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The Vladious Club: Is one of the largest trafficking company in the world. It is also a powerful and notorious pirate crew as well as one of the most leading criminal organization led by Rander Vladious as its president. The company houses just about anything the heart desires and sells them off to the black bitter from rare and valuable tressure jewels all the way to newly constructed battle ships with Slave Trading being its most popular attraction on the market that the company is practically built around it. The company is so well known that even Celestial Dragons attend most of its ceremonies and events

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Rander Vladious
High Officials
Maxresdefaults Seven Warlord 5.9.2 Seven Warlord 5.12 Vice President (2) 836014-790421 grimmjow by esteban ghoul d36jo3j
"Vice President" "Executive Director" "Club Manager" "Department Head"
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"Head of Security"
Images2 Mig Alphard Alshua (16) Ringo 0
"Entertainer" "Martial Artist" "Hit Man" "Waitress"
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"Dancer Girl" "Auctioneer" "Executioner"
Business Associates


The Vladious Club is organized very similar to actual companies and businesses with every member being a type of employee with some role to play in the business operation with Rander Vladious himself, as the captain, having complete dominance over everyone. The members consists mostly of Slave Traders and Kidnappers which operate by attacking various ships no matter who they belong to whether its Pirates, Navy, or even passenger ships and take everything they own and give them away to sell them at the highest bitter. While many others consists of slaves that have been kidnapped several years ago and has given up all hope of freedom long ago and pledged their heart sole to the company.

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