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In the Navy base recently built in the New World on an unknown island, a Vice Admiral meeting was held in one of the rooms. The Vice Admirals were quiet, silence hung in the air as Commander Branell placed two wanted posters on the table. The commander waited for someone to reply, he decided that he had to take matters into his own hands. " Do you know why you are all here?" Branell said, " because we may have some small pirate rookies to deal with here in the New World". He picked up a wanted poster. The poster had the name Torran D. Raijin with a bounty and a picture. " TTR, he is quite famous for stirring up the New World," one of the Vice Admirals replied. Whispers went on in the room, but then Branell raised a hand to stop the whispering.

" Not only has TTR been causing such a huge ruckus, but so is this man," Branell declared, holding up another poster, " Evo D. Dydas, or Dy of Light, per say". More chatting went on, but Branell calmed them down again. " If these two keep becoming more and more powerful, we have a major issue, will anyone here dispose of these pirates?" no one said a word, Branell expected that, but then someone raised his hand. " Let me, I have a little history with this Raijin," a voice answered. A man stood up. The one who doesn't respects his seniors enough. Golden Thunder Dragoon. Branell smiled, yes, with him, the two will be rid of from the world, because all the Vice Admirals knew that, if they keep letting a bunch of new generations roam free, they will definitely become a threat that might even overcome the Three Great Powers of the world.

A New Encounter: Two Pirates MeetEdit

The Evo Pirates sailed the blue seas, the sun shining in the sky. Aiden, one of the crew members, was lying down on the deck as Tim was reloading his pistols. " Food, and water, so thirsty!" Aiden cried out. Dydas was steering the Evolute Away, trying to find any sort of island in the distance. " So hungry, Tim, did you check how many provisions we have?" Dydas asked. The entire crew was hot from the Sun, and their food and water were almost out. Tim got up, his facing looking like he was was going to die of thirst, then walked over to the Pantry room. " Nothing, wait, a small bit!" Tim yelled. Aiden and Dydas ran over and saw in a liquor barrel, there was just one small litre left inside.

" Wait, who is steering the ship?" Tim asked as all three shared the last liquor in cups. The ship swayed because of the fallowing wind. " Ahhhhh!" Dydas and the others yelled as they swayed from side to side in the pantry room, their cups of liquor spilled everywhere. " No! My cup!" Aiden cried in dismay. When the ship finally stopped swaying, the crew ran back out to the deck. They shouted in relief as they saw what their ship was floating against. A tropical island, filled with birds and animals, trees and plants. " Will we find water here?" Tim asked, scratching his head. " Tim, Tim, there are some places you never know what you can find," Dydas explained. Aiden put their ship's anchor down, then all three pirates jumped off the Evolute Away. " Food, check," Dydas said, his mouth watering at the sight of wild animals such as boars running around.

The trudged through the deep tropical forest. Birds flew everywhere as the crew kept a lookout for lakes or ponds or anything they could use for a water source. Something at least drinkable. The forest finally cleared, showing a campfire in the middle of a clear land. There were people there, eating meat and drinking bottles of water. Out of the corner of Dydas's eye, he spotted two people fighting.

The crew blinked at the clash of powers. Fire burnt the fields, the people at the campfire were watching. The man that was fighting with fire was one of the vice admirals, Golden Thunder Dragoon. A famous one known throughout the Grand Line as Navy Blue. The one Dragoon was fighting looked familiar. Then Aiden shouted, " Torran D. Raijin! How did he get here?" Dydas watched the two, fire against sword. Not a good match, because he himself knew that fire would win easily, and plus almost everyone knew that Dragoon is a very strong Logia type user. Dydas himself was a Logia type, but would he be able to match up against one of the most powerful Vice Admirals? he didn't know about that. He watched as the battle raged on, fire burning the grass around them.

Dragoon came at him, fist risen into the air, blue flames surrounded the fist. " Blue flame Fist!" Dragoon yelled, a bright blast of blue flames was shot out of Dragoon's fist, the blast of fire scampered towards Raijin. Raijin slashed with his sword downwards, cutting the flames in half. Dragoon smiled from where he was, then created a massive fire ball, then threw at Raijin. " More ranged attacks? fight without those fire powers for once," Raijin suggested. The fire ball suddenly grew bigger as flames on the ground was absorbed while flew towards Raijin. He jumped above the fire ball, with a shout, he slashed his blade at Dragoon. " One Sword Style: Single flow strike!" Raijin shouted, a wave hit Dragoon in the chest sending him sprawling off the ground.

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