The Underworld is the whole system of connections, smuggling, and shady dealings which eludes the World Government's control. It is mainly set in the New World.



The New World is divided into territories governed by the strongest pirates thanks to their brokers, similar to a huge crime syndicate. 50 years ago the most influential man in this world was Donquixote Doflamingo, code named "Joker" until he was defeated by the late King of the Pirates.

Due to this nature, the underworld involves almost all of the world's main forces and strongest individuals:

  • Yonko: As the most powerful pirates of the New World, they are involved in the Underworld. So far the identities of the Yonkos involved remains a mystery
  • Shichibukai: Some Shichibukai are involved in the underworld, however the identies remain unknown
  • Seven Deadly Sins:
Underworld Affiliations
YanMug Elie Parky EdwinMug
"Black Crow" "Sis" "Daymond" Thad Edwin
SnowDanteProf Seven Warlord 5. Rander Vladious profile pic
"Snow" "Nova"
Adam.Blade.full.891351 PridHuman 4.1 Profile pic BlackWitchTemplate
Killer Jones "Shadow" Zora "Onyx Witch"
Other Affiliates
Aosame Prof
"Green Beast"



One of the main scopes where the Underworld acts is the smuggling via Brokers. This involves illegal goods, rare goods, slaves, and illegal weapons.


In addition to the trading of items and slaves, certain services can also be purchased in the Underworld. It is the primary network in which to locate and hire assassins.



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