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Wake, better known through his epithets, Wake the Calamity and The Devouring One is a Pirate and main protagonist of the series, One Piece: Beyond. He is the bastard child of a Chief Petty Officer and a forced prostitute slave from Alabasta, and was raised by her on the HMS Joke. He possess an ambition to becoming the Pirate King, and gain the legendary and mythical treasure, One Piece. Alike Monkey D. Luffy, he believes that becoming the Pirate King, he will possess the most freedom in the world. He has consumed the Gufu Gufu no Mi, which gives the user the ability to utilize and become wind, thus from this he earned his title Wake the Calamity. He founded the Calamity Pirates, and is the captain and it's strongest fighter.

Wake is world-renowned for his deliberate trouble-making destruction and supernatural strength. An example of this is when he had brutally slaughtered a Vice Admiral, and eradicated half of G1 single-handedly through his sheer power (which had also gained him the fearsome title of The Devouring One). Another famous action he has accomplished was he had escaped the grasp of the World Government, including when he had joined the Wano Country War. After the 3 Year time-skip, he is recognized as a force not to be reckoned with, and has gained enough reputation to be feared even among Yonko.


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