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Spriggan Dante is a Pirate regarded with great fear among the Blue Sea, not for any cruelty, but rather, his very existence. A man no longer, those who observe Dante would find a nigh-monstrous entity: a swordsman who has pursued his craft so diligently that he is seen as naught but a sharp blade. As he continued his career in piracy, Dante's reputation would skyrocket to the point where he was recruited by the Mad Monk himself, gaining a position as the esteemed "King of Spades."

Although renown as a swordsman of nigh-transcendent caliber, Dante did not pursue the path of swordsmanship for that sake. Dante pursued the sword and the entirety of its existence. Once, long ago, he witnessed the perfection of the Saijo O Wazamono and became entranced. Despite the claims of his fruit's power giving him perfection, he never felt perfect in the slightest. The man had to be imperfect in order to come closer to perfection; it was a fundamental flaw in the human physiology that scarred him for eternity. That is, until he witnessed this blade.

The flawlessness of this pitch-black blade called out to him, and he answered that call. Ever since then, he has pursued all of these blades. Whether it be stealing them from their original wielders, trading them in the Underworld, or any other means. He had steeled his resolve to take every one of these perfect swords and, by becoming one with them, he hopes to achieve the perfect existence that he should have been granted long ago.

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