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Viktor is the Lab Assistant to the former Marine Scientist, Perun. He has been turned into a cyborg based off of, and improved from, the Pacifista's that Vegapunk created for the World Government.


Viktor isn't a particularly tall individual, instead leaning on the rather short side. Being a cyborg, his body is mechanical, and as per Viktor's own wishes, this mechanization isn't hidden beneath a false skin. Along his entire body, you can see the black alloy that was used to build him, and when he powers up to prepare for battle, you can see a powerful light shining through the spaces in his joints. The only part of him that isn't so obviously robotic is his face, which has a covering over the black alloy. This covering has many qualities that are similar to skin, such as it's colour, elasticity, feel. But it actually acts similar to another form of armour, providing additional protection to his head. Before he was a cyborg, Viktor had light orange hair and blue eyes, qualities that he still has, even though he doesn't technically have hair anymore. Instead, it is similar to Kevlar, and he keeps this "hair" relatively short. Generally, Viktor dresses fairly stylishly, with v neck shirts and jeans, though he still puts a lab coat on when aiding Perun in the lab out of habit.





Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Viktor is an intelligent individual, working as the Lab Assistant to the genius Perun. He is capable of understanding everything that the Scientist sets out to create, so as to provide the most assistance as possible without slowing him down. It has been stated that the only thing Viktor lacks in order to be considered a genius is the special creativity needed to think outside the box. And while this does hold true as Perun's assistant, in the various fields that the former Marine Scientist worked in, he can in fact be considered a genius as a Metalsmith. Viktor had been trained in smithery before becoming a Lab Assistant, and truly excels at such work. He is especially skilled with creating new alloys, and smiths all the metal needed for Perun's creations himself.

Having been the Lab Assistant to the Marine's former Head Scientist, Viktor had previously held a great deal of jurisdiction within this military force. While he didn't actually have a great deal of authority over other people, he was given nearly free access to anything that he needed. This was because Perun's work was considered to be highly praised by the World Government. However, as the two have betrayed their affiliation towards the Marines, Viktor no longer has this power.

Cyborg PhysiologyEdit

Viktor, as a cyborg who was created by Perun, has a special body. His entire body is covered in a unique metal alloy that was designed by Viktor himself. This alloy is incredibly tough and durable, as well as unbelievably heavy. Because of how heavy and dense the alloy is, he is essentially an immovable fortress for attacking opponents. However, thanks to the powerful generator that powers his body, and the way it interacts with this alloy, Viktor can move about as if it is practically weightless. This enables him to move at incredible speeds. This generator also grants Viktor devastating strength, which, when coupled with the alloy that covers him, allows him to deliver bone shattering blows.

Built into his body are various weapons that are at his disposal, including highly powerful beams that are based off of Devil Fruit research. Primarily, the beam that he makes use of is a combination of fire and light energy, which came from researching the Mera Mera no Mi and the Pika Pika no Mi respectively. By synchronizing these two powerful energies, Viktor can unleash a devastating beam that can destroy a Marine warship in one blast.

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Behind The ScenesEdit

  • His appearance is based off of Genos from Onepunch-Man.