Shirahoshi was quite easily frightened, until she was met by the Pirate King, who changed the world completely for her and thereby altered her perception of it completely. In her latter years, she became a resilient, hard working woman, who was worthy of being the queen of the Ryugu Kingdom and inherited the traits of her late mother in full, devoting her life to ensuring a better life for the upcoming generation of Merfolk under her rule. Shirahoshi is very kind hearted, and even despite the obvious power that comes naturally with her position as queen, she can never be seen taking advantage of it and expects for all of her citizens to refer to her casually; during her younger days, she word refer to most others --even those who attempted to harm her-- with the "sama" suffix, showing them her utmost respect.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Poseidon Edit

As Poseidon, Shirahoshi has the unique ability of communicating with the sea kings. Over the years, she worked to tame this skill diligently, in the hopes of securing her homeland. She has since come to master this ability, though very rarely calls upon the help of the sea kings in the present day due to Fishman Island now being kept safe by the Titan Pirates.

Trivia Edit

  • In Greek mythology, Poseidon (Ποσειδών) is the god of the sea, water, and earthquakes.