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Warren D. Ralph, more known as Kinzaru, is a Marine Officer within the Navy and one of the highest ranking, an Admiral. As of the current Era, Ralph is one of the most prominent Marines and the most recurring Admiral.

Ralph's proficient use of Busoshoku Haki earned him the moniker of Gold Fist Ralph (金拳ラルフ, Kin Ken Rarufu), due to the golden pigment appearing along his haki's aura. Ralph also holds one of the strongest Paramecia type devil fruits known to man, the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi. This devil fruit gives him the ability to cause any non-living object and himself to float. He is also the older brother of the Revolutionary Brown D. Newton.


Ralph is a tall man of old age, taller than most people Ralph staggers over most of his opponents and intimidates men. His tall stature is reinforced by his huge muscular physique which is stunning. It is as if Ralph was chiseled from stone; every inch of his body there is nothing but pure muscle. These bulging muscles are a testament to his monstrous strength as well. Ralph has short and spikey golden hair on his head as well as facial hair. A mustache that is unique to himself, he calls them Lion Tails. This is because he only grows facial hair above his upper lip and keeps most of it shaved except for each end where he grows his mustache to become long strands of hair that extends beyond his chin

As for his attire, he wears black shoes, maroon pants, and wears no shirt. Instead he just wears a custom Marine coat with red shoulder pads and golden streamers hanging off the pads. These streamers can also be found on the coat's forearm area on both arms.

Occasionally, Ralph can be seen wearing formal attire which includes an orange long sleeved shirt, blue slacks, black shoes, and a purple tie with a flower pedal design on it. With this attire, Ralph will have his marine coat draped over his shoulders like a cape. Another attire of his only includes a pair of yellow swimming trunks with large poke-a-dot designs on the trunks.



Ralph is a complex person that many people have difficulty understanding. Being one of the greatest powers known in the world and holding the title of Admiral, there are things Ralph believes in and does that compels people. The most compelling, especially to his fellow Marines as well as pirates is letting Pirates he faces go at times. Ralph has been known to occasionally let pirates he's faced off with go even when he can clearly arrest them. In a fight Ralph had with a rookie pirate known as "Public Enemy" Veno, Ralph let Veno go instead of arresting him.[1] Ralph stated his reason for letting Veno go and pirates in general is because he believes if it weren't for pirates there would be no need for the Navy or World Government. Ralph believes that in the past Marines let some pirates go because they also believed in this ideal of dependence on pirates. Ralph also said to Veno that he was interested in seeing what he became, knowing from their battle that he was strong and would become stronger if he let him go then and there. The possibility that these pirates Ralph lets go will become a threat to the World Government is what fuels Ralph's believe of letting certain pirates go.

As an Admiral, Ralph must follow under the lead of what the World Government wants, asserting their dominance over the world. Ralph follows the World Government in almost anything they ask him to do even if it means the disposal of a fellow marine. As Ralph has ranked up in the Marines, his tasks have become more and more morally wrong to do that much of society doesn't accept or see fit. Ralph has access to the Buster Call and has administered each form of the Buster Call. Ralph has been a ruthless soldier apart of the fleet that destroys anything in their path. Ralph has been one of the commanders of a Buster Call, being a Vice Admiral that ordered his men to destroy and kill anyone. Finally Ralph has ordered a Buster Call, destroy an island and anyone on it at the time. Ralph is overall a fun and ecstatic person, however at any time he is ordered to uphold Justice he will without hesitation even if it means throwing away a part of his humanity.

The only thing Ralph has a problem with in the World Government are the World Nobles and the acceptance of slavery by the World Government. As a former slave himself, Ralph knows all too well the harsh treatment slaves are faced. While Ralph was only made a slave by a pirate crew and not someone like a noble, the treatment he faced was about the same. Ever since Ralph has been in the marines even during his Infantry and Sailor Division days he tried his best to aid slaves no matter who they belonged to. As he got higher in rank, Ralph had a harder time aiding slaves if they were in the possession of a noble. Ralph despises anyone who owns slaves or any mistreatment of one race to another such as fishmen and humans. Ralph treats everyone the same.

Generally, Ralph is a very compassionate man that gives off good vibes to people around him. Hundreds of marines that have sailed, fought, or worked with Ralph all describe Ralph as a young spirit in an old body. Although an Admiral, Ralph is like any other person in the world, he likes to enjoy life and have fun. When the time comes he knows how to this side of him and take on the responsibility of Admiral which is where his so called sinister side manifests. Nonetheless when he isn't doing anything pressing or too serious Ralph will do things like joke around with fellow marines or participate in things they do. Ralph is a food lover who eats anything that can be eaten no matter what it is. If it cooked, it can be eaten is Ralph's philosophy. People that have seen Ralph eat describe his stomach as a empty bottomless pit or abyss that food just get gets lost in and never digested.

After the death of fellow Admiral Alfred Glave Ralph's personality changed especially how he treats pirates. Days before the death of Glave at the hands of rookie pirate Veno, Ralph was visited by CP0 agent Menu Merchant in which they had a conversation.[2] Ralph's recent actions were noted by the world government and were frowned upon so much that they pinned any action of Veno's entirely on his hands. Although at the time he didn't show that he cared much of what they thought, after the news broke that Alfred died Ralph felt entirely responsible. He swore to himself that nothing like that would ever happen again and that every pirate he encountered he would enforce Justice on.


Ralph has specific feelings towards specific groups of people and they effect how he acts towards and around these people. Other marines for example Ralph treats with great compassion, valuing their lives in situations where their lives would be at risk. As an Admiral, Ralph must display a sort of behavior that marines of lower rank can depend on. Ralph believes that if he shows compassion to fellow marines they will obviously do the same and in turn show respect towards Ralph and not solely because of his power. This compassion Ralph shows was a huge part to his promotion in the marines and is a reason he is liked amongst his fellow marines. This compassion however is not accepted by some people and is instead seen as a sign of weakness and naivety. When people like this think of the title Admiral they don't think of Ralph as a fitting example. They think of past admirals such as Akainu who's adamant believe in absolute Justice, and is ruthless maintenance of this justice propelled him to become the leading commander of the Marines. While many respect that his power is fitting of being an admiral, his actions are frowned upon.

Ralph's relationship with pirates is the exact reason some people aren't convinced that Ralph should hold the position as Admiral. As an Admiral, a leading representation of Justice, Ralph executes his authority to uphold Justice by capturing and stopping pirates from freely roaming the sea. Most pirates Ralph encounters he will capture or sometimes even execute depending on their actions as a pirate. Sometimes he lets pirates escape on purpose because he wants to see what they will become in the future. Ralph believe that if it weren't for Pirates being around their wouldn't be any need for the Navy and that in the past there have been plenty of marines that could have captured or killed pirates but didn't. Usually a pirate Ralph lets go has to prove they are worth letting go. Public Enemy Veno was an example of being worthy enough to let go during their fight. Ralph doesn't care too much for the existence of the Shichibukai. Continuing to be a pirate and performing the acts of pirates when allied with the navy raises the eyebrow of Ralph. Any situation Ralph has with a Shichibukai that contains dense tension Ralph will act especially if the Shichibukai at hand acts in hostility. Very few pirates Ralph actually respects, much of the pirates Ralph does have respect towards are those that he has fought with multiple times and that have pushed him.

Agents of the World Government known as the Cipher Pol Ralph has a very complicated relationship with, specifically CP9 and CP0. Because of their privileges granted to them by the World Government, their are certain things they do that Ralph simply has no rule in. Ralph's encounters with the Cipher Pol has led to heated arguments, questioning of authoritative rights, and even hostile action. Like the Shichibukai, Ralph doesn't care much for the Cipher Pol and what they do. However because of their authority, on certain decisions and situations Ralph has to submit to their actions.

Brown D. NewtonEdit

Ralph and his brother Brown D. Newton share a love-hate relationship. On one side, their fields of work are breeding grounds for hate towards each other. Ralph is on the side of "Justice" and holds those believes dear to his heart and at one point in time so did Newton. Newton on the other hand is a revolutionary and seeks to destroy this current system and reform it new which includes destroying the world government and their allies. On the other side they are brother bound by blood. They were in countless battles together and at that time were inseparable, neither could make it without the other. Ever since Newton's defect from the navy their relationship changed but stayed the same. If they run into each other for that one day they act as brothers and not enemies. They have fun together for however long they are able to until they part ways back into their perspective duties. Both know that one day their paths will cross and on that day they have to make a choice as to what they are loyal to.

Warren D. LukeEdit

Ralph had Luke when he was a young Marine and didn't find out about Luke until later in his life around the time Luke was nine years old. The time period Ralph found out about Luke was when he was a high ranking marine within the navy. Ralph couldn't sped that much time with Luke, however he found time to sped with Luke. Ralph had no idea how to be a father so he did something that he loved to do and got Luke into it which was training. Ralph at this time period could only stay with Luke for a limited amount of time because of his duties in the navy. Ralph would use this short time to teach Luke essential skills to survive the world and have Luke train himself in those skills. Ralph started basic with simple things such as strength training then eventually got to skills such as Haki. Ralph would only be able to come ever six months and only would spend a couple of weeks at most with Luke, however he made sure that this short time was made the most out of. Ralph and Luke rarely have interaction with each other now. These rare occasions happen to be when Ralph somehow has an encounter with the Happo Navy or has duties in the Kano Kingdom. The two do not get along at all. After Luke's eighteenth birthday, Ralph stopped visiting him and Luke has a huge resentment because of that.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Ralph has an immense amount of physical strength, one of the strongest men anyone will encounter. He is known to overpower enemies with his raw strength, he has even been known to lift whole ships effortlessly out of the sea with only his raw strength. At a young age, Ralph displayed superhuman strength being able to lift men 3 times his size off the ground. As he got older, this strength only increased enabling him to crush cannon balls with one hand, bend metals and other material harder than iron, and even knock a giant out with one punch. His crew boasts that his strength has no limit and that he could even break diamond with his bare fist, though this has not been done. This strength of his is attributed heavily because of the superhuman martial art style called Rokushiki. After leaning this fighting style, all of his physical abilities rocketed to unimaginable proportions. They only became more immense as he kept using these physical abilities and as well as training. Ralph's training was nothing less than intense, spending days at a time purely training. Performing workouts that included lifting boulders the size of a marine warship, and doubling the size and weight of boulders each time his muscles were used to the previous weight. Some days he would do a simple but very intense workout like devoting a day to nothing but push-ups; the same with other workouts as well. On his ship, Ralph has one section devoted to workouts, as well as a piece of workout equipment in each part of his ship. He maintains and increases his physical strength on a daily basis which gives him his muscular physique and immense physical strength.

Many of Ralph's opponents assume that since he has a large muscular physique that he tires easily, but it is the exact opposite. Stamina is an ability of his that trumps all others. Ralph has trained with his stamina constantly, building up this superhuman endurance and stamina. Ralph can go days without food or water and still fight as if he were at full strength. When devoting days at a time to strength training, he does not eat, drink, or sleep. He started this at a young age, this is what built and it was thanks to this that as he got older and kept repeating workouts like these that he gained his immense stamina and endurance. Huge amounts of pain or other difficult situation in which the body or person gives up Ralph can endure. He has been cut, punched, crushed, thrown and more in his life time, he can endure multiple situations other people simply cannot.

Along with his immense strength, Ralph displayed enhanced speed and agility at a young age. He was fast enough to out run the most physical fit men, and agile enough to move through difficult obstacles. Combined with his superhuman strength, Ralph could easily demolish a group of men at a young age in mere seconds due to his physical abilities. As he grew older and grew, he became faster and more agile, learning techniques like Soru and Geppo. Ralph was and still is a quick person, even at his old age he displays his speed and agility against enemies who underestimate him because of his old age.

Life Return: Life Return allows the user to manipulate their bodily functions. A reason why Ralph has been able to retain his muscle mass throughout the years is because of the abundance of food he eats. This food is digested and using Life Return Ralph converts some food into energy for body and retain his muscles. He also uses Life Return to keep his endurance up, he either converts his fat or in serious situations his own muscles.

Fighting StylesEdit


Ralph has utilized and trained with Rokushiki for so long that its more of a natural ability of his now. He can utilize it effortlessly and cause maximum damage constantly when using it. Ralph learned Rokushiki from a trainer who taught members of the Cipher Pol and Marines Rokushiki, after a fight with a Cipher Pol agent and defeating him, the trainer agreed to train Ralph. It took him a few years to have a basic understanding of the technique, but afterwards he began to train with it on his own. During this time period, Ralph always pushed himself to have an advanced usage of Rokushiki. Pushing himself was reckless of him becauuse he would use his novice Rokushiki against enemies that could easily handle his Rokushiki and defeat Ralph. Ralph saw countless of losses because of recklessness in using Rokushiki so early in his usage of it. However it gave him motivation to keep working to master the techniques, Ralph didn't like losing battles nor did he want to keep on losing battle. At one point he was going to quit the usage of Rokushiki until he noticed a increase in the techniques effectiveness. This motivated Ralph to continue the usage and training of Rokushiki. Eventually this motivation paid of by substantial improvements in his Rokushiki prowess. Ralph was content with his Rokushiki's power when he could defeat opponents whom utilized an average level of Haki. This itself took several years but eventually he mastered the fighting style.

Having trained with and used Rokushiki ever since he learned it, Ralph has become a legendary user of the superhuman martial art fighting style in terms of all out raw power behind the techniques. Individually Ralph's Rokushiki prowess pose a legit threat to opponents he faces off against, at his level now he could handle an threat. Compared to people like Cipher Pol agents who live and breathe this martial art, Ralph falls just short of their prowess. In terms of raw power Ralph could go toe to toe with a highly proficient Rokushiki user like a Cipher Pol agent. Where Ralph falls short in is the technique and versatile use of the Rokushiki techniques. Cipher Pol agents are known to have several variants of one of the techniques that exploits the technique to higher levels making them true masters. Their combination of techniques are extraordinary as well such as Rob Lucci who combined his devil fruit powers with his Rokushiki techniques making him a formidable opponent even for the former Pirate King. Ralph does have versatility and technical aspects to his techniques which brings powerful potential to his Rokushiki techniques. Such as the time when he fought with the Yonko Daikaku in their younger days. During this battle, Ralph combined several of the Rokushiki techniques to attempt to best the future Yonko. In one instance, Ralph used Geppo, Soru, and Tekkai to spin in place and towards Daikaku; similar to a speeding bullet. Ralph's attack was diverted back towards the ground and the combined techniques along with his raw strength and Daikaku's as well were powerful enough to split the entire island they were fighting on in half.[3]

  • Geppo: Geppo allows Ralph to kick off the air and stay in the air longer. Ralph has mastered this ability in such was that he can use it in the water, kicking off the water so fast that the water cannot sink under his weight. He is able to move around in the air as if he were on the ground. He has bypassed the weakness of the technique to achieve a level of this technique greater than that of Rob Lucci, who was a master at each technique. Like Lucci and other CP9 agents, he can combine this with Soru to move at even more greater speeds even creating after images of himself because of how fast he is able to move. Geppo is nonetheless kicks that allow him to basically walk through air. Not many people who can use Geppo view it as a means of offense instead of a technique to allow movement through the air. Ralph however found that these kicks have so much power behind them that they can break straight through hard material like stone.
  • Tekkai: The use of this technique allows Ralph to harden his body at the cost of him being unable to move. However, Ralph has mastered this technique in such ways that he can harden only a part of his body without moving it and using that part of the body to attack. When he implements this, Ralph is able to puncture steel; even cause damage to a person utilizing a weak form of Busoshoku Haki.
  • Shigan: This technique allows the user to thrust their finger in an opponent at very high speeds to pierce enemy targets. As one of the first Rokushiki techniques learned by Ralph, he has mastered it to such an extent that he is able to thrust his entire arm at a speed capable of piercing targets as well. Ralph finger Shigan s powerful enough to pierce though substances as hard as iron in one thrust. Ralph is able to thrust his finger at a such high speeds that he can send compressed air bullets towards his target and still get the same results depending on the range. Ralph can combine his finger thrust with a fast arm movement to achieve friction that can engulf his finger, hand, or arms in flames.
    • Shigan Shindou (指銃震動,Finger Gun Shock): By combining his Shigan with his Hasshoken's vibration attacks Ralph can create an internal shockwave to vibrate throughout his target. This depends on just how much of his Hasshoken he uses in the attack. Ralph can also create an outward shockwave of vibrations that shoot out from his finger and towards the target. Using his Shigan in this manner is more closely related to using Hasshoken through a finger however what makes Ralph utilizing Hasshoken in this manner is the speed at which the vibrations travel toward the target. The vibrations can move at speeds greater than sound which hinders people from being able to dodge this attack from sound alone. A direct hit from this attack can cause devastating damage to an opponent who doesn't have substantial defense to defend from this attack.
    • Senkaenken (千火焔拳,Thousand Flame Fist): A technique in which Ralph punches rapidly through the air so fast that it causes friction with each punch, therefor causing fire to form around his fist arm. They form balls of fire that can be used to set afire to opponents upon impact. The sheer force of each punch is capable of busting straight through steel armor and the flames are hot enough to through the hull of a ship. He can also use a finger variant of this technique calling them Bullets of Fire that has the same effect.
  • Rankyaku: This technique allows Ralph to kick and punch with such speed and strength that compressed blades of air are formed from it. This technique is similar to the use of Shigan but with the attack being sharp. He can also kick fast enough to cause friction on the air and therefor causing the whole wave to engulf into flames. This is stronger than his Asakujaku technique as one blade is hotter and stronger. He can very well cut through a very large ship with one kick using this technique.
    • Sōtōken (槍頭拳, Spear Head Fist): A technique in which he uses his fist to mimic the same results as Rankyaku. While considerably weaker than Rankyaku, Ralph can use this is faster succession than Rankyaku. The reason this variant of Rankyaku is weaker is because unlike the large blade of compressed air, it does not cause as much wide spread damage. The damage given by this technique is contained to the area Ralph punches. This extends his range so that he can damage targets from afar.
    • Sōtōkaenuzuken (槍頭火焔渦拳, Spear Head Flaming Vortex Fist): Very similar to Asakujaku, he can punch at such speeds that friction is caused thereby causing each attack to become ablaze. However, unlike the blunt force of Asakujaku, this creates a rapidly spinning point of flaming air. This has a enormous amount of penetrative power, being able to even puncture through a proficient user of Busoshoku Haki.
  • Soru: This allows Ralph to move at blinding speeds in such that many people cannot keep up. With this technique, Ralph can move at speeds faster than sound. Some people this movement White Out because of the vapor cloud left behind after his maximum speed using this technique. This extends to his punches and kicks as well, being able to overwhelm an opponent with a barrage of punches and kicks. He can combine this technique with Geppo to create afterimages of himself when moving to throw an opponent off.
  • Kami-e: This a technique in which Ralph makes his body go limp in order to successfully evade attacks. Combined with his natural reflexes, he can evade attacks at high speeds. He also has a variant of this technique that allows him to not only evade but counter attacks as they are coming at him. These counters can prevent an opponent for attacking further more as they target area's like joints, pressure points and other unprotected weak areas.
  • Rokuogan: The strongest of the Rokushiki techniques allows Ralph to give off a powerful shockwave. Ralph has the ability to use this through one fist, using both causes a more powerful shockwave. He found a way to extend this technique beyond just his fist, but his whole body. Rokuogan can demolish a whole ship with one shockwave from this technique, and with his mastery over this technique he can increase the range and damage.
    • Rokuogan Kafuka (六王銃過負荷, Six King Gun Overload): Instead of this technique being used through Ralph's fist, he instead channels the the energy of the technique through out his whole body. He then releases this energy from his body in the shape of a dome that tramples through anything in the way of the shockwave. The shockwave can reach up to 60 meter and is powerful enough to destroy structures like large buildings and even large ships. This technique also serves as a mean of protection, attacks weaker than the shockwave are repelled away.


The Hasshoken is a fighting style in which the users uses vibrations around their limbs to generate shock. Ralph learned this fighting style personally from the Happo Navy and at that time, Ralph was known for his mastery of Rokushiki and proficient use of Busoshoku Haki. The Happo Navy knew of Ralph power but weren't the least bit afraid. But Ralph wanted to learn their fighting style, so to convince them Ralph challenged the Happo Navy to a fight. If Ralph won, they'd teach him the secrets and if he lost then they wouldn't teach, that simple. After a few days of fighting, Ralph came out victories, so they taught Ralph Hasshoken. Ralph trained with it, mastering the style and creating his own techniques. He even unlocked new uses of the fighting style that exceeds even the Happo Navy's use of it. Since this style of fighting uses vibrations, it can cause harm to devil fruit users, even Logia to some extent. Most of the time, Ralph will use this fighting style through the limbs he is using to attack. Each shockwave depends on how much power he inputs. At times, his Hasshoken can only be strong enough to destroy a rock, or be powerful enough to be mistaken for the Gura Gura no Mi. Some of Ralph's techniques using Hasshoken extend beyond controlling the vibrations around him and instead can control the vibrations on a different objects. He can even absorb the vibrations off something in motion and control that; for example winds and moving objects. Many people also mistaken Ralph for using a devil fruit ability when using Hasshoken, but instead, his use of this fighting style is more related to Fishman Karate. Not only focusing on controlling vibrations around his limbs and his body, but in his vicinity.

  • Hasshoken Yoshin (八衝拳余震, Eight-Impact Fist Aftershock): Ralph punches or kicks his target with an initial shockwave created by Hasshoken. This initial shockwave is enough to destroy large rocks, and snap large trees in half. The initial shockwave is not meant to be a finisher, but a means of weakening a target. As the vibrations from Ralph's arm spread out and cause the shockwave, he absorbs the vibrations in the vicinity of himself simultaneously as he attacks his opponent. As they gather up by the time his first attack hits, seconds later the second shockwave is sent that is twice as strong as the first one. This shockwave can bend metals, topple buildings, and destroy things in its path.
Toriko 5

Hasshoken: Rekkō Suto

  • Hasshoken: Rekkō Suto (八衝拳:裂溝スト, Eight-Impact Fist: Fissure Strike): A simple technique in which Ralph strikes the ground sending a large shockwave through the ground to cause a huge crack to split the ground open. The technique can be used directly against other objects to cause an enormous amount of damage.
  • Hasshoken: Sandāsuto (八衝拳:サンダースト, Eight-Impact Fist: Thunder Strike): Thunder is the sound made after lightning strikes, it is known for its enormous booming sounds so loud that it can cause the ground to tremble. With this technique, Ralph somewhat mimics the effects of thunder using Hasshoken. After gathering vibrations around his specific limb, he strikes the target and releases a wave of vibration that carries sound to it that sounds much like thunder. The physical power of his strike is enough to knock out any man, with the addition of vibration this can be amplified to massive heights such as destroying large buildings.

Devil FruitEdit

Ralph ate the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi a couple of years before becoming an Admiral. Mistaking it for a regular fruit, Ralph ate the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi and was able to cause all surrounding non-living matter levitate once he touched it. The first display of Ralph's devil fruit power was when he attempted to set sail right after eating this fruit. Ralph's ship began to float because he was using his unknown powers at the time.

After being able to control his power which did not take him long, Ralph displayed masterful and destructive power with the Fuwa Fuwa no mi. Ralph could easily take any ship and toss it around like a toy. Similar to the previous user of the fruit Shiki, Ralph was able to master the ability of this devil fruit to such an extent that he can manipulate inanimate objects in elaborate ways. For example, Ralph can dissemble an entire ship piece by piece in a matter of seconds and rain these pieces down upon a target. Additionally, Ralph can make an object affected by his devil fruit powers to increase in speed or decrease in speed. What makes Ralph's use of the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi so effective is his mastery in Busoshoku Haki. It is especially effective against devil fruit users who's body are augmented by their fruits ability. If prompted to, Ralph can drop a large mass on a person's head that is coated in Haki. Since his fruit only affects non-living objects, Ralph can coat anything he touches in Busoshoku Haki can cause it to float. He can even bypass the weakness of devil fruits which is water. By making the water float above his body, Ralph can freely dive into the sea and be unharmed by the weakening effects.

Like much of his other abilities, Ralph trained extensively with this fruit to test his capabilities. One of these capabilities is always having the fruit active through his feet which are touching a solid surface. At anytime he can cause the surface he stands on at a moments notice into his weapon and effectively match anything thrown at him. In an instant, Ralph can cause an entire wall of whatever he is standing on to sprout up as a means of defense. Or cause the ground up under the opponent to rise and attack them.


The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi's ability allows Ralph to make non-living objects float as long as he touches them or in Ralph's case touches the object with his Busoshoku Haki. However this can only go so far, people are smart they will find counters or even simply have a power that overpowers his devil fruit abilities. Knowing this Ralph trained to obtained his devil fruit's awakening. With his extreme methods of training, it didn't take long at all to obtain this awakening. The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi's awakening ability is the ability to make anything float including living objects without laying one finger on them basically giving Ralph the power of Telekinesis. This telekinetic ability only applies to non-living objects, in order to apply this ability to living objects he must touch that living object with either his hands or Haki.

With basic telekinesis, Ralph is capable of making any object move without so much as laying a finger on it. At a moments notice he can cause an entire island to move at will which is something he could do before however with awakening it can be done with little effort. Once under the influence of his awakening, there is almost nothing anyone can do to stop Ralph. Ralph can manipulate these objects to the finest grain all while maintaining an attacking or defensive effort.

Ralph's telekinetic manipulation without touch

Crushing an object, ripping it to shreds, crashing it into other surfaces is all within Ralph's capabilities with the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi's awakening. With the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi's awakening ability Ralph has access to a various amount of destructive potential. The pinnacle of Ralph's telekinetic manipulation is the ability to cause energy to float basically giving him the ability to manipulate molecules motion. Energy like that in fire or lightning being a non-living things gives Ralph the ability to manipulate them using his devil fruit powers. His extensive training simply allowed for a finer grasp of manipulating smaller and smaller things and the end result was molecules.


Ralph using his telekinetic powers to create a shield

Telekinesis is a force of its own potential through its medium which is Ralph. Ralph's telekinetic abilities during his awakening can be called upon to attack or defend himself in any given situation. The power behind forceful telekinetic attacks is depended upon how much he puts into the force and the same is for the defensive aspect of his telekinetic force.Attacking and defending aren't the only capabilities of telekinetic force. There is the ability to compressing or place pressure on objects, being able to crush nearly anything.


Ralph's telekinetic force in the form of an attack

Ralph can use telekinetic force to bind objects to restrict movements which is especially useful against live targets to hinder their abilities. And lastly the ability to push and pull objects which practically emulates gravity. What makes the telekinetic force so powerful is that there is seemingly no limit to how much Ralph can place upon a target. However an opponent can always break through a defense, withstand an attack or withstand the capabilities of Ralph's telekinetic force. The biggest downfall to all this power is that Ralph has yet to learn to fully combine telekinetic force with Haki. The most he has been able to achieve is to send a projection of Haki along with a telekinetic attack like a punch or kick. As for the other telekinetic forces, Ralph simply cannot combine Haki and the force.

The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi is a incredibly powerful devil fruit and while Ralph has mastered its basic function as for the awakening he has yet to do so. The only aspects of the Fuwa Fuwa no Mi's awakening Ralph has not been able to master is the simultaneous use of telekinetic force and telekinetic manipulation. He can only use one of these awakening abilities at a time. While he does have the ability to freely switch between the two abilities using them both is seemingly impossible.


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Ralph has the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki. This grants him a sixth sense which allows him to sense the presence of others even if concealed or far from view. He also has the ability to evade attacks before an opponent makes them giving him time to evade. With this Haki, Ralph can sense the strengths of others as well as their mood. Ralph has trained with this form of Haki enough to where he can sense people from far distances.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Ralph is nothing less than a master of Busoshoku Haki with applications of this Haki like no others. Ralph's mastery over this form of Haki gave him the nickname "Gold Fist Ralph". With Busoshoku Haki, Ralph has the ability to form an armor over himself that acts as a means of defense and offense. Ralph has the ability to harden his body parts enough to turn black. He can even do this with his whole body, similar to the former Vice Admiral Vergo. Ralph utilized this level of Haki as a young marine coming into the New World where it was common for people to use this form of Haki. In order to match up against these certain people, it was necessary for Ralph to learn Busoshoku Haki if he wanted to survive in the New World. Along with his brother Brown D. Newton, he and Ralph learned and trained with each other using Busoshoku Haki. Both became masters of it. Ralph's Busoshoku Haki focused on increasing the Haki's power in the different forms it takes while Newton focused on how long his Haki could last. Ralph's focus on his haki allowed for his Busoshoku Haki to be stronger than others. His invisible coating of Busoshoku Haki can withstand and even overpower the black coating of some users haki.

Ralph can physically harm Devil Fruit user's by using this form of Haki, his mastery over this Haki has lead him to ways of harming Devil Fruit user's without making physical contact with them similar to Sentomaru. By projecting Busoshoku Haki in front of himself, Ralph is able to use this Haki from afar. When he uses Busoshoku Haki from afar, a shockwave of this haki is released causing physical damage to anything it hits and its ability to bypass devil fruit users. The damage this wave causes depends on how much strength Ralph puts into the wave, it can barely hurt individuals or be capable of destroying buildings. Ralph has mastered Busoshoku Haki to a point where he can actually shape the projected force into anything he wants. For example, when throwing a punch at a target using Busoshoku Haki from afar, it may be in the form of a fist, palm, or just a shockwave. This ability to shape Busoshoku Haki can even be used defensively. Ralph can form a wall of Haki that can defend from just about anything; the main purpose of Ralph utilizing Busoshoku Haki is this way was to specifically defend against attacks that cannot be physically blocked. For example, a lazer beam, shockwave, or bolt of lightning can be blocked by Ralph when he uses Busoshoku Haki defensively. It can even block attacks like punches, explosions, and much more. A substantial amount of force would be needed to bread this wall however, with Ralph's mastery over this form of Haki it can prove very difficult. Using Busoshoku Haki in this form is basically an extended touch meaning that whatever his Haki hits can be affected by his devil fruit abilities.

Ralph's mastery over Busoshoku Haki is so extensive that he can even create a sphere of influence around himself that can be extended meters beyond his body. The initial sphere of influence is no more than 25 feet all around, when he wants he can extend this sphere of Busoshoku Haki to at the most 25 meters. The initial sphere of influence is passive and is always active without consequences due to Ralph's immense Busoshoku Haki. This sphere of influence isn't physical and anything can phase through it. Once extended it starts to take a toll on him depending on how long and how far. The effects of the sphere of Busoshoku Haki is to increase damage from all of his attacks as well as make devil fruit users susceptible to any attack even if the attack doesn't use Haki. Simple bullets from rifles can penetrate a Logia user and cause damage or even death. This is a great advantage against devil fruit users who's body is augmented by their fruit's power.

Another application of Ralph's Haki is the ability to not only solidify but soften his Haki to an almost liquid form. This application of his Haki was thanks to his brother who does this with his logia devil fruit abilities. Performing this application only works on objects he applies his haki to and not himself.

The shockwaves that can be released by Ralph also can be used in a highly versatile way. By compressing the actual shockwave from his coating of Haki, Ralph can release it at anytime he wants to. This doing this bypasses the ability of a Kenbunshoku Haki user to predict his attacks because while they can predict the attack they won't be able to predict the shockwave. These shockwaves that Ralph can compress and release are extremely powerful and can defeat opponents in one impact especially if not expecting the impact of the attack.

The reason why Ralph is known as Gold Fist Ralph is because when he heavily concentrates Busoshoku Haki to a certain part of his body it becomes a golden pigment. He obtained this level of armament after continuous training with Busoshoku Haki, pushing himself every single day to over usage of the Haki. Eventually as he was training with Busoshoku Haki, Ralph stumbled upon a new form of the armament Haki. This new form of Haki was obsidian black, similar to the former Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp. The power of this form was naturally stronger than the invisible and black type. When he looked into this new form of Haki, he learned that former the vice admiral had an obsidian black color of his armament haki.

Knowing that he could increase how powerful his Haki could become, the knowledge of this inspired him to work harder to obtain the next level. For the next several years he only used his obsidian black color haki when fighting no matter the strength of his opponent. He trained with this type of Haki constantly and like previously, to points where he would over use it multiple times in a training session which would be over 3 days at times. After nearly a decade in training, one day he applied his haki and instead of the obsidian black color, it was golden. Although this golden armament form of Haki was stronger than the black or obsidian black color, there is a greater draw back to its power. Extended use of this golden armament causes Ralph to be highly fatigued for a longer period of time compared to the black color armament. To combat this fatigue, Ralph uses Life Return to restore himself; though it must be a enormous amount of nutrition. Even then, Ralph is not returned to 100% of his initial strength. Ralph's overall power is cut almost to 25% of his maximum capability. This is however only when he uses the golden armament for an extended period of time, a brief use of this golden armament doesn't take as much out of him as an extended use. With his golden coating of Haki, Ralph's capabilities with Busoshoku Haki are increased. This golden coating boasts an impenetrable defense and relentless offense. With this golden coating comes the addition of a golden layer of haki around the area coated. This golden armament of Haki is capable of evenly matching up against an advanced user of Haoshoku Haki. Ralph is able to count on one hand how many times he has used this golden coating of Haki in a serious fight with an opponent. Because of it's destructive power, Ralph only even resorts to using this coating of Haki when needed.


Ralph using black lightning

  • Black Lighting: When two people using hardened Busoshoku Haki at approximately the same strength clashes, black lightning spreads out from the point of impact. Through the years of training, Ralph has worked to harness this phenomenon and unfortunatnly Ralph was unable to figure out a way to harness the lightning like a devil fruit. To recreate this black lightning, Ralph clashes his fist together at equal power using hardened Busoshoku Haki. This clash of Ralph's fist alone causes a small shockwave to emit from the point of impact. In this shockwave, the black lighting emits from his fist and circulates throughout his fists. Because it was created using Haki and is harnessed by Ralph and his spirit energy it is Haki which means it can harm devil fruit users. Ralph can extend the lightning from beyond his body however it's potency is reduced to virtually nothing. Anyone on the end of the lightning only are lightly shocked however if imbued onto an object the lightning keeps its potency. Contact from Ralph's fist onto a target is where all the power of Ralph's black lightning lies.



Ralph was born on a pirate ship to the captain of the pirate crew and one of his many women that were aboard the ship. His father was a ruthless man who would have the women who had kids by him throw them overboard as soon as they were born. He had no need for liabilities in his crew, his reasoning for what he did. However, Ralph's mother was different from the rest of the women, she was strong and didn't let Ralph's father dictate what she would do with her child. After Ralph's birth, his father like the rest of the women ordered her to throw Ralph off the ship. Instead she threw Ralph at his father, he evaded and Ralph was caught by another one of his women, when he looked back at Ralph's mother she was holding a pistol. By the time he attempted to react, she had fired off 3 shots already, hitting him in his chest. She then gave him one last shot in the head, killing him. Afterwards, the crew declared her their captain and she took this title.

As Ralph grew up, he was heavily influenced by pirate life, so much so that he wanted to become one himself. The crew would teach him how to be a pirate, what to do so that he could prosper on the seas. They taught him everything he knew at a young age on being a pirate while his mother taught him how to be a person. This was opposite what the crew taught him, but this was so he could have balance when he got older. If he only knew how to be a pirate, then he would be a menace to society, and probably cause despair wherever he went. However, if he was too nice, he could be taken advantage of, and would be too naive to survive the seas. One thing the crew and his mother taught Ralph was to be strong. The crew taught him to fight physically, while his mother taught him strength though his personality.

Around the time Ralph was eight, he was an essential member of the crew, a prodigy. He displayed super human strength at a young age and could hold his own against large men. He was fast and agile, giving him advantages over a group of people when he and his crew raided places. The crew was prospering on the seas as they continued to sail, until they ran into a pirate crew that was stronger then they were.

The pirate crew they ran into was a notorious crew wanted for the destruction of multiple villages. While pirate crew's Ralph and his crew faced were similar to their description, their crew was known throughout the new world and Ralph and his crew didn't know of this. When they went up against the crew, within seconds half of the crew was lost to the stronger pirate crew. Ralph's mother had no choice but to surrender, they were taken and held for one whole year as slaves of the ship. Ralph's mom and the other women apart of her crew were used for cleaning, and pleasure purposes. The men were used to fix the ship, clean as well, and risk their lives in situations the pirate crew didn't want to face. Many of the men died from these tasks or from getting beaten by the crew members. While the women were killed because the crew ran out of uses for them. After a whole year held captive by the pirate crew, it was just Ralph and his mother.

Ralph was nine at the time, but his hatred for pirates grew as they tortured his mother and himself, and put them through hardships. This hatred grew into power, and at nine, he unlocked Kenbunshoku Haki. With this he could see people from far distances as well as evade attacks, however his Haki wasn't at this level yet and all he could do was see other people from long distances. Sometime after this, his mother died from an unknown disease. Ralph's anger grew even more and as a result he simply hated everything. However, Ralph would take this hatred and anger and secretly train himself in fighting as well as his newly awakened haki. After another year of enduring hardships with the pirate crew, Ralph escaped from the crew after an ambush by the marines. Through the fighting, Ralph was able to make an escape without the pirate or marines noticing. The only way to escape was by swimming a long distance to an island that was hours away which he did to get away from those pirates.

In the past Ralph wanted to become a pirate more specifically the captain of his own crew. For several years of his life he was apart of a pirate crew and enjoyed the traveling and thrill of being a pirate. Ralph wanted those experiences himself and was content to live out the life of a pirate. However, after being exposed to the dark side of a pirate Ralph's fantasy of ruling the sea with his crew was torn. After being held prisoner and basically made a slave by a pirate crew, he wasn't so content with becoming a pirate. It was the thought of possibly doing these things that worried him because as a Pirate he basically had the responsibility to ensure that he and his crew thrived on the sea. Meaning that he would have to do anything to ensure this which could possibly cause him to do harsh acts that Ralph wouldn't be content with doing. Once he escaped from the pirates he was held captive by; without hesitation Ralph enlisted into the Navy becoming a marine.

The reason Ralph decided to become a Marine was to stop pirates and people like the crew he was taken by. He could also experience just about the same adventurous traveling like a pirate without so much so as being targeted by other people. After learning about Justice, Ralph was sold and knew that being a Marine would be his life, deciding to give his entire being to being one. It was also around this time that Ralph realized that simply being a soldier in among the ranks of other soldiers wouldn't be enough for him at least. He saw old men who has been in the Marines for years only achieve the rank of Petty Officer. Ralph didn't want to be like this so his goal was simple but could only be reached if he gave worked harder than others. One of the Navy's three Admirals was his goal.

Ralph enlisted at the lowest rank of the marines, a Chore Boy. His start in being a marine was nothing like he expected, being a Chore Boy was almost as bad as when he was a slave just without harsh punishment. Ralph wasn't treated with respect and in turn he had to perform task like cleaning the deck, washing dishes, washing clothes, and simple things that every person on that ship could do themselves. Ralph wasn't allowed to fight which didn't fit Ralph at that age especially with his Haki. Ralph had to break the restrictions he was given to bring attention to himself. During a fight with pirates, much of the marines were in serious trouble and although Ralph was ordered to stay on the ship and not fight he intervened anyway turning the tide of the fight saving many people. Ralph was promoted a couple of ranks up and earned a bit of respect from the Marines on the ship including the commander.

With his new rank Ralph was allowed to fight and was a huge help in battles they fought. Ralph continued to do so for several years and continued to rise up the ranks of the marines. Eventually the Navy found out about Ralph's Kenbunshoku Haki and gave him the remaining ranks in the Infantry and Sailor Division, becoming a Warrant Officer before the age of 18. By this time, Ralph was very proficient in Kenbunshoku Haki and additionally unlocked Busoshoku Haki but wasn't as skilled in that compared to his other Haki. Ralph continued to stay among the infantry and sailor division, gaining fame for his fighting talent. He gained the interest of the Cipher Pol, specifically a member of CP9. To display his skill, Ralph was pitted against a trainee, a man who had nearly all 6 Rokushiki techniques. Ralph defeated the man in just one punch after the man attempted to use his Soru to catch Ralph off guard. There was doubt that Ralph could have easily defeated a member of the Cipher Pol that easily, many thought the agent went too easy and underestimated Ralph at the time. So a rematch ensued and again the same results, Ralph defeated the agent in one punch displaying his amazing fighting talent. Ralph's proficient use of Kenbunshoku Haki enabled him to defeat his opponent easily and his victory impressed the trainer of Rokushiki. Although a great offer to Ralph, he declined joining the Cipher Pol, but because of his talents the trainer agreed to train Ralph in Rokushiki.

After learning Rokushiki and becoming proficient in it, Ralph was promoted to a Commissioned Officer within the marines. This enabled Ralph to wear Justice on the back of his clothing. Ralph was a very reliable person within the marines, so much so that he could be sent to handle an entire pirate crew alone. Ralph's fighting talent, use of Haki, and proficient use of the Rokushiki techniques gave him a fierce reputation. Pirates feared him and marines respected him. What was so amazing about Ralph was that he accomplished all of this in a short time. Ralph didn't just want the rank, he wanted to be worthy of the rank which meant bringing his skill to that level or higher. Around the time of becoming a commissioned officer, Ralph trained until he dropped to ensure he was ready to handle the challenges he would face being an commissioned officer. The Navy saw this and decided that because of his dedication to being a marine, they would place him in the seas of the New World. From there until he became a Vice Admiral, everything Ralph encountered was leagues above what he had been praised for and what he had done.

Just like the Infantry and Sailor Division, Ralph started from the bottom of the commissioned officer ranks, an ensign. Ralph had leadership over anyone in the infantry and sailor division but still was required to answer to higher ranking officials. This new task of Ralph would have been simple if he wasn't in the New World where every person they encounter was a potential monster. Feats that Ralph achieved in Paradise was just about an everyday thing in the New World. The New World and Ralph's new rank not only challenged his power but his mental status as well. The reputation of the New World was not to be taken lightly and decisions and actions Ralph made could not only endanger himself but the people he was entrusted with. This time period in Ralph's life was one of the most mentally challenging things he faced.

The first task Ralph was challenge with was what seemed to be simple at first until Ralph and the ground of men he was tasked with leading faced trouble. Ralph was ordered to take himself and several men to an island believed to hold a pirate crew. Having done this before hundreds of times in Paradise, Ralph underestimated the initial report of the pirate crew. Instead of taking precaution, Ralph went head on into the island to confront the crew. Ralph underestimated the crew even more after seeing that they were only made up of 10 people. Before even attempting to negotiate with the pirates, they killed a couple of Ralph's men in what seemed to be an instant.

After being promoted to Vice Admiral, Ralph became extremely lazy in his job. This was because many pirate crews simply surrendered at sight of Ralph's warship. This laziness transitioned to his crew as well. When the time came for Ralph and his crew to actually capture pirates, they were clumsy at it. But with his new promotion came new responsibilities and after getting their clumsy acts together, Ralph's crew was back to catching pirates however still in a somewhat of a lazy manner. He would sometimes be referred to as one of the laziest members of the marines. Even though this is what they referred Ralph as, he was far from that. With the money he made from the Marines he brought his own island that he used for personal purposes such as training.


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