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Toko Haley is an adventurer alongside her ally Water Jack from Syrup Town, Gecko island in the East Blue. Haley and Jack are wandering freelancers, who work together to complete various odd jobs; ranging from household chores, to tracking criminals. Because of her abilities, she takes the role of Jack’s physician and the doctor of various others she encounters.

Appearance Edit

Sacchan fullbody-1-
Like her easily distinguishable ally Jack, Haley has many features uncommon for most women. Despite her brown eyes; being the normal eye color for people in general, unlike the many that Jack sees Haley is separated due to her long flowing light violet almost lilac hair. She is however of average height for a woman standing at 5’3, but weighs very little in comparison to most women. Due to her small stature, she is not capable of wearing the clothes that most women wear as it would simply slip off her body. For her clothing Haley’s common attire consists of a white sleeveless martial arts uniform that extends from her neck, down to her waist. A notable feature on her uniform is a protection cup located on her left breast being held in place by a black sash that’s wrapped around her torso from the left shoulder, towards her right hip. She also wears a red sash around her waist to keep the suit from falling off her. On her arms, she wears long violet arm sleeve that extends from her upper arm to the palm of her hands. At the end of her sleeves are black fingerless gloves, that have openings around her knuckles on both hands. She also bares a scarf of the same color that hangs behind her. Under her uniform is a sleeveless black shirt along with short black shorts that stop shortly after the uniform. Ending her attire is the large black boots she wears with red socks in which her left one slowly resides above the top of the boot. In addition to her rather unique outfit, she is also sometimes seen wearing red spectacles, even though she does not need them to see playing into her eccentric personality. She also often tends to wear other outfits of different colors, such as a small Mrs. Clause outfit, or a red martial arts shirt like that of her white one. She is also noted to have a “pretty nice rack” by her friend Water Jack.

As a child Haley appearance bore almost no difference to her current one whatsoever. Even then Haley was a rather small individual; even wearing her current attire then which proved to still be too large for her. The only difference between her current appearance to that of her childhood look is the lack of black gloves, the absence of her violet sleeves, and a pink ascot instead of her long scarf. Her long hair rather than extending down to her lower back, instead imply reached the upper part of her back.

Personality Edit

As if it were tattooed on her forehead her shyness can be obviously discerned based simply on the impression she gives off. Despite her close-knit community, Haley still struggled to speak with others and did her best to refrain from being the center of others’ attention; even her parents. Because of this she was not as close to many of the other children, and was commonly regarded as the girl with the violet hair. This has left her rather socially inept which causes her to speak mainly in a stutter when talking to anyone besides Jack. In addition to her being the quiet type, she is also very compassionate. After Jack became paralyzed in his arm, she would spend her days researching ways to help him. After consuming the Kenkō Kenkō No Mi she would use her powers to heal him, and any other villager affected by any ailments. Whilst on the road as a freelancer, she also uses her power to heal those she finds who are injured without the desire for compensation.

Toko Haley also tends to show off a rather eccentric side of her, that often acts as a repellent to others. Either based on loyalty or her lack of knowledge when it comes to what is normal, she will do whatever she can to help Jack on his missions; even if it means dressing up as Mrs. Claus and whipping a man in the street. She can sometimes be seen wearing Jack’s attire and brushing her teeth with a long blue pen while wearing an afro wig, or wearing clothes that she took from an enforcement officer. She also is considerably loyal to her allies, particularly being Jack to which he reciprocates completely. Her loyalty to him started long ago when she was saved by him in the forest, as it was first shown when she found a way to help heal an ally of his. She also showed this, as she was the only member of her village to join him in his travels and remained by his side when they became freelancers. Haley also lacks confidence in herself, as this was built from several events occurring in her life; the first being unable to help her village during the plague. Then feeding off her shyness, it plays a role in her believing that she lacks the bravery needed to be a freelancer, and often looks towards her self-designated protector Jack.

History Edit

During the Winter Solstice 18 years ago, Toko Haley was born is Syrup Village located on Gecko Island. Despite living in a peaceful little village surrounded by those who loved her around 2 years of age, Haley wandered off from her home and eventually got lost in the forest around her village. After hours of the child wandering around, she eventually arrived at an spring containing many animals, and a waterfall descending into a small blue lake below. After noticing several small animals she followed them, eventually leading her to a cave hidden behind the waterfall. Taking refuge there, she awaited for anyone to come by and find her. After hours of seeing no one and darkness filling the cave, the young child grew scared and began to cry. The surrounding animals would worry for the girl and surround her, however this would only make her even more frightened. The small animals then brought her a plethora of gooseberries, to which she would take and eat from. One in particular would however give off a bitter taste in comparison to the rest but was nonetheless, eaten by the girl. Suddenly hearing sounds coming from the entrance of the cave, she tried hiding as far back as her courage would allow the child who feared both the dark, and the noises that began slowly approaching her. Three figures then entered the cave in which the girl inhabited and due to recognizing her, and her believing them to be familiar she let them guide her back to the village.

Despite the close-knit community even from a young age, Haley found it difficult to fit in along with everyone else and was often regarded by the other children, as the girl with the violet hair. As the peaceful years drifted on by, Haley would continue to live the life she’d been accustomed to. While with her parents one day, another small child near her would fall and hurt themself. Inspecting the wound of the child, the child was suddenly healed and the wound would seem as though it never existed. Finding herself surrounded by others, including her baffled parents she would then be treated as her village’s doctor. Within a few short years, Haley would find herself trapped in the village in which itself was contained by a plague that spread like a wildfire. Fortunately unlike the others, Haley’s home found themselves seemingly spared from the illness ravaging their quiet village. Despite her capabilities, she found herself useless against the plague, prompting Haley’s mother and father would take it upon themselves to be the primary medical operator of their village, often responding to house calls that many made for their ill relative. During this time Haley would divulge herself in her books to which became the catalyst for her thirst for knowledge. It wasn’t until years later in which Haley would come face to face with Jack, as he was brought to her after sustaining various injuries from a bear attack; including a missing arm. Due to her abilities to heal wounds inflicted onto others, she was capable of healing Jack, and surprising even to her was able to grow a new arm for him on the very spot, which functioned just as well as his previous arm, and repaying him for rescuing her almost a decade prior. Within a very short time following this the plague that ravaged her village began subsiding, to which would resume trade pulling their land out of their depression.

Three short years later, Haley joined the other villagers as they went to see Jack off. She however came to the pier suitcase in tow, as she decided to join him on his journey. After leaving on the boat with him, she stayed with him and stared at their home until it was out of sight. For the past few years the two have worked together as freelancers, taking on various odd jobs from finding lost pets, to hunting down and returning bandits to prison. With her abilities, she often spends her time tending to the wounds of various individuals, primarily her ally Jack.

Abilities Edit

Though lacking in physical strength, Haley compensates for it with her intellect. As a child of prodigious intellect, she’s capable of interpreting and analyzing things beyond the comprehension of most people despite her young age. In addition to her intellect she also compensates her lack of strength with her agility, and stamina. As a freelancer, she often agrees to assist Jack with more extreme tasks such as bounty hunting, to which she must utilize her skills to successfully defeat an opponent. As a consumer of the Kenkō Kenkō No Mi, she is served as her town’s primary physician at a young age, and continued to do so until eventually leaving to wander to world with Jack. In terms of her devil fruit powers, Haley is an expert regarding her use of it, as it is almost used in her everyday life.

As a consumer of the Kenkō Kenkō No Mi, Haley’s cells regenerate constantly of their own volition; making her seem to be invincible. During battle a simple injury will be healed in a matter of seconds, or as soon as the wound is inflicted, enabling her to fight for extended periods of time. This power often plays a role in her intellect and agility, as she can afford to make mistakes and analyze the situation a better way to avoid further attacks. After analyzing her opponent’s abilities, she can maneuver pass her enemy’s attacks with ease, and gain the upper hand. Regarding her regeneration abilities and stamina, she can fight for a prolonged period of time, often outlasting her opponent leading to her victory.

In terms of Haley’s intellect, it plays an important role, and is one of her more prominent abilities only after her devil fruit powers. At a young age after fulfilling her role as her village’s doctor, Haley was forced to learn about the human anatomy, and undergo a rigorous curriculum. With her ability to heal individuals, she also capable of experimenting on others; making medical errors only to quickly correct them, without causing any harm to the test subject. With her knowledge, she’s capable of operating on individuals without the use of her powers, making her an excellent doctor even if her powers were rendered useless through a seastone.

Devil Fruit Edit

As a consumer of a devil fruit, Haley has unique powers. At a young age Haley was forced to hone the skills given to her by this fruit, as she was for a while her village’s primary doctor. As a result, she has a mastery over her powers and has for years. With her powers, Haley can shape the health of individuals around them either curing them of illnesses, or being the one who can cause them. Her power rather involves itself with the cell structures of organisms, to which she can alter in any way she wants. An example of her powers is to strengthen the leukocytes within an individual, to keep them from becoming ill. She could also weaken or completely rid one’s body of the leukocytes, causing the individual to become severely susceptible to common illnesses. With the lack of white blood cells, it is also possible for the individual to perish from a common cold.

Healing Spell-1-

Haley healing a woman suffering from severe burns.

Perhaps the most well-known of her abilities, is her ability to help individuals regenerate lost limbs, broken bones, etc. Shortly after obtaining the powers from the devil fruit, she first tried her abilities on a child that fell and hurt their leg, to which she uncovered her abilities to heal others. This technique doesn’t work by transmuting a substance, but rather by causing the current cells to divide and multiply, creating something new as they always do. If an individual is left with broken bones she utilizes her abilities to manipulate the cells within your bones. After osteoclast breaks down the old broken bone, she manipulates the osteocytes created by osteoblasts, to reshape the bone repairing it. Her powers were shown to work in various other situations, including individuals that suffer from losing one of their senses. After an individual lost their hearing, she used her ability to repair the damaged cells, restoring their hearing. In other instances, she used the same process to restore one’s sight, as their eye tissue was damaged which resulted in her creating cells to divide and multiply while they were eliminating the previous dead tissue which caused their blindness. Her techniques however do not work on individuals that were born with ailments, as she can only restore you to what you once were like at some point in your life; not if you were born with it. In addition to her abilities to produce new cells, she can raise one’s blood cell count, as she can cause those to multiply in number.

Another commonly used ability by her, is her ability to regenerate herself. This is typically used in combat, in which she is struck by a weapon giving off the impression that she is very tolerant of pain. Unlike her ally who can power through attacks, she can be stricken and react to pain as a normal person would, but can immediately continue fighting as her wounds would’ve healed immediately, rendering brute force useless depending on the individual. Her ability to regenerate automatically is exclusive only to her, but there is another technique in which she can use to assist others. A technique she refers to as Speedy Recovery is a rarely used technique, as it requires a great deal of energy from her and can take a toll on her. An effect of this technique can also slow down her own regeneration time, giving the enemy the ability to cause her great harm. With this technique, she can heal the wound of an individual as it’s happening. An instance in which she used this technique occurred when an individual had their throat slit. Using this technique, she healed their wound before they could die, saving their life. Another instance occurred when a bullet pierced the brain of a small child. She would quickly repair the cells around the bullet long enough for her to remove it from the child’s skull. Due to her abilities, she is often sought after by those who wish to abuse her power, at the expense of other’s lives.

Techniques Edit

  • Kenkō Kenkō No Body Restore (身体の修復 Karada no shūfuku, literally “Restoration of The Body”): This is one of the Kenkō Kenkō No Mi’s most prominent abilities, as the user will constantly generate new cells once the previous one’s are damaged which can occur through battle, or simply through the aging process. The user whether this is a conscious decision, will always be in a state of healing. When in battle the user’s wounds will heal almost after, or as the wound is made, making it seem as though they are undamaged and could fight for a great duration of time.

  • Mudoku (無毒 Mudoku, literally ‘Nontoxic”): In addition to being able to heal their physical injuries constantly upon consumption of the fruit, the user’s immune system is also increased quite radically. The immune system primarily based on the Leukocytes present and abilities to fight off infections is amplified; both multiplying them number of White Blood Cells, and strengthening them, making the user immune to most toxins (the exception being smoke).

  • Venom Vaccine (毒ワクチン Doku wakuchin, literally “Poison Vaccine”): In addition to being immune to almost everything, Haley can increase the immune systems of others. Targeting her intended ally’s or client’s leukocytes, she can multiply the number to fend off against diseases they might have. With the increased number of white blood cells, the individual can rid their body of any disease, no matter what the affliction is. In battle against an opponent using toxic based items, Haley can use the same process which will render the poisonous effects useless, as her ally will most likely be immune towards it.

  • Auto Regeneration (自動再生 Jidō saisei, literally “Autoplay”): A skill used almost every day, Haley can use her abilities to assist others suffering from any physical handicap. From a young age, Haley has been harnessing this ability by serving as her home town primary doctor. As a freelancer, she often uses her powers to restore the lost limbs of individuals, or other things that they may have lost such as their sight or even their hearing. In battle, she can be extremely dependable as she can heal others’ injuries relatively with ease.

  • Rapid Restore (迅速なリストア Jinsokuna risutoa, literally “Quick Restore): In addition to the user’s already existing abilities, a skilled person has the ability to heal the wounds of individuals in battle in rapid succession, similar to the user’s own regeneration skills. This technique however has its own flaws, as the constant use of this can result in drastic effects on the user, such as, slowing down their own regeneration ability, weakening their immune system to what can be seen as an ordinary person, and even resulting in them becoming comatose.

Intelligence Edit

In addition to having a great mastery over her devil fruit powers, Haley is a quite intelligent individual. From a young age due to sequestering herself and being her village’s doctor, she’s utilized her resources to educate herself in various subjects most notably being science. Described as a natural genius or a child prodigy, Haley’s intellect supersedes that of her peers and most people she meets. In her usual day to day life, she often performs tests to see how certain medications would work on ordinary people while she would be absent, and the after effects. With her devil fruit abilities, she can afford to be reckless with her drugs, as she can heal her test subject; reverting any negative effects that it might’ve had before it could kill them.

Haley’s considerably vast intellect often plays a role in various situations in her life; from everyday interactions with others, to assisting her in battles. Due to being able to regenerate with relative ease, Haley can be somewhat reckless in battle, to ascertain her opponent’s fighting style, and devise a way to counter it to result in her or Jack’s victory. Her intellect also plays a role in other activities, as she can perform extensive surgeries without the use of her powers, with little to no complications. Her knowledge of the human body also allows her to get the upper hand in battle, as she knows the location of an individual’s vital points, enabling her to hinder an opponent that she makes contact with.

Physical Capabilities Edit

Despite Haley’s obvious lack of physical strength and endurance when disregarding her devil fruit powers, she compensates for it with both stamina and agility. Haley is an extremely supple person; being able to contort her body in various position that most people would find it impossible, partly due to her small stature. Over her years as a freelancer, he would often accompany her ally Jack in battles against escaped criminals, or even large animals such as bears, gorilla, and even sea kings. Due to lacking physical strength that paled in comparison to her friend’s, she trained diligently to increase her abilities in other areas. Due to her devil fruit powers, Haley could push herself to physical extremes without worrying about drastically injuring herself, as her body would repair itself. In battle, she’s capable of pushing her body even further in terms of her flexibility, as she can bend her back at a 130-degree angle. In any case if she were to push her body even further causing muscle spasms or the spine itself to break, her cells would simply repair it, enabling her to continue fighting. In addition to her agility, Haley can perform summersaults in the air, balance herself atop of thin objects such as a tightrope, and even jump from branch to branch somewhat gracefully.

Due to both her knowledge of the human body and her agility, Haley’s primary fighting style primarily involves her striking her opponent’s pressure points. Since she lacks in physical strength any ordinary form of confrontation would not yield any positive result. Because of this instead of facing an opponent while relying on brute strength, she chooses to halt her opponent’s movements, or even sedate them. When taking offensive measures while battling an opponent, she relies heavily on her devil fruit powers if she has the intention of sedating an opponent. After decreasing their immune system, she attempts to insert the sedative through any mean whether it be through a needle, or even spitting the liquid into any opening on their body being the eyes, mouth, nose, ear, any open wounds, etc. By decreasing her opponent’s immune system, it allows the drug to travel through their system faster often ending what would be a lengthy fight rather abruptly.

In other scenarios when not relying on any sedatives, she uses her small stature to her advantage. Relying on her physical abilities, uses her flexibility to dodge numerous attacks, by contorting her body in various positions. Haley can easily adapt to her surroundings, and can use her surroundings to cloak herself. In an environment containing a great deal of fauna such as a forest or even a jungle, Haley will often travel across tree branches to confuse her enemy. Despite her lack of strength, she can use her momentum from moving tree to tree against her opponent, creating a powerful impact if she were to land a successful attack. She can also use this skill while working alongside Jack, as she distracts the enemy, allowing him to subdue the enemy.

Vital Points Edit

Chinese meridians-1-

A list of the vital points in the human body.

Of Haley’s knowledge on the human body, she has a vast knowledge of the pressure points on the body. In terms regarding battle or any other situation, Haley can find her knowledge applicable. When in battle, she can strike an opponent’s pressure points to deal damage. She can use her methods to go as far as temporarily paralyzing an opponent, or limiting their movement to a degree. With her extensive knowledge of the human body, Haley can easily locate the pressure points of various individuals and strike them. Though she is very capable in this art, she often merely acts as support to others, as to weaken the enemy for them.

Outside of battle aside from her devil fruit powers, she can strike another’s vital points as a source of alternative medicine. Though her devil fruit powers can regenerate the lost limbs of various individuals, her powers do not work to an extent such as someone who suffers from headaches. Her powers also fail to assist someone who has high blood pressure, or anyone suffering from mental impairments like depression. With instances such as these if her powers were to prove gratuitous, acupuncture would be a perfect substitution.

Although primarily known as a common medicinal practice, Haley can use this to her advantage while fighting. In battle due to acupuncture needles being very small and thin, it proves useless if it were to be thrown more than ten feet away. Haley would also have to be exceptionally skilled to hit the target from a distance, to which she is not. Thus, forcing her to get close to her opponent. Due to her agility, Haley can adapt to utilizing her needles when confronting an opponent. While being in close range of her target, she’s capable of inserting the needles, causing her opponent to feel fatigued or even nauseous.

Relationships Edit

Water Jack Edit

At the young age of two years old Haley wandered from her home, eventually arriving at a spring, and taking refuge in a cave behind a waterfall. After being cared for by the animals in the following hours, she was found by Jack and his family, and returned to her family. As her village’s doctor, she was forced to interact with everyone in her village, including Jack and his family. Though she was shy and often sequestered herself even when she wasn’t working, she admired Jack from afar. After Jack’s encounter with a bear that robbed him of his arm, she placed him as a priority over all else and nursed the boy back to full health. Despite her shyness even towards Jack, he still cared for her on a plutonic level to which she ended up reciprocating. This was evident over the years as she became rather close to him, and primarily spoke to him over the other children. In the ensuing years, she became the sole villager to join Jack on his excursion around the world.

Over their time together as adventurers for hire; freelancers, the two have formed an even stronger bond, to which Haley’s introverted nature is nonexistent while around only him. Because of her always secluding herself as a child, Haley is very inept when it comes to everyday conversation, even with her friend Jack who she speaks freely with. She is also often puzzled with understanding ordinary emotions and the concept of caring for one another, as she was exposed to a very small amount of this during her lifetime. Because of this, several actions from Jack towards her can be viewed with criticism while being commended by her whether aloud or to herself. An action being Jack’s tendency to carry Haley, often is the core of her aggravation towards him, which can spark brief arguments between the two. Haley also finds this to be Jack’s best traits as well, as she finds it admirable that someone can care for another in a way as this.

Tumblr myc282lyCq1rvbjx3o1 500-1-

Haley using her "womanly" charm to extract information from a man for Jack.

As an introverted person, Haley often finds it difficult to make any positive interactions with others outside of her line of work. Due to this, she only managed to make friends with Jack as a child, and rather latched onto him as support. Because of this, Haley trusts Jack implicitly; even sharing a room with him to which most girls would be uncomfortable with. Because of her unconditional trust towards Jack, her shyness doesn’t affect their normal conversations as it does with others, allowing her to talk freely with him with little to no failure. She is extremely loyal to her ally and does her best to be of use to him, even if it seems gratuitous, such as dressing up as Mrs. Claus and whipping a man in broad daylight to help him gather information. Jack reciprocates this trust and loyalty completely, as he agrees to be her test subject for various experiments.

Trivia Edit

  • Her appearance is based off Sarutobi Ayame, a character infatuated with the titular character Sakata Gintoki, whose appearance is used for her closest ally Water Jack.
  • Her abilities are primarily based on the abilities of both Namekians from the Dragonball series and medical ninja from the Naruto series.
  • Her abilities regarding attacking one’s pressure points is based from Ty Lee of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.
  • These abilities are also derived from Varma Kalai, an Indian style of martial arts.
  • It is also based off the fundamentals of the meridian points from Chinese origin, which deals more with alternative medicine or acupuncture.

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