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The Tsumu Tsumu no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit consumed by Hazen Yosef. It enables the wielder to "stack" anything on top of a pre-existing item, thus turning them into a Stack Human.

Appearance Edit

The appearance of the fruit was, fittingly, akin to a stack of pancakes with a navy color. Of course, much to Yosef's chagrin, it tasted "nothing like pancakes, but rather, the most bitter thing I'd ever consumed."

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The primary strength of the Tsumu Tsumu no Mi lies in it providing Yosef with the ability to actively reinforce the properties of an object through stacking. This enables Yosef to enhance mundane objects to an incredible degree, enhance his own physical parameters or even the effectiveness of specific medicines. Likewise, in addition to stacking an item with its own properties, the Tsumu Tsumu no Mi also enables an object to be stacked with the properties of another object, such as an arrow gaining the burning properties of flames, or even stack properties associated with sentient beings, such as the sensation of pain.

Of course, with incredible strength like this, appropriate weaknesses are in place. The first being that the Tsumu Tsumu no Mi cannot manipulate the physical appearance of any object or individual, so parameters such as length and width are impossible to control. Secondly, should Yosef not be making physical contact with an object or person, he must actively state what properties are being stacked on what object, otherwise the effects will not activate. Finally, the use of Seastone and Busoshoku Haki can negate the stacked properties on an object, that is, when Yosef is not using Busoshoku Haki to reinforce the items in question.

The Devil Fruit also holds the standard weaknesses.

Usage Edit

Yosef's primary use of the Tsumu Tsumu no Mi lies in increasing or decreasing the potency of properties within people or objects, such as properties related to a medicine's dosage.

Techniques Edit

  • Stack: Medicinal Effect (積む・薬理効力, Tsumu: Yakuri Kōryoku):
  • Anesthetic Effect (麻酔効力, Masui Kōryoku):
  • Analgesic Effect (鎮痛効力, Chintsū Kōryoku):
  • Energizing Effect (元気効力, Genki Kōryoku):

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