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News for the Blues Edit

The squawk of News Coo swarming overhead alluded to the dawn of a new day. In the span of a little over a month, the so-called "Wolf Pirates" had shifted between calling five different islands their home, doing so to escape the hands of the marines, whom were hot on their tail for the reasons inscribed upon the newspaper that fell from the crutches of the passing seagull. As it laced the warm climate of the tropically invested lands --brushing against the lush leaves of the towering trees as it did-- the curled gazette was firmly caught by a blue fleshed entity with an imposing figure.

What his eyes perceived from the fine print instantly brought a smug grin to his face, and the very first thought that escaped his mind was to report back to the captain, who had situated himself in a cave no less than a mile away.

Straightening up from his crouched posture revealing him self to be very tall and muscular man, with a distinctive shark-like appearance, complete with pale, blue-grey skin and small, round, white eyes, gill-like facial markings under his eyes, and actual gills on his shoulders along with sharp triangular teeth and blue colored blue hair styled in the form of a shark fin. His attire composes of a simple pair of black pants held together by a white sash around his waist, a long opened black coat and a pair simple sandals.

Glancing back down towards the paper in his hand He couldn't keep the grin off his face while making his way toward's the cave he knew his crew was located in as his sharp eye's glanced to his very own visage grinning back at him along with the Word's"Great Blue" Worden Luhr, Wanted Dead or Alive Beli75,000,000. Upon entering the Cave he quickly makes his way towards the center before calling out towards one of the figures residing in it.

"Oi Captain! Take a look at this," Luhr calls out as he casually tosses the Newspaper towards his Captain all the while grinning almost madly and in clear excitement.

"It Seems our bounties have gone up, I'm now worth Beli75,000,000 and Your's has gone up to Beli175,000,000". Luhr Exclaimed as he leans against one of the near by walls.

Receiving the paper from the newest member of his crew, Veno glanced down at the site of his mug being featured on the front cover, along with a brief summarization of their past antics over the month, his updated bounty, and most peculiarly, a headline that astounded even him.

"Public Enemy".

"A job well done, boys," Veno chuckled between a puff of his cigar, rolling the newspaper and passing it toward Erin, who was seated on the ground with his back against the cave's stone wall, "we've become celebrities this past month. Shit, the World Government's gone so far as to givin' me a second name!

"Public Enemy!" he barked, enjoying the very sound of it, as if it were music to his ears. Looking down at what was a gruesomely beaten man at his feet, Veno issued a kick to his gut. "Ya hear that? 'Cause of you, they're callin' me that!"

Veno's hands fell between his legs next, and in one short interval, he zipped his fly open, thrusting his hips forth to expose his weapon of choice, the barrel's size of which was a sight to behold. A hand to his crotch and the other into his emerald mane, the recently appointed Public Enemy carried no qualms in hosing down the beaten man at his feet with a golden liquid.

Still, as warm and rich as it may have been, it brought an unbearable stench to the cave, which was made obscure by the shriek the man uttered in response.

Erin just sighed as he took the newspaper up. He looked over it, seeing what he expected to see. He never actually thought it was possible but they had somehow managed to kidnap a world noble. "Thanks Captain. I'm surprised this crazy scheme actually succeeded but I'm happy at the same time." He spoke with a small laugh and a thumbs up to his crew-mates. "Wow listen to this they haven't even got me in here. I guess the ability to become wind comes in handy huh." He stood up from his spot and walked over to the edge of the cave. Leaning on the wall and looking into the sea.

Leaning off the wall Luhr makes his way over to the beaten and humiliated Nobel with condescending look on his face.

"To think the entire world are ruled by pigs like you" Stated Luhr as he crouches down in front of the Nobel ignoring the putrid smell emitting from him before Snarling viciously and raising to his feet before stomping on the Nobel's head hard enough to hurt but not enough to kill him.

"The thought makes me sick to my stomach" Snarled Luhr as he gives the Nobel one final kick before walking off and punching the wall causing it to crumble away.

As Veno zipped himself back up, a fuse within his mind suddenly flared. His golden eyes shifted across the cave, settling for seconds at a time upon the man at his feet, Luhr, then Erin. Cleansing his hand against the side of his trousers, Veno joined Erin at the brim of the cave.

"They're here," he declared, "I can sense them." His once golden eyes were overtaken by a shimmering red. Smoke streamed from his mouth as he pulled his cigar.

"There's 10 of 'em." His brow narrowed. "No… they have an eleventh with 'em?" Veno blinked his eyes about in disbelief. "I see; so they've sent one of them, have they?" A maniacal grin forked his lips.

"Do ya see him too, Erin?! He's comin' for us!" He shot a look back at the savagely beaten man. "The game's over! Y'know what that means, don't ya?"

Walking toward the man, Veno held him up by the ear many a feet above the ground. "We've milked ya for all yer worth. It means that yer useless to us now.

"The World Government for the past month has negotiated with us in exchange for your life. We've been running rampant, never upholding our end of the bargain; taking our reward yet never giving you up in return.

"We were met by marines, whole fleets of 'em. Each time they came, we took care of 'em. But this time's different, and you wanna know why?

"Because never had they bothered sendin' an admiral. Not until now."

Divine Penance Edit

Aboard the Nimbus, pirates of various ethnicities were sprawled on the floor, piss drunk. Considering the sun had only just recently bloomed into the sky, it was much too familiar a sight. The pleasant morning was distraught by the sound of gunfire.

"I didn't let you idiots on this ship to drink yerselves into the grave," Veno barked, the nozzle of his trademark pistol sizzling with the crisp chimmers of gunpowder, "goddammit, why the fuck can't anyone around 'ere be of some friggin' use?"

The corpse of his own subordinate now lay at his feet, provoking another nearby --who had been watching in horror-- to call out in detest. "Hey! You can't just go around killing people like that whenever you want! We're your crew for-"

Pow! Another shot was fired, striking the naysayer right between the eyes.

"I'm the fuckin' captain. Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Now someone come 'ere and clean this shit up."

Looking over a rail of the ship and out into the vast sea, Veno placed a cigar to his mouth, lighting it to sustain his anger. Smoke fumed from his mouth.

"Hey Captain can you try not to get blood on the ship yet, It was cleaned about an hour ago." Erin spoke in a very casual manner as he floated down from the crows nest. "Though we do have a more pressing manner at hand. You see I spotted the ship of a celestial dragon heading in our direction. I'd advise you to move the ship cause trust me if you get near those assholes they open fire like nobodies business." He warned his captain. Erin had worked around the marines for years and just about everyone there knows how moody the celestial dragons get.

Veno only offered Erin a stern glare for his incentive. "A World Noble? The fuck's one doin' here?" He was questioning himself more so than Erin. "Don't be retarded. Chances like this don't show up every day. I want ya to continue on straight ahead and bring us right in front of that son of a bitch, and that's a captain's order."

He eyed Erin from the corner of his eye. "Don't make me say it again."

Erin sighed at the thick head of his captain and moved to the wheel. He then peered at the ship with his superior vision. He could only see eight guards and one noble however they were always under guarded. It's not like anyone dared to take the wrath of the entire marines upon them. Anyone except Veno. "I sincerely hope this works Captain." He shouted as he spun the wheel towards the ship and blasted the wind. The ship lurched forwards at full power, only slowing as it neared the ship of the world noble himself.

Just as Erin had feared, the Nimbus took fire almost immediately as it flung within close vicinity of the opposing vessel. The deck beneath their feet was thrown into an uproar, and the ship began to rock backward, enduring heavy damage across its body.

"Fuckin' hell!" Veno barked, all the while somehow maintaining his balance aboard the bobbing ship.

"P-please cap'n! Turn this ship around! You don't know what the World Nobles are capable of! Their bad news, I tell you, bad news!" hollered another member of the crew who was holding onto a pole for his dear life.

Something within Veno instantly snapped, and the pirate captain found himself reaching within his coat for his gun once again. "I don't need a guy on my ship who's afraid to die."

A bullet rang through each of his nostrils, shooting up into his brain and felling him instantaneously.

Looking to Erin, whom many aboard the ship --with the clear exception of Veno himself-- viewed as the First Mate, Veno donned his usual stern gaze. "You stay 'ere and look after the ship. I don't want another ball hittin' 'er, ya understand?"

Removing his coat and tossing it aside, Veno leaped into the waters bare-chested, leaving Erin in charge of the crew and ship for the time being.

Erin sighed as he stepped off the wheel. Nothing was ever easy with his captain. He activated his devil fruit and created a wall of wind that began deflecting the cannon balls into the sea. He then pulled his sniper off his back. He held it up to his eye, aiming down the scope. With the ring of a shot through the air a bullet flew from his gun, piercing a marine straight in the head. It then moved to another marine and another until the entire deck was covered in bodies and one scared world noble. The bullet had been redirected constantly, moved by a massive condensed force of wind. It was not possible to escape Erin's gaze.

By the time Veno climbed aboard the opposing vessel, the entire squadron of enemies he thought himself to have were long since dead. The very first thing he did upon discovering this was look back in the direction of his own ship, sending Erin a peculiar gaze, while mumbling under his breath, "the fuck I tell that guy?"

Nevertheless, he had within his grasp what he had initially sought: a lonesome Celestial Dragon. One who despite the circumstance, did not feel the need to bow before another. Who, while cowering with fear, still saw himself within the spotlight.

"How dare you cross the path of my ship, and how dare you step foot here without my-" the world noble was interrupted by Veno's fist smashing through his rounded globe-esque mask, and meeting the side of his jaw, sending him onto the ground in a spinning mess.

"Y-you insect! I will have you pay for this!" Reaching into his back pocket, the world noble unveiled a gold plated den den mushi, one that Veno recognized as an immediate threat, to which he responded by placing his boot over the noble's hand, snapping every finger composing it.

"Shut the fuck up. From 'ere on out, yer nothing more than a bag-a'-shit, ya 'ear me?"

Tucking the man beneath his armpit, Veno issued a grievous stomp unto the enemy vessel, leading it to crumble under the wake of his sheer strength alone. Thereafter, he leaped from it, and literally stood atop the water, as if it were a malleable substance of some kind.

Eyeing the damage that had been done to the Nimbus, he instantly regretted not having saved the parts of the other ship to repair his own, as he walked back over. It would be a hard week's worth to fix the Nimbus after this; but Veno looked forward to the work under the prefix of notoriety.

The poor Celestial Dragon put up the best fight he could, squirming about and kicking his arms and legs every which way. He had been on his way to marry for the twenty-sixth time; he had expected to be showered with flowers, not fists.

Cant Jargon Edit

Two weeks following their successful abduction of a Celestial Dragon, the pirates under the authority of Veno --still without a name-- ransacked what was their second island, while heading on over to their third. They had already collected large sums of compensation money, after falsifying a deal with the World Government in which they had no intention of fulfilling.

The battered Nimbus docked anchor along the shore of that which was regarded as Blagh Ait, a small island located some place within Paradise. Holding up the den den mushi he had collected from the World Noble, Veno looked to place an order for more of the same.


At the sound of his call having been received, Veno began to bark at once. "Oi, listen up. This is Veno."

There was an uproar on the other end. "It's the Public Enemy..!"

"Aogami is on the other line!"

"It's the man who kidnapped the World Noble!"

Losing his patience quickly, Veno sneered. "Shut the fuck up and listen! Ye don't want me to blow his brains right this here minute, do ya?"

Finally, some silence for his thoughts.

"Good, now listen 'ere and listen well: my crew and I have arrived in Blagh Ait, along with yer precious Celestial Dragon. We're willin' to give him other to ya for Beli Small300,000,000."

There was yet another uproar. "But you asked for Beli Small 150,000,000 the last time, and we gave it to you!"

"Why should we trust you now after you cheated us twice?!"

"We've already given you more than-"

Veno's hold over the phone tightened. He reached for his trusty handgun and blew shots into the air to silence the marines. "Shut the fuck up, or the next one goes through his head! Ya 'ear me?

"Beli Small300,000,000, and I want it delivered to me fast. We won't be here for much longer."

Hanging up the phone, Veno looked over his shoulder to the rest of his crewmates, who had grown to fear the man, especially in the presence of his pistol. Then, all of a sudden, there was an explosion that went off which the Nimbus' inhabitants saw from over some trees.

Turning with a glare, Veno placed a cigar into his mouth. "What in tarnation?"

One Hour Earlier...

Somewhere to the north of where the Nimbus is stationed in an Auction house that's filled to the brim with Marine's and high class and wealthy people. Standing on a stage was a man dressed in very wealthy clothing who held up a mic to silence the crowed.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Lord and Ladies, Today we have a very great assortment of specials from Giants straight down towards those Filthy Fishmen" Yelled the Auctioneer as he moved about the stage.

"Now let's the bidding begin, First up is a member of the Mink tribe" Claaed out the Auctioneer as he began the "Show".

Meanwhile backstage in one of the many dark and disgusting holding cells surrounded by people of all Diffrent species we find Worden Luhr shackled to one of the walls silently watch as one by one people were escorted out towards the stage all the while the crowed cheered in excitement which caused him to sneer in anger.

"Fucking trash and their need for slaves" Groweled out Luhr as he strained against his shackles in anger.

Watching as a young female mermaid was brought onto the stage and to his rising anger and disguise the cheers and yelling got louder.


Sitting in the now almost empty cell Luhr suddenly snapped his eyes opens as a few guards unlocked his cell door.

"Get up Fishmen filth It's your turn to surve your betters" Called one of the guards as they grabbed the chain connected to the explosive collar around his neck.

Growling Luhr let them lead him onto the stage where the people into the audience started to curse and tell slurs at him and the people of his race all which drove his anger to the boiling point and cause him snarl viscously at the crowd scaring them and caused panic as he easily ripped though the Metal cuffs around his wrist before quickly and brutally snapping the necks of the guards around him tossing the bodies into the crowed causing the audience to attempt to flee however their only escape was taken from them when Luhr appeared in front not he crowed with a bloodthirsty smile on his face.

"Just where do you think your going, Didn't you all come here for a Slave" Smiling and flexing his muscles Luhr took a step forward.

"Well.Here.I.AM!!!" Yelled Luhr as he began to tear his way through the crowd leaving a bloody and messy trail behind.

There was an immediate rise of commotion, with Luhr's sudden freedom alerting the marines who had been stationed upon the island. With their rifles at the ready, they appeared in town in the nick of time, standing erect amongst the ensuing mob as the scurrying citizens left the scene.

"You damn Fishmen!" one yelled aloud, cocking back a gear before opening fire upon Luhr's position, "rot in hell!"

Following his lead, tens of marines began to unload their ammunition --or so they had planned, until an obscure shadow made its entrance onto the scene. With a single flicker of its armament arm, the figure countered the swarm of bullets, causing them to literally crumble to dust. "Iron Mallet."

As the marines looked with fear at the sudden arrival of a man with long flowing green hair and a long red coat, he looked over his shoulder and back at the fishmen behind the cause of all the ruckus with a devilish grin plastered across his face. "I thought ya might need a hand."

"It's him! 'Public Enemy' Veno, the rookie with a Beli Small55,000,000 bounty!" one of the marines hollered.

Raising his hand over his head, Veno coated it with haki, causing it to be turned black with spiritual power. He then swung it down with tremendous force, invoking a razor sharp crescent air blade that split the ground en route to slicing a large group of marines. "Iron Hatchet!"

Glancing back at the newly identified "Public Enemy" Veno, Luhr couldn't help but grin as he watch him split the ground right from under their feet before turning his head to the right and catching a sword that would of beheaded him with his teeth before biting though it and gripping the attackers head easily lifting him off the ground.

"Veno that's what they said you were called right ?" Asked Luhr as he uses his monstrous strength to crush the marines head easily before flicking the blood towards a group of oncoming Marines.

"Blood Bite" Called out Luhr as the blood droplets turned into mini shark like bullets that pierces through the marines with ease killing them.

"Aye, that's right," Veno confirmed, felling another wave of marines with another swing of his arm, "so how's about ya give yer life some meanin' and join my crew? We could use a strong feller like you." He ducked, skillfully evading an incoming katana swing by a marine, only to dispose of him with a single knee to the gut. In the distance, his sight caught a hold of an incoming marine vessel --one he identified as being the very one he had summoned as apart of his bargain with the Celestial Dragon.

Taking to a dead sprint toward the direction of the ship, Veno called out to Luhr. "Come if ye want! I don't got the time to beat around the bush over 'ere forever."

Watching Veno Rush towards a incoming vessel Luhr just chuckled as he effortfully dodges countless attacks.

"A Pirate huh?" Glancing around at the destroyed Auction house as well as the countless mangled bodies surrounding him, Luhr couldn't help but laught as he runs after Veno.

"After what happened here today I'm pretty sure they'll be coming for my head and Between the two of us I like it where it is" Catching up to Veno Luhr turns towards him giving him a grin

"The Name's Worden Luhr Before coming here I was known as the Monster of the Sea on Fishman Island but I guess now I'll be called whatever the hell you want Aye Captain."

As the two appeared on the shore, Veno yet again rose his hand above his hand, turning his arm black with haki. "Iron Hatchet!" he hollered, bringing it down and slicing the ocean itself with another blade of air that also caught the marine vessel within its vicinity, splitting it in half.

From there, the two newly acquainted mates dismantled the marine ship, slaughtering all its inhabitants and taking with them their prized riches. They continued onwards to other islands, playing the very same game whilst destroying the various cities they stayed within until arriving upon the tropically infested Bogor Cay.

The Perks of Inception Edit

Smoke poured from Veno's mouth. Looking to the strongest members of his crew, he snarled --something he did often before giving out instructions. "Listen, this upcomin' battle won't be like nothin' we've ever seen up until now. Each and every mistake we make will cost us big, so be sure not to fuck up.

"I'm gonna confront the ship on my own first. Erin: I want ya ta stay hidden on the island and to cover my every move with your snipin', ya got that? Don't show yerself under any circumstance; if for whatever reason ye think yer position is goin' ta be givin' up, then defer to your devil fruit power.

"Luhr: you'll come with me unto the front lines, but yer to stay under the water until ya receive my signal to attack. The same goes for you, Erin; don't give yerself away until the right opportunity presents itself. Our best shot at winnin' 'ere is to takem by surprise."

Throwing the squabbling world noble over his shoulder, Veno turned to his crew. "Ya got all that?" He narrowed his brow. "Good."

"Admiral Warren, Sir the cave where the World Noble is suspected to be is just ahead sir. Would you like to engage with the cannon?" "Hell no what the fuck!!! They'll blow that noble's brains out not that I would necessarily care but no don't fire the cannon you idiot. Plus you might hit the "Precious Noble" Ralph got up from his seat which was on the deck of his massive ship. A massive spectacle it was. It was big enough to transport a couple of giants, the mast of the ship was almost the size of a whale and the sails could blanket a mansion. On the front, back and side of the ships were the reason why his ship was so big. Massive cannons with massive cannon balls that could blast your normal ship into bits with one cannon ball.

"Let me see those binoculars." Surveying the area where the noble was expected to be he could see the vibrant green hair of the rookie pirate Veno. "Goddamn nipple suckers I swear rookies bite off more than they can chew sometimes. Should be lucky they sent me and not CP9 or worst CP0. If they did that them rookies would be dead by now. That's what they should of did instead of sending me. Well I'm make quick work of them and bring that lazy ass noble back to his home so he can sit there and buy more slaves do absolutely nothing to benefit this world." "Sounds like the Admiral has resentment towards the nobles." "Shut Up I heard that you deck sweeper. Take these binoculars and get ready because Veno is making a move. Bring me some of that meat and a gallon of booze" Ralph barked as his men followed his orders.

Admiral Warren D. Ralph a man with golden hair a golden personality and a physique out of this world. His choice of words were that of a pirate and some that pirates ever really understood and not his own men. He was called to rescue a noble from the hands of a rookie and his crew. Ralph didn't care too much for the mission he was being sent on but if he wanted to keep his rank and reputation in tact he had to do so. Plus he wanted to fight these rookies as well. Ralph's muscular physique could be seen even in his admiral outfit and for some people it was enough to make them think twice about engaging him in combat but not these rookies, Ralph knew he would have his hands full today.

Lugging the Celestial Dragon over his shoulder, Veno concentrated his spiritual energy --that which was known as haki-- into the soles of his feet, coating them with an invisible aura not unlike the atypical busoshoku haki. However, his usage of it differed slightly in the sense that it actually enabled him to walk on the surface of the water as if it were some sort of malleable substance --a luxury granted to him for not having ever eaten a devil fruit.

Even from this distance --from which the entirety of the behemoth ship was made visible to him-- Veno could see Ralph, though only his silhouette and at that, as a makeshift aura. Though it was beyond him to ever admit it, Veno knew full well that underestimating an admiral of all people would be a very foolish maneuver. No, victory was likely not going to be entirely within his reach, if such a thing even existed before one of the navy's absolute best.

From a tactical perspective, Veno understood that Ralph's obligation was not so much to eliminate him as it was to ensure the safety of the Celestial Dragon in question. A mere rookie would not have been nearly enough to force an admiral all this way; no, it was almost solely the cause of the Celestial Dragon, and more importantly, the blood that was flowing within him.

Reaching into his coat, Veno saw only one way to seize victory. To ruin the reputation of the World Government beyond belief, he would have to commit one of the most blasphemous of crimes of them all. Unveiling his flintlock pistol, he shoved the head into the mouth of the world noble, pushing it further down into his throat so that he began to gag uncontrollably.

His golden eyes brim and laced with the trinkets of blood were cast ahead at Ralph's aura, welcoming the challenge of seeing him in battle no matter how inhumane it may have been. "To hell with the World Government!"

And so the first shot was fired, followed immediately by the second, then the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on, until the bullet could no longer fire a bullet, only click in fulfillment. The water beneath Veno's feet was made red with blood, and Veno tossed the corpse aside, not even granting it a second look as it drowned to the bottom of the ocean.

There was no going back now.

Giving a mock Salute towards Veno, Luhr quickly sprinted foward and dived overboard welcoming the cool feeling of water against his skin as his webbed appendages quickly helped him maneuver underwater as he dived downwards towards a better part of the oven where he could do the most damage but not before catching sight of the World Nobles Corpse being ripped apart by a pack of smaller Sea Kings which brought a smirk to his face as he began to move himself in position awaiting Veno's signal.

Ralph looked on in disbelieve as the Noble was killed by the hands of this rookie pirate. Ralph's crew were baffled at what they just witnessed and a couple were struck with fear. "Call HQ, tell them that the Noble is dead, killed by the hands of the rookie pirate Veno. Tell them to tremendously raise his bounty as well as his crew. This kid is now neck deep in shit creek begging for a drink. The Cipher Pol will be on his ass like stank on shit now." Ralph said as he would then talk to the man of the hour Veno.

"Hey rookie. You got balls for doing that. Monkey D. Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon but you just had to kill one. I'm warning you now before I beat the living hell out of you, I won't kill you or take you in because you've earned my attention. You know after this it won't be easy on you rookie, you have to know you will be hunted by just about everyone especially CP9....well with what you've done CP0 will be on your case most likely and everyone associated with you. So tell me, why?" Ralph said as one of his men called Navy HQ and relayed what just transpired.

Erin nodded to Veno giving him a thumbs up and disappeared into the wind. He reappeared in an extremely concealed spot on the island a little ways away from the beach, however he had everything in his sight. From this range his silenced shots could not be heard and with his devil fruit no one would be able to track him. He removed his sniper rifle from his back, using his gloves to load in some special bullets. "This is gonna be quite the treat." He spoke to himself as he awaited the beginning of the fight.

"This is the first time Admiral Warren has opted to bring me alongside him on any mission." Strutting through the hallways of Ralph ship, was a young lady who's heels collided with the floor boards of the ship. Unlike her subordinates, and higher-uppers, she had still be within the confinements of the ship. While the death of a World Noble had just occurred, she was everso blind to this fact, yet at the same time not deaf. Exiting the ship's interior, she finally reached the fresh air of the open sea. The wind currents pushed in the opposite way she'd been facing causing her silky blue hair to flow in the wind, like the mane of a stallion being ridden by the most sacred warrior.

Grabbing onto the end of her gloves, tightening it to make sure it clinched her hand she balled her fists. Standing side-by-side to her Admiral in charge, Vice-Admiral; Sengoku D. Autumn made a full appearance.

So tell me why? Ralph's voice rang loud in Veno's mind. He wanted a reason for his actions?

"So that I may obtain what was truly mine from the start," Veno spat back, "and I won't let anyone, not even the likes of you stand in my way."

What stood out to Veno in Ralph's previous statement most of all, however, was his assertion of letting him live. He spoke with such confidence; writing off Veno as if it were a done deal. There was nothing in this world that Veno hated more than being looked down upon.

Veno's brow narrowed. "Yer gonna let me live? Then what the fuck is the point of fightin' in the first place? If ya don't plan to kill me, then don't raise yer fist!"

Raising his coated black arm over his head, Veno swung it down with tremendous force, shooting a large scale crescent airblade that split the sea in two. It headed toward Ralph and his ship at staggering speeds, and the admiral would have known not to make light of it, seeing as though it possessed the capability to slice his vessel and crew alike.

The arrival of the one named Autumn made little difference to Veno. He had long since sensed out the others that were apart of the navy ship, deducing any that may have been a threat to him. If she planned on getting in his way, even as a girl, he wasn't going to be showing her any mercy.

"Well would you look at there got a little bite to that Haki of yours don't ya rookie? Autumn, I'm sure you sense the one in the sea and the one on that island. Make sure they don't interfere." Ralph would then give and order to his men before leaping off the ship to handle Veno's attack. "Men!!! blow that island to crumbs. Then back this ship up far from this battle." "YES SIR!!!" They responded as the huge cannon on the front of Ralph's ship took aim, then fired letting off a deafening boom as Ralph had a smile from ear to ear.

Ralph floated above the sea as the attack came forth. Slowly his arm took a black hue as he responded to Veno. "The point in fighting is to teach you a lesson, not to fuck with the World Government." With that Ralph punched the crescent blade causing the crescent to disperse under his power. Along with his punch he sent his own attack towards Veno, a shockwave of Haki that barreled towards him causing the sea sea under the shockwave to violently ripple under its sheer power. Which was enough to destroy something the size of his ship plus one.

Veno's brow narrowed at the sight of the flying dutchman. Was Ralph perhaps a wind user like Erin? Is that what allowed him to float as he did?

After his own attack had been countered, Veno saw himself with the opportunity to return the favor. His head was the very first part of him to darken with haki, followed by his neck and chest, and then his arms.

"Iron Helmet!" he beamed, crossing his arms before his body to act as a shield of the sorts. The force of Ralph's collided with Veno's body, sending him skidding aways back in the water, until he found the strength within him to dispel the attack off to the sides, causing it to harmlessly implode the water around him.

Looking up at Ralph, Veno grinned at the thought that the admiral was a devil fruit user. "Yer scared of the ocean, aren't ya? Even if ya have sensed out my mate under the surface, there's nothin' you can do to getem!"

Coating his arm in haki, Veno leapt from the waters and into the sky, surging toward Ralph at blinding speed. Swinging his arm off to the side, he brought it back to collide with Ralph's waist. "Iron Hammer!"

Ralph look on as Veno rocketed towards him at a substantial amount of speed. "Scared of the ocean? Nothing to do to get your friend in the Ocean? Hilarious." Ralph said. Ralph would lower himself so that his head was within the same trajectory of Veno. Coating his arm in Haki, as Veno was reaching the halfway mark, Ralph rocketed towards Veno at the same speed while coating his neck and head in Haki as well. His arm would meet Veno's neck area while Veno's arm would meet his own neck area. Ralph was more than sure that Veno would coat the same area in Haki. The two clashing would cause black lightning to spark from the two's powerful Haki.

On the War Front Edit

An even match of haki resulted in a triumphant clap of black thunder emanated by the two tyrants, who both held their positions, glaring at one another and refusing to give in to one another's strength. "I'll hold ye 'ere while my mate goes after yer ship. Ya won't get the opportunity to look away from me!"

Without moving his arm from Ralph's neckline, Veno charged his leg with haki, swinging it toward the admiral's stomach to send him flying back and create some space between the two. "Iron Chisel!"

Ralph chuckled at the statement made by Veno. "My trusty vice admiral can handle him." As the leg came towards his stomach he coated that area in Haki as well and as Veno's leg made contact with Ralph's stomach several streams of thunder streamed from the area, but Ralph stood still. Ralph coated his knee in haki and brought it up to Veno's stomach. This would be just a bit more potent because of his knee being one of the hardest part of his body. Additionally Ralph used his other arm and wrapped it around the leg Veno used to attack.

Veno flinched slightly as a result of the knee striking his hardened abdomen, but the muscle mass along with the presence of haki within the area kept him safe from any meaningful damage. Smoke from his cigar poured out into the atmosphere as he looked toward Ralph's arm around his leg. He cupped his own hand and fastened it around the admiral's knee to break even, not entirely sure of what Ralph was planning on doing.

"Iron Wrench!" Veno declared, establishing a firm grip over Ralph's knee with a single hand, just as the admiral did with his own leg. Using his one free leg, he kicked off the air, propelling both Ralph and himself down toward the ocean with each kick. "Come on, show me yer not really scared, then!"

Having his leg was an advantage for Ralph as he could easily turn Veno in any direction he wanted because of the leverage he hand on him. A simple twist a certain way and Ralph could turn Veno in any direction. Which is just what Ralph did turning Veno with his back towards the sea with him in the dominant position. Using his free leg, Ralph used Soru to speed up their velocity as they fell towards the sea. Ralph make them move so fast that when they would crash into the sea they would clear a path straight to the bottom without the sea closing this path up for a few seconds. "I'll so you I ain't scared!!" Ralph screamed as they would crash into the sea with Veno taking the damage.

Gritting his teeth in pain, Veno refused to let up his grip around Ralph's knee, even after his back had collided with the ocean floor. Looking past the admiral, Veno awaited the walls of water all around them to fall back down and close the rift that had been created; with Ralph within his grasp, Veno planned to keep him from moving away, so that he may be swallowed up by the ocean along with him.

Catching the signal from Veno Luhr grinned dangerously as he took off towards the Admira's ship at an astonishing speed cutting through the water as if it was paper and within no time he was directly under the ship. Flexing his hand Luhr coated his right arm in Busoshoku Hak turning his entire black before speeding up towards the underside of the ship all the while gathering a swirl of water in his left hand.

"Let's See how you enjoy falling into my playground Marine Trash" Yelled out Luhr as he swings his Right hands up at the ship creating a large crescent water walls that surrounds the ship trapping it before unleashing the swirling pool of water in his left hand towards the ship creating a whirlpool that begins to attempt drag everything caught in is pull into the sea.

Erin surveyed the entire battle. Watching and waiting for the right time to make his move. He saw Veno and the Ralph slam into each other, charging for the seafloor and in that moment before they even hit the water, a shot was fired. His rife was silenced and the shot made no noise it moved at an amazingly fast pace, accompanied by the wind and charged for Ralph's back. No matter where he turned or how he dodged it would continue to chase him until it was buried within him. His wind would keep it moving. This place seems to be your grave old man. Erin thought to himself.

Having the ability of observation, Ralph could see the incoming attack by Erin and Erin himself. With Ralph's arm still leveled with Veno's neck, he simply folded his arm at the elbow wrapping his massive muscular haki coated arm around the neck of Veno, connecting and tightening the choke hold by touching his own shoulder. Ralph's pure strength alone would be enough however to speed up the effect the choke hold would take on Veno, he pressed on his neck by releasing haki from around his arm onto Veno's neck. Within mere seconds Veno would pass out if nothing was done.

Ralph had to get off the seabed before the water enclosed on the two and deal with Erin's attack. All the while Ralph was placing his choke hold around Veno, Ralph floating to a level several feet above the seabed. Using his devil fruit abilities he spun Veno and him self so that their feet would be parallel to the seabed instead of Veno's back. Using soru on both his free leg and his leg that was held by Veno, he would propel the two clear of the surrounding water with his vise of a choke hold still on Veno. The leg that was held by Veno which was coated in Haki would most likely break free when Ralph's used soru to propel the two from the seabed. Because of Soru's fast movement, depending on Veno, Soru's fast movement Ralph used on his held leg on the limb that wasn't imbue by Veno's haki would either; break bone, rip essential muscles or even tear a part of that limb off.

Knowing Erin would make adjustments to his bullet to hit Ralph, he made sure that by the time Veno and himself would be above the sea, Veno's back would be towards the direction of the bullet so that Erin's options would be limited on what to do.

Jungle of Lackeys Edit

As the two behemoths duked it out amongst each other, Autumn and the other Marines stared not missing a single movement. In a near instance, Vice Admiral Autumn lunged into the air. The other Marines were ignorant and had no idea what was going on. However Autumn was not your average marine. While gliding in mid air, Autumn shouted out to her Admiral in command. "Admiral Warren. I'll take care of those other two. Go ahead and focus all of your attention on Veno." Holding her hand towards the sea front, it became shrouded in electricity. "With the bioelectrical fields being interrupted in those different areas, I could already sense their general vicinity. However, with the extension of Mantra, my sensory has risen through the charts."

With her hand still pointed to the sea the electricity ragged everso wildly. With each passing split second, the lightning formed into a structure. As it took it's time to form, she could sense the movement of Veno's crew mate under the sea. Is wasn't long before her lightning construct took full shape, standing on four palms in the form of a tiger. It roar mimicked the same sound as thunder on a dark cloudy day. Throwing her hand downwards towards the see, the hound dash at the sea latching onto the water. As the lightning came into contact with the water, everything within thirty meters of the ship would would be electrocuted to a crisp.

"Raikou..." She stated, as her fellow Marine officers looked in awe. One spoke out in completely shock. "Is that a new technique she developed during her training with Admiral Warren? I've never seen it." While the officers had been oblivous as to why she'd aimed it at the water, Autumn knew that it would deal severe damage to whoever she'd detected underwater. Not even the innocent water beasts would be able to escape her wrath. Landing onto the ships dock, she waited to make her next move.

No matter where Ralph ran or who he put in front of him it was futile. The bullet was able to make spilt second adjustments and would pursue Ralph until it was buried within him. From his perch he watched the battle unfold. The entire marine ship was split apart and the water was filled with a massive amount of electricity. This is going to be interesting

Despite being in noticeable pain, Veno did his very best to remain aware of what was transpiring around him. Though he was locked in battle with an admiral, of all people, he still found himself worrying --even if only ever so slightly-- about the kind of damage Autumn was capable of. He hadn't anticipated her to be a devil fruit user as well.

Nevertheless, Veno quickly realized that he wasn't in the greatest of situations to be worrying about anyone else. If his nakama were truly worthy of serving under him, then they would find a way to survive this encounter --just as he would.

Ralph was strong, there was no doubt about it. The lock he had established around Veno's neck and leg were sending pain along his entire body. But he wasn't going to give in so easily. Channeling energy along his internal pathways, he coated his very lungs themselves in haki, solidifying them so as to make the most out of every ensuing breath.

The areas that were affected by Ralph were quickly compensated for by haki as well, but Veno could still physically feel the strain in his hamstrings. Bleeding through his mouth, Veno brought his hands together, and whispered something toward the admiral cuffing him. "Did ya know? A truly great carpenter is just at good at takin' things apart as he is at puttin' them together! And there ain't nothin' better to demolish whole contracts in this world than fire."

Combining his palms, Veno began to rub them at a vigorous speed, setting them ablaze. "Burning…" The flame quickly spread from his fist down to his elbow, shrouding the entirety of his arm in a brilliant fire coating. "Gimlet!"

Jutting backward with his flaming elbow coated in haki, Veno went to deliver a very meaningful blow to Ralph's gut, so that the admiral would have been sent flying backward, freeing himself from his crutches at long last.

An audible thud could be heard as Veno's elbow smacked Ralph in the stomach causing him to let go of Veno and sent him back a bit. However a smile grew upon the face of Ralph as he looked up at Veno and straightened himself. Coating his entire arms in Haki, Ralph turned in the direction of the bullet right as it was about to hit him and punched it, breaking it and sending it into the sea. His punch was powerful enough to even dispel the wind that was guiding it. He then turned to face Veno and starting punching towards Veno, all in one fluid motion.

In fact he started punching so fast that he caused friction in his air. This caused small but yet forceful balls of fire to be shot at Veno with speed. The balls of fire were wild however a majority of them would find their target which was Veno's massive body. Standing at 10 feet tall it would be ridiculous if these balls of fire had not hit Veno.

Red eyes beamed in Veno's sockets. Having freed himself from Ralph's grasp, along with it went his luxury of floating, if it could even have been considered such. Unlike Ralph who was able to levitate within the air, Veno had no means to do the same. In his descent he took notice of Ralph's punch, the likes of which was enough to completely alter the winds forged by Erin. Which could have only meant one thing: the prediction Veno had made earlier was wrong. Ralph wasn't another wind logia user; his devil fruit was likely something along the lines of a Paramecia.

Was it telekinesis? A weight lightening fruit? As he landed on the surface of the ocean with the use of his haki once more, Veno pondered upon what kind of ability Ralph was making use of in order to keep himself afloat. Whatever it was, he was going to need to be more careful from now on.

Upon landing, Veno was met by a series of fireballs, the first of which struck him against his left shoulder, stuttering him a ways back. However, using the terrain to his advantage, he doused the flaming balls with a stomp unto the ocean, using a wave to dispel the rest. His shoulder pad sizzled away as a result of coming into contact with one of the balls; burnt flesh exposed itself behind the tattered coat.

Throwing his arm backward, Veno covered it in haki and focused his vision onto Ralph, catching him firmly within his sight. "Burning…" The arm was set ablaze, and within the next instant, Veno was airborne yet again, appearing on Ralph's flank. "...Hammer!"

Swinging his arm toward Ralph with tremendous force, the flaming attack looked to make contact with the side of the admiral's waist.

"Tekkai." Another audible thud followed by the sound of a faint crack could be heard as Veno's burning fist landed. Luckily his Tekkai protected him from any severe burns. Gritting his teeth so hard from the pain that the major muscle of the jaw was protruding from his skin. His advanced Tekkai also blocked much of the force behind the attack. As soon as the punch landed, he grabbed a hold of Veno's arm in his already coated arm to hold him in place.

Ralph's gritting teeth turned into an ear to ear smile as he punched towards Veno with his other Haki coated arm releasing a vicious attack known as Rokugan. The Rokugan's shockwave would tear into Veno's abdomen and exit out his back without a wound on the outside but damage on the inside. With Veno's strength Ralph knew this wouldn't kill him at all nor cause him to fall unconscious, Veno was too strong to succumb to that, but he would be in a world of pain.

Taking Veno by the arm would have undoubtedly scorched Ralph's hands to some degree due to them having been coated in flames previously, even despite the admiral having taken refuge with haki. As he was struck by the insurmountable force of Rokugan, Veno's eyes momentarily rolled back, and a fountain of blood spilled from his mouth.

Willing himself back into reality, Veno tightened his hand around the one Ralph had grabbed, cuffing the two of them together with his previously used Iron Wrench. Between wary eyes and a series of coughs, he spat toward the admiral. "B-Burning…"

Touching his hand to the bottom of his shoe behind his back, Veno set it ablaze and swung it toward Ralph with incredible force. As he had turned the admiral's grip against him, there was no evading this one. "Chisel!!"

Sending a powerful blow to Ralph's stomach, which by comparison was the strongest attack he had employed in their fight, Veno expected to not only break through the admiral's formidable Tekkai, but return the favor of his Rokugan by inflicting severe damage upon him. Afterward, he went to release his grip, so that the two of them could fall backward simultaneously as a result of the damage sustained.

The ferocious attack found its mark at the gut of Ralph sending a shockwave through his body as the result of the attacked caused Ralph to instantly cough up blood. The Tekkai provided a little bit of cushioning against the attack of Veno's however it was easily broke through like a rock to a window. No matter how strong Ralph was he was still human and getting hit by that attack did what it would do to any other human, hurt alot. Ralph's strength is what kept him from drifting into unconsciousness and even dying as he knew if any other person had taken this attack those two outcomes may have been brought to them.

With Veno letting go of Ralph, he quickly moved backwards away from Veno as he was sure Veno would do the same; they would have a pretty sizable distance away from each other as Ralph again had a smile on his face. Ralph's crew looked on as their superior smiled all throughout his fight even after that attack by Veno that make him cough up blood. Ralph looked at Veno as his smile turned into a laugh that echoed throughout the battlefield for all to hear. "You think the Admiral has gone Mad?" "Been a while since I was made to cough up blood. Matter of fact been a while since I've had a fight like that, I need to improve on things I see. Been taking things lightly ever since becoming an Admiral and haven't had many opponents like you."

Placing his hand on the water, Ralph fished out the Nobles body from the water using his devil fruit powers. He then tossed it onto his ship as if it were nothing and gained altitude. "Autumn, we're done here, leave Veno and that other fellow be I have something in store for them." Ralph got to his ship where he landed on the front of the deck and looked down upon Veno. "Where would the Navy, the World Government be if we captured every single pirate we came across. You can't tell me that back then with Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy, there weren't moments where a Marine could have taken them in but didn't. What do you think would have happened if they did? Who the hell knows but I do know that the World Government wouldn't be around if we didn't have pirates like Veno around. I'm letting ya go Rookie, I'm interested in seeing what you will become but next time we face off I won't hold anything back. Well that's if you survive this. I need a story to give to the people at Mariejois."

With that note Ralph raised his hands in the air as massive amounts of ocean water was lifted up into the air, separated and made into spheres of various different sizes. A few were the size of small mountains, others were the size of a ship, a person, raindrops. With one of his hands Ralph sent a wave of Busoshoku Haki towards the spheres and they were coated in the black armament of his Haki solidifying them. This was Ralph's mastery over Busoshoku Haki the ability to coat from a distance, something he made up himself with various other usages of Busoshoku Haki. Ascending the spheres higher into the air, Ralph looked at Veno and told him, "If you make it out of this, become a pirate the World Government has to consider a great threat." The spheres then rained down on Veno and were so outspread that they would even land over where Erin was. Ralph then made his ship float and it began to fly away.

After haven dragged the Marine ship down towards the Sea Luhr prepared him self to resurface to scope out the Damage however before he could even move a muscle he was struck a delve stating electric discharge that coursed through the sea damaging him near fatally and leaving him unconscious.

"Shit this looks terrible." Erin thought to himself, staring at the hell that began to form above them. In a flash of wind he reappeared on the ship and using his wind split the sea before using wind currents to pull Luhr back to the ship. At the same time he created another current to whisk Veno back to the ship. 'This is gonna hurt." He thought as he used another force or wind to hold the heres back as long as he could. He just needed Luhr and Veno on the ship.

Glory in Vain Edit

Autumn maintained her stance in mid air by altering the electrons underneath her feet so that some charged positively and others negatively. By doing so, they pushed against each other, allowing Autumn to each a state of "flying". She took note of the disappearing and reappearing ship, but was unable to make out what had exactly happened. Not to mention, she could still detect that Luhr had managed to survive her widespread attack. With a last second make shift decision. "Haha, a last decision Haki move? How about when I send 'em, none stop?"

Holding her hand out just as she did before, she constructed another lightning beast. And from that one, another one was created, then another, then another, then another, until ultimately there were seven of those lightning like beasts. Autumn had created herself a mini army one that had sure been more useful than the other ten soldiers bought along with them. "All Marine soldiers, brace yourselves!" Inhaling a large quantity of air Autumn's belly pushed outward, and her back arched. From her mouth she shot out an extremely wide beam of lightning shot out directly towards the sea, colliding with it just as the hound did once before.

Instead of spreading out and covering a large width, it was down a singular path, aiming right towards the paralyzed and unconscious Luhr. The fact that he was unconscious made it virtually impossible for him to even defend himself. After heading for Luhr, it was aimed at Veno's ship. It's purpose was to finish off Luhr, and continued to split Veno's ship in half.

"It's Vice Admiral Autumn's Lightning Breath technique... A recreation of her young brother's technique. If Luhr happens to survive this technique, he will be paralyzed leaving him open for Autumn's next technique. However in an unconscious state, he already can't move. He's most surely done for once contact is made." The Marine soldier took a short pause, gulping whatever he had in his throat. "Vice Admiral Autumn sure is fearsome for her age."

There was a triumphant flash of light that resulted from Autumn's relentless attack, forking a large wall of water that sprung as a result of her well placed aim. When the light cleared and the sea settled, the haki signature associated with Luhr was no longer where it had been --as a matter of fact, it had disappeared and vanished entirely from the ocean.

The beam that traversed over the water with the hopes of colliding with the pirate ship was deflected within a moment's notice and sent spiraling harmlessly into the ocean.

In the moment of her confusion, in which Autumn thought to have slain her blue-fleshed opponent, his presence returned suddenly, albeit in an undeniably corroded state. One look toward the pirate ship armed some ways away from her, Autumn's gaze fell upon the green mane of the Public Enemy; tattered in bruises, stained with blood, even still did his refined physique stand broad and tall, sporting the defeated fishman along its shoulder.

It was he who had somehow managed to rescue Luhr from what appeared to be a fated demise. In truth, following his brief altercation with Ralph, Veno had fallen into the ocean; that was when he had managed to come to the aid of his most reputed crew member, who aside from himself was the only other person to sport a bounty.

Without turning to look at Erin, Veno tossed Luhr unto the wooden deck, putting a cigar to his mouth that came from his trouser pockets. A wet cigar didn't taste nearly as good.

"He's about had it," Veno spat, referring to the defeated Luhr, "and I don't think she plans on lettin' us shimmy on outta here without a fight; in which case, I'll gladly accept her invitation. Alone."

One look at Veno's body made it fairly obvious that he was in no condition to battle again; most certainly not with another high ranking marine. But even still did he refuse to back down.

"Listen 'ere, Erin. Yer the backbone to this crew. If yer so much as seen by them, it'll really put a dent in my plans. Ye understand that, right?" Turning his face to creep over his shoulder, Veno gazed toward Erin with a single eye. The cigar in his mouth dripped with salt water.

"Winnin' 'ere isn't as important as leavin' in one piece. I want ye to focus yer efforts on makin' sure the Nimbus don't get a single scratch to her." He looked up at the spheres that Erin was exerting himself to hold. "That's yer enemy. Not 'er. Get ol' Nimbus outta 'ere safely and make sure to watch over Luhr while yer at it." His eyes narrowed, peering across at Autumn.

"Leave that bitch to me."

Maintaining her levitating state, Autumn picked up on Luhr's essence after watching as he technique was literally made into nothing. The fact that Luhr had escaped didn't bother he one bit. It was the fact that her technique and time were in vain. She didn't budge one bit. She stood proud like a lion who was said to be the King of the Jungle. That phrase hadn't worked much in this instance however. Instead, it seemed like the man that she had here eyes locked onto would be considered the lion, and the bush that sat on his head was none other than the mane of that lion.

Autumn couldn't hear exactly what Veno had said, but she could indeed read lips very well. "You sure are pushing your luck, Veno." Grabbing some of her hair, she propped it up over her ear. "As you would say, "Yer makin' me look bad makin' my Pirate Hunta' title go down in vain. Then yer lettin' yer men escape, leavin' me and my admiral 'ere behind." Autumn mocked Veno's style of speaking, then made a facial expression as though she had been disgusted.

"Yer pirates 're taintin' the world." She mocked yet again.

Electricity began to spark around her body, and a blue aura outlined her body. This was the Lightning Armor she wore in combat, when she wanted to get things done in a jiffy. While wearing this armor, her speed, reflexes, and natural prowess were upped by 1 stage. Holding her hand out at Veno she smirked. "Good by now, yer damn pirates." She mocked yet again, releasing a stream of lightning at Veno aiming for the right side of his chest, opposite of where his heart was.

Seemingly incapable of moving at the speeds he previously had, Veno was struck through the chest by Autumn's attack. He staggered backward as blood fountained from his mouth, yet recovered surprisingly quick. With his hand coated in haki, he fastened his Iron Wrench around the stream of lightning, keeping it from dispersing or returning. "Ye damn Logia types and yer cock infested spirits…

"Come 'ere, and I'll shove a fat one down that proud mouth of yers!" With immense might that was most certainly superior to Autumn's own, Veno gave a tug at the stream of lightning, which was an extension of Autumn herself --seeing as though she herself was lightning-- and then leapt from his ship to meet the vice admiral half way across the ocean.

With one arm tending to the lightning surging through his chest, Veno curled the other into a tempered fist and looked to smack that bitch down all the way to the ocean floor.

Despite being grabbed, Autumn remained calmed and continued her earlier behavior. "Yer damn pirate damn sons' a' bitches'." Autumn know full well that she wouldn't be able to do much so long as Veno had his Haki active. Instead of trying to devise a way to evade his attack, she stood there without making a move. When Veno finally reached her, he landed a punch to her abdomen sending her crashing towards the sea, just as he intended.

If sent flying, Autumn would have had to have been released by the Rookie Pirate, freeing her of his grasp. Just before making contact with the waters of the sea, she turned her body into a lightning bolt, redirecting herself towards her admirals ship. "Yer done done it now, Veno. This 'ere far from over yer hear me?!" She mocked shouting at the man.

Landing unto his ship firmly, Veno stared over the horizon for an extensive period of time, until the marine vessel was made obscure by the sheer distance. At which point he immediately fell down to his knees, his hands and arms trembling at his side. Blood oozed out from his nose and mouth, as well as out of every wound he had been given by Ralph. His breathing slowed, the lids of his eyes began to falter.

Still, he couldn't help but match his gaze toward the sky, where the large spheres shaped by Ralph's haki were being held captive by Erin's wind. He could see it on the face of his navigator; keeping them there was sure to be taking its toll on him. "Erin, keep yer focus on gettin' us outta 'ere."

Creeping onto a single foot, Veno coated his arms with haki and crossed them over his shoulders. "I'll cover ye."

Erin had watched his capitan blow back the vice admiral with great force, a quite powerful feat seeing as how beat up he was. With twitch he began letting the balls in the air fall, the furthest from the ship first. As he did the wind began whirling around the ship to create a dome quite like the ones used in the new world. The air dome fully formed as he released the last ball, leaving the rest to Veno the ship sunk beneath the waves. Using his skills from his original missions through the new world Erin drove the ship under the sea. The ship stayed under for a good amount of time before resurfacing near where it landed. Erin released the dome and looked over the water. "VENOOO" He screamed, hoping his captain was ok.

"D-don't call me by my name, you b-bastard..."

Dropping down onto his knees, Veno's head rolled back, and he fell unconscious in an upright position. The bath of blood beneath him ensured that the man was in need of serious medical attention.

With Luhr and Veno out of commission Erin was left alone to bring them to safety. "Alright everyone lets get moving. We need to get these two to a doctor pronto." He shouted, the ships men obeying. He was too tired to move the ship himself and the only wind that he could muster was being used to keep Luhr and Veno's wounds from spilling blood. The ship caught a breeze and sailed towards an island in the distance.