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Sontara Hino, also known as Stealth Master, is known to the public eye for being a lone Pirate who travels the Grand Line by himself due to him always being seen on a small craft by himself sailing the seas, however what the public eye doesn't know is that he is the co-leader of a secret organization known as the Stealth Corp and is one of their most elite Stealth Ops agents. Although many knows about the actions he commits as well as the abilities he possesses, the details of his actual work and affiliation remains shrouded in mystery for no one knows next to nothing about him.

He prefers to travel on his own in seclusion after losing both his younger brothers at the hands of the Celestial Dragons when he was a child in his home kingdom and was presumed dead along with his brothers when he was actually stranded on a deserted island for several years and has been on the run ever since. Years after his face and wanted poster have been forgotten throughout time Hino has built a repuation all over the Grand Line as a cold hearted demon who cuts down anyone in his way. He took down many fearsome warriors with incredible reputations and sunk dozens of ships to the bottom of the ocean all by himself earning him a bounty of Beli60,000,000. He hunts down pirates with large bounties and hand them over to the navy in order to collect their bounties to use for his journey. Doing all this to reach his main objective, his most sought after goal that remains a mystery to the world.

He once ate the Binku Binku no Mi that allows him to teleport himself anywhere he wishes in a blink of an eye which was made as the Most Desired Devil Fruit in the world which was constantly sought after by Pirates, Bounty Hunters, Maines and Assassins until Hino managed to obtain the fruit and consumed it making him a Teleporting Human.


Hino is a rather tall man being 6;3, has short, spiky, dark-colored hair, a relatively broad nose and black eyes. Hino has a unique ability with his eyes that is able to turn from black to scarlet red eyes with an odd black shaped pupil whenever he gets serious. He also has well-defined eyelashes, that are turned upwards at each end. He has a well toned and muscular body with tan skin and a smooth pale face that many women would think of him as a handsome young man. His choice of clothing are dark colored, he wears a high-collared, dark-colored, short-sleeved shirt with dark-colored pants with the bottom of the paints being tucked underneath a pair of bandages on both his ankles and wears dark-colored sandal shoes. Hino completes his wardrobe by wearing a head band tied to his forehead with a forehead protector on the center of it with a specific insignia on it. Though nobody knows what the mark actually is, it is actually the Jolly Roger of the Stealth Corp.

He wears what appears to be a small, brown-colored harness strapped to him that runs across his chest and fastened over both his shoulders with a builtin, small sheath on located on the back of his shoulder where he leaves his tantō that he carries with him where ever he goes.

Even as a child, Hino's dark colored wardrobe remained the same as he wore the same shirt as he is now but used to be dark blue back then and he wore dark grey shorts with a holster tied to his right leg. The bandges he wore on his ankles extended all the way up to his knees which could be seen easier since he wore shorts. He also wears the headband with the same Jolly Roger on it which means Hino may have had something to do with the organizations creation and instead of wearing the harness over his shoulder he wore a small backpack instead.


Hino is always quiet and clam, showing noticeable maturity for his age. He has a serene personality and is quite laid-back He is mostly serious and almost never smiles however he can also be very humble and down-to-earth. 

He has an insightful mind and complete understanding of the world he lives in.

Hino has the knowledge on how to deal with every situation and know when to adapt when the need arises.

He is a pacifist and thus will only fight when the need arises.


Sontara BrothersEdit

Hino holds deep and emotional ties to his late brothers Hinato and Hio who he loved more then anything. 

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a child, Hino seemed to have some level of fighting ability, since he and his two brothers were able to beat up an entire army of royal soldiers with Hino taking out the most and has been able to survive in a country that banishes the poor citizens out of the country for over 8 years without getting caught. Hino was also able to beat up his two brother at once over 100 times without so much as getting a scratch.

A further testament of his might is the ability to survive the terror of the Grand Line in both Paradise and the New World by himself without a crew for several years and to live on his own. He travels around in a small wooden craft with a single black sail attached to a small mass. The fact that he can traverse the unforgiving oceans, as well as the Grand Line itself, in such a meager craft is yet another testament to his abilities. This amazing feat goes on as he can not only travel safely through the mighty sea of the Grand Line but can also control it however he wishes through the use of his Devil Fruit ability turning the powerful ocean to his favor allowing him to sail through it with absolutely no trouble what so ever.

As a member of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Hino is one of the strongest pirates in the world compared to the Three Great Powers and has full authority to do as he pleases without having to worry about the Navy getting in his way. He uses his position to remain in Government and Marine bases and have all access to restricted areas and files leading him to his next missions. He has the complete trust of the World Government as a loyal member of the Warlords and acts as their assassin. He is recognized as a natural prodigy to the pirate world having made a huge reputation all over the Grand Line. He is able to fight on par with many strong pirates in the Grand Line and is recognized by many high ranking officials for his skills and talents.

Hino is a master at infiltration and gathering information thanks to his Devil Fruit ability. Allowing him to enter any facility unnoticed with ease and bypass enemy guards before any of them can notice while wandering through enemy territory without getting spotted. He is able to gather intelligence on various locations of Islands, even those that are not revealed on maps or can be traveled to by means of Long Pose. His specialty of gathering info goes further then discovering hidden secret islands, he also studies the enemies numbers, guard posts, hidden facilities and over all power and comes up with the best possible way to maneuver each and every obstacle there is.

As the Co-leader of the Stealth Corp, Hino has full command of the organization along with the other leader of the Corp however every connection he has to them has been cut off other then knowledge that he is their leader making sure that not a single person can trace his actions to the Corp. Not even the World Government knows about this secret organizations even after becoming a Warlord. As a Stealth Agent to the Corp, Hino

Tactical and Informational WitEdit

Hino is arguably a skilled master tactician of the highest caliber. He is able devise countless plans and strategies on his means of escape on the spot in case any of his secret operations were ever found out and execute them without fail. Even as a child his plans and strategies he devised has allowed him and his brother to stay alive for as long as they have and remain several steps ahead of the army. After several years later his plans and strategies have allowed him to remain hidden from the world from as long as he has and avoiding detection while operating as a Stealth Agent until his face and bounty have been forgotten. He is shown to be well-versed in tactics having every move he makes helps him become one step closer to a much more greater goal that he has carefully devised for over 20 years.

Hino is also renown as the greatest at gathering Intel on his targets. Although his method is currently unknown he appears to figure out and unveil every bit of information there is to know about his target from how strong they really are to how and when their operations really began and print them out into files.

With his info gathering and the assistance of the Stealth Corp with the information and data they receive, Hino is able to know exactly on whats happening around the world and operate accordingly. This allowed him to find the secret location of the hidden base of the Revolutionary Brown D. Newton while no else had was able find it so easily as he did, (Although he had no idea it was a base belonging to Newton himself giving reasons to believe it was the base itself he discovered.)

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Hino possesses exceptional strength. Capable of waving his small sword so hard that it creates a slash of wind hurdling towards his opponents despite its incredibly small size. He is able to cut through extremely large objects with incredible ease, speed, and precision. He was capable of cut through solid stones that have increase density without the assistance of Armament Haki. Even without his sword, Hino has monstrous physical strength. At a very young age he was able to take down an entire army of Royal Soldiers bare handed with the assistance of his two brothers, and is now able to lift and toss an entire building. His physical strength is further shown as he was able to block an attack from huge giant warriors such as the Giants from Elbaf and their equally massive weapons with ease.

Hino agility, speed, and overall reflexes are also extraordinary. Even as a child, Hino was exceptionally agile as he fought against full grown adult royal soldiers single handed and won without so much as a scratch. His most consistent physical display is his speed, and by extension his reaction time. His speed is shown able to match, if not exceed various other fast techniques and enough to physically incapacitate opponents before they realize he's even approached them. Between his increased speed and combat prowess, it becomes very difficult for his opponents to find enough time to perform even a single form of an attack

He has powerful antitoxins in his blood stream which he developed after his body was modified during his several years of training with the Stealth Corp, which grant him a high resistance against poison, allowing him to walk around a toxin filled air freely with no assistance to any gas masks or anything else. He is also able to endure the effects of the poison in his body for a long amount of time before expelling out of his body with his Devil Fruit powers but it's unknown what other modifications he may have received from the Stealth Corp as well as the true strength of his antitoxins may be.

Master StealthEdit

As the co-leader of the Stealth Corp, Hino possesses considerable stealth capabilities without the assistance of his Devil Fruit power. This allows him to enter into enemy territory without being noticed and can infiltrate enemy bases with ease. His skills in stealth capabilities are so great that a proficient user of Observation Haki is not able to sense him hiding no matter how talented they might be. He is even able to mask his scent to prevent excellent trackers from following him by scent.


Hino is an extremely powerful master swordsman, being able to use a Tantō sword despite its small size in varying attack styles capable of causing tremendous damage, going from melee-type all the way to heavy artillery. most of Hino's offensive abilities lie in his swordsmanship as he is able to use it to block and attack an opponent with quick efficiency. He is even able to use Flying Slash Attack (飛ぶ斬撃 Tobu Zangeki), a sword technique that utilizes the very air itself to strike the enemy from a distance and has made it his most efficient form of attack and has invented most, if not all, of his sword techniques relating to this style of sword play.

His proficiency is enough that he is able to combine his sword with his Devil Fruit ability to catch his opponents off guard and attack without warning.

His skills with the Tantō exceeds normal expectations, having honed his swordsmanship ever since he first joined the Stealth Corp at a very young age through murderous and hellish training he has had to go through that nearly cost him his life every day. his sword slashes possess so much force behind it that he is able to slice through heavy and dense materials using only the air pressure from the swings of his sword.

One Sword StyleEdit

Due to Hino having to use only one sword, the Tantō, Hino has mastered the One Sword Style and can use it to such a destructive degree. His sword style resorts to the Flying Slash Attack as his regular form of sword fighting combat. He demonstrates immense skill in the One Sword Style with his range of abilities being extensive due to his mastery of control over the wind by his Flying Slash Attacks capable of obliterating boulders, cutting through steel and destroying objects that are known to be nearly unbreakable. His various attacks are always pronounced as Black Dragon (ブラックドラゴン Burakkudoragon'u) in the begin of all their names resorting to their destructive power and piercing abilities.

Attack ListEdit
  • Burakkudoragon'u~ingusurasshu (ブラックドラゴンウィングスラッシュ Black Dragon Wing Slash ): Hino swings his Tantō at his target as hard as could. The slash then creates a blast of wind pressure following the swing. The wind pressure slashes the enemy target with intense force capable of pulverizing solid stone walls and can even slash boulders clean through.
  • Burakkudoragon'u tsuisutou indo (ブラックドラゴンツイストウィンド Black Dragon Twisting Wind): Hino swings his sword with great force which then creates a wind pressure twisting around with extreme speed, sucking up everything caught within it upwards and blowing them away.
  • O Suu Burakku Doragon (Soaring Black Dragon ブラック・ドラゴンを吸う): Is a powerful attack. Hino waves his Tantō around to gather wind pressure and building up power into his attack. Onces the power is fully built Hino unleashes it by swinging his sword at his target creating a huge shot of wind soaring through the air at bullet-like speed and blasting its target with all the gathered wind combined into one blast. Its power is capable of picking up a single person as Hino was able to use its power to carry him up towards the surfface before falling to his death and was still capable of blasting a giant hole into the wall.
  • Burakkudoragon'u todoroki no taihō (ブラックドラゴン轟きの大砲 Black Dragon Roaring Cannon): Is one of Hino's most powerful sword style attack. Hino flings his sword at the target with extreme force creating a wind pressure that launches at mind blowing speed, obliterating anything it blasts with devastating force. Its power is capable of whipping out an entire fortress in one blast. The sound this attack makes when colliding with its target resembles a loud dragons roar.

Devil FruitEdit

Seven Warlord 6.5 Blink Blink Fruit

Hino teleport's useing the Blink Blink Fruits power

Hino is the user of a prized Devil Fruit called the Binku Binku no Mi (lit.Blink Blink Fruit in english.), After consuming the Binku Binku no Mi, Hino has the ability to transport himself to any near by location he so desires in the blink of an eye at any given time in the form of teleportation by making a type of hand sign with one hand or teleport by reflex which can he can do due to his many years of training with this power, He is able to teleport himself anywhere he can that is within his line of site. With this power Hino is able to sneak past through enemy securities deep into enemy territory unnoticed and quickly avoid up coming attacks, with the power of instant teleportation Hino is undoubtedly the fastest man alive. His Devil Fruit range abilities is further enhanced with the assistance of his Observation Haki which allows him to increase his vision of site even further that is cover more then an entire island which provides with limitless possibilities of his teleportation powers. Due to his many years of training he had to master this Devil Fruit power as a Stealth Agent of the Stealth Corp, he's grown to use this power in contribute to his stealth capabilities making it one of the many reasons he is known as the Stealth Master.

Along with the ability to teleport himself, Hino is also capable of teleporting other people and objects around him as well. So long as he remains eyes on his target he is able to teleport it where ever he wishes in his line of site. When teleporting other people, Hino must have direct contact with them in order to teleport them away or along with him where he views

XXXXXXXXXX When teleporting objects Hino can only trasport one object at a time unless he uses a specific attack he calls Moton, this allows him to use the environment against his enemies by teleporting objects such as rocks, trees and even buildings so long as its not physically apart of the land. A further testament of Hino's potential is that he is capable of teleporting just about anything around him whether it has a physical mass or not. So long as it exist he can teleport it as much as he likes.

, he can even transport them miles away from their currently location that it could take as long as a month to return.

When he teleports a solid object he is able to teleport anything from a pubble to an entire, massive fortress sending it falling and crashing into enemy ships.XXXXXXXXXX

The weakness of the technique seems to be any form of tracking capabilities such as a master in the use of Observation Haki and its ability to predict the enemies next movements, that will allow the opponent to predict where he will appear to next and give them a chance to act accordingly. Another way for the opponent to track his whereabouts is by his scent for those who are well efficient in sniffing out their opponents, this will allow them to pick up Hino's scent and track him. Since his teleporting powers are instantaneous his scent will no vanish but will shift to a different location, however Hino is capable of overcoming this weakness by masking his scent through various means. The Mato Mato no Mi is the only type of Devil Fruit that is capable of tracking him down endlessly with its power to follow his every move no matter how many times Hino tries to teleport away, however he is still able to teleport himself to avoid the attacks even though the attack will still follow.

A further type of weakness is Hino's limitation to his teleportation. Since he is in fact a Devil Fruit user bodies of water as well as Sea-prism Stone act as form of wall preventing him from teleporting himself straight through it. His abilities are also limited to to being able to teleport an entire island, since the island is attach to the world that its apart of it, he is unable to teleport it along with anything that is physically apart of the island. Other than that, he has the same standard weaknesses as all Devil Fruit users.

Attack ListEdit

  • Moton (元に戻す Revert): Hino is able to teleport multiple small objects all at once and make them reappear else where and having them get flung in multiple directions at bullet speed. This allows him to teleport flung bullets, rubble any other small objects around him. An example that proves Hino's mastery with his Devil Fruit ability is that he able to teleport trillions of tiny water droplets from the ocean and uses them to build a large tidal wave and send them flowing in the direction he wishes it go. He uses this method as a quick escape whenever he reaches the edge of the island or when he needs to travel faster and uses it to carry his small craft.
  • Tobu (飛ぶ Fly): Hino holds up two fingers or holds his Tantō and waves them at a certain direction. Anything around him that he wishes is then teleported at that direction, sending them to another destination at a far distance of his choosing from where it once was similar to it being thrown at the far distance. The amount of distance the targeted is teleported to is within a week to a month meaning it would take them just as long to return by boat even at top speed though the amount is at complete random. This power rivals that of the rare Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and its ability to send them flying for several days.
  • Kotowaru (断る Sever): Hino holds out his Tantō and drags the tip of it around a solid object leaving a thin line traced . Once Hino makes a hand sign the line that is traced on to the object is then teleported away making the object split apart. Hino uses this technique to decieve his opponents making it look like he sliced the object in half.


Even before his training with the Stealth Corp, Hino had awakened the ability known as "Haki"

Observation HakiEdit

Hino possesses the ability of Observation Haki which allows him to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. Having awakened it during his childhood along with his Devil Fruit, it has become one of his most useful ability that he possesses. Over the years much like his other abilities he has been given monstrous training in mastery of this type of Haki and is one of his most experience ability along with his Devil Fruit. His mastery in this type of Haki allows him to see a grand total of 360 degrees around him with a wide range that is greater then an entire country. When viewed this way, Hino can't actually see the people with any physical characteristics, but rather recognizes the target(s) by their "aura" which forms as a light silhouette on a dark background. He finds this form of Haki is useful in detecting "powerful auras" near him to determine when to make his move. Hino's mastery in this form of Haki has been trained to such a degree that it serves as his eyes to observe around him when he's in a location that prevents him from seeing clearly and allows him to know exactly whats around him as if he could actually see them himself.

Hino can also use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier for him to evade with his level of skills. This prediction appears to him as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in his mind's eye, and the damage he would take if the attack actually "hits". After many years of using and perfecting his Observation Haki, Hino has perfected this ability to be able to shortly predict movements of everything in his surroundings even if they wouldn't have made contact with him. With it he can predict falling rocks and debris and waving seas before he can witness it, this allows him to plan his next step with the upcoming moving of nature. It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict their actions, although over the years of training and grow with this power Hino can predict moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not.

Ever since the day he awakened this type of Haki, Hino can also sense and empathize with the emotions and nature of others especially from a far as he was able to hear the screams of dying brothers as the Celestial Dragon brutally killed them despite him being on an entirely different island miles away from them. It is possible that Hino is also able to sense the strength of others as well.

Armament HakiEdit

Hino is a true master of the ability of Armament Haki. A power he learned during his training with the Stealth Corp and has trained it to the highest caliber. With Armament Haki, Hino has the ability to form an invisible armor over himself that acts as a means of defense and offense capabilities to an extraordinary degree, causing massive damage with every attack while also protecting him from any fatal blow. With it he is able to harden his body (or parts of it) and even his sword that it becomes a darkened color. He utilized this level of Haki as a young stealth agent during his training in the corp, after coming into the New World where it was common for people to use this form of Haki, Hino trained himself diligently in order to match up against the powerful beings that dwell in this wide open sea.

A form of power he obtains through the use of Armament Haki is



Hino's Tanto

Hino carries with him a Tantō which is simply a small Katana wrapped around his shoulder and carries with him on his back. He uses the Tantō when in battle and also uses it to support him when he uses his Devil Fruit ability to wave the blade around to teleport a person or object in the direction hes waving it at. He also uses it in conjunction with his One Sword Style depite its small size.

As a Stealth Op. agent of the Stealth Corp., Hino carries with him smoke pellets that will release smoke whenever he throws them whether they make contact with a solid object or explodes in mid air. The smoke will then engulf a wide area blocking his opponents view from him allowing him to slip away unnoticed.

Hino carries with him a set of different types of Transponder Snail's that he uses during his missions. One of them is a communication snail that he uses to communicate with the Stealth Corp. when he needs to. The Communication Snail uses a brand new type of frequency that is nearly untraceable and therefore is near impossible to be tapped into. People who manage to pick up this frequency is for some reason unable to hear who or what is being said during the conversation and is instead hearing pure static. Many people who tap into this frequency often calls it the Ghost Frequency, only members of the Stealth Corp. Transponder Snail is able to communicate to one another. Another Transponder Snail he carries with him is a Camera Snail used for taking photos of anything that requires taking pictures and storing information. He takes it on his missions and takes pictures information he needs to gather knowledge. Whenever he takes a picture from the photo is instantly transmitted to Stealth Corp. HQ for them to analyze.



The Life I LivedEdit

Hino was born in a Royal Kingdom somewhere in the Grand Line and the Kingdom they lived in was ruled by a selfish dictator king who abused his country of all it's wealth, and created a kingdom for the rich and wealthy. Anyone who didn't have enough money to live in this wealthy kingdom would be hunted down and taken away, never to be seen again. It was the kingdom of the Nobles.

Seven Warlord 6.7 Hino the 3 brothers

Hino preparing to steal from the wealthy with his two brothers Hio (on the right) and Hinato (on the left)

Hino grew up in this kingdom with his two little brothers: Hio and Hinato as poor orphans, however despite being orphans and poor they continued to live in the kingdom for over 8 years, hiding in the street where no one can find them and spend their days stealing from the wealthy citizens with anything they can get their hands on and beating up the Royal Soldiers who were sent after them. Despite their young age they have made quite the reputation throughout the town where to the citizens they were petty criminals who they wish would just disappear, however to the brother they were looking to have some fun as they treat their heists as a game and have fun doing it. They only steal what they'll need to survive and have fun beating up the soldiers who chase after them with Hino beating up the most, however despite this they are still hated by the entire town and are thought of as nothing but vermin.

Their continuous heists and constant times they've beaten up the royal guards and stood against the laws of their kingdom. The three brothers have each gotten a bounty on their heads, however because of their age and the level of crimes they committed the number of bounties were as high. Hinato had a bounty of Beli10'000 who was the youngest of the three brother, Hio had a bounty of Beli100'000 who was the second youngest and Hino had a bounty of Beli1'000'000 for being the leader of the three brother due to the fact that he was the oldest and strongest of the three.

They were happy with the life the lived for no matter what they were doing they did it together as a family and stuck by each other. Whether it was stealing from the wealthy, beating up the Royal Army or typical eat and run, they did it together and enjoyed every moment of it. However due to their actions and making a name for themselves they have angered the king for constantly breaking his laws and tried to come up with countless plans for taking them out, however they were all in vain as they over come each and every one of them.

One day after they stole some food from the wealthy again they were attacked by the Royal Army, however while they were beating them like usual one of them managed to struck a lethal blow onto Hinato with his sword. Worried about his safety the two brothers stopped what they were doing and grabbed Hinato to take him to safety.

After they managed to get away Hio was able to patch up Hinato as he cried over his immense pain. Hino tried to cam him down but Hinato interrupted up him hating the life they were living and curing the king and his laws. Not knowing what to say due to Hino and Hio completely agreeing to what he said, Hino told Hinato that he agrees and that they wont have to endure it for long. He went on to say that once they grow up they'll leave the country and join the Revolutionaries so that they can work to become strong and overthrow the kings who rule as dictator like the king they were forced to live under all these years so no child will through what they have. These words inspired Hio and Hinato and filled their depressed faces with joy and smiles. With their spirits now lifted they all cheer together with their hearts set on joining the Revolutionaries.

Discovering HopeEdit

That following week Hino and Hio went out to steal some medicine for Hinatos injury when suddenly they were noticed by the army and was attacked, this time by more forces then they could handle. Overwhelmed by their numbers two brothers were forced to retreat. Meanwhile at the same time the king received a special package delivered to him by his subordinates containing a special Devil Fruit that they have long been searching for. The king let out a mischievous grin.

As the two brothers were in hiding from the royal army, catching their breath after the one sided battle they just escaped from. Hio began to complain about their king and the island. He then mentioned to Hino that they cant stay on the island any longer due to their hatred for the king and the kingdom he created. Hino sat there quietly not saying a word for he had no way of knowing how to escape the dreadful island without getting noticed.

All of a sudden the citizens were causing a ruckus that could be heard from where the two were hiding from. Hino popped his head out in order to over hear what what the citizens were talking about. He heard them read out loud the news they have received from the newspaper that the country is about to become even more wealthy for the king has received mother of all treasures, the Most Desired Devil Fruit the Binku Binku no Mi and that he is about to sell it to a very important buyer. This deal will make their kingdom the most wealthiest kingdom in the entire world. After receiving this information the kingdom roared in joy as they all celebrated the amazing news.

After hearing this info, Hino realized that would be the best way off of the island and has decided to steal it for himself and use it to get him and his brothers off the island. After devising this plan he and Hio rushed back with the medicine to inform Hinato of the good news.

After they made it back he informed both Hinato and Hio about his plan which gave them hope on making it out of this hell of an island but still had doubts if they could actually achieve such a feat. Hino gives them words of encouragement about the King of the Pirates Monkey D. Luffy and how he would never give up an opportunity like this and the Revolutionary Army would never cower before a mission if they wanted to be members of the mighty Revolutionary Army they need to face the dangers ahead and fight with every last breath. These words encouraged Hinato, firing him up for the battle ahead but Hio had doubts but when with it anyways. Once they were all in agreement Hino began to explain to them about their plan.

The day of the IncidentEdit

That very night way past midnight at the docks of the island. The Royal Guards stood in line before the wide open gate, awaiting for a special visitor to arrive when suddenly the ship was spotted far out the coast. The guards all scattered to form a path as the commander of the royal guards shouted to sound the signal. An alarm rang through the entire island, signaling everyone to prepare for the visitor. After the sound of ringing was heard everyone on the island all walked into their homes and covered every windows.

As the guards made a path they awaited for the ship to come to a full stop and docked onto the coast of the island. Once it did, after a few minutes of waiting a Celestial Dragon walked off the ship and headed towards the palace. Citizens who's houses were close enough to see him peaked through their covered windows to see him as the Dragon walked by.

When he reached the palace there he met the king of the kingdom and an audience of reporters. As the two discuss their business Hino and the brothers awaited for the their opportunity, hiding on a column on the room of the castle. Hio watched over as Hino explained his plan to them. As he was explaining Hio alerted them that the fruit has been brought out and the three brothers looked towards them to watch. Hino warned them to get ready causing Hio and Hinato to jump to different corners of the room. Hino waited for the right time for the fruit to be out in the open clear for the taking.

The king announced to the audience as he removed the protector off the case where the Devil Fruit is stored stating that once the Celestial Dragon takes this fruit the entire kingdom will become the wealthiest kingdom in the entire world. He grabbed the Devil Fruit out of the case and handed it the Celestial Dragon, however once the Celestial Dragon grabbed it he held it up gloating over his achievement of obtaining the fruit, Hino came swinging in from a rope and grabbed the fruit from his hands and swung out to the crowd of reporters bolting to the exit. Such action shocked not only the audience and king but the Celestial Dragon as well. The Celestial Dragon demanded for the child's head and order the guards of the castle to seize and kill him, however before the guards could react Hio came down from above followed by a broken column smashing into the royal guards. He then joined Hino running for the exit which was sealed shut to prevent his escape and royal guards blocking the door. With no hope of escape Hino and Hio braced for battle as they kept running when suddenly the doors became unlocked and were suddenly opening all thanks to Hinato who was operating the door controls and jumped in to support the brothers and together the three of them busted through the walls of the castle and escaped with the fruit in Hino's hand.

Enraged by this disobedience the Celestial dragon was furious and demanded that all marines and guards hunt down the "peasants" and kill them for this disrespect. He also ordered his adviser to send word to the war ship he came in on.

Meanwhile outside the castle Hino, Hio and Hinato all fought against the marines and guards that chased after them and stood in their way. They fought their way into the city bashing them down one after another that keep getting in their way as they continued to run. after awhile of fighting they managed to escape from the chasing army of Marines and Guards for a moment. They waited where they were, hiding on the sides of the buildings catching their breath. After thinking they escape their chase Hino felt accomplished in his mission having stolen from a Celestial Dragon and escape unharmed. He celebrated with his brothers and wondered who should be the one to eat the fruit and develop its powers. Just then Hino was hit in the head by a rock. While he tend to the injury he looked to see who threw it. That's where he saw a little girl with a mob of towns people standing behind her armed with weapons. The brothers wondered what was going on, the towns people were furious to hear what they have done and have all gathered together to hunt the Sontara brothers down. They targeted the brothers with their weapons and servants, despising the very peasants they are as the brothers tired desperately to evade without harming them and Hino trying all he can to protect them from their assault. He looked out at the mob with disbelief and anger wonder why the kingdom has become what it is. The commotion the people have caused was enough to draw attention to the Royal Guards and Marines and chased them down as the brothers made an attempt to run away.

It was then when all of a sudden a terrible explosion occurred between the mob and the brothers. Hino covered his brothers so they wouldn't get caught in it. When the dust settled everyone from the mob was puzzled by it and looked towards the edge of the island to see what happened and noticed ten Marine battle ships sailing towards the island. Everyone looked on in terror and ran for their lives screaming and panicking as the Buster Call was underway. The brothers were confused, wondering what a Buster Call was when they heard laughing near by. The Celestial Dragon they stole from looked down on them from the top of a house saying their prayers as he laughed pointing his rifle at them. He fired his rifle which signaled to the brothers to bolt out and run causing him to miss. Enraged by these peasants act of disrespect he called out to his Transponder Snail giving an order to open fire on the children. Right then the war ships began their onslaught on the island. Blasting it with their cannon balls, scorching the island in a fiery blaze.

The brothers ran through the blazing inferno in an attempt to run away from the firing warship towards one of the shores of the island, running for their lives in fear, trying to reach to the shore. Cannon fire from nearly every battle ship was launched towards the fleeing brothers, targeting the area in a monstrous explosion with every cannon ball. However despite their amount of cannon balls fired they still managed to miss their target. Hino cried out to his brothers to keep running no matter what and leaped towards the direction of the cannon fire. With the raining debris all around him, Hino grabbed what he could and threw them into the cannon balls causing them to explode. He tried to protect his brother the best he could and destroyed the cannon balls on after another as he tried to keep up with them so that he'd remain in their way. However, the rumble of the explosions caused Hinato to lose his balance and was about to fall to the ground. Before he could even touch the ground the ships opened fire all together at Hinato who was now falling behind. When the cannons all collided on their target, Hinato was scorched in a violent and hellish blaze and got incinerated inside the inferno.

Hino and Hio looked back in horror as they were unable to save him but the shockwave of the explosion blew them away and they both were found lying on the ground. Hino quickly got up and knew he didn't have time to moan in remorse. He got Hio up and continued running. As they we're running Hino looked back with his teary eyes and noticed a tall shadowy figure standing before the flames, talking into a transponder snail of his own.

Finally they made their way out to the shores of the island and out of the scorching fire, however their hopes didn't last very long once they noticed every boat on the shore has been completely destroyed with four war ships awaiting them with their cannons aimed directly at them. Hino, who was completely overwhelmed to come up with any ideas to get out of this alive, turned around screaming to run which signaled Hio to run as well. The war ships all opened fired on the ground they were once standing on which created a shockwave to cause them to fall once again.

Unable to admit defeat Hino got up once more, his body beat and bloody all over. He was clearly to beat up to keep fighting for this long. Hio got up following after and grabbed Hino by the collar shirt. Hio informed him that there is no hope for them to make it out of this alive. Instead Hio grabbed the Devil Fruit he's been holding onto this entire time and shoved it down Hino's throat. Entrusting him with the future they all had dreamed of together. After Hino swallowed the Devil Fruit the Celestial Dragon appeared with his rifle aimed directly at the two to give them a fond farewell and to gloat about why no one can defy the Celestial Dragons. He gave the word to open fire and the War ships fired their cannons once again at the two, but before they could hit, Hio pushed Hino out of their line of fire and got scorched by the incarcerating blaze.

Hino was distraught about losing both his brothers and cried heavily on the ground. He then looked to the Celestial Dragon with a furious rage and teary eyes making the Celestial Dragon disgusted and demanded not to look at him with such a vile face and he began to walk away letting the War Ships finish the job. They fired their cannons once again and erupted onto Hino in an hellish inferno, incinerating every ounce of him as he cried in agony. Satisfied with their accomplishments the Celestial Dragon left the island and continued to let the Buster Call finish in destroying the island completely

Deserted IslandEdit

The Stealth CorpEdit


Name Nickname Bounty
Hino "Stealth Master Hino" Beli60,000,000
First Bounty: For leading a small gang to stealing from the wealthy citizens in the Royal Kingdom for his own pleasure, avoiding and disobeying the laws of the king and for taking down the Royal Army of the Kingdom for 8 long years, Hino received a bounty of Beli1,000,000. The price was low due to the fact that he was 8 years old at the time. This Bounty was later dismissed after it was believed he had died along with his 2 brothers at the hands of a Celestial Dragon and the name and face has been forgotten throughout time. 

Second Bounty:  After his was accused of being dead for 20 years, Hino's first bounty was erased and his face and crimes he committed have been forgotten. Now he was issued a bounty on the amount of Beli60,000,000 while he was terrorizing the grand line.

Third Bounty


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