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You've broken the quiet peace you shared with us. Now, let me show you...the true meaning of our country's name. Hundun — the primordial chaos — will descend upon you!
— Xiao Feng's ambition.
"A silent fury seethes across his blade."

Xiao Feng (嘯風 Xiào Fēng?, Literally meaning "Howling Wind") is a Pirate who hails from the destroyed Kingdom of Hundun. He was formerly its Crown Prince, specifically, its seventh in line. However, his prodigal skills were noticed by his father, thus causing him to have preferential treatment over his other siblings. However, following his temporary departure from the island for search of greater power, he would return to see his country shattered. Later, the cause of this was shown to be a Buster Call spearheaded by an unnamed Vice Admiral and several of his colleagues. His desire for the humiliation of the Marines and revival of his country has lead him to pursue piracy. Xiao Feng's overwhelming skills, particularly in regards to his signature Busoshoku Haki technique, have made him renown as the Right Hand of God (神の右手 Kami no Migite?). In addition, Xiao Feng's incredible swordsmanship has made him well-regarded as the Dancing Sword (舞刀 Butō?).

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Xiao Feng's general appearance.

Xiao Feng, as a former Crown Prince, bears an aura of nobility that isn't normally found in others of his age group. The young man stands tall in the face of all adversity, refusing to bow his head unless he is greeting someone of equal status. In accordance to his status, Xiao Feng's physical features — from head to toe — are clearly quite refined and groomed when compared to an ordinary Pirate. In fact, Xiao Feng has stated that, despite his home's destruction, he does not forgo his grooming routine in remembrance of his late mother, who often insisted for Xiao Feng to be well groomed for any occasion.

In terms of actual physical features, the most distinguishing thing about Xiao Feng would be his hair. It is black, but with an almost onyx shade, and is quite lengthy. It flows down to his back, being tied up in a ponytail at his neck so it doesn't get in his way. At his forehead, locks travel down to his eyes in thin sections, but the majority of his fringe is parted to his left, with two bangs hanging just underneath his chin. Complimenting his hair are his slate grey eyes, which are noted to have a very fierce disposition on a normal occasion, primarily due to the silent anger he exhibits as a result of his circumstances. Likewise, his facial features are quite pronounced. He has oddly pointy ears — something that his brothers made fun of — a thin nose, thin lips and a highly chiseled facial structure, with a particular focus on his accentuated jawline.

Xiao Feng's physical build isn't anything extraordinary, especially given his status and his combat abilities. He is quite lean and of slightly above-average height. However, hidden underneath his seemingly lanky build is a highly toned musculature. His muscles are focused around his abdominal region in the form of a six-pack and tightened chest, although he clearly has firm arms and legs in order for his combat to work effectively. Given his training, Xiao Feng's primary focus was on strength of will. Therefore, what he lacks in the supernatural strength common among Pirates of his status, he makes up for in sheer combat skill and strength of his Haki.

Xiao Feng's most common attire highlights practicality while mixed with style. Its primary feature is a long black jacket that goes down to his knees, with a high collar that has golden trimming on the top and at its center. Underneath is a white dress shirt that he wears without tucking it in, with a black tie that is fittingly kept around his neck. His lower-body wear is a simple pair of black dress pants, kept fastened by a silver-buckled belt. Meanwhile, his footwear is a pair of black shoes. Unlike most swordsmen, he normally keeps his sword on-hand. However, should he need to secure it in other methods for any means, he often keeps it diagonal, with the hilt facing left upwards for unsheathing ease. To do this properly, he ties a black sash around his torso.

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Xiao Feng's naturally confident demeanor.


Xiao Feng, the executioner.


Xiao Feng's — literally — boiling anger.

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Xiao Feng maneuvering on walls.

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Xiao Feng effortlessly knocking out a Bounty Hunter with Shoushen.

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Xiao Feng's incredible destructive power.

Xiao Feng, unlike most of his contemporaries, is an extremely talented swordsman. His skills were recognized through his tutorship underneath Bounty Hunter Moorcroft Albert, who himself is a remarkably skilled swordsman. As is the nature of most swordsmen of his status, Xiao Feng's own skills enable him to effortlessly cut through large structures such as ships and complex terrain like forests with relative ease. Such power is drawn from Xiao Feng's materialization of "combat will" (戦志 senshi?), alternatively regarded as the "Power of Destruction" (破壊力 Hakairyoku?). Coincidentally, this force of will was heavily expounded upon in his earlier training, thus giving him a head-start in his swordsmanship skill: when combined with the martial art maneuvers he has been taught since he was a child, Xiao Feng can be classified as a swordsman of a monstrous level.


Xiao Feng flawlessly combining his sheath with his swordplay.

Due to Xiao Feng's mastery of Wushuang Quanwu, he only employs his swordsmanship against those opponents who give him a particularly strenuous time, or Marines he wishes to truly kill. This is because of his personal philosophy that his blade should not be used on those who have committed no ill against him or his country. Accordingly, Xiao Feng normally employs what is described as the Sheathed Sword Style (収まる太刀の型 Osamaru Tachi no Kata?). As made clear from the style's name, it involves the use of one's sword while it's still within its sheath. While normally a counterproductive style due to the evident weight of the sword and its sheath contributing to a difficulty in swing, Xiao Feng's consistent practice makes these effects negligible. By holding the blade's hilt with his right hand and subtly maneuvering the sheath with his left hand by pushing movements, Xiao Feng can manipulate the sheath with ease and great speed. Even while using a single hand, Xiao Feng has demonstrated the strength necessary to cut through ordinary swords with a single, highly concentrated slash. Xiao Feng reveals that most of this style was borrowed from his mentor, although he only more recently utilized its more flair-based aspects in combat. Specifically, Xiao Feng maneuvers the sheath in obscure geometric patterns in order to confuse the enemy's vision, subsequently striking at critical periods where the opponents are unable to respond in order to maximize his damage output and increase his chances for victory by several-fold.

When the man finds it necessary to truly draw his blade, the entire tide of his battle can change in an instant. Xiao Feng's swordsmanship, above anything else, possesses extraordinary speed and control. Most enemies would find it extremely difficult to react to his swordsmanship properly, for the most they would witness is flickers of light that cut through anything they come into contact with. Besides his speed, Xiao Feng is noted for the smoothness of his technique. He can swiftly change attacking forms – from slashes to thrusts – without the intermediate stance that is normally required to do this successfully. This is primarily because, over the course of his advancement in the martial arts, the necessity for a true stance has been mostly abandoned. After all, Xiao Feng's center of gravity and footwork are always stabilized. Should Xiao Feng purposely open himself up to commit himself totally to offense, it would be one of the few occasions where one could break through his almost hypnotic swordplay. The style that Xiao Feng employs when he truly wields his blade is named the Dancing River Style (舞川流 Maigawa-ryū?).


Xiao Feng's masterful swordsmanship combined with Kenbunshoku Haki

Xiao Feng's defensive skills, despite seemingly being an irrelevant point to his enemies, are a profound part of his swordsmanship. Due to his mastery over Wushuang Quanwu and its naturally defensive nature, the only thing that alters when used through the man's swordsmanship is his reach. As a result, Xiao Feng can take on dozens of enemies at a single time and seamlessly defeat them all without having to exert even the slightest bit of extra effort. Given that his defensive swordsmanship is so intricately tied in with his Wushuang Quanwu form, it is undoubted that the majority of his prowess stems from his successful use of Kenbunshoku Haki. However, it is ultimately Xiao Feng's physical prowess that enables him to capitalize on this advantage so easily. His defensive swordsmanship is characterized by his stationary position. He keeps his left foot behind his right and keeps his hand resting on the hilt of his sword at all times. Upon drawing the blade at blistering speeds – a skill garnered from Iai training – Xiao Feng's sword seemingly reaches all directions and angles within the blink of an eye. Besides his incredible speed, Xiao Feng attributes this skill to the subtle movements of his wrist. Through his advanced bodily control, specifically when considering the rotary functions of the wrist, he is capable of moving his sword in nearly any angle with little effort, making even hordes of bullets nothing more than child's play to the man.


Xiao Feng's blistering offense.

On the other end, Xiao Feng's offensive skills are extraordinary as well. In a similar vein to his defense, Xiao Feng is capable of utilizing his sword with extraordinary finesse even when bombarding his opponents with an onslaught of attacks. Like a river, his attacks come one after another with no delay in between, adjusting their current based on the opposition he is facing. This seamless style is...


  • Sheathed Sword Style: Rhinoceros Stampede (収まる太刀の型・犀潰走 Osamaru Tachi no Kata: Saikaisō?): While the Sheathed Sword Style primarily emphasizes retaining the blade within the sheath, certain techniques enable one to inch the blade out of the sheath. One of these is the Rhinoceros Stampede. As the name indicates, it is a technique that involves charging towards the opponent with the hilt facing the opponent — representing a rhinoceros' horn. Upon closing the distance, Xiao Feng will instantly draw his sword at such high speed that, even without fully drawing it, the impact from the collision of the sword's hilt to his enemy will cause them to be blown aback. If hitting a vital area like the ribs, heart or even the head, it can cause permanent internal damage. However, Xiao Feng most often uses this technique to disable an opponent by targeting their dominant limb(s).

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Xiao Feng's Busoshoku Haki tearing up the environment.

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Yitian Jian in its chamber.

Yitian Jiang (倚天劍 Yǐtiān Jiàn?, Literally meaning "Heaven-Reliant Blade") is an ancestral sword of the Hundun passed onto Xiao Feng since his first departure from the kingdom earlier on his life by his father. It is a sword that was meant to symbolize the greatest warrior among the Kings, which Xiao Feng was recognized as by his father. The blade is a Saijo O Wazamono-classed Meito...

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Xiao Feng was born into the Hundun Kingdom as a Crown Prince, specifically the seventh in line to the throne. As such, the majority of his early life had him be overshadowed by his elder brothers. Given that the Queen was incapable of producing any children after him, his father's attention was often placed onto his first three children. However, even though the siblings closer in age to him should have been empathetic to his cause, they were not. Their lack of attention by the Queen and King left them to take out their anger mostly on Xiao Feng. In accordance to the behavior by his siblings, Xiao Feng mostly kept to himself.


Xiao Feng meeting his master, Xuan Wu.

Whence his training began, Xiao Feng was assigned his master, Xuan Wu. Xuan Wu was the youngest of the Wushuang Quanwu masters in the kingdom, for he was recently assigned after completing his military service in a recent expedition with the Marines. Therefore, Xuan Wu was a lot more empathetic to the young Xiao Feng, whose timidity made the first meeting much more complicated than necessary. He refused to go out of his chambers when called upon and Xuan Wu actually forced himself inside of Xiao Feng's room in order to meet the young man. However, despite the efforts he had to go through, Xuan Wu greeted Xiao Feng with a smile, and appropriately said: "Wushuang Quanwu will truly fit someone as timid as yourself, my Prince. Next time, please do come down to the courtyard, and I shall teach you the essence of the art."'

With that being said, Xiao Feng had a surprising...

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