Here on the One Piece Role-Play Wiki, users are allowed to become members of the Yonko, Shichibukai, and even hold positions as either of the three navy admirals. Because we are a collaborative community, in that we all follow the very same canonical timeline, there will be limitations as to how many of each position can be filled in at once. This means that there can be no more than three admiral level characters at once, and there can only be seven shichibukai.

In order to grasp a hold of any of these positions, the user must first submit their character and have it be reviewed by a member of our administration team. Once this has been accomplished, if the character passes the short exam, they will be added to the following criteria accordingly; however, in the off chance that it does not go so well and the character fails the exam, then a one week duration will be issued before the said character can be submitted for another review. Characters cannot be submitted if all current positions are already taken; with the case of Shichibukai and Yonko, users can take over the positions of others by defeating their characters in a role-play (however, please note that this may not always be the case)

For a character to be eligible for review, certain elements must first be met.

  • The character in question must be at least 30,000 bytes in page length.
  • The character in question should be worthy of the position he is being applied for.

To submit a character for review, please leave a link to the character's article in the comment section below.