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The Teko Teko no Mi (てこてこの実 Bridge-Bridge Fruit?) is a Paramecia Devil Fruit consumed by Prince Longinus Judas.[1] "Teko Teko" (てこてこ?) is an onomatopoeia for the "sound of walking." However, the abilities of this fruit enable the user to create a "bridge" ( hashi?) between two points, therefore making the user a Bridge-Building Human (橋建てる人間 Hashi-tateru Ningen?).

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The fruit appears as a spherical, grey fruit with a hollow centre connected by three bridge-like connections that seal the fruit together. Its texture was oddly solid, according to recounts by Hiruko but it was mostly tasteless.

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  1. Fangs Bared, Hunter Flared: The Teko Teko no Mi is used by Judas against Longinus Connor.