Wafer Kora (コラ ワファー, Waafa Kora) is the Doctor of the Fang Pirates as well as it's most mysterious members. Kora's origins are unknown, as she detests even remembering it. Kora has been a pirate for a long time, taking part in many battles, but all through these times no crew has accepted her truly without questioning her. Due to this, she is reluctant when it comes to friendships rarely trusting anybody. This was until she met Bellamy D. Samuel and his crew, the only people who didn't criticise her and didn't really care about her past but of her future. Since then Kora has done nothing but help her crew in every way she can. At some point of her life she ate the Ake Ake no Mi and gained the nickname of Crimson Vampire (紅吸血鬼, Kurenai Kyuuketsuki).






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  • Her last name Wafer, is a reference to the Scottish ship surgeon Lionel Wafer.
  • Kora claims that she is the mascot of the Fang Pirates as well as the reason for the crew's name due to being perceived as a Vampire.