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"I don't care about the government, society or any of its laws and regulations. People should do what they believe in and not what they think others expect of them. If there's a law that doesn't bother me, I'll follow it to the letter; and if there's a rule that restricts me or I don't agree with, I'll break it without batting an eye. That's why I'm a bounty hunter; I'm neither Marine nor pirate. I refuse to side with the strictness of the government and I refuse to be a lowly criminal. The only thing I want is to follow my heart. That's how a man lives."
— Michael explains his moral code as well as why he chose to be a bounty hunter

Summers Michael (サマーズマイケル Samāzu Maikeru) is a solo bounty hunter who is currently sailing the world aimlessly as he tracks down bounties simply to live off of the profits he earns. He is well noted for his red hair and Devil Fruit powers, which have earned him the moniker of Red Hunter (赤いハンター Akai Hantā,) although he is just as likely notable for his fighting style, Sanboryu, which Michael claims he created and developed for years by himself. The Devil Fruit he possesses is the Heat Heat Fruit; a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows Michael to assimilate heat energy he is in contact with (including his own,) and by extension, merge with heat and control it at will. This makes his powers very similar in design to that of Pica's Stone Stone Fruit, albeit with differing natural materials. It is for this reason why Michael is also easily mistaken for having consumed a fire based Logia fruit, as he can also produce flames through applied usage of his powers.

Due to his occupation and his use of his staffs, Michael has sometimes been likened to legendary pirate and former bounty hunter, Roronoa Zoro, due to Zoro having created and mastered Santoryu.



Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Unlike his bojutsu, Michael seems to have chosen not to discipline himself in a form of martial art. As a result of this decision, Michael's unarmed fighting style is a loose, unorthodox series of straightforward punches, kicks, headbutts and so forth. This form of hand to hand combat, which could be labeled as "freestyle" by some, or "street fighting" by others, means Michael lacks the same experience and understanding of hand to hand combat that most martial artists would possess. This in turn means Michael may sometimes find himself at a disadvantage against more seasoned combatants who can use certain martial arts such as Rokushiki or Fishman Karate, as they can use their adept skills in ways Michael cannot. Inversely however, this also allows Michael to have more flexibility in how he fights, as he won't be restricted by specialization in one skill or another. This can give him an unexpected edge in battles, as Michael has often used his versatile movements and strikes in unexpected ways to throw off his opponents and take them by surprise, or to land successful attacks in ways his foe may not have accounted for.

To make up for his lack of expertise in unarmed fighting, Michael has a tendency to amplify the damage dealt by his blows with the powers of his Devil Fruit. Much like Sanji's Diable Jambe and other fiery techniques, Michael can imbue himself with enough heat to burn an opponent's body, melt through armor and weapons, or even boil the opponent from the inside out while throwing a punch or kick. The combined damage of blunt strikes and burning can be effective, as it can cripple and hamper weaker foes, and even kill others by accident, while more hardy opponents may simply flinch or buckle under the overwhelming sense of pain, both from within and without of their bodies. Michael has become skilled enough in combining his powers with his flexible fighting style to the point where he has learned he can steadily wear down or weaken an opponent over time before delivering the final blow, or to simply subdue others through immense pain and discomfort.

Further adding to his fiery hand to hand techniques is the fact that if he so wishes, or if his powers are raised to higher levels than intended (be it through an accident or otherwise,) Michael can even burn or melt his way through opponents, in a very similar manner to that of former Fleet Admiral Akainu's attack on both Whitebeard and Ace during the Battle of Marineford. This not only means Michael can enhance the amount of pain inflicted upon his opponents, but that he can easily pierce his way through them if he so pleases; a trait which greatly aids in improving his average hand to hand combat abilities.

Another Devil Fruit related ability Michael has later incorporated into his fighting style is that of aerial attacks through the manipulation of air currents by way of controlling air pressure with his heat. By learning how to levitate himself and travel over the ground, Michael can launch unarmed strikes from above just as easily as he can on the ground, which only further adds to his highly adaptable and versatile fighting style. And if the opponent can also fight in midair, be it through the Rokushiki technique, Geppo or otherwise, this simply means Michael can retaliate to his liking, be it on the ground or in the air. Additionally, Michael's air related assaults can lend themselves nicely to sneak attacks on others, should he feel the need or desire to do so.


Further information: Sanboryu

In contrast to his unarmed fighting skills, Michael has over time learned to use bojutsu, a form of disciplined staff fighting martial arts. He has done so under claims that he finds it more efficient and self-satisfying to not kill others, and so he has opted for the least dangerous form of weapon he could use, a staff. However, due to his monstrous physical abilities, Devil Fruit powers and skill in bojutsu, this makes such a decision a rather moot point anyway. His talent for bojutsu has grown to such a degree over time that it has become second nature to Michael, as he has been seen using his staffs in unusual or awkward ways, such as pole vaulting with his staffs or throwing them like boomerangs for long ranged attacks.

Another example of Michael's talent for bojutsu is his claim that he had spent years teaching himself how to use his signature fighting style, Sanboryu (literally: Three Staff Style;) a form of bojutsu that makes use of three staffs at once (one in each hand and one held in his mouth,) and which also emphasizes non-traditional uses for staffs. This fighting style can be likened to that of Roronoa Zoro's well known sword fighting style, Santoryu (literally: Three Sword style.) If he is to be believed, this would make Michael the only known user of Sanboryu to date, as well as its creator. On top of that, this would also mark Michael as an elite class staff fighter too, if not a master at bojutsu. Such praises can be justified in how Michael can perform long ranged concussive strikes through compressed air generated from a swing of his staff, or how he can adapt to various situations by altering how he chooses to use his staffs at any given moment, which only adds to his ever increasingly resourceful method of fighting. Such alterations can include twirling his staffs like batons to deflect bullets or similar projectiles aimed his way, or using his staffs like baseball bats to send nearly anything he can strike flying towards opponents as make-shift projectiles themselves.

In addition to Sanboryu, Michael has gone on to refine and perfect his fighting style by creating alternatives in case he needs to rely on them. These being his Niboryu (literally: Two Staff Style) and Ibboryu (literally: One Staff Style.) Despite having them on hand when he needs them, Michael has expressed discomfort and uneasiness when using anything less than three staffs at once, and so he rarely uses Niboryu and Ibboryu right away. And in turn, despite doing so, when he does make use of these derived forms of Sanboryu, Michael has shown just as much efficiency with them as he has with his standard Sanboryu.

Further adding to his reputable skill in Sanboryu and bojutsu in general, Michael has taught himself to mix his staff fighting with his other methods of combating others; these most frequently being his Devil Fruit powers and Haki, albeit he has sometimes even attempted mixing Sanboryu with melee combat too. Through the fusion of Sanboryu and his Heat Heat Fruit, Michael can radically alter the way he uses Sanboryu to varying degrees, be it from simply adding increased pain and damage from burning and striking foes simultaneously, to forging his staffs into completely new weapons at will by heating them up and reshaping them, much like Eneru has done with his own golden staff. Through forgery, Michael can wield things ranging from swords and axes, to hammers and molten whips; albeit his complete lack of skill in using anything other than staffs makes this ability less effective than it could potentially be. Therefore, Michael most often prefers to reshape his metal staffs into smaller cylinders with which he can easily carry on his waist at all times. And should he need to fight with them, he can just as easily pull them out and reforge his staffs into their normal shapes in a matter of seconds.

With his Haki, Michael can harden his staffs to levels beyond that of average metal and steel, which can further improve his staffs' overall effectiveness in dealing out blunt trauma. With Busoshoku Haki, Michael can also land blows and come into sustained physical contact with otherwise invulnerable or incorporeal Devil Fruit users, such as Logias. Michael has also stated at least once that this also helps protect his staffs from unnecessary damage when in use, as the layer of Haki will act as a protective coating to prevent his staffs from bending, snapping or breaking when being swung or attacked.

Michael's StaffsEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Netsu Netsu no Mi

As repeatedly noted, Michael has eaten the Paramecia Devil Fruit known as the Heat Heat Fruit; a fruit which grants Michael the power of heat assimilation in a manner similar to that of the Stone Stone Fruit. With this fruit's power, Michael has shown the standard array of assimilation based abilities, including the absorption of, fusion with and manipulation of ambient heat. As a result of how Michael applies these powers, he has sometimes been mistaken for a fire Logia user.

Typically, Michael relies on his powers for combat related purposes more often than not, as he understands the destructive potential concentrated heat carries with it. In order to take advantage of this potential, Michael has displayed his skill in altering the temperature of his absorbed heat; most often by amplifying its hotness until it can burn, boil or even melt nearby locations, objects or people. Through this amplification process, Michael can even make himself or anything he coats in his heat burst into flames, which is the main cause of accusations of being a fire Logia user. After achieving the desired temperature, Michael will proceed to control it for a variety of purposes, including expelling the heat and flames from his body and shaping his assimilated heat into various shapes and constructs (animals, weapons, mythical monsters, doppelgangers, etc.) Just as common is Michael's tendency to support his melee combat and Sanboryu techniques, mostly by increasing the damage dealt through the pain and injury inflicted by his heat and fire. Other times, he has shown more thoughtful uses, such as propelling himself with super heated air or concentrated streams of fire, or by exciting the molecular structure of nearby objects to either liquefy solids or evaporate liquids.

A passive but still offensively used trait Michael has taught himself is the ability to excite molecules with thermal energy, as atoms become more energetic when exposed to more heat energy. With this in mind, Michael has developed confidence within himself that there isn't anything he can't tear down or plow through. This is because Michael largely uses the excitation of molecules as a means to liquefy otherwise rigid and tightly packed solid material, such as stone or metal. If successful, Michael then applies brute force through whatever means he can to destroy any obstacle standing between him and his goal, whether it's a suit of armor or a battleship. This process is what Michael likes to refer to as "softening," as he believes it's similar to how a knife can cut through hot butter after the butter's been softened with enough heat. In a similar, albeit different manner, Michael has also learned he can heat metals until they're malleable enough to reshape into whatever form he chooses; a talent known as "forging" or "smithing." He most often does this to his own collection of metal staffs, in a similar way Eneru could forge his golden staff with electricity. Michael usually prefers to mold his staffs into other weapons when he feels the need arises, or to compact them into smaller and more manageable sizes for carrying purposes, albeit other uses have been taken advantage of from time to time.

Despite being aware of the dangers of excessive heat, Michael has also become knowledgeable of what can be done when heat is used carefully and responsibly. Thus his Devil Fruit powers do sometimes see usage outside of battle too. Normally these uses relate to more mundane things, such as providing warmth and light for himself and others, helping to cook food, boiling water, or melting ice and snow to clear paths. In desperate situations where his or someone else's life may be at risk, Michael can use his heat to burn and scar the flesh surrounding a wound as an act of improvised first-aid. Due to the harm and disfigurement this can result in however, it's a feat Michael doesn't regularly rely on unless mandatory. On certain occasions however, Michael can use his assimilation and manipulation powers to support himself and others without the need of destroying or harming anything nearby. The most common depiction of this situational ability comes in the form of altering the flow of thermal energy around him. By absorbing heat near him and others, Michael can extinguish harmful fires and cool lava, as well as cool anything else that may be too hot to touch. Likewise, by carefully expelling his concentration of heat energy, he can warm up the local area considerably. This talent can make Michael seem to be something of a glorified temperature regulator.

A lesser seen but still noteworthy power the fruit gives him is the immunity to lethal doses of heat while the fruit's power is in use. This means Michael can survive otherwise harsh conditions like house fires, lava streams and the withering heat of deserts during the day, so long as he can continually assimilate and regulate the heat he comes into contact with. This however does not prevent other factors such as death from smoke inhalation or dehydration, causing Michael to never fully let his guard down in dangerous situations. Likewise, when the fruit is not in use, Michael becomes prone to the same threats heat and flames can impose on others; namely heat stroke and severe burns. Thus naturally, Michael tries to be cautious of how he uses his powers, and when they should be used, so as to not harm himself or accidentally harm others.

Further cementing his mistaken identity as a Logia user is an interesting ability to coat himself in a large enough heat construct, such as a massive version of his own appearance, in order to hide and protect his physical body within it. By doing this, Michael can safely switch positions within his armor of heat energy in order to avoid any incoming attack aimed his way, causing said attack to pass through his heat body with various results. In appearance, this looks similar to how Logia users avoid harm, and so it's easy for others to mistake Michael's powers as that of a heat or fire Logia Devil Fruit.

Likewise, Michael has performed similar stunts of those who can control air currents, albeit he still faces limitations to how far he can go with his feats. This is due to the fact that Michael has learned he can redirect air pressure with enough concentrated heat. This is done by gathering a large deal of heat energy, enough so to affect the air around him. As the hot air under him rises, it heats the cold air above him, and in turn creates an upward draft. This in turn creates a low pressure air system, and as air always travels from high to low systems, this simple concentration of intense heat can suck in nearby air towards Michael's position. Upon realizing his heat can direct the wind around him, Michael learned to alter the flow of his thermal energy in the air around him in order to make the air flow wherever he wants it to. Thanks to his limited control of nearby air, Michael can use his heat to help him levitate and float above the ground or ocean and generate strong air currents to push back people and projectiles. When affected by his heat energy, the air under Michael's control seems to take on an orange coloration.

Despite the many amazing abilities Michael can make use of with his Heat Heat Fruit, he still carries the same weaknesses every other Devil Fruit user faces; he cannot swim, and being submerged at least halfway up his body can drain Michael of his energy and strength. Seastone can also be used on him to negate his powers entirely, as well as inflict harm upon Michael in the process, and those who can use Busoshoku Haki can still physically affect Michael's heat constructs and forms, as well as harm him while protected underneath a shell of heat and fire. Additionally, Michael must not only show awareness and caution when wielding his powers for offensive and supportive means, but he must also keep check of how much heat he has left in his own body, as releasing too much of his own natural body heat can cool Michael to lethal and harmful extremes, including the risk of hypothermia and subsequent death. Therefore, Michael cannot risk being careless with how he uses the heat he acquires, as thermodynamics are always in effect; meaning if he makes himself hotter, then the robbed person or area will inversely become colder, for better or worse.




  • Summers Michael's name is a direct reference to Wyvern 0m3g4's actual name, while Summers is a reference to Wyvern's favorite season of the year.
  • The photo(s) being used to represent Michael's appearance are that of Kagura from the anime, Aquarion Evol. All credit goes to the animation studio, Satellite.

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