Treasure Tree Cain is an article presented and written by DazzlingEmerald

Treasure Tree Cain is a sacred tree native to the elves of Nassau. One of the most durable types of wood in the world, it was for this reason that it drew comparison and was even named similarly to Treasure Tree Adam; yet admittedly, its strength dulls in comparison to its more reputed forerunner. The difference, however, is that Cain Wood is available in far greater quantities by comparison, and possesses the mystical ability to regenerate itself over a manageable period of time.

One of the earliest of Nassau's many landmarks, the tree is worshiped by the members of the Hariunagi Clan. Due to its regenerative capabilities, the elves have agreed to share its branches with Veno, who utilizes the wood to craft ships. The success of Veno Works in a large part is accredited to the existence of this tree, for it is the only known company to make any use of its wood. As a result of the wood's regenerative capabilities, it is a common belief that ships crafted from its wood do not require a shipwright to be on board.