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"Make the world tremble with your fists!"

Shou, also known as Don Shou is a member of the Chinjao Family, 15th Leader of the Happo Navy and a Division Commander of the Black Widow Pirates. A Martial Artist of incredible power and skill, Shou was once a man who would submit to nobody, woman or man alike: truly, he stood at the summit of the New World. In an epic collision with Daddy L. Legs, which shook the very seas, the prestigious Martial Artist was defeated and placed into a position of subservience. Irrespective of his desire to once again reign as the greatest of the New World, he follows his new Captain's words to their letter, for, as a Martial Artist, he can never dishonor those of superior strength and skill.

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Shou's general appearance.

Shou, as expected of his position, bears an imposing appearance that truly demonstrates his prowess in Martial Arts. From his height, to his musculature that is captured in any outfit, the moment one locks eyes with the man it is as if waves of power are seeped through their senses. Even greater than his musculature, however, are the intensity of his eyes. With only a single glance, even under the black frames he wears, there is a clear glimpse of his strength. Although commonly bearing a stoic facade, there is a deep reservoir of emotion that exists in his eyes: the fury of his loss, the stress of his leadership, his concerns for his comrades. All of these tumultuous emotions reveal themselves through the sharp glares he emits on every occasion, with some comparing the intensity of his gaze to Haoshoku Haki, though he doesn't possess the coveted power.

Shou is a tall man whose most distinctive feature outside of his expressions is his long, black hair. He doesn't style it in any particular fashion, and allows it to remain behind his head, traveling to his back. He has narrow black eyes and a distinct scar running from his left eye down to his upper lip, where he has a somewhat sparse mustache growing, along with a small goatee on his chin. His most notable facial accessory appears to be his black shades, which he began wearing after his loss to Daddy L. Legs, seemingly because he couldn't bear to look himself in the eye after dishonoring the prestige of his ancestors.

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