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Wukong R. Jack most commonly referred to as Jack is an adventurer alongside his traveling companion Nekomimi D. Haley. Jack and Haley are commonly referred to as wandering freelancers, who work together to complete various odd jobs; ranging from household chores, to tracking down criminals.

Appearance Edit

Unlike most male infants born on the island Notice (and island located in the north blue), he possessed many qualities unique to him that alienated hum from other infants. Born into a noble family the entire unit contained silver-light blue hair and eyes of the same color, which no other person on the island possessed, as it was the family’s genetic symbol. At his birth despite retaining the hair color his mother possessed, he received his father’s crimson red eyes. Though an infant Jack was a rather large one being around the size of a two year old toddler, even though he wasn’t a day old. Though Jack’s mother and her parents contained long straight hair, he would deviate from them again by inheriting his father’s naturally wavy hair. After leaving Notice with his family the child no older than seven years old lived in the small port town known as Spider Miles. At that time when he still contained his blue hair, and he was notably larger than most children he interacted with, in fact being around the size of individuals who reached puberty by seven years old.

During his adolescent years in Nanohana, Alabasta, Jack was still considerably larger than most people his age; standing at six feet tall by the time he was fifteen and weighing almost two hundred pounds. Like most men at this age, Jack cared quite a bit about his appearance and maintained his hair in a certain way to give off a relaxed aura. After meeting with a kind man from Notice who noticed the boy’s silver-light blue hair and red eyes, Jack would meet with the man a month later. After his second encounter with the man Jack would be given a long white yukata, which he wears to this day, despite it being a little small on him.

Standing at a height of 6’5, Jack is rather tall for an ordinary man; towering over many in fact. Accompanying his height, he also noted to just be an overall large man, with his muscular built, and large extremities. Normally Jack’s silver-light blue hair is spiky and gives off a rather neat messy look, and extends down to the nape of his neck. In his usual attire, he is seen wearing a black jacket with sleeves that cover about half of his upper arm. There’s also a red line adorning its zipper, collar, and end piece of the sleeves. He wears black pants which are tucked into his shin high boots of the same color, and covering most of his outfit is a white yukata that slacks over his left shoulder, while it simply hangs loosely from his waist on the right side. On it, there are various patterns at the end pieces of it that are a similar color to his hair, which represents his family’s crest. Over the cloak there is both a black leather belt seen loosely tied, while a navy-blue sash is tied tightly above, to keep his cloak from falling off. He is also seen carrying a sword that usually remains sheathed, which is placed underneath of the belt. Jack appears to be a very serious person, until the moment in which he smiles very awkwardly, showing his more carefree side. It can also be noted that hair regardless of where it is on his body can grow at a rapid rate, which he combats by shaving regularly.

Personality Edit


Jack groping a random woman.

Despite what his appearance suggests Jack is a rather carefree individual. Due to his large stature, most at first see him as a rather serious person, until interacting with him. A very prominent personality of his, is his overt perverseness. Upon seeing a woman, he deems attractive that being any woman, he is not afraid to throw himself towards them; even going as far as touching them in certain places that most women would be uncomfortable with. Constantly flirting with women, he is often the core of both Haley’s and other’s anger. On multiple occasions, he has been stumped on a woman’s beauty, and has the policy to never fight a woman first. Like Vinsmoke Sanji a woman’s beauty often easily distracts him, regardless of the situation and the promises of one is enough to spark a catalyst in his behavior. He also tends to lose more blood through nose bleeds, than he does through a battle. He also is shown to be comfortable with girls hitting him, as he’s more focused on the fact that a “pretty girl” is touching him.

In addition to being a flirt, Jack is very extroverted. He somewhat popular amongst various townsfolk, if he remains in a city long enough. He tends to frequent pubs for liquor and laughs, always being the spark of everyone’s fun. His personality often plays an important role in his profession as he gains connections to wealthy individuals, that will be willing to pay large sums of money for tasks even if they’re menial. He often tries to tell jokes to the point in which it interferes with his battles. When attacked he often shouts that his opponent shouldn’t go around jacking up his bread ‘n butter, referring to his face. This often unintentionally throws his opponent off guard, which ends up giving Jack the advantage. Jack is also extremely loyal to those he considers his allies, most particularly being his friend Toko Haley. Despite his desire to go off and see the world, he always remains by Toko Haley’s side. Despite in a way being an opposite of her, he views her as an important person to him in which he would never abandon.

Adding onto all his traits, he tends to be a rather over protective of those particularly close to him, an example being Haley. Around most men Jack would often assume the role of her protector, and immediately confront those who seem as if they’re pestering her. This often plays a role in how they function both during and not during work. During missions, Jack will often jump in the way of attacks somewhat on impulse as he’d rather see himself than Haley get hurt. During escort missions, he would often jump in the way of others, but this could be since he’s getting paid to do just that. It is common for him to follow Haley during her everyday activities to make sure she’s safe, despite her condemning this activity. This trait despite it being an extremely admiral one, is more often a hindrance than asset in combat. Due to his nature, he would often take the blows meant for other opponents, getting somewhat injured himself. From a young age Jack could also be described as adventurous, as he wanted to engage in traveling the world to which he currently does as an adventurer with Nekomimi D. Haley.

Jack is also noted primarily by Haley to be compassionate, as he took care of the young girl prior to even knowing who she was. Whenever the two are in possession of any disposable income, the man isn’t reluctant to share with someone in need as he remembers his past as a thief that he often condemns when looking back on it. Jack is a rather absent-mined individual; often forgetting things easily such as bathing, and is often forced by Haley to do so. Jack is a little mischievous his past being a clear indication of this. Whereas most people would outgrow this, Jack is more than happy to play harmless tricks on anyone in his immediate area.

History Edit

Whereas a great deal of people fell victim to slavery often being separated from their families, Jack was an exception to this. About 21 years ago Jack was born on Notice Island, located somewhere in the north blue. Though a noble family purchased his father, they condemned the way others treated their slaves, and refused to submit him to the treatment that other were forced to letting live a rather peacefully life. Because of his father’s freedom, the man was free to interact with the family on a day to day basis, eventually striking a love affair with his “owner’s” daughter. Though free to interact with the family and others, the family condemned their relationship as the daughter was promised to another noble family’s son, and forbade the relationship from continuing. Despite the family’s opposition, the two continued their pursuit of one another, often rendezvousing late at night. Resulting from their escapades, the woman became pregnant, and was forced to live under the impression that the child belonged to her assigned lover, much to her dismay. Though the family condemned the premarital intercourse (in which the young woman was forced to engage in with her betrothed to keep from arousing suspicion) believing that the child was the noble’s son, gave them the hope they needed, believing that the marriage would be certain. After several months of pregnancy despite the young woman’s pessimistic views, she married the noble as her parents wanted.

Although the young woman was married, she continued to see her lover, and dreamed of a future in which the child could be taken care of by her and the true father. Shortly after, the woman gave birth to a son with silver-light blue hair, and red crimson eyes, similar to a familiar man. Realizing that the child wasn’t his, the woman’s husband ordered for the execution of her lover which would fail to carry through, as the man would escape capture. Because of the affair the nobleman divorced the woman, which led to her family being ostracized by society, leading them to ultimately falling from any political power they had. With only one plausible option for the family to return to power, the daughter left the island with her lover and child for a new home, Spider Miles.

With no money or ally in the foreign land, the family quickly found themselves inept and suffered greatly because of this. As a young child growing up in Spider Miles while suffering from poverty, Jack had limited options with his day, as he would primarily spend his time working various odd jobs with either of his parents to make ends meet. Because of the family’s poor living conditions. Jack’s mother would fall gravely ill. Due to the family’s lack of disposable income, Jack and his father were forced to work long hours sometimes around one hundred sixty hours a week, while only taking eight hours of the week to rest. One day while returning home the father and son bore witness to Jack’s mother’s wanted poster. Though she’d committed no crimes, the family that she once belonged to wished for the return of not only her, but her son who (regardless if they approved) would eventually become the family’s only heir as their only child, birthed only one child herself. Although there was no photo of the boy preset a clear description would lead to his identification, “With the woman is a child, containing wavy hair of the same color, and crimson red eyes” with the price set at Beli 1,000,000. for both individuals, the family would be targeted by most if not everyone that lived in the town. Despite the father’s opposition the ill mother would surrender herself, to allow the family to escape. With no qualms, the mother surrendered to people and eventually was returned home to Notice, while her husband and son were forced to take refuge elsewhere.

About a year after parting from his mother, another wanted poster erected with a bounty of one hundred thousand berries, for Jack’s father. Because of the constant running, Jack’s father would attempt to take his son back to his homeland of Dressrosa. Prior to being sold as a slave, Jack’s father served as a soldier, and was trained in basic combat skills. He in turn would teach Jack these various skills to protect himself if anything were to happen. While in the red line, the pair was confronted by numerous bounty hunters wanting to make a quick buck. Because of this, Jack’s father sacrificed himself to allow his son to escape. With no other location to go, the son was forced to board a boat which would eventually take him to Alabasta. With nothing but the bag on his back, the young child was forced to fend for himself traveling from place to place. Because of his lack of resources Jack would often steal from various venders, or even looting houses. After a theft gone wrong, the young boy no older than thirteen found himself being chased by the stall vender, who managed to corner the boy in an alley. After pulling a gun on the boy, he pleaded for his life. The vender though enraged took pity on the small boy, reached into the boy’s satchel, and threw a random fruit at the boy before taking back what was his. With no other food in his possession, Jack was forced to take the fruit. Unlike the other fruit that he stole this one had a very odd appearance, and an extremely bitter taste.

The following morning after consuming the fruit, Jack awoke in his isolated gutter, while waking to find he was accompanied by one glowing figure who appeared exactly like him. After some awkward glances towards one another, the glowing specter vanished without a trace. Jack first clasped his face with his hands to “wake” himself up, then clasped his hands together which in turn created a new glowing specter before his eyes. Within a matter of minutes, the specter vanished like the previous one, and another appeared when Jack clasped his hands again. Eventually coming to the realization that he’d been creating these specters, he began tossing whatever he could find towards it which in turn caught it, then threw it towards the boy’s face, almost breaking his nose in the process. Eventually leaving the alley with the specter in tow, the pair immediately took fruit from a caravan, and ran from the authorities that chased them. Handing the fruit to the Jack the glowing specter returned to the men chasing them, and suddenly exploded allowing Jack to escape.

After escaping authorities and managing to successfully steal fruit for a few years, a fifteen-year-old Jack would be confronted by a man that recognized him from Notice, even though Jack was merely an infant at the time. Noting that the boy contained his rare hair color, he informed the boy that he was good friends with his mother, slowly gaining the trust of him. After a brief conversation, the man disappeared instructing Jack to rendezvous with him in the same location in one month, in addition with leaving the boy with a sizable donation to secure the boy’s trust in him. One month passed and Jack returned to the location he met the man at a month prior, to find him waiting there. After removing an envelope from his bag, he gave Jack a photograph which contained a picture of his mother sitting alone in a room, while smiling forwards, so that Jack could see her face. Turning the photo around was a brief message written on it from his mother describing her love for him, and how deeply she missed her lost son. The man then gave Jack a satchel which contained a great deal of money from his mother, who she instructed him to use it to run farther away, as men would be coming to Nanohana after hearing of a blue-haired boy who’d been running lose around town. Taking another package from the man was a box that stood from the ground, to the waist of the tall teen. Opening the box, the boy pulled a sword that remained in its sheath, along with new clothing, and money. The boy then went onto writing a letter himself for the man to deliver to his mother, to have many questions answered the primary one being the fate of his father and why he wasn’t mentioned in his mother’s note. Continuing with the instructions on the letter, the boy hurried from his current location, taking refuge under the hull of a large boat, which left the port taking the child with it. As the boat left the country he lived alone in for the past five years of his life, he continued to read his mother’s note which instructed him to return to the rendezvous spot in Nanohana every seven months to meet with the informant.

Three years passed as the now seventeen-year-old Jack, wandered most of the Grand Line, and very few areas of the New World where there would be a less likely chance that he’d be followed. After returning the meet his mother’s informant and leaving Alabasta once again, the adolescent ended up making his way to the west blue, arriving at a small island known as Toroa. While wandering the streets with his satchel of money. He came across a small girl who appeared extremely famished as she was incapable of even begging him for anything he could spare. Taking a blanket from his satchel, he summoned a specter of himself to carry the bag for him, while he carried the girl in his arms. Approaching an inn, the three the two entered with the unconscious girl, to pay for a room that they could reside in. After the girl awoken the following day, she awoke to a plethora of food, and a sleeping Jack who reclined in a chair against the wall next to the bed. Waking him, the girl gave him her gratitude. Because of this, he welcomed her to join in on his meal to which he carefully monitored his behavior to keep the girl calm. With no person around who seemed like an ally to him, he conversed with the small girl eventually learning her name, Nekomimi D. Haley. Despite her reluctance to answer simple questions, he continued to talk to her, to drive out any information.

To avoid awkward silence, Jack conversed with the girl about his past, hoping to find any similarities between the two though he ended up finding none. After learning of the girl’s checkered past, the adolescent excused himself from the room, only to end up leaving the inn altogether. He returned hours later to find the girl still waiting for him at the table, while he entered the room, with a large bag in tow. Patting her on the head, he continued to remove items from his bag which he tossed down in front of her ranging from catnip, to what appeared to be mouse toys which caught her attention. Throwing things around the girl ran back and forth chasing the items, until eventually growing tired to which Jack placed her on the bed, while he sat back in his chair to sleep while leaning it against the wall, until falling from it, banging his head against the wall creating a small wound which bled against his hands as he tried covering it. The girl though worried remained calm, and removed his hands from his wound, to allow her access to it. The wound that existed a mere ten seconds ago had vanished, being replaced by skin like before. Still on the floor, the girl helped the man to his feet and lied him down in the bed, while she took a seat in his chair. The following morning, Jack awoke with the girl lying over him. The two would leave the inn, and eventually the town together. Over the past four years, the two have remained together regardless of what they are forced to deal with, while posing under the guise of freelancers.

Abilities Edit

Whereas most people from Notice are either a noble, or a slave; servants for both war and labor, Jack is a hybrid of the two (though regarded as a noble rather than a slave). From his earlier years as a thief, Jack is a considerably furtive person, as he would easily loot houses without being seen, even if the owners were asleep in it. He is also a considerably agile person as he can jump higher than a normal human, being able to easily scale walls that someone else would have to take a considerable amount of time to climb. Regarding his agility, he can easily climb to high areas and move around as if he were running on the ground.

As a Devil Fruit user, Jack has abilities that are impossible to be possessed by normal individuals who have not or yet to consume one themselves. To be involved in his line of work, he must do his best to remain as strong as possible, thus undergoing his own rigorous training exercises. In addition to his physical strength, he accompanies it with his abilities with various weapons, while having a proficient use of his Devil Fruit powers. Examples of these include Jack being able to attack an enemy with the sheath of his sword, which in turn sent them flying into a building.

As an adventurer who travels to various lands that have different customs and their own styles of fighting, he often picks up various fighting techniques to add to his own arsenal. Shortly before fleeing Aabasat, received a sword from a man which was a gift directly from his mother. To this day, Jack often carries around the sword, which lies under the black sash on his kimono. Whilst on his journey he watched various swords masters, and learned some techniques from them, or attempted them on his own despite most of them having an unsuccessful result. Despite his lack of success in creating his own fighting style, he has shown to have a proficient use of fighting with weapons whether it be a sword, or any random object he can find. He also uses the sheath of his sword in one hand, while utilizing his sword in the other.

Devil Fruit Edit

Due to consuming the Ningyō Ningyō No Mi, Jack at a young age was granted the ability to create clones of himself or various objects or people upon will. Originally, he used his ability to assist in his heist, for his clones could serve as diversions, and extra manpower to carry larger quantities of goods. His first shown use of his powers was when he summoned one to help him steal fruit as a test run, until it gave him the fruit to distract the guards so that Jack could escape. The clone he created shortly detonated upon approaching the men. To perfect his abilities, he would train diligently; creating many clones to test his skills and stealing more often. Completely on accident one day, Jack created a clone to help him steal from a fruit cart which ended in a failure, as the clones phased through the fruit and the stand entirely. As the men attempted to chase Jack after witnessing him take the fruit, the clone detonated releasing a bright light which blinded his pursuers, allowing him to escape.

The years following the consumption of his devil fruit Jack’s use over his abilities to the point in which he can detonate his replicas upon will, and create multiple uses for them. Whether he’s fighting an opponent or not Jack can use them for any ordinary tasks, ranging from helping him mow lawns to carrying a great quantity of items. When replicating objects like small rocks, Jack can replicate these in a large variety which can substitute for what can seem like small gunshots when detonating against an enemy. After meeting Nekomimi D. Haley, Jack continued to devise new techniques that he can use to ensure her safety.

When replicating an ally (the most common example being Haley), Jack enables them to evade attacks that would hit them. Because of Haley’s regenerative properties, Jack has no trouble with her providing DNA samples (hair follicles), as he creates replicas of her to push her away from attacks, or to distract an enemy to allow her to attack them. When combining a sample with a substance such as stones the clone itself is rendered immobile. If one were to be summoned, a blast from enemies would simply be negated as it destroys the stone replica without inflicting damage to either the one it was clones from, or Jack. When creating a replica made of pure ice, the clone can halt attacks by freezing over an enemy’s weapon or fist trapping it, allowing the one who evaded the attack to deliver a successful strike. As a paramecia type fruit, the user can be effected in any way, if what he creates is damaged as well.

Techniques Edit

  • Multiply (かける Kakeru, literally meaning “To Put On”): One of Jack’s most commonly used skills; he can generate clones of himself for various tasks. With his rather menial tasks, Jack would summon a few clones to assist him from mowing lawns, to carry heavy objects. When in battle, Jack will summon clones to assist him by overwhelming their opponent. He can also utilize his clones to spar with whenever he feels the desire to. When creating intangible clones, he can create more at one time than tangible ones, while still retaining the ability to maneuver on his own unlike when summoning tangible ones that he needs to control.
  • Fabricator (製作者 Seisaku-sha, literally meaning “The Producer”): When coming into contact with another, Jack can generate clones of that person, and utilize them to his advantage. When generating clones at a distance, Jack must utilize a material that pertains to this specific individual. When generating a clone of them from a distance, Jack typically does this to allow their ally to evade various attacks. When generating clones instead of letting them retain their ordinary glow, Jack can utilize other items when generating clones such as combining ice with the DNA samples, to make the clone of ice.
  • Photo Copy (写真のコピー Shashin no kopī, literally “Copy Photos”): When creating intangible clones, Jack can nearly double the amount he creates than with tangible one’s without the need to control them. Similar to how Jack creates tangible clones, Jack can make intangible clones which commonly act as a distraction towards an enemy. Intangible clones can also detonate like their counterpart, but do not inflict damage towards opponents. Instead, the clones can emit a bright light which can momentarily blind enemies.
  • Rock Blast (爆破 Bakuha, literally “Blow Up”): Jack replicates various pebbles that he uses to throw towards various opponents, which can detonate upon contact. Because of their small size the explosions can do little damage if left alone, but can give a great deal of damage if launched in succession.

Physical Prowess Edit

Obvious by the sheer size of him, Jack is a physically strong individual, and can accomplish feats that others might see as impossible. At a young age after separating from his mother, Jack and his father would travel from island to island, to avoid his capture. At a certain point, Jack’s father would teach him how to defend himself seeing that there might be a possibility that they would be separated from one another, a fate that ended up becoming true. Around an age no older than nine years old, Jack showed a great deal of promise as he was quite strong for a child. Though merely a nine year old child, Jack was rather large for his age and possessed enough strength to lift objects nearly five times his size. Because his father worried for him and saw the potential the boy had, he forced him to train on a near daily basis by completing basic exercises.

After being separated by his father, Jack was forced to fend for himself in Alabasta, taking whatever measures that he deemed necessary. Although ten years old, Jack relied on the skills he obtained while training under his father to steal food, clothing, money, or whatever he needed to get by. Because of his actions, he eventually became a rather talented thief it being evident that despite being poor and orphaned, he appeared to be well fed to the point where one would assume that he was a normal child being cared for by loving parents. Though facing several instances with close calls and even being spotted taking food on several occasions, the young boy was capable of being swift footed and avoided capture due to his agility. Because of his training, Jack increased his speed and stamina, allowing him to run great distances over a longer period of time.

Unlike ordinary men, Jack can hear slightly better than most people, which played pivotal roles in his stealing as he could hear anyone approaching him. On average, Jack can jump three times his height, which allows him to scale buildings or tall walls without having the use his hands to climbs them. Because of his actions as a thief sneaking into numerous houses even while the occupants were home, allowed him to develop the necessary skills to operate silently making him a rather furtive individual. His skills only continued to improve, even after consuming the Ningyō Ningyō No Mi which he would often replicate himself, and detonate them around others to act as some sort of blinding light.

After leaving Alabasta with the new materials he possessed and his devil fruit powers, he would wander briefly around the west blue, until reaching Paradise in the Grand Line. Though referred to as Paradise the area still contains a plethora of enemies and bounty hunters, that Jack was forced to hide himself from. Because of this, Jack would be forced to improve, to better defend himself. By utilizing his powers for however long he could, he would summon multiple clones to spar with. Though no martial artist by any means, Jack has a pretty basic style of fighting; punch something, and making sure that you hit it. Though its rather simple, its usually very effective as Jack’s strength plays a pivotal role, as he can easily break another’s bone with a hard-enough punch. Aside from sparring with multiple versions of himself, he would use other methods, such as striking trees and or rocks as if they were punching bags, eventually being able to knock over tree or punch through rocks.

When traveling across various lands, Jack comes across new people with a variety of abilities, which one could tell supersedes his own with a simple glance, even if Jack were to use his powers which would normally overwhelm others. Though young the fifteen year old boy contained a great deal of strength and equal potential, as he studied the fighting styles of numerous masters while journeying from town to town. Eventually running out of money that his mother provided for him, Jack would perform odd jobs to sustain himself as opposed to his original tactics; stealing. Through this, Jack could improve his abilities, while engaging in activities that didn’t involve him being chased by the authorities (for any illicit activity that is). Though the tasks were often menial, he would be faced with rather challenging tasks, that would often have him prove his skills in combat. Once completing the tasks, he would receive currency, and in turn use it to pay instructors to teach him as he traveled from town to town.

After the years of wandering isolated, he would meet a girl, later identified as Nekomimi D. Haley. As the two traveled together they formed a bond that Jack has never had before, due to the lack of childhood friends since he was more concerned with staying alive than making any. To protect his new friend, he would operate under the guise of a freelancer along with her, making a steady career of it. As a freelancer, Jack continues to undergo rather rigorous training exercises to allow himself, to perform the best he can. He can also be noted to have strength that can bite a sword in half

Jack biting a sword in half.

. Because of his rigorous training, Jack has built up a higher level of endurance, an example being him being stuck with weapons and not noticing (depending on how severe the injury is). In addition to his commendable agility and immense strength, Jack is noted to be a rather adequate weapons fighter. Though Jack is a rather fast individual who can jump heights often immeasurable, he is a rather stiff individual, lacking any flexibility which is considered somewhat common for a man of his stature.

Weapon Skills Edit

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Jack attacking an opponent with the sheath.

Due to traveling to various lands and learning from different masters, Jack has experience with a variety of weapons, from swords to long staffs. Although he’s absolutely no expert by any means, he’s rather capable of using various weapons with some skill and can make a weapon out of any objects he picks up around him. Despite being an unorthodox weapon, Jack is extremely proficient with using the sheath of his sword, rather than the actual blade. Rather than unsheathing the sword, Jack simply strikes an opponent as hard as he can. Despite the sheath being a rather heavy which stops the actual sword from fulfilling its purpose, Jack can treat the sheath as a blunt instrument which can deal a devastating blow if it were to strike another’s face. In relation to his actual sword, Jack can place the sheath in one hand while holding his sword in the other, acting as if he’s wielding two swords at once.

Aside from his sword and sheath, he can use somewhat long staffs, and or lances to fight with. In terms of other weapons that he can use from a range, he often utilizes objects from a simple can, to a small boat. Because of his innate strength, Jack can utilize numerous heavily materials with ease, and even replicate them only to detonate them upon reaching an opponent, or even trapping something under its weight. In other instances, involving smaller objects, Jack can replicate them to launch towards opponents to act as many small explosions which can yield a great deal of damage if done in succession. With regards to him observing the traditional fighting methods of various people from various lands, Jack has an ever-expanding arsenal of fighting styles that he can use.

Regarding other objects that he uses as weapons, is extremely proficient in utilizing staffs, which he in facts hides under his Yukata directly above his tail. Believing it to be a rather “cool” weapon, Jack takes a particular interest in it. Because of his affinity towards it, he would more likely be seen utilizing this weapon whenever faced with an opponent that makes Jack feel as though he would fail to win. Though he is fighting at his best when utilizing tis, he tends to avoid using it as to not damage it beyond repair. Aside from the weapons he normally uses Jack has an emotion tie with both this, and the sword he carries around and affectionally has named them both; the sword simply being his mother’s name Mai, while his staff is referred to as “Suns”, or “Power Stick” by Haley.

Mai Edit

Though it normally remains sheathed, Mai is considered to be Jack’s “runner-up” weapon in regards to Suns, despite the fact that he uses this one more often. Though he’s no expert swordsman, Jack has a proficient user and can effectively battle an opponent while utilizing Mai. When remained sheathed Jack treats the sword as a blunt instrument, allowing him to deal devastating blows towards opponents. When unsheathed, Mai is treated as a normal sword; being used for stabbing, cutting, or slicing. In addition to Jack wielding an unsheathed Mai, he utilizes the sheath itself in his free hand, and treats it as though he wields dual swords. Jack is also noted to be strong enough to push his pierce enemies or objects with the sword while it’s sheathed. In terms of the swords appearance, its handle is made entirely of wood, with the sheath being made of the same substance with a small message inscribed by Jack’s mother which reads, “I Love You”. When unsheathed the sword itself is made of stainless steel, which shines brightly in the light and can even have others see their reflection off it.

Suns Edit

Being Jack’s weapon of choice when needed, he is the most skilled in utilizing this than any other weapon. Due to his interest in the staff, he thought of the design and paid a great deal of money, to have it made. Since it hides under his yukata, it is retractable; being held together by golden chains, while having many altercations to it. When utilizing the entire staff, he can easily spin it around his body and flow effortlessly. Though light, the staff itself can serve as a blunt instrument, and serve multiple other weapons. While still in its retracted form, he the staff can serve as nunchaku, delivering many blows in recession, but dealing less damage than his staff does. A third and final altercation to the weapon is while it’s in its nunchaku form, it can also act as a lever action shotgun, and fire bullets from a magazine that’s inserted in the bottom. While being a shotgun in its nunchaku form, it can serve the same purpose while being shaped like a staff but uses more bullets while having a much shorter range, making this a less favorable design.

In its long form, it stands rather high almost reaching Jack’s chin, making it taller than Haley when standing up. It is primarily red, with many gold rings adorning it, and two triggers along each side, which allows the staff to either fire or collapse. In its nunchaku/gun form, it takes the form of two shotguns connected by a golden chain, while retaining its unique colors. When fully collapsed, it appears as four red bars which he hides under his yukata.

Relationships Edit

Nekomimi D. Haley Jack and Haley are considerably close to one another, it being evident as Jack will place Haley’s importance above all else. After meeting her in an alley in Toroa, Jack without knowing the girl did his best to help her and nurse her back to health. Learning of her past, Jack would go to buy her numerous gifts, and even revealing his past as a thief to her before learning a thing about her. His kindness towards her would be reciprocated fully as the girl would reveal her past to him, and heal him after he sustained a head injury. The following morning Jack would awake to the girl in his bed with him, a practice done by her with those who earn her trust. Though a day long encounter, the two would travel from island together only expanding their knowledge of one another, thus growing closer as a result.

Though a pervert by heart, Jack tends not to look upon Haley with lust as he does other woman, one reason being their extremely close relationship. Despite his general attitude towards her, he does have moments in which his mind wanders giving into his vulgar thoughts, primarily when she sleeps beside him which most woman would do with a man they love. As close friends, something Jack has not had during most of his childhood, he tends to be overprotective of Haley, examples being when he chases away men that he feels want to take advantage of her. When walking with Haley, he has a tendency of carrying her on either his back or in his arms which seems to annoy her, while also gaining her admiration since someone shows another person that level of affection. Despite her ability to heal after a basic attack, Jack tends to get in the way of attacks which were meant for her, as it is rather a move based on impulse rather than one based on any form of logic. It’s rather obvious when Jack is angered, as his eyes can be clear indications of this. His anger is normally if not almost always sparked after he learns of an individual ill intent towards Haley.

Trivia Edit

  • Jack’s appearance is based from Gintoki Sakata of the Gintama series.
  • Both his devil fruit powers and his weapon of choice (Suns) are based off the character Sun Wukong which Jack also receives his surname from, from the RWBY series.