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The Yin/Yang Pirates appear to be a crew of rookie pirates formed by co-captains Calico Jack and Hazar D. Read. Unfortunately, little information is known about the crew as of yet aside from its two members and their abilities.

Jolly RogerEdit

Crew MembersEdit

Yin/Yang Pirates
Calico Jack Hazar D. Read
Calico Jack Hazar D. Read

Crew StrengthEdit

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Calico Jack

  • Tiny Enforcer (小さい執行者 Chiisai Shikkō-sha?)

Hazar D. Read

  • Punk (パンク Panku?)



Tiny Enforcer

Currently, Jack has no known bounty to speak of.

Hazar D. Read - Wanted Poster

Currently, Read has no known bounty to speak of.

Relationships Amongst the CrewEdit


Members' DreamsEdit

  • Jack's dream -----
  • Read's dream -----

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