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Water Jack most commonly referred to as Jack, is an adventurer along with his ally Toko Haley from Syrup Town, Gecko island in the East Blue. Jack and Haley are wandering freelancers, who work together to complete various odd jobs; ranging from everyday household activities, to tracking criminals.

Appearance Edit

Unlike most males encountered, Jack can be easily identified by most. Due to his larger stature, silver-light blue hair, and his small crimson red eyes, he is very distinguishable amongst others. Standing at a height of 6’4, Jack is rather tall for an ordinary man; towering over many in fact. Accompanying his height, he also noted to just be an overall large man, with his muscular built, and large extremities. Normally Jack’s silver-light blue hair is spiky and gives off a rather neat messy look, and extends down to the nape of his neck. In his usual attire, he is seen wearing a black jacket with sleeves that cover about half of his upper arm. There’s also a red line adorning its zipper, collar, and end piece of the sleeves. He wears black pants which are tucked into his shin high boots of the same color, and covering most of his outfit is a white yukata that slacks over his left shoulder, while it simply hangs loosely from his waist on the right side. On it, there are various patterns at the end pieces of it that are a similar color to his hair, that take a similar shape to smoke. Over the cloak there is both a black leather belt seen loosely tied, while a navy-blue sash is tied tightly above, to keep his cloak from falling off. He is also seen carrying a sword that usually remains sheathed, which is placed underneath of the belt. Jack appears to be a very serious person, until the moment in which he smiles very awkwardly, showing his more carefree side. Jack’s appearance can change slightly when angered. His overall appearance remains the same only having his eyes be what is altered. His pupils will contract until they’re small dots, and sometimes veins will adorn the outer layer of his eyes. Depending on his rage, one or both eyes will turn completely black, then the contracted pupils will glow a red.

As a child Jack’s appearance was extremely like his adult appearance. As a child, he normally bore a sea blue yukata, with a black sash tied around his waist. He even then had his current messy neat hairstyle although, failed to reach the nape of his neck, and only made it to the very bottom of his head. His eyes however were much larger then than they are now. As a child, his iris took up most of his eyes but as an adult, they appear much smaller. His sword remained the same, as his sheath then is still the one he currently possesses now. As a child, he was also larger than most of the other children in his village, and was often referred to as a big brother, regardless of whether he was older, mainly due to his size.

Personality Edit


Jack groping a random woman.

Despite what his appearance suggests Jack is a rather carefree individual. Due to his large stature, most at first see him as a rather serious person, until interacting with him. A very prominent personality of his, is his overt perverseness. Upon seeing a woman, he deems attractive that being any woman, he is not afraid to throw himself towards them; even going as far as touching them in certain places that most women would be uncomfortable with. Constantly flirting with women, he is often the core of both Haley’s and other’s anger. On multiple occasions, he has been stumped on a woman’s beauty, and has the policy to never fight a woman first. Like Vinsmoke Sanji a woman’s beauty often easily distracts him, regardless of the situation and the promises of one is enough to spark a catalyst in his behavior. He also tends to lose more blood through nose bleeds, than he does through a battle. He also is shown to be comfortable with girls hitting him, as he’s more focused on the fact that a “pretty girl” is touching him.

In addition to being a flirt, Jack is very extroverted. He somewhat popular amongst various townsfolk, if he remains in a city long enough. He tends to frequent pubs for liquor and laughs, always being the spark of everyone’s fun. His personality often plays an important role in his profession as he gains connections to wealthy individuals, that will be willing to pay large sums of money for tasks even if they’re menial. He often tries to tell jokes to the point in which it interferes with his battles. When attacked he often shouts that his opponent shouldn’t go around jacking up his bread ‘n butter, referring to his face. This often unintentionally throws his opponent off guard, which ends up giving Jack the advantage. Jack is also extremely loyal to those he considers his allies, most particularly being his friend Toko Haley. Despite his desire to go off and see the world, he always remains by Toko Haley’s side. Despite in a way being an opposite of her, he views her as an important person to him in which he would never abandon.

In addition to all his traits, he tends to be a rather over protective of those particularly close to him, an example being Haley. Around most men Jack would often assume the role of her protector, and immediately confront those who seem as if they’re pestering her. This often plays a role in how they function both during and not during work. During missions, Jack will often jump in the way of attacks somewhat on impulse as he’d rather see himself than Haley get hurt. During escort missions, he would often jump in the way of others, but this could be since he’s getting paid to do just that. It is common for him to follow Haley during her everyday activities to make sure she’s safe, despite her condemning this activity. This trait despite it being an extremely admiral one, is more often a hindrance than asset in combat. Due to his nature, he would often take the blows meant for other opponents, getting somewhat injured himself. From a young age Jack could also be described as adventurous, as he wanted to engage in traveling the world to which he currently does as an adventurer with Toko Haley.

History Edit

About 21 years ago on the summer solstice Jack was born in the small Syrup Village, located on Gecko Island. Like most of the children if not all, he lived a blissful childhood that did however contain few troubling incidents in it. At the age of five his peaceful village was disrupted with the cries of parents; which was considered alien to the boy. Upon discovering that the parents were unaware of the whereabouts of their young daughter, he joined his parents and the rest of the villagers on their search for her. He and his family worked together combing the forest for hours, until eventually arriving at a spring. The spring itself was utterly mesmerizing, containing a plethora of plants and animals, seeming as though it were a page ripped directly from a fairy tale book that Jack’s parents often read to him. Jack and his family’s observation of the location, was then interrupted by the sound of crying nearby. The three followed the sounds which led them to a waterfall, which contained a stone path to walk behind it. Following the path, it leads to a dark cave which inhabited a few animals, flowers extending through the cracks in which sunlight miraculously managed to hit, and a small child staring directly at them. Though far enough back to somewhat conceal herself, the family recognized the child as the lost girl Toko Haley. Taking her hand Jack and his family lead the girl back to the village, in which she was given back to her family.

After that incident, the village would face another obstacle five years later when Jack was around 10 years old. As if struck by lightning, many people began to drop one after the other. Though a strong-willed man Jack’s father was no exception to this, as he was one of the many who fell as well. In no time at all Jack’s father was taken by the affliction, and Jack himself was present as his father left this world. Because of his village suffering a plague, this halted any trade from foreign lands resulting in a depression. Many of those in Jack’s village fell prey to this as food began to be rationed between families, and many other basic commodities. Deciding to take from the land around them many men of Jack’s village would go off on trips to gather food, water, and herbs that their people desperately needed. Due to the lack of available manpower the village would take whoever they could, including a ten-year-old Jack who was more than happy to help despite his mother’s anxiousness towards it.

As the plague continued, Jack helped as much as a ten-year-old could; delivering food, and medicine to various families to help ease the pain of their ill family member. While on a hunting trip while the others were resting to prepare for the hike onwards, Jack went off to gather more food in case they overlooked certain areas. While gathering berries, Jack found one that stood out amongst the rest. The red spiky fruit was vastly different from the others and quickly collected by the boy. Almost as if his stomach commanded his muscles taking the task away from the brain, he consumed the fruit due to his own hunger, despite its bitter taste. Returning to the campsite, a large grizzly bear ambushed Jack’s group. Attempting to help his allies, Jack grabbed as many materials as he could during the chaos. Due to Jack’s overabundance of items he wasn’t capable of sneaking away from the bear, and was subsequently attacked. During the onslaught, the creature savagely beat him; even losing his right arm in the process. With what little strength he had left, he redirected the bear’s charge, throwing it far away from him. He then was rushed back to the village to get him the immediate medical attention he so desperately required. Once returning to the village, he was brought to the Toko household, and given directly to the young child Haley. Trying her very best, she can heal his superficial wounds, until noticing that an arm would be present where there was not one at first. Within the hour Jack was back to full health. Explaining what precisely happened during the attack, it was concluded that he must’ve eaten a devil fruit granting him extreme strength. Over the course of the two years following, Jack would use his abilities to lead hunts and bring home a great quantity of supplies. The illness that plagued his village then began to successfully die down, as increasingly people began showing signs of recovering from it. Because of his village’s plague from subsiding, trade would reopen and the plethora of materials that the village contained due to Jack and others combine effort, quickly brought them up from their depression; restoring them back to normal.

In the years following this a now adolescent Jack would stare off at the sea pondering the adventures awaiting. He would often dream of the lands outside of his village, and imagine the people being different from what he was accustomed to. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Jack would announce that he’d be departing from his village to go off and see what wonders the world had to offer. Although none of the villagers expressed any interest in joining him on his journey whatsoever, they all greatly encouraged him to go and would often give him gifts before his departure.

The morning of his departure at the pier, he was stopped by the villagers who would see him off. He then learned that he would not be making his trip alone, as another from his village would be joining him. Before setting off on his journey, his mother would give him an heirloom from his father that’d been passed for generations; that being his sword. As the boat set off, he and Haley looked back at the island until it was out of sight. For the past few years, the two have been working as freelancers in various cities, traveling the world and witnessing countless sights that would never be possible if they remained at the small village that they periodically return to.

Abilities Edit

As a devil fruit user, Jack has abilities that are impossible to be possessed by normal individuals who have not or yet to consumed one themselves. Although not known on a global scale like many figures that people aspire to be, Jack is extremely strong regardless of the powers used through his devil fruit. As a freelancer, he agrees to deal with multiple jobs that have a variety of people, with a variety of capabilities. Despite growing up in his small village, Jack’s power supersedes that of anyone someone would suspect of that village. To be involved in his line of work, he must do his best to remain as strong as possible, thus undergoing his own rigorous training exercises. With his abilities in mind, he often uses his skills to bench, lift, etc. various objects that appear impossible for ordinary humans. Despite naturally being larger than most, he can accompany his stature due to his intense training. In addition to his strength, he accompanies it with both great speed and his abilities with various weapons, and having a proficient control over his devil fruit powers.

As an adventurer who travels to various lands that have different customs and their own styles of fighting, he often picks up various fighting techniques to add to his own arsenal. Originally being intended to act as a personal item of emotional value rather than being used as a weapon, Jack often carried around his late father’s sword which lied under the black sash on his kimono. Whilst on his journey he watched various swords masters, and learned some techniques from them, or attempted them on his own despite most of them having an unsuccessful result. Despite his lack of success in creating his own fighting style, he has shown to have a proficient use of fighting with weapons whether it be a sword, or any random object he can find. He also uses the sheath of his sword in one hand, while utilizing his sword in the other.

In addition to his skill set, he can also be very agile while in combat. He can keep up with his opponent’s movements, and can dodge various attacks with ease. He is also a proficient tracker, as his list of jobs also includes bounty hunting, searching for lost pets over great distances whether the animal itself is big or small. Despite not being too durable on his own without any enhancement from his devil fruit, he has a great deal of endurance. This is due to his intense training and creates great results, as he’s capable of fighting for a great deal of time despite suffering damage. An example of his endurance is having a knife thrown at his forehead without it going unnoticed, despite the blood that would flow afterwards.

Devil Fruit Edit

Due to consuming the Pondo Pondo No Mi, Jack at a young age was granted the ability to manipulate the weight of anything around him. Originally revered by his peers as the boy with the power of a giant, he can bring home vast amounts of materials on his own, handle certain tasks alone that would require groups of adult men using all their might, or simply being useful for moving materials for building new homes from point a to point b. After learning the truth of his powers; to manipulate weight, he trained diligently to perfect his new power, and to learn as much as he could about it. At this point in his life, he’s realized the potential of his power and uses it effortlessly in battle. Since he’s able to decrease the weight of various objects, he has no qualms with throwing large objects at opponents, only to increase it before coming into contact, normally dealing a painful blow early in a battle. While decreasing weight in battle, he’s capable of throwing his helpless opponents high into the air, causing them to quickly plummet back down once returning their body weight to normal, or increasing it greatly for a faster, much harder impact. In addition to altering his opponent's body weight he also uses this to decrease it, resulting in them dealing a much weaker attack than they would anticipate. By altering his very own weight, he can decrease it to improve his speed greatly, either helping him appear more agile, or even being able to strike his opponent faster. By increasing his own weight, he can deliver a devastating blow to his opponent, or even punch craters into the earth.

Despite being capable lowering the weight of objects the lift heavy objects, Jack also contains immense strength. Outside of battles, he uses his powers to increase the weight of various objects to train with. On multiple occasions, he can be seen using his devil fruit powers to save individuals in danger. Once, a building began tipping sideways, and a small child would’ve been crushed had Jack not decreased the weight of the building thus being able to hold it up long enough for him and the boy to escape. He also decreases his weight when crossing old worn bridges, that would normally collapse if a normal person were to attempt to cross. Through increasing the muscles within his jaw, he can increase the great deal of force that a jaw can already generate. With his amplified strength, he was able to bite a sword in half.

Techniques Edit

  • Pondo Pondo No Weapon Augmentation (武器増強 Buki zōkyō, literally meaning “Weapon buildup”): One of Jack’s most commonly used skills in battle; he can increase the weight of any tangible object (except water and seastone materials) to deal a greater amount of damage to an opponent. The skill gives the object a standard augmentation as by increasing the weight of weapons, Jack uses a greater deal of force when striking an opponent often being able to break their weapon as a result. Making a weapon of any nearby object after throwing it towards an opponent, Jack can increase the objects weight to result in a greater deal of damage if it contacts a target.
  • Pondo Pondo No Weight Augmentation (重量増強Jūryō zōkyō, literally meaning “Weight Enhancement”): Another of Jack’s commonly used skills that’s often seen both in and out of battles. When in battle Jack can increase the body weight of various individuals to place a hindrance on them, as the increase in weight can prove difficult when trying to quickly move around. With the dramatic increase in weight for a small individual, it can cause encumberment. In opposition to this Jack can also increase one’s weight through muscle mass, which results in the individual’s strength increasing as well.
Tumblr mhjs9tuHsV1r57f87o2 r1 500-1-

Jack attacking an opponent, after decreasing his weight.

  • Pondo Pondo No Weightlessness (無重力 Mujūryoku, literally “Zero Gravity”): In addition to increasing one’s weight, Jack can decrease it as well. By decreasing one’s weight it allows them to move much faster, and deal more attacks with their speed. In respect to objects, one can carry a great quantity of materials that would seem impossible for an ordinary person. As a young child Jack could carry a great deal of food home effortlessly despite his size, and was able to throw a large bear high into the air while having only one arm. Objects that weigh about half a thousand pounds, can have its weight decreased about five times its size. When used on a normal weapon such as a sword, the sword will retain all its existing attributes while allowing the user to strike more efficiently, and faster. Blunt instruments such as clubs, hammers, and baseball bats will continue to deal the same amount of damage, but will be lighter to whoever's wielding it.

Physical Prowess Edit


Jack biting a sword in half.

To support both himself and Haley while wandering the world, they work together as freelancers; self-employed people that complete various odd jobs to earn money. With the various odd tasks that Jack is asked to complete ranging from locating animals to hunting down criminals, he needs to be at his peak physical condition. As a child Jack was rather large for his age, and would often accompany the men of his village on their hunting trips. On these trips prior to obtaining his devil fruit powers, Jack would carry the most of any child, showing a great deal of strength for his age. He would continue to develop skills as a child, including tracking animals through their footprints, hair trails, etc. With his past encounters with tracking wild animals he has a great deal of stamina, due to often having to travel great distances to capture the creatures he hunted. His hunting also assisted in increasing his stamina at a young age, as he could run great distances; roughly around three miles under the span of twenty minutes by the age of thirteen years old.

After setting out on his journey with Toko Haley, the two worked together as freelancers to provide income. With his current level of strength, Jack could complete various task from the start of his career; which did however mostly consist of mediocre task such as finding lost pets, or hunting animals and returning with a great quantity of food within a short time span. With the intent of improve his skill set, Jack would often train utilizing his devil fruit powers, to help him increase his strength and other physical prowess that he’d obtained during his childhood. Over the past three years on his journey, his strength had increased dramatically to the point in which it appears that he’s using his devil fruit powers, even when he isn’t. With his power, he’s able to lift various objects relatively with ease, those being big animals, certain rocks, and even household appliances like fridges, stoves, and other objects. His strength proves to be useful in battle as while hunting down criminals, he can use it to simply strike down an opponent with one punch.

In addition to his strength, Jack has a great deal of speed, stamina, and endurance which are all great use for him during his work. In terms of endurance, Jack has a great deal of tolerance to pain. Regardless of the situation, Jack can sustain damage from an opponent, and give off the impression that it doesn’t faze him. In relation to his stamina and speed they both complement one another, as he must often travel great distances, at a fast pace. In terms of fighting it plays well into his battles, as he can dodge numerous attacks, and keep at a steady pace for a lengthy time.

Weapon Skills Edit

Tumblr static filename 640 v2

Jack using his sword's sheath to attack multiple enemies.

Due to traveling to various lands and learning from different masters, Jack has experience with a variety of weapons, from swords to long staffs. Although he’s absolutely no expert by any means, he’s rather capable of using various weapons with some skill and can make a weapon out of any objects he picks up around him. Despite the unorthodox weapon, Jack is the most proficient with using the sheath of his sword, rather than the actual blade. Rather than unsheathing the sword, Jack tends to amplify the blunt instrument with his devil fruit powers, thus making it an efficient weapon whereas most would deem the object gratuitous or a hindrance as its heavy and stops the sword from fulfilling its purpose. In relation to his actual sword, Jack normally places the sheath in one hand while holding his sword in the other, acting as if he’s wielding two weapons at once.

Regarding other objects that he uses as weapons, he can use somewhat long staffs, and or lances to fight with. In terms of other weapons that he can use from a range, he often utilizes objects from a simple can, to a small boat. Due to altering the weight of objects such as large rocks, he can make them light enough to wield as if it were a small ball to throw at his opponent. In other instances, involving smaller weapons due to increasing their weight, the force generated from it can deal a great amount of damage, while proving difficult to avoid because of its small size. With his abilities, Jack can increase the weight of his own body, which he can use as a weapon himself. With the increase of weight, he can use his body as a blunt instrument if he doesn’t have access to one, such as launching himself towards an opponent with the intent of simply running into them. He also can use other people or living organisms as weapons themselves due to decreasing their weight, and swinging them around. He’s also capable of using objects as large as a tree to swing at an opponent as if it were a bat. With regards to him observing the traditional fighting methods of various people from various lands, Jack has an ever expanding arsenal of styles that he can use.

Relationships Edit

Toko Haley Due to being from the same small close-knit community and being relatively close in age the two, they could be described as lifelong friends. At the age of 2 years old Haley wandered from her home and was lost in the forest. It wasn’t until later that day that she was found by Jack and his family, who carried her back to the village. Due to being the village’s doctor at a young age, Haley and Jack often interacted with one another during basic checkups and because of the village looking upon her for a solution to the plague that ravaged their village. After his encounter with the bear that robbed him of his arm, Haley made sure that Jack would be her main priority regardless of whether he was missing an arm. Looking at her like his fellow friends, the two formed a bond with one another, which would eventually lead her to being the only one from their village who opted to join him on his excursion around the world.

The relationship between the two has grown exponentially through their travels. She would remain by his side as a fellow freelancer, and often accompanies Jack on several of his tasks to earn money. Due to Haley’s shy, introverted nature, she mainly only interacts with Jack on a friendly level whereas others simply will be spoken to as clients by her. Despite Jack’s perverted nature, he seems to view Haley different than he does with most women, as he looks upon them with a deep overt sense of lust, but tries to refrain from treating her the same way. As his closest confidant, he developed an overprotective nature where he often does his best to keep her safe, even if it’s a little gratuitous.

Adding onto his protective nature over Haley, he tends to chase away men that he feels want to take advantage of her. When walking with Haley, he has a tendency of carrying her on either his back or in his arms which seems to annoy her, while also gaining her admiration since someone shows another person that level of affection. Despite her ability to heal after a basic attack, Jack tends to get in the way of attacks which were meant for her, as it is rather a move based on impulse rather than one based on any form of logic. It’s rather obvious when Jack is angered, as his eyes can be clear indications of this. His anger is normally if not almost always sparked after he learns of an individual ill intent towards Haley.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack’s appearance is based from Gintoki Sakata of the Gintama series.
  • Jack’s abilities are loosely based on the character Ōnoki’s abilities from the Naruto series.

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