Void is an article presented and written by Alleger

Void is a undercover group of pirate captains threatening to find information about the True History and The Will Of D.. Void would kill anyone who will stand in their way of finding this out. The group currently has 11 pirate crew members, it was found by Oni D. Aliyx , and there are three leaders so far. When attending in meetings each member must wear cloaks that have their jolly roger on it. The group has been infiltrated at a total of three times, two of which was unknown.


It was made just after Aliyx entered the New World, and was made pretty fast. It seems that many pirate crews wanted to know to True History and the Will Of D. Void's hideout is located at North in the New World, the World Government has been searching for it for a long time. The one who sets up the meetings is one of the three leaders, Hendrix. He is shown to be powerful and the oldest but weakest out of the three leaders. They include Aliyx, Kanto and Hendrix, all powerful Devil Fruit users.

Void's hideout


Aliyxafterscar Kanto Hendrix
Oni D. Aliyx Oni D. Kanto Dalcastro Hendrix
Aoto Yuki Asher
Akihiro Aoto Fukuda Yuki Crimson D. Asher

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