Shoko is a member of the group of bounty hunters known as The Gray Trail, and the appointed doctor and cook. She is the daughter of a Shandian and a Skypiean, the first of her kind.


Shoko has shoulder-lenght blonde hair, with one strand covering the right side of her face, and the rest tied in a short ponytail. There is one peculiarity about her hair, however, in that a strand actually seems to form what looks like a halo on top of her head. She has gray eyes and, like any other citizen of the Sky Islands, she has wings sprouting from her back, although unlike the rest of her people hers have a slight yellow tint towards the ends.

She usually dresses in a white, short-sleeved coat, which extends to her sides, a silk orange long-sleeved shirt underneath wich extends down to her ankles both on the front and the back. Finally she wears light brown trousers and gray high heel boots that reach just below her knees.


While being totally devoted to the group, she disapproves of the violent ways of its members, often trying to come up with more pacific approaches. Shoko has a very quiet and soft-spoken manner of speech, with which she tries to bring joy and calm to her teammates, for whom she cares deeply. Although not properly trained in combat, she forces herself to help out the team the best way she can, providing assistance ans support whenever needed. Highly courageous, she does not retreat in front of anything, if she deems it necessary or not risky. Should the situation be more dangerous than what she could manage, she is perfectly capable of taking a back position and work from the rearlines. An avid reader, Shoko is very knwledgeable and keeps her team informed on all the latest news from around the seas. She also has a tendency to sing whenever she's doing something that gets her in a good mood, like cooking for her teammates.



The Gray TrailEdit

Although she is the latest to join the group, Shoko was welcomed with open arms by the rest of the members, who protect her at all costs. Despite coming from a loving family and never having to suffer hunger, loneliness or suffering like the others, Shoko never judges nor lets her past interfere with the relationships she has created among the group, instead empathizing and carrying the burdens of her teammates on her shoulders to ease their pains.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While not formally trained in hand-to-hand combat, with no effective experience on the field, she still manages to be of use to the team, providing support, medical assistance, reconnaisance and intelligence thanks to her petite figure, vast knowledge and abundant courage.

Her skillset as a doctor allows for fast recoveries, and makes her able to treat wounds as soon as possible without panicking, maintaining her focus and coolheadedness at all times. This is combined with her cooking skills, which keep her teammates strong and healthy, allowing them to have energies in abundance before getting into active combat.

She also carries a broom, modified with Dial technology, that she uses as a sort of weapon. This holds the following Dials, which are both mounted on the tip of the broom itself:

  • Heal Dial (治癒貝 (ヒールダイアル) Hīru Daiaru?, literally translated as "Healing Shell"): This Dial creates a stream of yellow-green light from its hole that hits the first target in line of sight, and slowly heals their lesser wounds, like cuts, bruises or burns. This stream of light can also arc and bend should the target it's connected to move around. However, it has a charge, which, once depleted, will render the stream almost inert and ineffective. It can be recharged by sunlight.
  • Strength Dial (力貝 (ストレングスダイアル) Sutorengusu Daiaru?, literally translated as "Strength Shell"): Similar to the Heal Dial, the Strength Dial releases a stream of energy, although much bigger and brighter than the healing one as well as being blue in color, that hits a specific target and increases their physical strength, endurance and stamina, with the visual result being the blue "aura" the targets emanates and the slightly increased muscle mass. This very rare Dial can only be used for brief periods of time and needs to be recharged often through kinetic energy (i.e. swiftly rotating the broom in the hand to add momentum).

She also has a number of other useful dials, such as a Tone Dial, a Vision Dial, a Lamp Dial and various Jet Dials held on her back, that she uses to move around at great speeds despite lacking the agility of the other members.

Apart from her equipment, she has the normal strength level of someone who exercises regularly, if slightly more resilient than a normal human, like how she surprisingly endured Raiga's Electro with little more than discomfort and no physical injuries afterward.


  • Her entire concept is based on the character of Mercy from the popular game Overwatch.
    • Her age is the same as Angela Ziegler, or Mercy, during the events of the game, and her birthdate is a reference to the release date of the game itself.
    • While Shoko's clothes do resemble the default skin of the character, even down to the "halo", her weapon more closely resembles the Caduceus Staff from the Witch skin, taking the shape of a broom rather than an actual staff.
  • She is also the first ever offspring of two different races of citizens of the Sky Islanda, a Shandia and a Skypiea, with the result being the yellow tint of the tips of her wings.

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