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Trouble in the Dangai Kingdom! is an article presented and written by Ripcordkill345

Silence in the Hospital Edit

Within an enclosed room, two individuals moved around swiftly. When one was on one side of the room, the other quickly transitioned to the opposite side. Not once did either of the two beings stand face to face, but had their backs to each other at almost every second. One was a woman, the other a young man. The woman's head was drenched in purple hair, and as she looked over the being the laid over the table she stood next to, her hair leaped into her view. With her index finger she pulled her hair behind her ears, making a clear view of her target.

"Status?" She states to the young man in the room with her.

"Stable, Doctor. But we should really move swiftly and halt the poison in Saint Leon's chest doctor." Holding a scalpel in his hand, the young man turned around to pass it to the lady known as the "doctor".

"I know, Guy." She responded, turning back to the man lying on the table otherwise known as Saint Leon. "All I needed to hear was that he was stable." Reaching to the lamp hanging over the body of the man, she tapped it forcing it to turn on, shining an extremely bright light onto the man. Pulling the uline surgical mask over her mouth, she reached for the box on the metal tray filled with gloves and placed a pair on her own hands. As she readied herself, so did Guy, her assistant. "I'll begin the operation!"

Meanwhile on the edge of the island of Dangai a man was walking when all of sudden he noticed a foggy cloud approaching. "Hu where'd that weird fog come from?" The man said as the cloud grew closer and closer. As it got closer to him; the man saw something inside and squinted his eyes to try to get a better view. "Uhhhhh." He was very curious of what was inside the cloud when all of a sudden a giant galleon sailed out of the fog towards the land. The man freaked out and ran for help. "AHHHHHHH PIRATES! PIRATES ARE HERE!" He shouted. Many people watched in fear as the ship sailed to land. The ship has a giant skull with four horns sticking out and its mouth wide open in the front of galleon with a Jolly Roger of a flaming skull with a black visored on. "AHHHHHHH ITS THE FIRE ROCKER PIRATES!" Another shouted. "What are they doing in government territory?" A women wondered.

The ship stopped onto the island with the front of the ship stuck on the land. The people looked up at the top of the ship in fear of who might come off. Just then a man walked over to the edge of the ship with his appearance covered in shadow due to the sun light directly behind him. "Hehehe." The man laughed and dropped down to the ground with a loud crash destorying the ground he landed on and creating a large dust cloud. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well its about damn time we arrive." The man said and stretched to get his body awake due to the long travel.

"I...Its the Golden Tiger!" A man shouted. Everyone who was witnessing the event all fled in terror.

"What? Was it something i said?" Korag wondered in confusion.

"What do you expect? After all that you did can you blame them Captain." A man said. Two people were standing behind Korag as the dust settled. One of them was an extreamly large and muscular man with spiky hair and the other was a beautiful blonde hair women with a golden armor plated armband on her right arm.

"Hahahaha alright i'll give you Cazzar. Now lets go we got a mission to complete." Korag said with a large smile. The three people started walking off into the city.

Many of the citizens looked out of their hiding place in fear. "Look at that, that big guy is Cazzar the Titan." One of the people whispered to the other. "Yea but you see that hottie next to him? that's Catrina a very skilled knight." The other guy whispered back with hearts in his eyes. "Oh ive heard of her, shes said to be the most beautiful knight in like the whole world and the rumors were true" The man responded also with hearts in his eyes.

They made their way through the town encountering a large group of marines. "Golden Tiger Korag you are not welcome into Dangai Kingdom leave imedeatly or we will open fire." A Marine Commander informed. Korag stood there looking then titled his head up a big signaling his two crew mates to attack. It was over in a split second with Catrina holding onto the only survivor by the neck who seemed to be barely alive. "Ugh there so powerful." He said.

Korag walked up to the officer. "Now tell me where can i find Dr. Crickett?" He asked.

Meanwhile back in the room....

The young man in the room continued to move around swiftly handing tools to the woman as she called for them. His name was Guy, and it was quite obvious at this point that he was the woman's assistant. "The black anesthesia has been applied, Dr. Crickett. The doe isn't heavy. He should be out cold for about five hours."

"Guess that means I can use the full Doctor method." Lying the scalpel on the metal tray next to the patient, Dr. Crickett held her hand up high. It became covered in a light blue sharp aura and she stabbed at Saint Leon. From one end to another, Crickett made a 9 inch cut on his chest, slicing straight through the man's breast bone - exposing the heart completely. "Proceeding to "Remove Poison Operation" at 4 hundred hours. Operation will be done at 6 hundred hours, nothing more."

The three pirates approached the entrence of the hospital. As they walked closer to the door he lifted his leg up and kicked the door causing it to get flung across the room. Every screamed in terror as the three pirates walked into the building. "Hahahahahaha well would look at this. This is one fancy looking building if you ask me. I wonder what they got going on in the cafeteria." Korag said with a curious look.

"Why don't we focus on the task at hand captain." Catrina said with a bit of annoyance in her tone.

"Oh right." He realized and snapped out of his curiosity. Korag tried to clear his throat and took a deep breath and placed his hands in his pockets. "CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" He shouted loudly. His voice echoing throughout the entire building that as he shouted everyone but the other two pirates feel to the ground covering their ears.

Dr. Crickett seemed to be more focused than she was once before. Despite having the mask cover most of her face, the glare she had in her eyes seemed much more stationary than before. Her hands moved faster than the speed of the scan bar on a copy machines when it begins the process right before copying the paper. Even at such a rate the doctor showed not a single sign of exhaustion.

"Is that it?" Guy asked, focused on the exposed area of the World Noble's chest. "What kind of poison is that? It's much more oozy than it is liquid." Turning around the the metal tray that sat at Dr. Crickett's side so peacefully, Guy reached for a special container and held it on the side of the operation table. "Container R-1 on standby for order. Ready to proceed and contain the poison at any moment, Doctor."

Swinging her hand to the metal tray herself Dr. Crickett reached for a black metal spoon. Holding it so that the curvaceous part of the spoon was aimed at the ceiling and the scoop part was facing Saint Leon's chest, she proceeded slowly towards his chest. "Thirty minutes into operation. I will now begin to remove the poison." Communication within an operation was normal for any doctor, but Dr. Crickett had a unique way of doing her operations. Within her operation room, she kept a small surveillance transponder snail ducked off in the corner. This was so that she could always go back and watch her past works and find ways to improve.

"Beginning to approach poison at 4 hundred hours and 45 minute-" Dr. Crickett cut her sentence short due to the loud screeching of her name.

"Who and what was that, doctor?"

"Halting operation, now utilizing Doctor's Pause." Turning around in her spinning chair, Dr. Crickett leaped to her two feet swinging out of the doors of the hospital room, with her attendant following right behind her. It didn't take long for her to reach the destination of where the loud noise was coming from.

Looking on to the scene where the doors had been kicked through, she saw three people standing tall in the way. With a large smile on her face she focused her attention to the group of guest in her facility. Holding her arms in front of her body with her two hands locking onto each other, she blushed as she spoke. "When inside the walls of the hospital, please refrain from loud talking and instead utilize your inside voices." Tilting her head to the side, she squinted her eyes, but her smile was still present.

"Is that the famous Doctor Crickett? But shes a girl." Cazzar mumbled loud enough for the other two to hear.

"What does being a girl have to do with anything?" Catrina responded feeling offended by his comment.

"Hahahahahahaha! Doesn't matter what she is so long as shes lives up to her rep." Korag said loud enough for all to hear. He was obviously not following the rules he was just told about due to the volume of his voice. "Sorry to come barging in like this Doc but i'm afraid we couldn't wait to schedule an appointment." he said with a smile on his face taunting the rules of the hospital.

Guy eyed the three intruders with a keen look as they continued to proceed with their loud chattering. Dr. Crickett's own patience had been played with. She tried to talk a bit of sense with the group of thugs once more. "I'm sorry if I was not clear the first time," Crickett's smile was as large as ever. She swayed left and right this time and continued with her sentence. "Please refrain from being extremely loud within the facility. Inside voices please, and I will gladly attempt to meet your request."

Crickett's face was a innocent as it was the first time. "Now please, with a lower tone, state your business."

Korag got a little worried. Her innocent smile and face somehow made him scared, but he kept his big smile and expression on his face. Everyone knew that the next he said would be shouted out again. "I-" Just before he could say anything he was interrupted by Catrina who walked out in front of him and spoke in his place.

Catrina spoke in a calm and normal tone as she requested "Doctor Crickett. One of our crew mates is severally injured and no one is experienced enough to do anything to help. That's why we need you. As one of the greatest doctors in the world you have what it takes to save his life." She informed her. Everyone's face grew serious except for Korag who kept the same excited impression as always.

Finally relieving himself of that pitiless stomach he formerly held, Guy eyed the woman speaking. Crickett did the same thing. "I am sorry, but within the Land ruled by the Sengoku family - the Dangai Kingdom. It is against the rules to perform any operations on Pirates of any type. If you fine people would politely exit the premises, I have work I must continue with."

Cazzar grew upset and tried to walk forward to deal with her attitude "Why you!" He said in an angered tone but was stopped by Korags sudden outburst of laughter.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha i admire your courage Doc. If you don't want to come with us then i can understand that. in which case this island has served its purpose. Guess we can destroy it now." The mere sentence and the casual way he said it was enough to get everyone who was witnessing the event all run away in terror.

"Please sir, refrain from such a loud tone within the facility." Crickett stated yet again. Instead of getting all bent out of shape, she maintained her composure. His next words didn't mean much to her, and she could care much less. "You may destroy the island, sir. Have a good day, thank you for stopping by the International Crickett Hospital. Safe travels." Turning to face her assistant, Dr. Crickett began to head back down the path she took to get there.

"Hmm well i guess i got no choice." He said seriously turning around to the face the exit. Catrina and Cazzar were shocked to think that he was giving up willing until all of a sudden Korag jumped in the air crossed his legs and slammed back down causing a loud slam. He liffted his face up in the air and began crying like a child as loud as he was when he walked into the building. The other pirates had a distraughted look from his childish personality he was showing again.

With the first cry utter of sound the purple haired woman took no time in taking action. She had given the man multiple chances to both quiet down and leave the facility. The actions he displayed hadn't angered her, but it was the disrespect her continued to display. Flicking her hand out towards the stocky man, a the sound of high speed movement would dang near Korag's ears, and shortly after a cut on his cheek would appear. The cut widened a bit and blood began to leak out.

"This is the final civil warning," Still bearing the innocent smirk from before she offered one last time. "Please exit the facility."

Korag continued to cry like a child, not stoping for any reason. His river of tears were shooting out of eyes like waterfalls.

Catrina didn't like Cricketts warning and began to be concerned. "Captain what are you doing?" She questioned but Korag didn't stop to respond.

Without a single word, she flicked her hand yet again towards Korag, and rather than the one scratch multiple all over his body would appear in near instances. Just as fast as he was cut, he would find his body confined by a layer of string. With the simple movement of her index finger, Korag would be sent flying through the none existent doors of the hospital. Pulling hand back down, she turned back to face the path she had taken to get to where the Pirate crew had been yet again.

"Thank you two for following the rules of the hospital. You may exit the facility as you please."

Before she can even realize it Catrina appeared in front of Mary with her sword out pointing at her just inches close to her face. Meanwhile Cazzar stood between her and Korag with his hand palm out facing Mary obveously about to do something, "Bad move lady." However before anyone could do anything Korag laughed from outside stopping everyone.

"Hahahahahahahaha." He then reappeared behind Mary in the same sitting stance as he was before. "Well looks like i got your attention. Good. Now how about we discuss this like gentlemen." He informed her. "And lady of course." He corrected himself. "Cooperate and we can all get along great."

Again, Dr. Crickett was wordless and unlike the last time she didn't make any large movements. By pulling on her middle finger, another sound of wind being sliced occurred and blood was splattered. This would shortly be followed by a thumb, as though something had hit the ground. Guy shifted his focus to the woman standing so proudly in front of Crickett, and he could see everything that had happened, despite it going by so quickly. In the matter of seconds the female Pirate had lost her arm, and it now laid helplessly on the ground next to her. The blade she used to point at the doctor, too laid on the ground, clinching by the hand Crickett effortlessly cut off.

"If you are willing to hold your sword for battle, one should also be prepared to die by that same sword." Continuing to go past Catrina, Crickett continued to speak out. "You lot have peaked my interest, follow me."

After seeing what she has done Korag grew serious while Catrina crys out in pain. Cazzar grew furious and charged at Mary "DAMN YOU!" But before he could do anything Korag stopped him again.

"Wait. Lets see what she wants. Grab her and take her along. Do whatever you can to stop the bleeding." Korag ordered. His tone was much more serious then when he first arrived.

"Yes captain." Cazzar followed and went to pick up Catrina. He looked over the man standing with Mary. "Hey you give me a hand here." He demanded. Korag then walked and followed Mary with Cazzar following.