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The Veno Pirates[2], temporarily the Wolf Pirates,[3] is an infamous and notable pirate crew led by Public Enemy Veno.

Jolly Roger Edit

Crew Members Edit

Veno Pirates
YosefMug IndraMug
Hazen Yosef Indra
Former Members
Erin mug LuhrMug
Wynn Erin ‡ Worden Luhr‡

References Edit

  1. Veno - Beli570,000,000
    Worden Luhr- Beli95,000,000
    Hazen Yosef - Beli60,000,000
  2. "Public Enemy" Escapes Admiral Attack After Trifling With Royal Blood: Veno's updated bounty is revealed in the newspaper, along with the name of his pirate crew.
  3. News for the Blues: Due to wanting to eat a Zoan Devil Fruit that would enable him to transform into a Wolf, Veno subsequently dubbed his crew as the "Wolf Pirates".