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Tempest D. Jupiter (嵐D.木星, Arashi no Mokusei) is a Pirate, Navigator and former Bounty Hunter who ate the Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model: Ranryu. With mastery of his Devil Fruit powers, he was given the epithet, The Tempest Dragon from Hell (地獄からの嵐龍, Jigoku Kara no Arashi Ryū) as well as the alias, Silver-Haired Storm (銀髪の嵐, Ginpatsu no Arashi).


Jupiter is a muscular man with long, silver hair. His eyes have black outlines around them, giving him a very intimidating look. He is dark-skinned, and on his body he bears light blue markings. Jupiter's attire consists of a high collared, black cloak which also bears his light blue markings at the end of the cape, sharp blue claws around his neck that is collected together on a string as a necklace, a dirty sash around his waist to hold onto his baggy pants. He also have a golden ring on his right arm that wraps around his muscle.


Jupiter's Dragon Form

As a Dragon, Jupiter is gigantic, having the size a little bit smaller compared to Marineford. He has an entire upper body covered in black, round, scales, which also have light blue markings spread around the body . His chin, chest, stomach, inner tail, thighs, and arms, are gray in color and appear to be rather smooth. Jupiter's eyes are white and beady, and his head is round and blunt with four, large, elongated plates extending backward. Jupiter's mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth. His large wings are black and feathery in appearance. The scales disappear at the end of Jupiter's tail.


Jupiter is a lively person. He enjoys talking to others and would usually listen to their stories and adventures. Jupiter is often seen taking naps around several places. He has a habit of riling people up, teasing them and as a result, the ones who are teased usually ends up being fired up for battle which is what Jupiter hoped was going to happen. He dislikes cowards who hides in the shadow rather than taking care of themselves. Aside from his crew members, he has little to no respect for marines and is shown to be quite irritated at having to be close to them. While on the battlefield, Jupiter is very cold towards his opponents, killing them without any mercy. It's not because he hates them, he did it in order for him and his fellow crew members to survive.

With his intelligence, Jupiter makes a great navigator, being able to read and understand a map to ensure the safest route for a certain location. He once was aboard a ship during a storm and led the ship to safety. With the use of his Dragon Form, he can fly up into the air to get an eagle vision of his surroundings, pinpointing exactly where the marines ships are.




Ways of CombatEdit

Grandmaster Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Jupiter is known as a "combat grandmaster", with his expertise in martial arts being the main element of his fighting style. He excels at close combat with strong kicks and punches, and his strength and speed are so high that allow him to incapacitate foes through the use of hand-to-hand combat alone before they can react, without the need to use his Haki or Devil Fruit powers. When he does employ his signature Devil Fruit power, Ryu Ryu no Mi: Ranryu, however, the power of Jupiter's melee attacks is boosted further by using the air around to increase the force power of his punches. He is able to overwhelm a physically specialized fighter in close quarters altercations with extreme dexterity and flexibility. Jupiter's years of experience on the battlefield honed his strategic ingenuity. He could quickly devise a number of approaches and could switch approaches immediately. The longer he spent against a particular opponent, the less he needed backup tactics, as he could eventually predict what they would do and identify literal or psychological weaknesses to exploit. He could form and verify any theories he comes up with using small details. In addition to his sheer adaptability, Jupiter was knowledgeable on a large variety of individuals and abilities, and thus could identify techniques when used and react with the most appropriate counter to them.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Unbelievable Strength: Being a grandmaster hand-to-hand combatant, Jupiter possesses unbelievable strength, being capable of lifting objects 5 times bigger than him in size and carry them with ease. In situations where his opponents isn't life-threatening, Jupiter does not need to fight honestly and can just use one hand. He proven dozens of time when he was seen capable of sending his opponents flying across a city by just one punch.

Enhanced Speed, Agility, and Reflexes:

Enhanced Durability:

Enhanced Endurance:

Immense Stamina:

Mental AbilitiesEdit


Devil FruitEdit

Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model: Ranryu: Jupiter ate a Ryu Ryu no Mi of the wind element at sometime during his childhood. The fruit grants him the capability of transforming into a dragon, as well as the abilities of a dragon.

  • Tempest Dragon's Breath: Like all Ryu Ryu no Mi users, Jupiter can perform a massive Dragon's Breath attack. While he was a Dragon, Jupiter was potent enough to imprint a giant crater into the ocean.
  • Shape-Shifting: Jupiter have the ability to enter and exit his powerful Dragon Form at free will. His Dragon Form is that of a black dragon with the same light blue markings on his arm spread around the dragon's body.
    • Flight: As a Dragon, Jupiter possesses the ability to fly, being capable of shredding a large area into rubble by simply flying past.
    • Enhanced Durability: Jupiter, while a Dragon, is capable of shrugging off attacks from extremely powerful Devil Fruit users.
    • Enhanced Strength: Given his immense size, Jupiter, in Dragon form, is easily capable of reducing a substantially sized area to rubble by simply landing on top of it.


Haki is a series of force that comes from your willpower. Jupiter was seen capable of using the Kenbunshoku Haki, otherwise known as Observation Haki, when he stated that there were enemies hiding around him. He was seen using the Busoshoku Haki, otherwise known as Armaments Colors Haki, when he coat his arm with an "invisible armor" and knocked out Dareg along with his crew. While it is unknown if he possesses the great Haoshoku Haki, otherwise known as Conquerer's Haki, many have said that he seems like someone who could be a Haoshoku Haki user.

  • Kenbunshoku Haki, also known as Mantra (心綱(マントラ) Mantora?, literally meaning "Mind Rope") on Skypiea, is a form of Haki that let Jupiter sense every living thing in his surroundings using his spiritual energy; his willpower. Combined with his immense speed, he could use this form of Haki to avoid anything coming at him, such as bullets.
  • Busoshoku Haki allows the Jupiter to create an "invisible armor" on any limbs of his body, letting him defend himself against deadly attacks. Similar to Seastone, any body parts coated with this armor can fatally cause an injury to Devil Fruit users, even against Logia users.




  • Jupiter is based off of Acnologia from the Fairy Tail series.
  • Jupiter's theme, as chosen by the author, is Get Up by All Good Things.