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Silk Bay (絹江, Kinu'e) is a haven for importing and exporting goods of various kinds in Paradise.[1]

History Edit

Following their escape from Haevyn Village, the Veno Pirates landed at the other side of Silk Bay's port in order to repair the Nimbus. Hazen Yosef, their newfound Doctor, had lost his supplies in his retreat from the Shichibukai Salazar, and decided to head into town to restock what he could.[1]

The Shichibukai, Salazar, had since made contact with the World Government regarding his failure at Haevyn Village. He was informed of the presence of a so-called Bishop, and had set off to Silk Bay in hopes of finding said person.[1]

Yosef purchased his supplies methodically and without delay, not willing to spend much time on the island. However, as he went to the tavern to purchase a small meal, he had quickly noticed a familiar, powerful presence — Salazar — and identified the reason for his presence on this island.[1]

A large brawl ensued within the tavern as a result of Salazar attempting to strike down Yosef. In this chaos, Salazar moved towards the Doctor and intended to impale him, with the Doctor narrowly blocking his blade by tightening his muscles and placing his palms on the blade as a restraint. In doing so, a tattoo became visible to Salazar — it was one of a bishop.[1]

Salazar recognized the tattoo and venomously invited Yosef upstairs, where he was to deliver a message. Of course, in his anger, he wished to make Yosef feel pain, pain which the man endured for the sake of his mission. Yosef received the letter and revealed his identity as a member of the Cipher Pol, specifically of CP9. Yosef explained the necessity for his deception to Salazar in order to make them on talking terms, however, their clashing personalities would simply not allow it.[1]

After a small physical confrontation between the two, Yosef became exhausted at his attempts to justify his paradoxical actions, and left the island without any intention of looking back. He had resolved that the next time he and Salazar met, they would be more-than-likely be enemies.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Silk Bay is named after the ancient network of trading routes in Eurasia.

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