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The Silver Scarf Pirates (銀襟巻きの一味, Gin Erimaki no Ichimi) are a Pirate Crew that originated from the South Blue, however contains members from various different areas. The crew is lead by Sengoku D. Michael, a young pirate with the goal of one day becoming the Pirate King. The crew's name originates from the color of the scarf given to him by his father, hence "Silver Scarf" Pirates. While each member has their own individual goal, their goal as a whole is to find the One Piece. Their main ship is the Great White which was originally the first ship of Sengoku.

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The Jolly Roger of the Silver Scarf Pirates.

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Michael Manga Prof ZeebalbaAva Original Mariah Thane1
Sengoku D. Michael Barrera Zeebalba Mariah Thane
Bryant Leon Manga Infobox Ares RGSSP Reinhardt Esperanza Pro Current
Bryant Leon Ares Rakuen Gin Reinhardt Esperanza

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