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"Would you like to purchase this dish Sir?" A chef said at a booth in a very prosperous town in the South Blue. The town glowed with content people excited for the towns festival they held each year. A celebration that included games, food, parades, and a ton of things for people to interact with. This town was one of the wealthiest in the south blue and wasn't claimed by or bothered by pirates because of the Navy Base situated there on the island with a Rear Admiral holding command over it. The only trouble they had was with its own people and even then it was minuscule compared to other towns over the grand line. This town was indeed the place to be. The island this town was situated on was called Baterilla which was the homeland of Portgas D. Ace, Portgus D. Rogue, and the former Pirate King Gol D. Roger. The town over the years grew and prospered because of the fame behind the island.

The place it was to be for anyone and everyone including the rookie pirate, Thane. After a year on the grand line he was still alone in his journey to make a name for himself and move on to the second half of the grand line. However his goal of making a name for himself was slow moving and he still hadn't gathered a crew, why not do it here he thought as he quickly disappeared from the view of the chef taking the dish with him. The chef looked around and screamed saying, "Hey come back here, you have to pay for that. I'll call the marines on you. HEY!!!!" The chef said as unknown to him, Thane was on top of his booth eating the dish which consisted of this meat from a bird native to this island. "Well, this here is pretty darn good if I'd say so myself. Now, off to swipe another dish." Thane said with a smile from ear to ear as he disappeared from the roof of the booth and onto the street out of sight from the chef he just took the food from.

"What's this called," The boy with pink spiky hair paused mid-sentence after taking a large chunk out of the drum leg. "It's so good!" He shouted before taking another bite out of it. Following that one bite, Michael took a hand full more each without pause, chewing nor swallowing. It wasn't long until his mouth was stuffed like a young child who didn't want to eat their vegetables.

"Slow down there, kid. Chef Lyod has more." A man sitting near him stated in awe at the way the boy had been eating.

The spiky haired kid continued gobbling all of the chick drum. "If I'm gonna be the King of Pirates, I'm going to have to eat and get as strong as I can before entering the Grand Line. But first, I gotta get a-" The boy stopped to swallow literally everything he had in his mouth. "I gotta get myself a crew before I even think about heading there. I'm hopping to find someone here on this island. Home of the legendary Pirate: Fire Fist Ace."

The Elder Chef approached the boy, but on the other side of the counter standing face to face. "I'm glad you like it, young pirate. But you haven't paid for it just yet."

"I'll give you one hundred thousand berri." The boy responded.

Chef Loyd's mouth dropped, literally colliding with the counter that separated him from the young boy. "One- one- one hundred thousand berri?! You gotta be kidding me kid, was it really that good?! Are you serious??"

Grabbing the large glass of water, the boy began to drink and swallow a large quantity of the food yet again. "Yeah, when I become King of the Pirates and find the One Piece!" Michael kept eating the foot swiftly as though it were his last meal. Crumbs laid on the side of his face, and he didn't even bother to wipe them off. By the time he picked his head up to look at the Chef, he no longer wore the dropped mouth of being surprised. Instead, his face was bloody red.

"GET OUT!" He shouted, throwing a hot pan at the pink-haired kid, which he only barely dodge.

"Hey, you shouldn't throw steaming hot pans full of feed at people. It's dangerous and a waste of food."


The boy reached for his plate, and Chef Loyd reached for a knife. Flinging it at high speeds towards the boy, he turned around and high tailed out of the cafe, dodging the knife in the process. "Raaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" He laughed, stuffing his mouth with more food covering his vision of where he'd been running to. In the next moment there was a loud sound of breaking glass, and the boy was seen under a pile of rubble.

"Ahh what is this, looks like some really good pastries. Can I try it Miss?" Thane said looking at the food then batting his eyes towards the lady who blushed at the sight of Thane's face. "Uhh, Umm yeah sure." She replied as Thane took one of the cakes and ate it. "Hmm, wow the favor, you must have put your heart and soul into this. What's your name." Thane asked as the woman struggled to say her name becoming as red as a tomato, flustered at the sight of Thane. "M....Mar..Margret" She responded. "Well Margret this was an amazing dish, I'll buy more later, but how about you come with me and enjoy the festival?" Margret nearly fainted as she mustered up the courage to respond with something Thane didn't want to hear. "Yeah I'll come with you, but aren't you gonna pay for that?" Chuckling, Thane scratched his yellow hair and said something before he was cut off.

"Uhh....By...." With that a pink haired young man crashed into the booth Thane was at making it tumble upon the two. Margret moved back and yelped as she watched her pastries and the two men collapse under the rubble. "Ouch, what the hell. Hey you son of a bitch what the hell are you doing just crashing into me and this booth like that. I oughta sock you one." Thane said now rubbing his head from the roof of the booth crashing falling on his head. Standing up he walked into the street and looked at the young man, waiting on a response with an angry look on his face.

Pushing the rubble aside so that he could finally see the light, the teenage boy sat criss-cross on the ground completely ignoring the man and all that had happened. His eyes quickly shifted to the shattered plate on the ground with the food covered in dirt. He glared at the the person he'd collided with and slowly stood to his feet. "How dare you make me waste such a good plate of food. For that, you'll have to join my crew under the Future Pirate King, Sengoku D. Michael!" Holding his finger out towards the man pointing, he declared, "State your name!"

"What the..." Thane though with a puzzled look on his face. "You're a damn idiot. You ran in to me you little runt. I would be in the same boat of idiots if you think I would join you're crew. Hell No.....I'm not joining shit with you on it. Got to be a complete idiot I tell you......." Thane then realized something Sengoku said that ruffled his nerves a bit. "The Future Pirate King, you're a funny little runt I see. Let me let you in on something runt. You're not going to be the Pirate King not in this life or world at least, ya wanna know why?" Walking up to Sengoku, grabbing his shirt and scarf, pulling the pink haired teen towards him to get face to face, Thane said. "Cuz I'm gonna be the Pirate King. And you'll watch as I claim that throne as King of the Pirate." By this time people gathered around and were looking at the commotion between the two rookies who were obviously pirates since they called themselves the future Pirate King.

"Rahahahahahahaha!!!" Michael laughed at the words spouted from his mouth, right in Thane's face. "You can't dare become the Pirate King. You need to be manly! Strong! And, most importantly... for damn sure NOT YOU!" He shouted, flexing his muscles showing off to everyone who'd gathered around. "You can deny being a member of my crew all you want. But, the King of the Pirates was a man who was mighty with his sheer force alone. I'll show you, and force you into joining my crew!" Jerking himself away from Thane to free him of his grip, Michael took a step back. The proceeded to dust off the dirt marks from his scarf and straighten the crinkles Thane put into it. "Don't grab ma' scarf anymore either. You dumb ass."

"Manly? Strong? Aren't you being a bit of a hypocrite right now? You're spouting crap out your ass like a damn 12 year old and you tell me that I have to be Manly and Strong?" Thane looked at Michael with a smirk on his face as he busted out with laughter. "Ha, ok, I see you're really funny. You need to be more than manly and strong to be Pirate King you fool. Both of the previous Pirate Kings were surely strong but they didn't take that title with sheer force alone. You saying you'll "Force" me to join your crew is ludicrous. Runt, I wouldn't even break a sweat beating your ass all up and down this town. And I'll grab whatever I please, there ain't shit you can do about it." Thane said as he grabbed for the scarf of Michael again.

"You dumb ass!" Michael's arm became lit in flames, as he swatted Thane's reaching hand from grabbing his scarf. "Not literal force you 37 year old fuck up." While he insulted Thane, every word he said, he meant them. The crowd gasped at the sight of Michael's flames and everyone around him began to chatter among each other.

"Are those Devil Fruit powers?" One man asked.

"Where did that fire come from?" A lady on the other side of the man asked frantically.

"And I'm not gonna say it anymore... Don't grab my scarf again!"

Before Michael finished the phrase "Don't grab my scarf again!" Thane's other hand was mere inches from grabbing his scarf. When Michael swatted Thane's hand from reaching, Thane made his arm go limp and let the force of Michael swatting his arm carry him, twisting his arm and upper body in the other direction. With Thane's overall natural speed being as fast as the technique Soru, he simply used the momentum and his natural speed to reach with his other arm. With such a fast movement it would be impossible for Michael to react to as the movement was so fluent and quick; taking a mere second to perform. This time, Thane would not only grab for but attempt to snatch it from around Michael's neck.

Michael hadn't been focused on the fast movements or anything that Thane had been doing. He stood firm by his words. Just as fast as Thane swung his arm to reach for the scarf again, but this time grab it, the area around Michael ignited in flames. Had Thane continued to reach, he would suffer severe burns that could prove troublesome in the future. With all the civilians, the ones standing behind Thane would have a difficult time seeing Michael's face. But those to Michael's immediate left and right would not. If they looked close enough, the could see him snarling, showing the corner of his mouth as he bore literal fangs at Thane.

As Thane's hand was nearing the scarf of Michael, the feeling of heat was felt as he abandoned his goal to grab his scarf and just swiped his hand across the scarf only getting minor burns. Looking at Michael's face, Thane smiled at him saying, "Looks like you're a bit mad there aren't ya." "Do you think we should call the marines here before things get out of hand?" one woman said to the ear of another. With a smirk still on his face Thane picked up a broken piece of wood that was broken when Michael ran into the booth earlier. He flipped the staff shaped piece of wood in his hands. The two stood less than 10 feet away from each other with people circled around them in a half moon shape. behind Michael were buildings and behind Thane were people.

"You got pretty quick reflexes there don't you, or is that maybe a power of your devil fruit you obviously have? I don't meet too many people around who can react to my movements like that. Besides my goal of become Pirate King, I also aspire to become the Fastest Person Alive, well physically the fastest person alive because technically....." Thane did one more flip with the piece of wood before he threw it at Michael with such speed that the force behind the piece of wood would blast Michael through the building behind him.

Physically, what Thane had done was physically impossible for him at the moment, however Thane at the Pika Pika no Mi giving him the ability to generate, manipulate, and transform into light at will. What Thane had done was so fast that the people around would have only saw a quick, less than a second flash and Michael flying. As soon as the piece of wood touched the hand of Thane he shrouded it in light and threw it at Michael again all in one fluent motion like his previous movement without the Pika's power. The speed of this attack was 5 times faster than his previous movement, well over the speed of sound. Thane deduced that Michael wouldn't be able to react to this movement based on how fast he reacted to his last movement. The light shrouded piece of wood would be moving too fast for even the fire around Michael to burn no mater how hot. It would be like a person swiping their hand over a candle fire. Luckily for Michael, the piece of wood just so happen to be on the blunt end.

Flying backwards towards the building behind him, Michael's body lit in flames and his back made direct contact with it's foundation. The building however, was firm and was able to withstand the force from Michael's flamed body. The piece of wood began to slowly burn, and over a few seconds turned into ashes. Despite the wood turning into literally nothing, Michael did not move one bit. "What the hell was that? I didn't even have any damn time to react to the force of impact." Slowly standing to his feet he revealed his back to be bleeding. Reaching for his scarf her turned it a bit so that it was lined back up the way he had it. "Rahaha." He laughed, mocking Thane as though he knew what had been going on and showing him his attack was nothing. "That's the best ya got?"

"The best I got, what the hell does he not realize that I planted his ass into that building?" Thane though scratching his head. "Ahhh!! Call the Marines, their fighting in the town. Hurry before they destroy it." A woman said as people started scattering, screaming and running away from the conflict. "Look Michael, of course that's not the best I got you idiot. If I just planted your ass to that building and didn't kill you of course its not the best I got." Taking a deep breath Thane's body began to glow in a white light as he muttered, "Shinyū".Moving at the same speed as when he threw the piece of wood at Michael, Thane came at Michael with a fast kick that was glowing pure white. The kick was targeted towards Michael's stomach with Thane looking to propel Michael even further into the building if not completely through it with that kick.

The Clash of Rookies Edit

Without a moment of thought, Michael found himself struck in his abdomen. Just like before with the piece of wood, he had been sent flying towards the building but this time. There was no support. When his back back contact with the building, it's walls collided allowing him to travel through the building then outside the opposing wall as well.

"What the hell was that." Mummbling underneath his breath, Michael stood to his feet once more. This time, his body was severely injured, but his scarf remained unharmed. Dashing through the same whole he'd been kicked into, Michael's feet sparked with flames and with a simple leap, his flames outburst into the form of a jet pushing him towards Thane at incredible speeds. With his hand cocked back, Michael's goal was to smash Thane's face.

With a smile on his face, Thane allowed Michael to punch him right in the spot he wanted. However Michael would simply find himself to phase right through Thane and was facing back to back. "See, I don't think you're going to win this. I also have a devil fruit if you haven't noticed. You see I ate the Pika Pika no Mi making me a Light Human. As far as I'm concerned I could kill you a hundred times over and it'll still be too fast for you to realize that. But ya know I kinda like you a bit. You have fighting spirit but how about you stop. You won't be able to even touch me." Thane said as a back kick was nearing the side of Michael's face.

Being misled that he'd actually made contact with Thane, Michael simply went directly his foe's body and continued soaring. Then, in the next instance he had been kicked in the side of his face flying the completely opposite direction. Clawing his hand ingot the ground to stop himself from being thrown across the terrain into another building, Michael's flipped over to his feet and eyed Thane from a distance. "I won't back down, no matter what you say. And, like I told you. If I want you to join my crew, you'll join my crew!"

Spreading his legs apart, the pink haired boy took a firm stance. Placing his two hands over his mouth, he inhaled a large quantity of air. "Fire Dragon's Breath!" He shouted releasing a wide stream of fierce flames at Thane and even the people around. The power of this technique was strong enough to destroy and incinerate anyone in it's path.

With a smile on his face again, not even slightly flinching at Michael's attack. Instead Thane took the same stance as Michael. Spreading his legs with a firm stance and inhaling hair, thane shouted "Tensei!!!" As a beam of light matching the size of Michael's attack would clash with the fire being spouted towards him. Thane's attack would get larger and eventually start to overpower the fire of Michael, pushing back towards Michael. Thane figured that Michael would do the same, add more fire to push back his light. Thane was ready for this, the moment Michael would do that he would simply overwhelm him with his light in one fell swoop.

Watching as his technique proved nothing against Thane's similar technique, Michael did not spend his time trying to overpower or match Thane. Instead, using the wide spread attack from his opponent and self as a cover, he dashed off to the side where Thane would be somewhat if not all the way blind. With his fist pulled all the way back, Michael aimed the center of his power and focus at Thane's abdominal area. He hadn't landed a punch at no point in the battle, and with his first one he wanted to do as much damage as he could. Before completing his thrust, Michael's fist became coated in fierce flames.

Before Thane knew it, Michael had landed a punch to his stomach causing the large beam of light to switch off as Thane closed his mouth from the force of the punch hitting his stomach. Thane knew something was up right as Michael punched him from the lack of resistance he faced when Michael was breathing fire. "He used my widespread light attack as a cover to get to me, damn..." Thane said to himself as he went flying from the punch. The shockwave of the punch echoed through the area even causing some of the rubble around the feet of the two to move a bit. Thane felt he had no need to be cautious of an attack because Thane figured that the light would overpower Michael and make this battle come to an end. A weakness that Thane felt as he crashed into a nearby building in pain, but not defeated.

"(grunts) Shit. That hurt. Never letting my guard down like that again." A few chips of rubble fell as Thane began to rise from the building he crashed into. Looking at Michael, Thane clinched his slightly charred abdomen in pain and anger as several balls of light started to form around the body of Thane. "Amanonuhoko..." He mumbled as hundreds of light beams shot from each ball scattering all around the area, some not even hitting Michael. These blunt force balls of light hit buildings and the ground causing a substantial amount of destruction and most of the balls of light were aiming to hit Michael. A random person screamed, "The Marines are coming, with the Rear Admiral as well!!"

"Alright!" Michael shouted in joy that his attack had actually made contact with Thane. The entire battle was of him continuously attempting to make contact with him, but not even once had he even been able to touch him. The Pika Pika no Mi was indeed a great power. The battle hadn't stopped just yet - Thane had another technique he was ready to unleash right up his sleeve - and so he did. Within a few moments of being attacked, Thane released a rain of light spheres into the sky. "Aw damn!" He shouted, as each released a light beam the shot down in attempts to hit him.

Maneuvering so that he couldn't be hit, Michael danced with the beams. In a short time, he noticed that the beams had been doing damage to the surroundings. Innocent people would all be hit, but not killed. "Damn it! I'm your opponent!" Michael shouted. "What can I do? There's too many!" Still evading the beams, Michael tried coming up with ways he could protect the people. "Fire Dragon's Breath!" He shouted turning around in circles trying to hit all of the light spheres. Not paying much attention to his own surrounds, Michael tripped over a piece of rubble to his back, but continued his spinning motion. While on his back, Michael continued to spin even more, and his fire technique appeared as a whirlpool of flames colliding with Thane's own technique.

Despite effectively dealing with Thane's technique, Michael's movements were unintentional. As evident by his ill-looking face.

"What the hell. This dude.....attacks like that won't work, it seems close range is something he isn't too versed in." Thane began to glow as he previously did, however a seemingly sufficient amount of light was emitted from his hands meaning a greater concentration of light in that area and more damage. Not using his devil fruit powers, Thane charged forth towards Michael at a speed greater than Soru as he did earlier in their battle. Thane knew that Michael would be able to react to him at the speed he moved because he had done so earlier, Thane had a plan in sight that would sweep Michael in one attack. As he got within range, Thane jumped and aimed to crash down upon the spinning body of Michael with a stomp.

Coming into the vicinity of Michael would not be a good choice. No matter the might of Thane, he would find himself bombarded by a stream flames, and he would surely not emerge un-phased. Even with his technique on his side, Michael's speed and reflexes would not prove enough to evade the attack by Thane. The young rookie pirate would find his abdomen being driven into the ground that he spun on.

Thane in fact would emerge unfazed because of his Pika Pika no Mi's power of tangibility. The flames would hit Thane and phase straight through him as he stomped down upon the chest and stomach area of Michael. "Ehh, you weren't able to react to this, Really?" Thane said as his foot stayed planted on the body of Michael pinning him down on the ground. "You reacted to my natural speed earlier, what happened then? Or was my prediction right, the flames that you emit from the powers of your devil fruit protect you and I'm guessing you can both attack and defend when using those flames. Or maybe your reaction to my speed earlier was just a fluke and you just so happened to activate those flames just as I was about to snatch your scarf earlier."

The sole of Thane's shoe began to glow a white light as the clothing around that area began to be burned off from Thane's light. "I'm really wondering things right now as I just sit here. Just exactly how do you plane on getting me to join your crew when I'm obviously leagues ahead of your strength. Did you honestly think and do you still honestly think you can beat me? And you do realize that I did eat a Logia type devil fruit right? I mean because at this point its futile to keep fighting but knowing you from this brief amount of time I know you will keep on fighting me."

"Shut the hell up..." Michael faintly stated, rolling over to his stomach. Using his hand to whip blood from his mouth, he slowly stood to his feet. His back was slouched—hunchbacked—and his arms dangled just inches from touching the ground. "I tripped and fell, that's all. All that damned speed is clogging up my brain." Breathing heavily he continued to speak out to Thane. "You damned right I can beat you. I'll beat your ass, and you'll have no choice by to join me." Growing a slight smile on his face, Michael continued yet again. "Rahahaha! Why would I want a weakling on my crew in the first place?"

Michael held his right fist out in front of himself, and it became coated in fierce flames. His eyes were different, and his composure proved to be much more lose.

"He's so determined to beat me and have me join his crew even though he knows that I'm basically beating the hell out of him. What is this determination of his, does it have no end? I gotta put him out of his misery now by defeating him." Thane thought to himself as a white light would begin to glow on Michael's stomach.
"That mark that I put on your stomach, I don't know what to call the technique yet but I've been developing it for a bit now and I wanted to test it out. From that mark it sends pulses of light throughout the body that increase as the mark gets brighter. Of course it's gonna hurt and all but what I was able to do with that is make it act as a homing signal for my other light based attacks. So no matter where you go, or what you will be struck down by my light."

A pulse would be sent throughout the body of Michael after Thane explained his technique to him. Just as Thane said the mark on Michael's stomach glowed brighter as the pulse was released. Thane held his hand out as his palm emitted white light, "Stay down..." Thane said as he fired hundreds of light beams at Michael one after the other which would inevitably hit Michael because of the mark on his stomach.

Gritting his teeth at Thane the rookie pirate fell to his back yet again. Fixing his head to look up at Thane, who'd had his hand pointed towards him. In the next instance, a loud explosion would occur. Michael's body would find itself thrashed by the onslaught of Thane's attack. The damage was direct, and after hearing the explanation given by Thane, Michael couldn't even attempt to evade as his body seemed to be out of his control. Within the debris created from the colliding of Thane's attack, Michael laid dormant with his face planted flat into the ground.

"He stayed down.....!! For a moment there I thought his eyes were different, a fire of determination and grit burned in his eyes at least I thought." Thane thought to himself as he dropped his hand back down to his side and turned his back to Michael. "This I guess I hope you wake up and flee before the Rear Admiral shows up because I look forward to fighting you later on in out pirate adventures." Thane began to walk away from the small area that was the battlefield of the two rookies.

While not picking his head up, Michael could hear the thumping off Thane's feet making contact with the ground. Clinching the ground he laid on, Michael grabbed hold of the dirt. "Wait..." He called out to Thane who'd opted to leave the area before trouble came. "How in the hell do you think you can leave here right now?" While he had been severely injured Michael fought back his pain to speak out to Thane. Michael slowly began to lift himself up off the ground, to the point he'd been on one knee. "There's no way I can out speed you."

Fierce flames began to form around Michael's body, as though he had been wearing a layer of fire as a coat. "I haven't been this pumped up since my sister left and joined the Marines. And I thought I said, I wanted you to join my crew." Following his last sentence, Michael stood firm and tall. His body displayed the bruises he endured from the attack by Thane, yet he stood as though nothing had happened.

Man to Man Edit

"What the hell!!!" "I told you to stay down, you will do nothing but further hurt yourself what do you not understand?" Thane turned around to see the flaming body of Michael standing tall and firm with his sights on Michael. Gritting his teeth, Thane balled his fist up and took off back towards Michael, once in range he punched towards Michael with light emitting from his hand. This punch was set out to ensure that Michael wouldn't get back up.

Just like before, Michael made no efforts to move. "And I told you..." Thane dashed at Michael with his fist cocked back, ready to land a critical and highly effective blow towards Michael. With Thane's speed, it hadn't been long until he'd closed the gap between himself and Michael. Just as Thane would thrust forward to smash against Michael, the pink-haired boy would lifted his own hand, successfully grabbing Thane's fist. At the minute of contact a powerful sound wave pushed back, using the two pirates as a center forcing Michael's flames away.

Michael clinched the fist of Thane all while glaring at him, showing off the fangs that formed into his teeth. Lifting his arm that held Thane's fist, Michael's goal was to sling Thane up and then into the ground, with his outburst of strength.

"How can he...." Puzzled at the ability of Michael to physically touch him Thane found himself slung in the air and slammed into the ground. Additionally Thane body was being burned from the heat of Michael's fire. "Shinyū!!" The light enveloped Thane's body to give him protection from the flames of Michael. Using Michael's grip on his hand, Thane lifted himself back up to his feet and used his other hand to try and punch Michael in the face again.

Pulling his own fist back, Michael threw a punch at Thane as well. "I can't become the King of the Pirates if the captain isn't stronger than his own crew!" Just as he yelled, Michael's fist transformed into a fist of flames. Thrusting forward, the flames maintained a fist-like construction and continued to aim for Thane. His own fist however, remained a distance away. Upon collision, the fire-like construct would burst and latch onto Thane. Doing both physical and collateral damage.

Getting hit by Michael's attacked, Thane flinched in pain as the physical attack actually hit him while the burning effects burned him. The pain was overwhelming, pain wasn't something Thane was used because of his superior speed and devil fruit. Additionally the attack from Michael seemingly broke straight through Thane's Shinyū, a technique that was supposed to protect him from things like flames. Gritting his teeth, Thane would open his mouth and use another technique of his Tensei this time in the form of a laizer at point blank range aiming right for the shoulder of Michael.

"No you don't!" Michael shouted, taking no time to even react to his last attacking connecting. As Thane widened his mouth, Michael released a stream of flames from the back of his head, forcing him to headbut Thane directly in his mouth. The headbutt wasn't going to stop Thane from utilizing his technique, but it did allow him to force Thane into flinching and altering the angle of his face so that the opposing pirate's attack would certainly miss it's target.

"How is his fire affecting me and my light??" Thane though to himself as he was just about out of options to using his body as a means of attack. Stopping his attack, Thane again gritted his teeth as his attack was defended against by an opponent he was beating at first. "That's it, I didn't want to use this but I don't really have a choice now." "Amanomihashira..." Thane said as pillars of light emerged from the ground around the two destroying entire buildings and the area around them. The ground under Michael began to glow a bright white light as the pillar of light erected.

"You should turn off some of your lights." Shooting a stream of fire from his mouth, Michael stepped back accelerating himself backwards at an high speed while also attacking Thane coincidentally. In all honesty, Michael had no idea what had been going on. This was his first time seeing any power and ability like this, yet he seemed to play all of his cards right. Despite them all being accidentally.

Using his devil fruit powers, Thane split himself apart to avoid the stream of fire that shot from Michael's mouth. He recollected himself behind Michael with his foot inching towards the back of Michael to deliver a kick at the speed of light when....."FIRE!!!!", a barrage of bullets were sent flying at the two rookie pirates. One bullet hit Thane which caused him to stop his attack. Grunting at the pain it was quite obvious that the bullet was made of seastone and unfortunately for Thane he happened to not be using his technique to protect himself from the bullets. "Fuck....Seastone.." Thane then would kick Michael so a bullet wouldn't hit him which was aiming right for his head. The Rear Admiral appeared ordering his men to continue shooting; that's when an audible statement was said by the Rear Admiral that would stop any pirate from fighting. "Get the Admiral here, he was conducting business in this area and maybe still here. Tell him the Son of the Yonko Sengoku and a the user of the Pika Pika no Mi is here...." "Shit we gotta go, lets go Michael." Grabbing him by the scarf Thane pulled and ran him off with him. "Where's your ship?" Thane asked Michael.

The Conclusion Edit

Everything seeming to have happened so fast, one minute Michael had been in a heated battle with Thane—quite literally—to a member of the Marines snitching. Not to mention, Michael being kicked to avoid being hit by a bullet. Honestly he hadn't wrapped his mind around much. His only intention was to get Thane to join his crew and hear him out. While initially ignoring the Rear Admiral, it wasn't until he spoke the name Sengoku. "What about my old man?!" Pulling his fist back, Michael released another one of his fire fist techniques making direct contact with the rear admiral. Just as he was about to throw another one, Thane grabbed his scarf. "Don't grab my scarf you dumb ass. And the ships the other way!"

Among the chaos, the crowd of bystanders all spoke their opinions. "Assault on a Navy Officer?!", "They've gotta be crazy!". The marine officer sat ashamed among the people of the island. "INCREASE THE BOUNTY ON BOTH SENGOKU D. MICHAEL AND HIS UNNAMED COMRADE! ASSAULT ON AN REAR ADMIRAL."

"Crap." Thane said to himself when Michael informed him of his mistake in direction. "Hang on...." Thane said as light started to cover the body of Michael, encasing him in his technique Shinyū. Thane would then throw Michael into the air, augmenting his speed using his Pika's powers and follow right behind. "Ahh, there it is." Thane grabbed Michael again and then threw him down to where his ship was. "GO FOLLOW THEM!!!" The Rear Admiral said as the marines ran towards the direction the two went. Thane gracefully landed on Michael's ship and went straight to the helm. "Michael, hoist the sails so we can get outta here and fast, I got a bad feeling about what that Rear Admiral said about an Admiral being here. If that's true, we're dead."