Thralinor is an article presented and written by Dragon Lord Erin

Thralinor is a Spring Island in the New World and the home of the Vanateleri. This island is uncharted though few outside the island do know of it. The reason the island is secluded is that despite its nice looks it is surrounded by a constant and extremely powerful storm. The storm even rages underwater, leaving only sea kings of those they carry to enter or exit the island.

Creatures Edit

The island of Thralinor is home to many absurd creatures. As the island is completely shielded from outside interference many rare and giant creatures exist there. According to Melodias a majority of the creatures on the island are larger than a house.

Smelter Beast Edit

Smelter Beasts are large creatures that live on the island of Thralinor. They look much like the prehistoric triceratops but are around the size of a house and have large craters on their back. These craters produce enough heat to warm the air around them and quite literally melt down any metal placed in them. Due to this the residents of the island tame smelter beasts to use them for smelting. Smelter beasts are also known to have extremely thick skin, stopping even steel. They are also known to place objects in their craters, creating molten goo they can force out of their backs if they feel threatened.

Diggerpede Edit

Diggerpedes are large centipede-like creatures with drill like mandibles that are as large as small ship hulls and longer than a couple ships put together. They are experts at drilling and digging through the earth with both their skin and bodies being made to do so. The sizes and details listed so far are that of a juvenile.

Unnamed Giant Snake Species Edit

This species of snake was mentioned to Avla by Melodias. They were described as being as large as Alva's house.

Unnamed Giant Dragonfly Species Edit

This species of dragonfly was mentioned to Avla by Melodias. They were described as being large enough for house sized snakes to be their main predator.

Unnamed Fish Species Edit

This species of fish was mentioned to Avla by Melodias. They were described as being as large as Alva's dinner table

Unnamed Chameleon Species Edit

This species of chameleon first shown when Melodias transformed a chair into one. They appear to be at least five feet in length.