Vanateleri is an article presented and written by Dragon Lord Erin

The Vanateleri are a Race that live on the massive island of Thralinor. They are extremely beautiful people that closely resemble humans. If not for their race's special powers they would probably be identical to them. The Vanateleri are not well known in the world as their island is uncharted territory and extremely secluded in the new world. They are a very peaceful race that is extremely in touch with nature as well as excellent craftsmen and musicians. They are also extremely in tune with nature, building their houses around it rather than through it and living in harmony with even the angriest of creatures.

Appearance Edit

Vanateleri look like humans if they were on the cover of fashion magazines at all times. They have a natural beauty to them that even mermaids could lack. They usually dress in very natural and simple clothes, made from the environment around them. Like humans their eyes and hair can be any number of colors. The Vanateleri also look natural young as they age fairly slowly, 100 being considered young in their culture.

Biology Edit

Vanateleri may look like humans but are vastly different biologically. They have extremely advanced immune systems that keep them safe from all manner of disease or poisons. They are also able to live an extremely long time, over 1000 years at least. Legend has it that the first Vanateleri is still living somewhere in the world. Vanateleri also have the unique ability to communicate with all manner of nature. They can naturally talk to and tame all manners of beasts, including sea kings.

Respira Edit

This is a unique ability that only some Vanateleri possess. It allows the user to naturally emit a extremely powerful calming aura around themselves. The aura naturally calms everything in the area at a steady pace. This makes those who wish to fight steadily lay down their weapons and sit to talk. It can even calm those as powerful and rage filled as sea kings. This ability is actually a massive cloud of invisible hormones that are constantly realized into the air when active. They are massive in number and can move through all states of matter except pure solids. They are absorbed by touch, taste, or smell. In Vanateleri society, possessing this power makes you extremely important. Those with the power are tasked with traveling the massive island and stopping any and all fights, ensuring peace for the race. This ability is said to stem from those who have a direct connection with nature, making them almost one with it. They are given the ability to naturally influence those around them to return to a calm state.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a twist on LOTR Elves.