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Swain Zander is a Marine Officer who was recently promoted to the rank of Commodore following several years of dedicated service. His primary claim to infamy is his streak of dismantling Pirates as they enter the New World. For that reason Zander has gotten the epithet "The Gatekeeper". It was this exemplary service, which served to significantly quell the number of new arrivals in the New World and helped properly establish the marines foothold that earned him this promotion. While the mantle of a Commodore is a heavy one to bear, Swain is determined to bear it well and accept all responsibilities that it endows upon him.

Five years ago, Swain Zander ate the powerful Logia-type known as the Neo Neo no Mi. A devil fruit which allows the user to generate, manipulate and turn into the element of neon at will; making them a neon person. The Devil Fruit was awarded for services rendered, and had been safekept by the marines for quite some time before Zander proved himself a rising star and a man whose ideas of Absolute Justice impressed leading figures within the World Government enough to see him bequeathed with its power.

Armed with the great power of a Logia, Zander set out to prove himself worthy of this trust. Vowing to always uphold the ideals of the World Government and use the powers of neon to cleanse the New World of pirates, one by one. He's considering a rising star within the marines, and rumors abound that he might be able to become an Admiral in the distant future.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

Devil FruitEdit

The World Government have long maintained control over various Devil Fruits of great power, seeking to monopolize and secure especially potent abilities for their own exclusive use. Logia-type fruits are especially subjected to this practise, for the leadership believes that any such fruit has the potential to allow even regular marines to turn into powerful fighters. Historically, they've kept a close watch on the Magu Magu no Mi, Hie Hie no Mi and the Pika Pika no Mi; all Logias of exceptional might and power. And all unfortunately were lost to the rest of the world during the chaos and upheaval of Monkey D. Luffy so many decades ago.

In the years since, the Marines managed to get ahold of several other powerful Devil Fruits, the Neo Neo no Mi was among these. A powerful Logia-type that allows the user to manipulate, transform into and generate limitless amounts of the element of neon. It is noted to be a highly offensive Logia-type, capable of killing opponents swiftly and spectacularly, but lacking in terms of actual defenses. Due to the element of neon being fully incorporeal in all of its stages.

Swain ate the fruit five years ago, following an extended test that pitted him and several other marines against one another in a test of will, resolve and fighting power. For his ability to come out on top in this exchange, and in recognition of the great services he has rendered for the World Government before, the power of neon was bequeathed onto him alongside a promotion to the office of Commodore.

Emanuel's ArrowEdit

The first of the three primary applications of the Neo Neo no Mi was named after Zander's first flame, Rupert Emanuel. He was a young man whose parents had been killed in a pirate raid, and his need for revenge was great. His anger lead him to follow the doctrine of Absolute Justice, and so driven in this task was he that Swain adopted his beliefs and together they would be like a swift arrow that pierced the heart of pirates all across the world. Emanuel died young, but Swain vowed to carry on their promise and never forget the man who craved justice. Thus he named the first foundation of his elemental manipulation of neon: Emanuel's Arrow.

Emanuel's Arrow forms the basis of Zander's offensive potential, it is a ruthless discipline that is focused around outright annihilation of pirates. It's mostly manifested as thin beams of pink energy that split the air at immense speeds, striking the very core of their quarries being. Due to the innately volatile energies of neon, these beams often cause opponents to explode in a shower of pinkish-white sparks, utterly disintegrated from the inside out. Likewise, destruction of extremities is a common occurence in cases which don't end in death, and even being grazed can deliver dangerous injuries. Most defenses are put at a sudden disadvantage due to these beams properties, shields are pulverized, weapons split apart and even Busoshoku Haki requires intense strain to defend its unfortunate user. When killing isn't an option, or otherwise not advantageous, Swain usually resorts to crippling opponents by destroying their legs in this manner.

Because of its comparatively limited amount of destruction and collaterral damage, Swain manages to avoid the ire of the local populace when employing it, showing a respect for personal property unusual among Logia-users. But opponents would be wise not to think this to be the only way he might use Emanuel's Arrow, for it can be turned into a tool of mass destruction as easily as any other Logia-power. Ordinarily, the beams produced are of high-density and energy concentration, yet of a limited mass to preserve their pin-point lethal potential, but should Swain see it fit, these blasts can be made to encompass much larger areas, drowning entire towns in violet explosions, and devastating battleships with a single lance of power.

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Busoshoku HakiEdit

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