"Like a diamond in a shop window, you may not touch, or you suffer the consequences."

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The Sou Sou no Mi (シャイニングサンレイズ, Shining Sun's Rays) is a Logia Devil Fruit that enables the user to create, control, and become sunlight/solar energy, essentially granting them absolute dominance it completely. "Sou Sou" is the shortened version of the Japanese word for 'Solar', 'Soura'.

The rogue known as name of Vulcan Victoria is the current user of this fruit.


The Sou Sou no Mi is a powerful Logia-type fruit that allows the consumer to become pure solar energy/sunlight and control the energy directly via their body. This allows for the user to launch beams of solar energy from their hands. The Sou Sou no Mi, like all Logia-users, allows the user to turn into pure sunlight/solar energy, allowing for attacks to do no damage at all, unless enhanced by Haki. The fruit is unique, as it has two forms/sets of techniques: white light and black light. The white light, like its name implies, is white (or a rather pale yellow) in colour, and has a dangerous trick up its sleeve: it is riddled with severe amounts of solar radiation that can, when exposed for too long, kill targets. White light is also more suited for defense, and is the main element that composes the user's body. Meanwhile, the black light is not as hot as the white light (but it is still hot enough to be dangerous), and is composed of a thicker substance, again of solar nature, that makes it more suited to concussive-force based techniques. Also, by combining the two forms of light, the user can utilise the monstrously powerful Rising Helios, an apocalyptic attack that destroys anything within range.

The solar energy that makes up the user's bodily structure is so hot and radioactive, that if a person were to punch through it (or attempt to) they would lose their hand entirely in a matter of seconds, and also end up severely poisoned by the radiation. This fruit is also similar to the Pika Pika no Mi, in that it also allows its user to travel at light-speed. It also even makes them immune to the effects of the sun, going to the extent where it even amplifies their power, even at night (as moonlight is just sunlight reflecting off the Moon and onto the Earth), providing them with almost-infinite sustenance and battle strength, and making them an extremely deadly opponent to face in battle.

However, the user is still susceptible to the usual Devil Fruit weaknesses such as submergence in water, seastone, and so on.


  • White Light (ホワイトライト Howaito Raito): The same substance that forms the user's body. It has a similar effect on people as the sun itself: burning and poisoning them if exposed too long, and in some cases, depending on how much is used, the target is killed. It's colouration is a mixture of white and a pale-yellow ironically, despite it's name, with a flame-like outline when used.
    • Solar Rain: The user generates multiple orbs above, around and under an opponent and the swell, glowing more and more brighter every few seconds, before they explode in succession, repeatedly scorching and battering the opponent from all possible angles, leaving them burnt and injured.
    • Burning Haze: The user generates white light in the form of a "death mist" from their hands that burns enemies to death, along with poisoning them with radiation, over a wide range. She can also wield it as a cloud engulfing one person entirely, making their death come much quicker.
    • Solar Flare: The user forms a large orb of white light above themselves hovering between their hands that generates many tendrils of the scorching solar energy it is made of, before it increases in size. After which, they throw it at their selected target and causes them to burst into flames, sometimes severely injuring, sometimes killing.
    • Golden Nebula: Two rivers of white light spiral out of both of the user's hands, and, moving them in circular motions, she uses them to form a savage, ring-like attack, striking anyone in range and leaving them with major charring.
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  • Black Light (黒ライト Kuro Raito): This form of the user's light is more suited to battle usage, especially on the offensive. It is much thicker than the White Light she can generate and that she is made from as well. Also, despite not being as hot as White Light, Black Light is still hot enough to burn through an object if projected continuously without interruption, even living things can succumb to this.
    • Solar Impact: The user gathers black light in their hands, forming a bubble-like sphere around it. When charged to their liking, she fires a beam of black light with enough force behind it to knock a regular human unconscious, shatter entire stone walls, and punch through steel/iron/metal barriers effortlessly, even kicking up a large tailwind around the user when used due to said force.
    • Sun's Entrapment: Placing their left index and middle fingers on their right palm, the user triggers a unique event. She controls the sunlight/solar energy around as many enemies as she chooses, and hardens it around them, thus trapping them. These traps slowly drain away an enemy's life-force, but they only kill if the user wants it to. When inside the trap orbs, the victim experiences a Zero-Gravity-like situation, and while they can move their body freely, they are stuck on the spot, and it is rather hard to break free.
    • Raging Vortex: Generating massive amounts of black light from their body, the user manipulates it to move in a spiraling pattern, similar to a vortex, until it has its own suction powerful enough to lift whole ships. These vortex proceeds to violent thrash enemies around with heavy force, enough to break bones, before sucking them right into the core, and then wildly exploding: sending them flying elsewhere.
    • Self-Power Up: Doing what it says on the tin, the user engulfs their limbs in black solar energy to amplify their physical strength, and to do the same with their durability, their body.
    • Dying Star: Supernova: Gathering colossal amounts of black energy in front of them, the user creates a huge globe of dark light in front of them that surges with dangerous currents of radiation. Throwing this at their enemies, it completely engulfs them in a solar flame that wipes out their very existance, if they are fully trapped within the orb.
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  • Ultimate Technique: Rising Helios: The user activates this technique by combining their two types of light into one, and moving it innately around their body, stopping at their hands. Beckoning on the full power of the Sun itself, the user gathers every bit of sunlight in the area, causing an eerie darkness (even in broad daylight) temporarily, proceeding to unleash all this energy in one, gargantuan cataclysmic explosion, as a beam that emerges from a large sphere of the gathered energy, completely obliterating any and all traces of anything that is unlucky enough to be hit directly by this technique. This attack has been seen powerful enough to completely erase an entire castle, and leave a humongous crater, both in the ground and on the seabed. The most powerful attack.


  • Some attacks are inspired by the Magics of Minerva Orlando from the Fairy Tail series.