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Sparrow D. Spade (スズメ・D・スペード, Suzume Dī Supēdo), more commonly referred to as Darkness, is a man who wishes to lead a revolution against the World Government. He travels the world recruiting people all across the Blue Sea, with hopes of one day bringing the corrupt World Government down. While pirates see Spade a positive force to destroy the World Government, Spade is indeed his own evil. Spade slipped into a laboratory and was able to successfully steal the Gan Gan no Mi, an artificial devil fruit created by Crickett Mary.

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Sparrow Full

Spade's full appearance.

Spade's face could not be fully seen, as his long black hair would always cover his face from those looking at him.[1] Now he wears an cream-bluish mask with three tomoe, one on the top, and two on the left and right sides to sense out of. At the back of the masked is a thick strap that tighten the mask around his face. Over his clothing he wears a long sleeved high collared purple cloak. Under this cloak are a pair of black pants, and fitted white shirt. Around his waist is a lighter puple obi and belt. While not in battle, he wears his gunbai on his back with a retracting sickle. He also wears a pair of black gloves, with some sort of stick substance on the palms.

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As a man who wishes to lead a powerful army all by himself, it is required that he must have the power to keep these men in order and under his absolute control at all times. Spade's power was enough for him to get past Mary's men and infiltrate her laboratory suffering no injuries, at least not until she had got there herself. Spade is considered an extremely dangerous individual, and it is not authorized to engage in combat with him. Admiral Ralph has stated that he can't stand the fact that Spade's their enemy. Spade's presence alone was enough to force Sengoku D. Autumn and the crew of men she had at her side, to retreat back to Ralph's side. Mary describes him as a cold-blooded killer, out to kill anyone who stands in his way.

While Spade chooses not to have any type of dispute with the pirates, he will not hesitate to attack or even kill one, if they stand in his way.

References Edit

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