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Remember back then, when we were just naive officers first starting out, you said that whether it was the marines, or pirates, or whoever, no matter who managed to beat out all the others and stand at the top, there would just be another evil that would rise up that would need to be fought. And that the only way out of that destiny, the only way to change that fate, was all of us working together. All of us helping each other to live, so that it never has to be a fight anymore.
— Raizen reminiscing about the past with Kurama.

Sparrow Raizen is a Vice-Admiral in the Marines, working directly under Admiral Kurama as a member of his inner circle. Though they appear to share a standard superior-subordinate type of relationship, the two are both friends and training partners dating back to their initial enrollment into the Marines. Sharing the same ideologies as Kurama, they promised that one of them would one day rise to the top and the other would support them from below, swearing to create a just world. Raizen is known across the land as a swordsman of incredible skill and ability, having made a name for himself from as early as his teenage years as an accomplished warrior who is seemingly unrivaled. He is considered to be one of the forerunners for the one destined to succeed Dracule Mihawk as the world's greatest swordsman.


Sparrow Ryan full

Raizen's full appearance.



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Rokushiki Sword StyleEdit

Rokushinken-ryū (六神剣流, "Six God Blade Style") is the personal creation of Raizen, his signature combat style, that unifies the utmost skill of his Kenjutsu with his mastery of the Rokushiki techniques.


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Invisible Selves: With the understanding that Busoshoku Haki produces an invisible force, Raizen has taken his mastery to allow him to actually project a full-bodied version of the armament force away from his person in order to create an "invisible self" (冥々我, Meika). In doing so, the invisible Raizen produced by his Busoshoku Haki can interact with the world around him, allowing him to engage in both offensive and defensive behavior. While they are mentally controlled by Raizen, because they are forged from his willpower, they are able to act in the same way that Raizen himself would act; meaning that they are capable of independent movement and little focus on Raizen's part is needed to maintain them. They are capable of incredible strength, most likely tied to Raizen's potent willpower rather than his physical strength, meaning that it is very likely that these invisible selves are able to perform feats of strength that his own physical body is unable to accomplish. Raizen has demonstrated these invisible selves to be powerful enough to actually deal critical blows to enormous beasts, while also being able to restrain an opponent, leading them to believe that Raizen has somehow managed to paralyze them. However, that being said, they are not without their limitations. Raizen is only able to maintain any individual invisible self for a maximum time of three minutes; though, given that they are meant for instantaneous action, this is not really a hindrance in their use. In addition, these invisible selves can only be maintained for up to eighty-five meters away from Raizen's main body before they dissipate. He is only able to produce six invisible selves at any given time. Because these "shadows" of Raizen are forged entirely of Haki, only attacks containing Haki are capable of dealing any damage to them. In a similar regard, it is absolutely impossible to see nor to sense their presence without the assistance of Kenbunshoku Haki. However, even with a fundamental grasp on Haki, it is generally difficult to keep up with their actions unless one has truly come to master their Haki; presumably one that is on the same level as an Admiral or a Yonko.

Raizen Buso Bugu close

Raizen's Buso Bugu.

Raizen Buso Bugu

The full appearance of Raizen's Busoshoku armor.

Busoshoku: Bugutai

Devil Return (悪魔返し, Akuma Gaeshi)

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This character is loosely based upon one of the author's best friends. The surname, Sparrow, is derived from Jack Sparrow from the film series, Pirates of the Caribbean.