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Anastasiya Sokolov (ソコロフ・アナスタシヤ Sokorofu Anasutashiya?) is the current Navigator and First Mate of the Bluebeard Pirates, a promising Rookie Crew, with Edward Baldridge as their captain. Preferred to be known as Soko (俎故 Deceased Altar of Sacrifice?), she is an insanely violent woman, as seen with her preferred alias. Soko is known to use her sharp tongue to anger others, using it to manipulate them into doing things that the normally would not do. Having consumed the Suji Suji no Mi, she is a Muscle Human (筋人間?).




Born on an island in the North Blue, Anastasiya Sokolov was born bearing high expectations, as a descendant of the prestigious Sokolov family, a family which had become a key contributer to the shadows in the Underworld. The Sokolov's...TBA

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Devil FruitEdit

Suji Suji no MiEdit

The Suji Suji no Mi (筋筋の実?) is the Paramecia-type fruit which has allowed Soko to be classified as a Muscle Human (筋人間?). Her fruit does not grant her the overly-buff muscles many assume that it would provide. No, it instead increases the density of her muscles, allowing her to make her muscles as hard as steel, making her highly sturdy. On an offensive note, the fruit allows her to punch with a much greater force than a regular human, and she is currently able to break boulders, even create craters in mountains with her punches, proving the great force that comes with her punches. Sokolov...TBA


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  • Her appearance is based off of Misaya Reiroukan from Fate/Prototype.
  • She has a light accent, similar to the real world's 'Russian' accent.