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Yah, lay there and beg fa' my mercy! I'll make you scream in agony until yo' throat runs dry, and yo' lungs burst. Then, if I ain't satified, I'll go for each and every member of yo' family and make sure they suffer your same faith.
— Sigma to a commoner.

Sigma (Σ, Shiguma), or more commonly referred to as Emperor Sigma is a descendant of noble blood, making him a Celestial Dragon. He was born and raised within the Mogami Kingdom and would sometime go to other lands, tricking them and taking their treasure. These actions led to his people calling him the Finesse Kid (技巧童子, Gikō Dōji).

Appearance Edit

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Creation and Concept Edit

The character Sigma, was meant to be a physical representation of the author, User:EmperorSigma. Both Sigma and the author wear their hair in a mohawk style...

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