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Veles H. Jasper (ベレスH.ジャスパー, Beresu H. Jasupā) is an underworld broker operating under his code name the Joker (ジョーカー, Jōkā) He is the personal bodyguard of Azeban L. Omarion, as well as the Head of Secrurity at Azeban Industries.


Jaspers General Appearance

Jasper's General Appearance



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Playing Cards (トランプ, Toranpu) are Jaspers signature weapon and he uses them in many different ways. One of the many ways he uses them is with sharpened metal edges. He uses them similarly to shuriken or another throwing star like weapon. They are sharpened to the point where a single touch or brush past can slice extremely deep. He is also known to coat the metal in many things such as poison. he also has a variety where the edge is made of seastone used against devil fruit users. Sometimes he will use them to send messages along the battlefield. He is a very skilled and precise card thrower able to throw them in ways to where they are almost unseeable, he can also curve the card around corners or through small openings. He also has cards with small mechanics within them to do things such as track people and ships as well as explode. All of his cards are coated with metal alloys and reinforced with a thin layer of metal surrounding it. He has many versatile uses for his card and they are not to be messed with,