Shiryu-Shiryu no Mi (Document-Document Fruit) is a Logia Devil Fruit which makes the user can store any kind of informations and projecting it into any forms of media. It was eaten by a rosetta stone. It makes the physical forms of the user changeable depending of which projection it use. However, the user would gone back into their original physical form if there isn't any living-human with any active/normal five-senses to perceive correctly the information sent.

The rosetta stone which ate this fruit is immortal, but can be destroyed in its original form. It is said that the stone was used by ancient kingdoms to store vital information for humanity. There is currently some information stored:

  1. A piece of hint to locate Raftel
  2. The History of the World, which is:
    • The origins of Devil Fruits and The Devil
    • The origins and fall of The Ancient Kingdoms
    • The origins of four seas and One Piece
    • The importance of Raftel and The Ancient Weapons
  3. The memory of a person named Joy Boy
  4. The memory of a person named Nico Robin
  5. Legends and stories, including:

The rosetta stone which bear Shiryu-Shiryu no Mi are reportedly lost during the event related to The Straw Hat Pirates around half a century ago. Some said that the stone was drowned in the seas of New World, destroyed by the order of World Government, or walk between humans by continually displaying projections, but it is yet to be confirmed.

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