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Each and every single one of you will be purged by me. As a Vice-Admiral of the Marines, I'll offer you one last piece of advice. When facing an enemy with an overwhelming difference in strength, the best way to overcome his power is by depending on numbers. Link your breathing with your heart and body. And at the right moment... come at him together and cut him down! And then... perish.

Sparrow Ryan is a Vice-Admiral in the Marines. Together with Turner Dyan, they work directly under Admiral Kurama. He is known across the land as a swordsman of incredible skill and ability, having made a name for himself from as early as his teenage years as an accomplished warrior who is seemingly unrivaled. Ryan is considered to be one of the forerunners for the one truly destined to succeed Dracule Mihawk as the world's greatest swordsman.


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This character is based upon one of the author's best friends, who also shares the same forename. The surname, Sparrow, is derived from Jack Sparrow from the film series, Pirates of the Caribbean.