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Wybert is a pirate, and the Ace of Spades for the Monk Pirates. He is known as Sword Otaku due to his love of swords.


Wybert is a short, muscular man who has dark skin. He has brown eyes that are hidden behind yellow sunglasses and big lips. His hair his black, and very curly, which he has styled as a mohawk down the center and sticking out to the sides in the back of his head at the bottom. This looks similar to a three dimensional, upside down "J". On the sides of his mohawk, where his hair is kept short, he has dyed it lime green in order to match his sword grip. He wears a loose, black shirt without any sleeves that has a lime green lining. Over top of this, he wears a puffy white vest that has a black rhomboidal pattern along the bottom. On his legs, he has loose black pants, which are held up by a lime green sash. On his feet are zōri and white tabi.







Wybert's ultimate prized possession, Clarent (クラレント Kurarento) is one of the 21 O Wazamono grade swords, and is also a cursed sword. The blade is pitch black, lacking any hamon. It's guard is a plain oval, while it's grip is lime green. Because he wants to take the absolute best care of this sword as possible, instead of keeping it in a sheath, he has a container that is filled with high quality oil to keep it in. The blade sits in the oil, while the guard gets stopped by the top of the container, preventing the rest of the katana from going into the liquid. This container has two straps that go around his shoulders so he can carry it around.

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  • His appearance is based off of Nimaiya Ōetsu from Bleach.