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"Sadistic is what Yeager means."EmperorSigma

"Ice Queen Yeager" or just Yeager (イェーガーズ, Yeager) is the captain of the Frostbite Pirates, as well as a former member of the Shichibukai. She held a former bounty of at least Beli150,000,000 before it was ultimately frozen, then after the World Government discovered her ties with Sengoku she was thrown into Impel Down.

Appearance Edit

Yeager Full

Yeager's full appearance.

Yeager is the tall, skinny, and perfect shaped woman of nearly every man's dreams. Her eyes are a luxurious ice blue color, a rare color for anyone's eyes to take, with a nose that is little and snubbed towards the end. Yeager's skin tone is much more pale compared to her bother, Sengoku Iori. Her hair is long, which is a preexisting trait within her family. Although, it is exceptionally longer than her brother, father, and mother. Her hair reaches to about roughly her calf muscle, with a somewhat wicked design to it. While most of it reaches her calf muscles, the front comes over he face spiky. She has two bangs which rest on her shoulder, and the overall color of her hair is a sky blue. Her mother has stated that Yeager's hair, when she was younger, would drag along the floor which forced her to cut it. Though, even after she'd cut it, within just two short months, it would all just grow back.

Yeager has long healthy legs, but somewhat short arms. Over her torso, is a mini skirt shirt; a mini dress. It covers her torso completely and cuts off at the upper arm. However, after explaining her outfit to Elijah, it doesn't cut off it instead goes all the way down to her wrist. The black portions of her sleeves are a type of cuff made special for her attire. Around her neck is a tight blue silk scarf given to her by her parents. Because she wears a mini dress, she still keeps her legs hidden away by a pair of extremely high heeled boots, which leave about an inch of her legs visible. These boots, much like the sleeves on her dress, are ended off by black cuffs. This attire is known as her battle ready outfit, as what she wears for sitting at the throne is totally different.

As an empress that has taken the thrown, on certain occasions, Yeager can not wear her usual attire. Because of this, her parents have purchased her a kimono for this very occasion. The kimono is blue and silver, made of finest gathered silk from another region of the country. Yeager's mother stated it cost her thousands of Beli to purchase and Yeager should wear every time she is representing their lands. With the kimono, her mother issued her a pair of sandals and a fancy hat she must wear along with it, which sometimes she doesn't wear. Her hair is laid straight down, and the bangs that rest on her shoulders are no longer there, making her clean.

Personality Edit

As a young girl Yeager had started off in near darkness. It's due to the possibility of the lack of attention from her parents, yet this is all speculation. True signs of darkness began to show after the birth of her younger brother, Iori. Prior to his birth, it was customary that Yeager would inherit the throne. However after he was born it was up in the air of whom would take it. Because of this, the castle had been highly social, as the topic became the "talk of the castle". Yeager hated this, and as she would walk through the hallways of the castle she'd lash out if she'd hear anyone talk about it. However, after hearing her younger brother state that she could take the thrown as he had other dreams, she feel instantly in love with him.

Young Yeager Hunting

Yeager as she mercilessly kills the Tridera beast.

Yeager could easily be compared to a sadist, as it's completely evident she likes being cruel. After she and her brother faced off against four fishmen, they had no idea on how to get to where their relatives lived, therefore they were forced to sleep outside. Not only would they sleep outside, but they would be left to gather their own food. Yeager and Iori were cornered by a rare Tridera beast, which Yeager. The beast growled at Yeager and Iori, but Yeager faced it head on. She gave the beast an intimidating glare of her own as well. The loud thumping of troops walking through the forest, forced the beast into running. As the beast took off Yeager had completely different plans for it. Leaping high into the air, she held a knife in her hand. Landing on the back of the beast she sliced it's throat and as it fell to the floor, she gave off a sinister glare. As she returned to Iori, he stood in fear at her presence alone, his knees weak shaking as if her were going to fall.

After leaving the castle for her two month grace period, Yeager had gained quite the name for herself. It's stated that she traveled to neighboring lands, went up to their leaders, defeated them and ultimately tortured claiming their lands for herself as long as she stayed there. After she left she let loose of the claim on the land. She even placed a chain around one man and had him play like a dog while she treated him like utter dirt.

Yeager Killing A Man

After landing on their territory, Yeager kills the leader of the land after torturing him for two weeks.

Iori has given various examples of how Yeager's sadistic personality is fueled. Although, his most acknowledged saying were these exact words. "Yeager is compassionate, but cruel. Sadistic, but noble. She is a woman who will torture you one minute. Then at the end of the day bathe you, clean you, feed you, and take very good care of you until you fall asleep, just so that you could rise tomorrow and she could do it all over again. My older sister is nothing short of a demon that has the cruelty to push many pirate crews into nothing but helpless corners. Yeager will stab you just above the heart, let your blood leak out, damp her hands in it, and let you live. Then she'll say something like, 'I'm only allowing you alive so that you'll return hopefully stronger, and I can do it all over again.'. That's just the kind of woman she is." How someone like this could lead a country was completely unknown, though it would happen.

Empress of Destruction Edit

Demonic Yeager

The "Empress of Destruction".

The Empress of Destruction (破壊皇后, Hikaikōgō)

History Edit

Early Years Edit

Young Yeager

A young Yeager.

Brother and Sister Bond Edit

Yeager and Iori were sent to the other side of town to live with relatives while their parents went off to take care of business elsewhere in the world. They were escorted via chariot and guardsmen to protect them from bandits along the way. Sitting within the chariot of their parents Yeager and Iori communicated among themselves of how their relatives were. Maybe they were mean? Or could they be nice like their very own parents? The thoughts of how they were ran crazy in their mind and they both wanted answers. The fact that they never met them, especially Yeager whom was older, was quite suspicious. The chariot suddenly stopped and Iori sought this would be the perfect time for him to ask the guards if they knew any information. With swiftness, he jumped from the chariot, and as he stepped out, the air had been filled with a loud scream.

Outside of the chariot stood four fishmen, each holding two of the guards assigned to protect the chariot by the neck. As the boy shouted, the fishmen turned their attention to him grabbing him by his neck as well. Finally, emerging from the chariot, what Yeager would witness would scare her for life. Each guard drenched in blood and now her brother held in a choke hold. With her mind going haywire she screamed in agony, the other three fishmen turned their attention towards her. Picking up a cutlass from one of the guards, she held it high shouting at the men to let go of her brother. The instead responded they'd pick the pitiful boy apart and have her watch. Yeager's mind went black, the thought of her losing her brother completely took over her. Dashing forward at the two of the men, she cut both with just one single slash which stretched across the first man's face and made contact to the second man's chest. As she passed through the two, the blood that leaked from the body of the two fishmen splashed all over her face, as the dropped to the ground below. With heavy pants she looked the third fishmen in his eye.

With her pants getting heavier, so did the agony from her younger brother. His screams sounded like wails, but to the fishmen they sounded like music. The fishman, that held her brother appeared to be the boss of the other fishmen. With another lash, she slash at the third fishman, though instead of him dropping he got on one knee, then stood back to his feet. With a simple kick, she knocked the man back sending him tumbling a distance away into the debris. The boss found himself surprised by the yooung girls capabilities. Releasing Iori, he made his way towards Yeager, who wasted no time dashing at him, cutting him across his eye, then rushing to the side of her brother.

Turning to aide him, Yeager found herself overshadowed by the presence of the fishman shed just stricken down. Turning to attend to the man, she placed her finger on her face wiping the blood from her face with her finger then placed it in her mouth licking it off her finger. The fishman compared her actions to sadistic. With a simple punch, she was sent flying across the terrain. The fishman mocked her for being so arrogant and going further to tell her he wasn't as weak as the other two.

Iori couldn't take it anymore, the fact his sister had been hurt sent sparks within his body to protect her. Turn to the guard that was next to him Iori took his sword, dashed at the fishman and cut him across his arm which caused blood to spit out rapidly. Angered that he'd now taken two mortal wounds from mere children, held his arm up high over Iori with the intentions of dropping it down like an hammer arm to completely crush the boy. Yeager rushed over, with her cutlass in hand completely cutting the man's arm off. Simply stating, "No one will hurt my brother as long as I'm around." Iori stood next to Yeager, both gave each other a smile and cut across the man along his chest creating a "X".

Name Well Known Edit

Yeager Killing A Man

After landing on their territory, Yeager kills the leader of the land after torturing him for two weeks.

Yeager's parents gave her a six month grace period giving her time to take a voyage for herself. On this voyage, her parents supplied her with an army of men as well as a boat. While on this voyage, Yeager went from various towns with her cruel activity. Capturing the leaders of these lands and torturing until boredom struck her, and she'd leave for the next town. Upon these many towns was Sky Town, a town that had a rebellious leader of their own, Shawn White was his name. While appearing powerful to the people within his village, he was fool for stepping up against Yeager with the intentions of fighting her. He was filled with the thought that if he beat her, he would be avenging the other towns that had been turned into hell. Issuing the challenge to face Yeager one on one, the man had signed his very own death wish. After the battle Yeager was victorious emerging completely uninjured. She threw a chain around the man's neck and had him act as if he were a dog and she was his owner. Torturing the man, she'd occasionally sit in his chair and stab him consistently over and over again. Finally growing bored of the man, rather than allowing him to escape like she did most of her targets, she went ahead and killed him with a single kick to the face. The people that survived turned her name into the Word Government and Marines, and with this knowledge she proceeded to destroy the town.

After this event Yeager and her crew set out for the sea yet again. While on the sea, Yeager found another pirate ship with a flag flying high and from pure instinct they were nothing more than enemies to her. Ambushing the ship, Yeager stood tall on their boat as if it were her own. As each of the pirates on the ship stood facing her, quickly one of the men pointed her identity out. One of her very own men knew who he was as well, identifying him as Sparrow H. Jack. These pirates were the up and rising Fang Pirates, although because they were new Yeager and her men knew nothing of them. Jack spoke out to the members of the Fang Pirates that they should retreat at they didn't have the fire power to exactly take Yeager head on. Refusing to let the Fang Pirates escape, Yeager tried to go after Jack, but was grabbed by a man of her squad and taken into the water by diving in. The ship began to take off and the Fang Pirates were gone. After climbing back aboard their own ship, Yeager stabbed the man, and her presence was heavier than they'd ever seen. The man explained his reasoning for his rash actions, and Yeager somehow had decided to move past the incident. Although, she did add that the group of pirates were now enemies in her book because they fled before she could deem them as weak or not.

On the sea again, Yeager couldn't get the fact that someone had escaped her grasp, it was just a fact she just couldn't accept. This would all change with the simple sighting of another opposing ship spotted by one of her men. The man called Yeager over to look through the scope to make a decision if they should encounter it or not. Taking a closer look, that same trademark that was on her ship was on the other ship as well, proof that they had both been made by the same company. Again, just as she'd done previously, she jumped onto their ship. As she'd touch down on the deck, she found herself surrounded by various men. With a smirk this was how she liked her ambushes full of people to take down. She called out to her men that since she couldn't get the last group of Pirates she'd make sure she took each and every man on this ship back with her. Easily defeating the men on the ship, Yeager stood face to face with a man who introduced himself Michael. After clashing with the man she acknowledged his abilities, but he told her he would never be able to defeat her. Then there was an ominous silence that filled the atmosphere around Michael, Yeager, and all the bodies that laid on the floor boards of the ship just clinging onto life. The door near Michael flung open, and he states to Yeager, that she won't be able to defeat his captain. Though as his appearance came visible she dropped her blade in awe, at the simple warm smile that had been born on the man's face.

Yeager pointed hr cutlass towards the ground, and took steps towards the man. Her blade dragging along the surface of the ship. Her body felt empty at the appearance of the man, her face an extremely bright red. Instead of cutting him down like she does most people that she gets close to, she grabbed him tightly and clinched his sides giving him a very generous and affectionate hug. She whispered in his ear he was all hers. The man quickly took a trip down memory lane, as he presence and appearance matched up to Yeager back when he had been her in his youth. He shouted out to her, "Yeager!".

She was confused on how he knew her. She knew she had never seen him before, or she'd have the same that same reaction to him. After speaking up more, he told her he was Elijah a good friend of Iori, as well as his captain. Astounded by the information that had entered her ears, Yeager had in just that moment decided she wanted Elijah to be her husband and Emperor. Exchanging contact information with Elijah she apologized for doing his men like that but also inputs it wouldn't have happened if they weren't as weak as they were. Elijah lifts a brow by saying those men weren't weak, in fact they were all a six on his scale. Jumping from his ship, Yeager's face was bright red as she waved to Elijah, telling him they'd meet soon.

Synopsis Edit

Relationships Edit

My relationships aren't defined by what human's define a relationship as. If you aren't directly under my family classification or if you aren't Elijah, I can strike you down at any point. You should keep your eyes and ears opened at all times when around me. If you can't sense my presence then you're probably already dead.

Family Edit

Mother and Father Edit

Sengoku Iori Edit

Main article: Sengoku Iori

At first, Yeager wanted nothing to do with her younger brother because he could possibly take the throne from her. Even though she was sadistic she didn't want him dead, although after he told his parents that he didn't want to be the Emperor her feelings towards her younger brother completely changed. Their bond had gotten stronger and she became an extremely protective older sister over Iori. So much that she protected him from three fishmen.

Enemies Edit

Main article: Fang Pirates

Other Edit

World Government Edit

Main article: World Government

Powers and Abilities Edit

Everyone considers Yeager powerful, her parents, her brother, her friends, and even the World Government. At an extremely young age she was able to take down three fishmen on her own, and with the combined help of her brother take down their boss. Despite them not being the strongest group of fishmen around, it is still highly notable by many. Even as a empress one wouldn't suspect Yeager to have the power at which she does. Just a few years before she'd taken the thrown the World Government recruited her to work for them, and it is unknown if she worked or works for them or even if she denied.

From a fox such as Yeager, one wouldn't expect her abilities to be where they are. However, how far she takes these abilities is also something someone wouldn't expect. It appears as if Yeager likes to torture her opponents before ultimately killing them. Poking at their bodies, burning portions of their skin, or anything along those lines. These are all signs of her sadistic personality, a side that even high rank officials prefer not to be on.

Yeager Soldiers

Yeager as she is compared to an entire army of men.

Yeager is one of the very few beings to fight on an entire war field alone and survive. Even though she fought by herself, she cripple each and every one of her opponents, and was stated to have tortured them later on. Her strength is defined by that day at which she found alone against an entire squad of opponents, defeating them all single single-handily, giving birth to the name; One Woman Army (一女性軍旅, Ichijosei Gunryu). A woman, who could stand alone on the battlefield was rare, but when the stakes are risen to the battlefield, is classified as nearly impossible. Most compared her to a demon who won't still until she is literally either swimming or bathing in her opponent's blood.

Yeager Drop Kick

A drop kick which can nearly break the skull of Yeager's opponents.

While not a full fledged martial artist, Yeager does know a thing or two about hand to hand combat. While she had her own knowledge of combat, after just one day of training with Zanetti Elijah, she was able to integrate some of Capoeira abilities with her own hand to hand combat. Much like Elijah she is able to fight on her hands with her feet or even while swaying back and forth appearing as if she were drunk. her kicks are capable of shattering her opponent's bones, and her punches can knock down trees that stand in her way. With her combat alone, it was stated that she took down over thirty soldiers. Elijah did is traditional scale rating, and had given Yeager a ranking of seven out of ten.

  • Presence: isn't exactly a technique, but is more of a method of intimidating people. Those that train endlessly can freely manipulate this presence to have it either visible or completely gone. Presence is what people use to sometime sense other people. Elijah describe it like this, "Have you even be lounging around, then suddenly you just get a feeling that someone is watching you? Then you turn around to actually see that your thoughts were correct? That is what presence is.". Each user of Presence has a different feel for their respective presence. As for Yeager's, her is extremely overwhelming and sinister with the ability to make someone hesitate. When she was younger, after completely beheading a rare beast this presence towered over Iori making him quiver in fear.

Devil Fruit Edit

Haki Edit

Though her parents hadn't wanted Yeager to become indulged in the art of combating, she was a sadist by nature and went against her parent's wishes and instead manipulated them into believing that she could use the art as a way of self-defense. Her parents hired a former Marines man to come as Yeager's tutor to teach her combat skills of his own. This was where Yeager would be taught the art of "Rikushiki" or as it is more known as the Six Powers. Her parents knew, that since she was nothing more than a young girl she would never be able to master such a fighting style, and as such hoped that it would discourage her from wanting to fight. After all, she was their only little girl and they want to protect her at all costs. It seemed like a plausible scheme, though the plan backfired on her parents, as it the complete opposite effect. However the fact that she couldn't easily master it pushed her to swear that she would, and that she would master it better than anyone before her.

  • Soru: As someone who practices the Capoeira, Yeager's kicking at the ground ten times in the blink of an eye is nothing short of natural to her. Soru, to Yeager is more than just a means of moving, as it is a way of fending off her opponent's. During a battle, Yeager could possibly fight her opponent at close range for an extended period of time, then when they get comfortable use the Soru to overwhelm them and sweep the opponent off their feet.

Swordsmanship Edit

Yeagar Drawing

Yeager drawing her cutlass, though she blushes as she finds out Elijah had been watching her.

  • Kosen (虎穿, "Tiger Drill"): is a technique that requires Yeager to turn her entire body then thrust forward at her opponent with her blade. The power of the turn is transferred into the tip of her blade, which allows her to peirce through all of her opponent's no matter how sturdy the foe may be. The Kosen has the fire power to peirce through the most armor of foes, even those that have full mastering over the Tekkai.

Creation and Concept Edit

The concept behind Yeager was to have Esdeath be brought into the One Piece universe. Esdeath is the author's favorite female character, which is where the idea sprouted from. He tried to incorporate everything he could from her actual character into his own Yeager. All of that came to an halt when the author left the wikia for unknown reasons, and actually was unable to incorporate an ice-based fighting style. I wasn't until a year later, when he returned that he was able to get his hands on the Hie Hie no Mi and she was revived. The author removed a bunch of her old stuff, and plans on completely removing the Shinsengumi as an affiliation as a whole.

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