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Really now? You're gonna try and reject our captain's orders?! It's like becoming his enemy, THIS IS HERESY!
— Parker screams at a rebel Monk pirate.
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"Payback" William Parker[2] is a Pirate[1] and crewmember of the Monk Pirates, serving as one of the crew's Aces. Being the Ace of Diamonds (好個内野 (ダイヤモンドのエース) Daiyamondo no Ēsu),[1] he is ranked just below the Jokers despite taking direct orders from the captain at times. Neverthless, Parker still respects the rest of the crew and strives to guide them to victory, being a man who puts the priorities of the Monks and the Captain above all else.

As the leader of the Suit of Diamonds division, Parker is the best when it comes to Devil Fruit powers, possessing the powers of the Dogi Dogi no Mi.

Appearance Edit

Parker is often described by those around him as a very formal person, who keeps a straight face for most of the time. His eyes are sharp and have red pupils, in contrast to his silver hair, which is long and is kept in a ponytail by a blue lace, said ponytail hanging on front of his right shoulder and reaching his chest. Parker has bangs of his hair framing the sides of his face, while the top of the hair is quite wild. His skin stands between pale and tanned, although, it still allows his hair color to stand out. Parker's face has a round triangular shape, going along with the rest of his sharp features.

Parker is very tall, standing at 7'8" feet, something which helps with imposing his authority.[5] His weight is also relative to his height, it being 285 pounds. His body is well built, having defined muscles as a result of his physical regimen, although this is mostly covered by the outfit he wears.

Parker dons a rather odd set of clothes. He uses a white formal shirt with high collar, which is buttoned up and accompanied by a blue tie, while for his lower body he has dark dress pants and black boots with white soles. Covering most of this, Parker has a blue trench coat which has white borders, the interior being a darker shade of blue, large cuffs and a high collar that is left free. The coat has long and odd, dark markings which are distributed in a diagonal pattern, from the left shoulder and arm to the right side of the coat, going around Parker's body. The coat reaches down to his knees. Parker uses a long golden belt which rounds his body twice, it has four-point stars all across it and is tied by a round buckle, two edges left hanging. The upper part of the coat is not closed, thus leaving part of his shirt and tie visible. Finally, Parker is almost always seen with his usual pair of glasses.


Personality Edit

QUICK! Do a thousand push-ups as apologies for Captain!!!
— Parker demands at Pierrot.[5]

Parker is very strict, formal, and tends to yell a lot to get his point across. He is to be extremely loyal towards his captain, the Yonko Daikaku, showing off a no-nonsense demeanor as he focuses on completing the crew's objectives. This is shown in the form of him screaming at his colleagues, even someone with high rank such as Pierrot, by demanding them to do ridiculous tasks as apologies.[5][6] Parker seemingly has no exception for his punishments, ordering himself to do exercizes when he thought he disturbed his crew's sleep.[7] He would go as far as to complain even to the Marines themselves, screaming at them for interrupting the Monks' departure.[8] Parker often checks on the other crew members, seeing if they are in need of any guidance.[9]

He thinks people need to solely work during their work hours, and can rest later if they managed to use this time.[6]


Parker gasps at Pierrot's honesty.

Once he learned that Pierrot purposefully slowed down the ship, Parker nearly burst out in fury, holding it in with such intenseness that his senses almost went out, although due to the shock he could only gasp and look at Pierrot in a comic way. Hearing that Pierrot truly cared for the crew and seeing his responsibility upon dealing with another Yonko's subordinate, Parker could calm down.[10] However, he would make the same face again when Pierrot went back to playing around and let Parker deal with the Marines, all the while calling him a special girl. Although, this time Parker quickly recomposed himself and went straight to business, even giving his glasses to the Joker.[11] Parker also tends to furiously fix his glasses whenever he is shouting at someone, doing so with his left index and middle fingers.[6]

Parker seems to accumulate a lot of stress throughout a single day, although this mostly happens because he lets himself be too bothered. When he relieved himself of all his stress with the use of his powers, Parker felt delightful at the destruction he caused and breathed while peacefully smiling.[12] In fact, he was so at peace that, instead of screaming as he does normally, Parker merely muttered his words.


Parker feels someone's disrespect.


As with most characters, Parker possesses a unique laughing style, which is expressed as "Fuhuhahahaha!".[13]

Relationships Edit

Monk PiratesEdit


Parker gasping at some members' antics.


Daikaku: Parker is extremely loyal to his Captain. He implies that he knows how the captain truly feels at times, indicating that Daikaku doesn't show his real emotions often when it comes to the crew members failing. This shows that Parker truly cares about Daikaku and has known him for quite some time. He was willing to accompany Pierrot to Elbaf so that the negotiations held there ought to be successful and showed himself to be really annoyed when he saw that the Candelabra was late at its arrival.[5]

Pierrot: Despite Pierrot being a rank above him, Parker is not against berating him for his annoying and reckless actions, something which he does often.[5] However, Parker still seems to trust Pierrot heavily. When the latter showed that he had not let their trip be in vain by getting a Den Den Mushi of another Yonko, Parker started to calm down. Parker lent his glasses to Pierrot so he could take care of them while he confronted eight marine ships alone.[14]


Tyberius: Although Tyberius is not part of his Suit Division, Parker has no problem with having him tag along. In fact, Parker goes as far as to openly say that he admires the dedication the man puts into doing things. This doesn't hold Parker from cutting off Tyberius' happy-go-lucky attitude at partying with the Giants, doing so because it was a serious situation.[15]

Arc D. Jacques:



Powers & Abilities Edit

Possessing the rank of Ace of Diamonds in the Monk Pirates, Parker is without a doubt one of the strongest individuals in the crew, being just below the Captain himself and the Twin Jokers, his authority is second only to the Yonko's. Being the Ace, Parker has control over the entire Suit of Diamonds, an immense army of Devil Fruit users that is capable of overpowering the armies of whole nations.[1]

On his own, Parker managed to single-handedly defeat a hundred of marine soldiers, a few captains, and Commodore Bigdwun and destroy eight warships in a single attack, without sustaining any visible injury.[16] He seemingly does this on a regular basis due to the many fleets who have been deployed to follow the Monks in the past, with Bigdwun complaining that there have been dozens.[17][18] His mere shouts are enough to shake foundations and regions of a large island, although, this is probably enhanced with his powers.[19]


Physical Prowess Edit

Befitting of his status, Parker's physical might is amongst the greatest within the New World, evidenced by his well built body and myriad of conquests. He is capable of generating town-devastating shockwaves with simple movements, such as work-outs, or even through his vocals. In regards to his actual attacks, the consequences are much catastrophic to the surrounding environment, even though the focus is on delivering damage to the opponent. When actively trying, Parker can cause large vacuums with his blows.

Parker is incredibly fast, despite his large size and muscled frame. He can close the distance of an entire island within seconds and causes gusts of winds with his dashes, making his figure blurr and appear everywhere as if he was teleporting around. His speed is such that Parker can counter-act the own vacuums he creates and bend them before they ever drag anything in.

As shown on his fight against an entire fleet of Marines led by Bigdwun, Parker can endure immense quantities of pain. He took the blunt of hundreds of rifle shots and cannon balls head on without even flinching, although he absorbed their energy Parker still felt the pain of being hit, even if for a moment.[20][16]

Parker also possesses inhuman endurance. He is capable of doing exercizes with single limbs for the duration of many hours, without visibly sweating.[7]

Ways of Combat Edit

Devil Fruit Edit

Main article: Dogi Dogi no Mi

Parker ate the Dogi Dogi no Mi, a Paramecia-type of Devil Fruit which enables him to control Kinetic energy by absorbing, shifting and releasing it on his own will. The energy, once in Parker's command, takes on a deep blue color. Once the reserves of energy absorbed by him reach high amounts, Parker's muscle mass begins to grow slowly and will only go back to normal once he releases energy.[20]

Haki Edit



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History Edit


The Problem ChildEdit

Becoming an OutlawEdit

Becoming a MonkEdit

New Tides SagaEdit

Operation at ElbafEdit

Main article: Operation: Elbaf

An envoy of the Monk Pirates was tasked with traveling to Elbaf and dealing business within the Country. However, due to Pierrot's doing, the ship of Candelabra had its movements stalled and thus didn't reach the Island before the Royal Wedding finished.

Parker, Pierrot and Tyberius dock at the borders of the Country of Elbaf, the latter excited to see the parties being hosted by the Giants. However, his happiness is soon cut short by Parker's shouting at Pierrot as he keeps berating the Joker for the loss of various opportunities due to their stall. Parker keeps his demands at Pierrot who brushes them to Tyberius, giving time for the former to interrogate one of the subordinates of the Yonko Legs. Pierrot gets a Den Den Mushi pertaining to the Yonko herself, prompting him to inquire what sort of negotiations they could have. With nothing to do at Elbaf, the Monks depart only to be intercepted by a Marine Fleet led by Commodore Bigdwun. Parker confronts the Marines and makes quick work of them with the use of his devil fruit powers and the Monks depart shortly afterward.

Yonko Wars SagaEdit

Defending FleuruneEdit

Main article: Drawing Card

Arms at HandEdit

Bounty Edit

"Payback" Parker[2]

To be added soon

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small50,000,000 -
  • ??? Bounty: Beli Small???,000,000 -

Quotes Edit

Major Battles Edit

  • Parker vs. Several Marine Fleets — Win
  • Parker vs. Bigdwun & Marine Fleet — Win
  • Parker vs. Bambina — Ongoing

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Invel Yura from the Fairy Tail Series.
  • He shares his name with the real pirate and privateer, William Parker.[21]

  • Parker is the youngest member of the Aces, as well as the youngest commander, of the Monk Pirates.[22]

  • Parker's theme is shown to be Blue Demon, reflecting his overall attitude.[23]


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