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Mission To CaptureEdit

In the Navy base recently built in the New World on an unknown island, a Vice Admiral meeting was held in one of the rooms. The Vice Admirals were quiet, silence hung in the air as Commander Branell placed two wanted posters on the table. The commander waited for someone to reply, he decided that he had to take matters into his own hands. " Do you know why you are all here?" Branell said, " because we may have some small pirate rookies to deal with here in the New World". He picked up a wanted poster. The poster had the name Torran D. Raijin with a bounty and a picture. " TTR, he is quite famous for stirring up the New World," one of the Vice Admirals replied. Whispers went on in the room, but then Branell raised a hand to stop the whispering.

" Not only has TTR been causing such a huge ruckus, but so is this man," Branell declared, holding up another poster, " Evo D. Dydas, or Dy of Light, per say". More chatting went on, but Branell calmed them down again. " If these two keep becoming more and more powerful, we have a major issue, will anyone here dispose of these pirates?" no one said a word, Branell expected that, but then someone raised his hand. " Let me, I have a little history with this Raijin," a voice answered. A man stood up. The one who doesn't respects his seniors enough. Golden Thunder Dragoon. Branell smiled, yes, with him, the two will be rid of from the world, because all the Vice Admirals knew that, if they keep letting a bunch of new generations roam free, they will definitely become a threat that might even overcome the Three Great Powers of the world.

A New Encounter: Two Pirates MeetEdit

The Evo Pirates sailed the blue seas, the sun shining in the sky. Aiden, one of the crew members, was lying down on the deck as Tim was reloading his pistols. " Food, and water, so thirsty!" Aiden cried out. Dydas was steering the Evolute Away, trying to find any sort of island in the distance. " So hungry, Tim, did you check how many provisions we have?" Dydas asked. The entire crew was hot from the Sun, and their food and water were almost out. Tim got up, his facing looking like he was was going to die of thirst, then walked over to the Pantry room. " Nothing, wait, a small bit!" Tim yelled. Aiden and Dydas ran over and saw in a liquor barrel, there was just one small litre left inside.

" Wait, who is steering the ship?" Tim asked as all three shared the last liquor in cups. The ship swayed because of the fallowing wind. " Ahhhhh!" Dydas and the others yelled as they swayed from side to side in the pantry room, their cups of liquor spilled everywhere. " No! My cup!" Aiden cried in dismay. When the ship finally stopped swaying, the crew ran back out to the deck. They shouted in relief as they saw what their ship was floating against. A tropical island, filled with birds and animals, trees and plants. " Will we find water here?" Tim asked, scratching his head. " Tim, Tim, there are some places you never know what you can find," Dydas explained. Aiden put their ship's anchor down, then all three pirates jumped off the Evolute Away. " Food, check," Dydas said, his mouth watering at the sight of wild animals such as boars running around.

The trudged through the deep tropical forest. Birds flew everywhere as the crew kept a lookout for lakes or ponds or anything they could use for a water source. Something at least drinkable. The forest finally cleared, showing a campfire in the middle of a clear land. There were people there, eating meat and drinking bottles of water. Out of the corner of Dydas's eye, he spotted two people fighting.

The crew blinked at the clash of powers. Fire burnt the fields, the people at the campfire were watching. The man that was fighting with fire was one of the vice admirals, Golden Thunder Dragoon. A famous one known throughout the Grand Line as Navy Blue. The one Dragoon was fighting looked familiar. Then Aiden shouted, " Torran D. Raijin! How did he get here?" Dydas watched the two, fire against sword. Not a good match, because he himself knew that fire would win easily, and plus almost everyone knew that Dragoon is a very strong Logia type user. Dydas himself was a Logia type, but would he be able to match up against one of the most powerful Vice Admirals? he didn't know about that. He watched as the battle raged on, fire burning the grass around them.

Dragoon came at him, fist risen into the air, blue flames surrounded the fist. " Blue Flame Fist!" Dragoon yelled, a bright blast of blue flames was shot out of Dragoon's fist, the blast of fire scampered towards Raijin. Raijin slashed with his sword downwards, cutting the flames in half. Dragoon smiled from where he was, then created a massive fire ball, then threw at Raijin. " More ranged attacks? fight without those fire powers for once," Raijin suggested. The fire ball suddenly grew bigger as flames on the ground was absorbed while flew towards Raijin. He jumped above the fire ball, with a shout, he slashed his blade at Dragoon. " One Sword Style: Single Flow Strike!" Raijin shouted, a wave hit Dragoon in the chest sending him sprawling off the ground. Dragoon gets up and wipes a small speck of dust off his clothes. "Hm, as expected from the Tyrant Terror, but I am afraid that you are finished, Dragon Breath Tiger Roar!" He yells, Dragoon's left hand turns into a flaming dragon. While his right turns into a flaming tiger, Raijin stares at both, clutching onto his blade and getting ready to block this tremendous attack. Dragoon pummels both his arms towards Raijin, two blue flaming beasts aiming right at him. The Tyrant Terror blocks just as the blue dragon and tiger starts biting on his sword, It was a forceful struggle, the nearby trees and animals start running away at the sight of two even more powerful animals. Dragoon and Raijin were evenly matched.

The blue dragon and tiger suddenly disappeared into thin air, standing there was definitely Raijin, but his hair was different, instead of purple it was black and white, and weirdest of all, he had long hair. Dragoon was still panting from firing his last attack, Raijin has transformed to his man-beast form. It was a powerful form indeed, however, Dragoon and Dydas barely moved as they saw his transformation. "Heh heh, you think I am scared of a mere monster spirit? You are nothing but a ghost to me, foolish Tyrant." Dragoon muttered. Just then, as fast as sound, Raijin, who was now in man-beast form, comes at Dragoon, sword in hand, clashing with Dragoon's blue flame blade. "Oh, I am much stronger now, Navy Blue, don't worry, this will all be over soon," The Tyrant shouted. Dragoon smiled a little as his flames grew stronger as well. Their clash blew away almost everything in their surroundings. "THIS IS THE END!" Raijin bellowed, he charges Haki into his sword and was just about to slash when a shiny and glowy arm grabbed the blade, stopping both Raijin and Dragoon in their tracks, "That is enough, do you two want to destroy the entire island?" Dydas muttered.

"Dy Of Light? So both my targets are on this island coincidentally." Dragoon said, he stares at Dydas, then at Raijin. He grabs a walkie talkie and spoke into it, "forgive me, sir, but I must leave....", Raijin takes a step forward towards Dragoon, "HEY, WE AREN'T FINISHED, DRAGOON!" yelled Raijin, the Navy Blue turned to look at him, "I didn't come here to face two of my targets at the same time, it'll be a pain." He mumbled, turning into a wave of blue fire and taking off back to his ship. Raijin turns to Dydas with a ton of anger on his face, "Uhhhhh, Dydas, I forgot to tell you, Tyrant Terror has anger management issues," Aiden whispered slowly. Him and Tim stepped back, folding their arms silently. "You..........How DARE you interrupt my fight!" Raijin shouted, pointing at Dydas, finger shivering. He grabbed his sword and stabbed Dydas in the shoulder, instead of blood and skin he turned into light, Raijin was so angry that he forgot to use Haki. Dydas reforms back and kicks him towards the ground.

"Shine Shine Fruit, comes in handy when people like you try to attack me out of nowhere, I'm telling you Raijin, I did not come here to fight." Dydas explained. Out of thin air, a very fast slash wave hits him, this time it was hardened into Haki, Dydas blocks it with his arms, but a small cut of blood was shown on them. "Owwwwchy..." He muttered, Raijin appeared from the ground with bloodlust in his eyes. It was as if the Tyrant was concentrating on Dydas directly, and not anything else, as if he is locking on to him. "You have powerful Kenbunshoku Haki, impressive actually, but that is a risky move even to me, AIDEN." Dydas called, Raijin blinks and looks behind him, Aiden was there, hands on the ground. Before Raijin could react the earth had swallowed his feet up, not allowing him to move. It seems Aiden too was a powerful Devil Fruit User among them. Raijin sighs and turned back into his human form, Tim points a gun at him and they had a stare down. "Move one inch and I'll shoot. I'm not letting you run loose." He stated........

Dragoon folds his arms as two of his Marine soldiers came up next to him on the ship. "Dragoon sir, why did you let those pirates go?" One asked. He looks at them and hands each a binoculars, "Both of them are very powerful, we'll increase their bounties greatly, besides, look there." Dragoon explained, one marine looked into the binoculars and ahead of the Marine ship, he gasped and sees his ship of death, The Millennium Red. "Sir, why is he here? W-what could th-this mean?" A marine stuttered. Dragoon sighs and closes his eyes, "He must be here for me, turn this ship around, we have to stop that man from destroying the entire island," He ordered, the Marines blinked a few times and replied "Yes, sir!" Dragoon turns back, facing the other ship, "You're going to die, Alburna......."

"Tell us what's going on, TTR, or we will leave you here," Aiden said, then goes on spouting questions, "Why were you fighting Navy Blue? Why did he run away? What are your motives on this island?" There was a small silence, Raijin looks at their surroundings, turning his head left and right as if trying to find something, or someone. "I wouldn't say I had motives on this place of dump, but the reason I was battling Dragoon was pretty obvious, don't you think? Me: pirate. He: marine." Raijin explained, Tim crosses his eyes and he just shrugged, the gun clinks a little. The Tyrant was not telling the truth, "Fine, he was on a mission to destroy both of us, Evo D. Dydas and me, probably because of our wanted posters, that's all I know." Raijin muttered. Dydas walks over as they looked at each other intensely, "He's telling the truth," Dy finally said.

Spirit And LightEdit

Tim continues to point his gun at Raijin while Dydas folds his arms and thinking very quietly, still many questions in his head. "But why would the Navy choose us to be their next targets? There are many other pirates whose bounties reach far beyond ours." He thought, hearing Raijin scoff and rolling his eyes. "HEY, not another word from your mouth." Aiden demanded, covering his fists into earth.

Raijin places a stick in his mouth and starts chewing on it, giving Tim a disgusted face. "Ugh, you have a weird addiction, I would not chew on my guns even if I wanted to." He said, the Tyrant ignored him, scratching his purple hair and admiring the view, even at a time like this. Dydas looks at his wanted poster that he'd gotten from a nearby village. "Nothing has changed, not even Raijin's poster has either, so why are they sending such a powerful individual to capture us? Or maybe they think we have a scary potential so compelling it could overcome them some day, hmmmmmm..."

The tropical area shivered a bit just as it started to turn into night, Aiden was already fixing the ship while Tim and Dydas kept guard of Raijin. The Tyrant closes his eyes and starts playing with his stick, twisting it in his hand, Tim was very annoyed by this, but did not let anger get to him. Raijin smiled a little at the dark sky, his hair swayed a tiny bit from the wind.

"Still angry from when I interrupted your battle with Dragoon?" Dydas asked out of nowhere. Raijin's head looks up at the Evo Pirates. "Yes, and you will pay someday." He replied, cracking his knuckles. "Really? When?" Dydas asked again. They looked at each other as the Tyrant smirks, he stopped playing with his stick and held it in his hand, "NOW!"

A thousand crystals, each pointy as a knife, shoots at Dydas, Aiden and Tim. Using Kenbunshoku Haki, they dodged and took a battle stance. A man jumped down carrying a crystal shield, this person was Alric X. Warran, first mate of Raijin's crew, the Blade Pirates. The one with the Kessho Kessho no Mi, the power to alter crystals. Dydas turned to their hostage, Raijin was already far ahead of him, turning into man-beast form, "Shadow Moon Reflection!" He shouted. The Tyrant went through Aiden's earth seal as if it was nothing, he had already gotten his blade ready. Raijin slashed his blade at Dydas, piercing a bit of his cheek. Dydas forms his light blade and clashed with Raijin while Aiden and Tim fought Warran The Shatter.

The light sword and spirit blade clashed, resulting in a spark in the air. Dydas slashed, aiming for Raijin's head. quick as lightning, Raijin casually jumped in the air, evading the dangerous blade of light. Dydas faced his palm centimeters close to Raijin's face. "Light Blaster!" He shouted. A cannon of light shot out of his hand, shooting with everything he had. Dydas smiled, but his expression changed as fast as he heard Raijin's voice, "Get serious, Evo, that blast didn't so much as hit me". Dydas whirled around at the Tyrant Terror, who was chewing on a stick, leaning against a tree. "Fine, but I warn you, you won't be able to hit me after I do this," Dydas explained.

"Light Up 3rd!" he yelled. A ball of light surrounded around Dydas, debris flew all over the forest. "So this is his power up," Raijin murmured. He covered his eyes to avoid catching the debris into his eyes. Big mistake. As fast as light, Dydas kicked him, sending him flying into a tree. Raijin jumped up, blade ready. "He's gone....." Rajin thought. Dydas had disappeared from the surroundings. Where could he have gone? a rush of wind came towards Raijin, who instantly brought up his blade. Raijin parried the attack, which was Dydas with his light sword. Their blades clashed again, a shockwave appeared. "Blinding Shine!" Dy cried out. Raijin jumped back, light had made his own eyes vulnerable to sight. "Uh, my eyes," he muttered, lowering his guard. This gave Dydas the chance to win. He faced both his palms at the blinded Raijin. "Light Blaster!" He shouted. The light cannon raced towards The Tyrant Terror.

"Destruction Sword Slash!" Raijin yelled, slicing the air with Haki. A Slash wave sped towards the cannon. As both attacks clashed, a large explosion occurred. BOOM! both pirates were sent back by the explosion, destroying the very island. Animals ran off in fear, birds flew off. Dydas was tired, his light powers fading away. Raijin's sword was cracking, he didn't think there were so many people this powerful in fighting with Devil Fruits, here in the Grand Line, like the others he faced in the past. Dydas wasn't giving up this 1 vs 1 battle of Spirit vs Light. They both had ended this in a draw.

Hardening his earth fist into Haki, Aiden and Warran clashed against each other, the crystal shield and sword were both vastly powerful. They had a firm struggle, "Your Busoshoku Haki is strong, I have to admit, Aiden The Rampage." Warran smiled, sweating a little. Tim was away from the battle, waiting for the right time to shoot Warran in his most vulnerable spot. Dirt and crystals smashed together as Aiden pummeled an Earth Fist at Warran, who blocked with a Crystal Shield. Aiden continued smashing the shield with his fists, jewels and crystals shattered everywhere. The shield broke, leaving Warran open for an attack. Aiden jumped up and Tim fired with his gun, coated in Busoshoku Haki. The bullet pierced Warran in the shoulder, causing him to fall down. "Ground Seal!" Aiden shouted, grabbing the ground with both his hands. Dirt rose up and surrounded the Crystal pirate. Warran was covered into the Earth. "Breaking Diamond!" The Ground Seal cracked and crystals stabbed out. Tim took a stance and aimed. The Ground broke apart, crystals shot out at Aiden.

Aiden dodged using Haki, swiftly avoiding them. "Earth Drake!" Aiden yelled. A giant Earth dragon rose out of the ground. Warran was already beneath the behemoth, holding a Crystal made shotgun. He aimed at the tyrant and shot, Jewels and precious stones exploded in the dragon's face. The dragon moved backwards. "Tim! Shoot!" Aiden cried out. Haki bullets came at Warran from one direction. Warran touched the ground. "Wall of Jewels!" A Crystal wall rose out of the ground, stopping the bullets in their range. He heard something rumble in the ground. Warran looked up. Aiden's Earth Drake towered over the wall. "Ah, bye bye!" Warran muttered. He turned around and sprinted away. "Get him!" Aiden demanded. Tim aimed at Warran's back and fired. The bullet sped towards him, coated with Haki. The bullet hit him, sending him to the ground. Warran jumped back up. "Crystal Arm!" He yelled. His arm changed in jewels, he ran towards Aiden, who surprised. "You can still stand?" But Aiden was cut off as he was stabbed by the crystals, blood spilled out. "GAAH! Tim, a little help!" Aiden murmured. Tim fired Haki bullets again. Warran was about to dodge the attack, but his feet were held down by Aiden's Earth powers.

The bullets one by one pierced Warran's chest, blood spilled on the ground. Warran cried out in pain as the Earth released his feet and let him fall. "You......won't win that easily!" Crystal pillars came out of the ground, and to Tim and Aiden's surprise, stabbed them both. Tim screamed at the pain while Aiden tried to crack the pillars with his Haki. The three pirates were losing a ton of blood and struggling to survive, there seemed to be no winner in this fight.

"Hey, I'm back, you guys fighting?" A voice asked, Raijin stands up as both pirate crews turned to look at Dragoon. "Yes, you're back, Navy Blue, now let us have our rematch," He shouted, smirking. Dragoon put both his hands up to show that he did not come here for a fight. Raijin turned back to human form and pointed his sword at the Navy man's neck. "I didn't come to fight, please, I.......I came here for a truce." Dragoon admitted. Both crews stared at each other, "W-what?" Dydas stuttered at the same time as Raijin. Aiden and Tim wiped off some blood just as everyone fighting gaped at the marine. "Please, something terrible has happened, let the three of us have a truce.....just for this day." Dragoon spoked.

Preparation For The Burning DragonEdit

Everyone in the area was very confused, Raijin stomped the ground, sword still at the man's neck. "I don't understand, explain!" He muttered. The air felt very humid as it began to break into dawn, the silence lasted for a few seconds but it felt like minutes. "Alburna....." Dragoon whispered, he puts both his hands into his pockets and sighed. "What?" Raijin said, "Alburna D. Bryan is here, coming here to destroy me along with this island." Dragoon muttered.

"So that's his motive? Let me get this straight, Navy Blue, you're one of the very few people in the Navy who is recognised by their great strength. Yet you come here, wanting to truce with two pirate crews, both which you are to capture, just because someone you know you cannot beat is coming, so that's it?" Raijin spat, he lowered his sword, stabbing it on the ground exactly in front of Dragoon. "Please, Tyrant, you must listen." He said.

Raijin ignored him and turned to Warran, "Where did Selestia go?" He asked, talking about their other crew member. "Captain, she's off on a nearby island collecting food for the ship, she might be back in a day or so." Warran answered, pointing north. "Raijin, there's no time to look for your crewmate, this is a grave danger we are facing," Dragoon interrupted, he shakes his head, which is filled with sweat. "And that is the reason why I'm leaving, face him yourself, Changing Flame." Raijin shouted.

"Mind if I ask, who is this Alburna?" Dydas asked, stepping forward to their argument. Dragoon and Raijin turned to him, as if he just asked a stupid question. "You don't know? Wow. Hey, Dy Of Light, stay here and see for yourself." Tyrant Terror replied, Dydas turned to the Navy Blue, Dragoon nodded at him and explained what is going on.

"Alburna D. Bryan is a very infamous and powerful pirate that has sailed the Grand Line, he is also my sworn brother. These past ten years he had already formed an unknown cult, left it, and had almost never shown his true power, travelling these seas, and destroying every island he comes across in. Crazy guy, am I right?" Dydas folds his arms and revised the situation they were in.

Raijin turned back, washing his sword on the shore of the beach. "I heard he punched a Celestial Dragon and got away." He stated, retrieving his blade and dried it with a cloth. "Yes, that story was true, in fact, when he was young and was taken into the Navy. Bryan, as a kid, assassinated one of the Vice-Admirals in cold blood, he was A KID that time, A KID." Dragoon coughed. "Now, Raijin, Dydas, I'm not saying that you have to, but it's the only way to survive Bryan's wrath upon this place, we have to work together just for today."

The crew members muttered to each other out of confusion, "Fine, I will help, but I'm doing this for my crew, not for your stupid grudge against your brother." Raijin said, Dragoon smiled and nodded, turning towards Dy Of Light for his answer. "I cannot agree more, both of you are my enemies, and I don't like either of you. I too will help, however, after today, we are enemies again, go it?" Dydas complied. Dragoon nods again. He takes out a sheet of paper out of his pocket and start drawing it on a rock.

"Bryan has the power of the Shiru Shiru no Mi, I heard from the Navy that it has the ability to alter the gravitational force and movement, but that's all the info we got, even his Devil Fruit's type is unknown." Dragoon explained, still drawing on the paper. "So his power can alter force, doesn't that mean Logia types are useless to him?" Raijin inquired, Dydas walks over to Navy Blue's drawing, it was a map of the entire island that they were on. "Not exactly, if we can layout our plan just right, we may be able to defeat that monster. Here." Dragoon reassured him, handing over the map of the island. "West of the island, which is where we are on, is also where Bryan will arrive at, that's where we will ambush him directly." He said.

Dydas takes a look at the paper, so most of the major battle will be held on this island. "Raijin and Dydas will be hiding near the forest, wait until Alburna is exactly five feet away from you, then both of you will ambush and attack him. This may sound absurd, but it worked once when we were young. Then, while he is battling the two of you, I will hit him from behind and then we all attack him at once." Dragoon explained. Raijin sat down on the sand, still chewing his stick. "FIVE FEET? Doesn't that sound a little too close?" Dydas mumbled, "and worst of all, didn't it only worked when you two were kids? How is it gonna work now?"

Dragoon calmed him down, then turned back at his map. "Well, there's only one way to find out if it works if we try, ya know?" He muttered, everyone around him was very tired. Being the only one awake, Dragoon sighed, "Ok, everyone can go sleep in their ships, no rush, Alburna will arrive in approximately.....7 hours, please rest up and restore your wounds." He instructed. The Evo Pirates looked at the Blade Pirates angrily, both going back to their quarters.

After half an hour, Dragoon was standing atop of a cliff, looking in the distance horizon. He thought about Bryan and his soon arrival, it was like a reunion but filled with blood and violence. "Hey.' A voice interrupted his thoughts, it was Raijin, he stood behind Dragoon, yawning from his sleep. "You.....should rest up," Dragoon said, everything was quiet for a moment. "I do not take orders from you, Navy, what are you doing here anyway?" Raijin replied. The cliff stood still but both combatants could feel it moving. "I'm.....just thinking, this Bryan is not someone you should mess with, that's all." Dragoon whispered.

"I'm not scared, you know?" Raijin stated, folding his arms and looking very determined. "I know, because I've fought you before, but you should, Tyrant. He is a monster beyond our understanding, in our entire history of battles, I have only hit him twice, I'm not gonna say he's completely overpowered, but it's a warning." Dragoon said, Raijin shrugged and walked down the cliff towards his ship. "You may not use that flamed sword of yours a lot, Dragoon, but you have that Sword's Shadow within you." He uttered.

"And you make the strangest quotes, Tyrant Terror, in fact, I have never seen you hurt an innocent before." The Navy muttered, on the assumption of where he got his nickname. This stopped Raijin in his tracks, he turned around and took the stick out of his mouth. "Let me tell you something. Our world is divided by the good and the evil. The pirates are usually known to the world as the embodiment of evil. But does that really stop us from saving the lives of these people? We may have committed, gotten bounties on our heads and resisted the marines but who cares? We are all human, and we will always remain human." Raijin said. Dragoon smiled and nodded, "So your nickname was just made by the Navy to scare the public?" He asked.

TTR nodded as well, and Dragoon began thinking, why is everything in the world so corrupt? It seems as though his friend from the Navy was correct about the world. The Navy Blue sat down on a rock and began sleeping, "pirates would always remain pirates," was his first thought joining the Marines, but he isn't so sure now after hearing both his friend's and Raijin's quote.......

Dragoon opened his eyes as the light of day shoned on the cliff, he stands up and yawns. Then he gasped, looking towards the red ship coming their way. "GUYS, WAKE UP, we're initiating the plan right this instant!" He shouted. Both pirate crews came out their ships, in front stood Dydas and Raijin, restored and ready. "LETS GO!" Dragoon announced, the pirates ran into the tropical forest, staying well hidden. "Ok, Bryan will be here in twenty minutes max, get ready." He said, then, turning into blue flames, he jumped behind the cliff quickly, awaiting his brother to arrive onto the shore.

Dydas and Raijin, both behind trees, both blades, light and spirit, held in hand, waiting to spring into action. The twenty minutes felt really intense as the threat began to approach them slowly. The shadowy figure walked towards the trees of the forest, a sweat fell down from Dydas's face as the scene escalated a little. The figure walked very slowly as if it was concentrating on something.

Five feet. "ATTACK!" Raijin yelled, both he and Dydas slashed their sword out of the trees. But something wasn't right, no one was there, nothing was there. Raijin looked around, they only spot the Millennium Red ship docked up on the shore. It was weird, where the heck is......

"Oh Dragoon, you are so predictable." A voice spoke, that voice brought shivers down Dydas and Raijin's spines. They turn, and sees Alburna D. Bryan, his red hair and eyes glowed in the sun, and his brown jacket swayed against the wind. He was holding onto Dragoon's neck. "Urghhh," The choking Navy Blue blurted out. "Ah, I see you have two rookie pirates helping you, although I don't think they are much help." Alburna whispered. The event went by really fast.

"Dydas, this is Aluburn we are fighting, let's hit him with EVERYTHING we got." Raijin muttered, he transforms into man-beast form and took out his spirit sword, ready as always. "Got it!" Dydas replied, he transforms into Light Up 3rd, and the two of them charged at Bryan.

Dydas and Raijin with their blades dashed towards Bryan. "Blinding Shine!" Dydas yelled. "Alright!" Raijin shouted. Both pirates brought their swords down to Bryan, who blocked with one arm. "What in the- he's using Haki!" Dydas cried out. With one kick, Dydas was sent tumbling into the forest. Raijin jumped back. "The plan's ruined!" he mumbled. A light cannon shot out of the woods aiming at Bryan. Without changing his expression, Bryan casually moved aside, the cannon exploded into the water. Bryan smiled and threw Dragoon on the sand. "I like a fun battle, especially against two Logia types and one Zoan user," Bryan said. Dragoon jumped up, hands of blue flames. Dydas and Raijin stood next to him, readying their powers. "This may be the worst day of our lives!" Dragoon muttered.

Fight Against DeathEdit

Dragoon kept his eyes on the approaching Bryan. "Careful, his Six Powers is just a small fraction of his real strength!" Dragoon explained. Dydas jumped into battle first, forming a blade of light. "Six Powers, huh?" Dydas shouted, bringing the sword to Bryan's head. Bryan grabbed the blade with his bare hand. Another blade came to Bryan's head. Bryan blocked using Haki with his other arm. Raijin, in his Man-Beast form, never met such a powerful foe, to block attacks from such a distance was hard, even if that person knew Kenbunshoku Haki. "Burn to death, Aluburn!" Dragoon yelled, charging towards them, with a blue flame fist. Rajin and Dydas jumped out the way as Dragoon landed a direct punch to the least that was what he thought. Bryan stood there, unharmed by the flames. "Tekkai, one of the Six Powers that makes the user's body iron," Bryan explained. " Even so, you still should have been burnt by the flames!" Dragoon yelled. Without a reply, two fingers pointed at Dragoon. "Shigan!" Bryan shouts playfully.

Blood exploded out of Dragoon's body, sending him flying back past Raijin and Dydas. Raijin turned back around, and instantly knew something was coming. "Rankyaku," Bryan said. A flying slash wave was heading towards him. Raijin brought up his blade to block the attack. The Rankyaku slash smashed into his blade, forcing him to step back. Struggling to block the attack, he slashed side wards, sending the air blade flying across the sea. Dydas moved forward, his palms placed out towards his enemy. "Light Blaster!" he yelled. The light cannon shot towards Bryan. "Tobu Shigan!" Dydas coughed out blood as something smashed through the Light Blaster and hit him in the chest. Dydas fell down on the sand. "Dydas, you can't even take one Shigan," Bryan replied.

Bryan spotted Raijin in the distance, charging with Dragoon. "Go!" Raijin shouted. Dragoon put out his hand, covering Raijin's blade with flames. "Try this combo attack, Flaming Spirit Blade!" Dragoon yelled. Raijin charged towards Bryan, who stopped moving. Once the flaming sword came at him, he put out his palm. Dragoon instantly knew what dangers were about to come. "God's Palm!" Bryan mumbled under his breath. Raijin and Dragoon both were sent back by some powerful force, crashing into the sand. "Pretty good combo, like back when we were kids, right, Dragoon?" Aluburn asked. Dragoon ignored him, and came running again.

Dragoon jumped up into the sky, engulfing his fist into blue flames. " Blazing Dragon Fist!" Raijin followed, running forward with his sword out, coated in Haki. Dydas was behind Bryan, his palms out close to Aluburn's back. "20 Light Blaster!" All three attacked Bryan at the same time with everything they had. But everything wasn't even enough. Not against such a monster. "Emperor's Push!" Bryan shouted. Raijin, Dydas and Dragoon felt something like nothing they had ever experienced. This feeling was different from fear, a feeling where they knew they couldn't win, even if they tried their hardest. Dydas splashed into the water, which instantly turned red with blood. Raijin flew into the forest, smashing into trees. Dragoon fell on the sand, coughing out blood. The three were powerless against this pirate.

"What now? Dydas over there is drowning with no hope left, you have lost a ton of blood with that one attack, and Raijin is dying in the forest!" Bryan explains to Dragoon. Jumping up, Dragoon dashes towards the drowning Dydas. He was dying, but Dragoon had Devil fruit powers, how would he save a teammate from the ocean? "Come on, think Dragoon!" he yelled at himself. with his loud voice, something pushed Dydas out of the water and onto the sand. "What just-, Dydas wake up!" He shouted. Dydas sat up, coughing out water mixed with blood. " I was in the ocean, I should be dead!" Dydas replied. Dragoon turns towards Bryan, glaring. He stands up, engulfing both his fists into blue flames once again. " You know you won't win," Bryan said. Dragoon ignored him, anger filling his head. "My best friend in the Navy was killed by you, my guardian was tortured by you, and even though we are brothers, you will die!" Dragoon cries out. "Blazing Blue!"

Flames engulfed around Dragoon, but there was something different. Dragoon was a Logia type, meaning he can become the element of his Devil Fruit. Bryan was a bit surprised, because instead of becoming flames, they were burning Dragoon's body as if he wasn't a Logia. "What is this? what are you accomplishing with that?" Bryan murmured. Without explaining anything, the burning Dragoon sped towards him. Dragoon face was contorted with rage. "Dragon Breath Tiger Roar!" Dragoon's left fist become a Fire dragon and his right fist changed into a fire tiger. Bryan lifted up his fist, imbuing with Haki. Dragoon and Bryan's clashed, a burst of wind hit Dydas in the face. A shockwave shook the very island.

Dydas stood there, amazed at what just happened. Dragoon was still standing after clashing with Bryan. He looked worn out, mostly because of his new power up. "Blazing Blue? is that some move that could increase one's strength?" Bryan asked. "That's right, Flame Saber!" Dragoon shouted. A sword of blue flames appeared in his hand. He slashed at Bryan, who dodged the blade. Dragoon didn't give up as he slashed again at Aluburn. Grabbing the blade with his bare hands, Bryan put out his palm at Dragoon. "Impact Fall!" A powerful force smashed into Dragoon, making him step back, but he didn't fall. He put out his palm, facing Bryan. "Flame Spiral Cannon!" He shouted, releasing a blast of flames spiraling towards Bryan.

"Defeat him!" Jumping out of the woods, Raijin was in his giant Beast Form, which looked like a Demon Kaiju sort of creature. He grabbed Bryan with his hands, holding him as the flame cannon sped towards Bryan. Aluburn looked amused. BOOM! An explosion hit him as the Tyrant Terror let go. Dydas and Raijin watched the smoke rise, ready to see whether or not he survived. Dragoon laid on the sand, he had already wasted all his energy on that last attack. All three watched as the smoke disappeared, but Aluburn seemed nowhere in sight. "No way, he couldn't have been disintegrated by the flames," Dydas said. Dragoon knew that flames weren't enough to kill Bryan, but none of them could sense him with Kenbunshoku Haki. Where could he have gone?

Raijin turns back into his human form and landed on the ground, all three fighters looked around the area, Burning Dragon was nowhere to be seen, "Dragoon, can you sense him?" Dydas asked. Navy Blue closes his eyes, focusing Kenbunshoku Haki, still nothing, "No, I cannot, is he not on this island?" Dragoon answered silently. The atmosphere felt dense, the smoke from the explosion were still there, it seems their great battle caused a ruckus in the weather, causing it to rain.

Dragoon looked at his arm, the rain poured the blood off and cleaned it, but the severe pain was still there. "Hmmm, there is no way he could have escaped the island, I mean, you saw that amused look on his face, right?" Raijin muttered, Dragoon nodded, looking around again, no sign of Alburna anywhere. He definitely did not die, he was much stronger than this. Dydas turns to his two companions, and shaked his head, "No, I think he took hardly any damage from that attack." He said.

"He's right, you know." A voice spoked up, this time it was behind Dragoon, the Navy Blue turned around and stepped back. Bryan was still standing, "I'm impressed by that Blazing Blue of yours, brother, it hurt me, I was dealt by some damage from the last attack, but I'm afraid this is the en...." Bryan was cut off by Dragoon. "DYDAS, RAIJIN, take your crew to the nearest island! This one is about to get destroyed, I didn't wanna have to use this but it serves as a last resort until now." Dragoon shouted, wiping blood from his mouth. "Dragoon, what are you doing?" Dydas asked, everyone was confused, even Bryan. "A last resort you say?" He seemed entertained by the announcement. "GO, EVO PIRATES, BLADE PIRATES, NOWWW!" Dragoon yelled. Both pirate crews went into their ships, steering to the nearest island.

"What is this?" Bryan uttered, Dragoon walked slowly towards the edge of the island, his shoes quietly walking on the sand, "You will see for yourself." He whispered. Both palms out to his sides, flames shot out and spread across the sand and into the forest. "Land of Flames!" He shouted. The entire island was covered in flames, the forest burned up as animals ran everywhere. "With this, you are surrounded, and can't escape!" Dragoon explained. He instantly fell to the ground, tired and weak after his final move. Aluburn watched as the flames spread so much until he could see nothing but Dragoon's body. "Old friend, I could kill you now, but you can become stronger," he suggested. Without another word, he placed his hand on the ground. "Impact Fall!" the ground shook. A force pushed Dragoon into the sky, sending him flying towards another island nearby. "Goodbye, see you at the final race."

Dydas gasped for breath as he was fell out of his ship, and onto the ground of the new island they were on. Raijin did, too, both were exhausted and were bleeding all over the place. Dy Of Light barely gets up just as something fell from the sky into the trees in front of them, "Wh-what was that?" Raijin muttered, his sword stabbed on the ground. "Better question is, what was that Navy doing? I've never seen that much blue flames surrounding an entire island before." Warran corrected him, sitting on a small rock. Out of the trees came Dragoon, he was covered with a ton of debris and smoke, holding a blue flame sword. "You can still stand after bursting out such an attack like that?" Raijin asked, hearing this, Dragoon falls down too, coughing out so much blood.

"I've had enough battles for today, you should too," Dydas said, he turns around and a Marine ship docks upon the island, it must be here to pick their Naval comrade up. Dragoon tries to get up, but his attempt failed from all the damage dealt to him. "Sorry you didn't get your rematch with me, Tyrant." He apologised, finally getting up, but still injured. "That doesn't matter now, we will fight once you're all stronger and healed, which could be impossible in the state we're in." Raijin replied, Dragoon smiles as the three of them looked at each other.

"Dydas, Raijin, I'm giving you guys a choice. Leave now and I'll tell my higher ups I failed the mission, so that the Navy would want your heads more than ever, or stay, and the three of us will fight to the death, no matter what condition you are in!" Dragoon explained, his head held high, ignoring the still overbearing pain he had. The two pirates looked at each other, the Navy Blue knows his stuff. "Ok, I will leave, but understand this, the next time we meet, will be both of your last." Dydas quoted, Raijin sighed and agreed. Dragoon trudges towards his Marine ship, "Sir, why didn't you capture them?" One of them asked. Navy Blue turned around at the two, he closes his eyes and walked in the vessel. "I'm letting them go, because they lend a hand." Raijin shrugged and walked to his ship as well, Warran smirks at the Evo Pirates and did the same. The wind swayed as Dragoon looked towards the two ships departing.

He smiled, folding his arms as the Marines near him called a medic, "So this is the place where we part ways," Raijin muttered. Dragoon nodded, Dydas too. "Yes, yes it is." He replied, all three ships sailed in different directions, but they are always sailing towards the sun.