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Yuèliàng Persephone (ユールメラン・ペルセポネ, Yūrueran Perusepone; meaning Moonlight of the Underworld Goddess) is a young martial artist known as Armed Azure Persephone (武蒼のペルセポネ, Busō no Perusephone) for her use of her special Soru technique and Busoshoku Haki; she is a master of the Strike Arts (総合悪武装格闘戦技・覇気戦道 (ストライク・アーツ), Sutoraiku Ātsu lit. Integrating Armament and Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques: The Way of Ambitious Fighting) fighting style; which, as the name suggests, is a perfect fusion of martial arts and her Busoshoku Haki. She has always had an interest in music ever since she was a child, taking up the violin as a hobby as per her mother's wishes.

Born to a legendary Vice-Admiral and a prostitute from Alabasta, Persephone was originally a Marine with an unknown rank, but definitely not Admiral or Fleet Commander, before she grew outraged with the corruption within the World Government, causing her to start the event known as the "Revolution of the Armed Azure" (の革命武蒼, Busō no Kakumei). Because of these actions, Persephone is on the run, joining the Black Crown Pirates as the musician and martial artist of the crew.



Persephone's full appearance.

Persephone is a young-ish woman who seems to be in her early twenties. She is a beautiful young woman—she has long, purple hair and green eyes. She is stated to have "the height of your average schoolgirl", and she has a slender, waifish build. Persephone's skin is also said to be so white and smooth that it appears almost like she's made of porcelain. Her facial features are very child-like to the point that when she smiles, it is completely radiant. She has snow-white skin that is akin to a princess's; along with a beautiful figure—moderately large breasts, long, slender legs, and a shapely rear. An onlooker described her as "an impossibly beautiful girl." Persephone's attire is inspired by ancient China; wearing a qipao with gauntlets and greaves—along with a yellow ribbon resting upon her head.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Persephone is a rather relaxed and casual young woman, who has the habit of rarely taking anything fairly seriously. She is generally disinterested in the affairs of the world around her; focusing on nothing more than her martial arts training. Persephone has a unique "dual persona", putting up a façade of being larger than life, extremely hammy and continually excited; where in fact the actual Persephone is rather quiet and aloof, though people who are close enough to her know that this is merely a miscommunication; as she is actually a kind and caring person, though. However, despite this, in a proper conversation, she is unable to look those she has grown attached to in the eye, complimented by a continual stutter—this is definitely not romantic, but rather, due to her shyness. In conversation, on the rare times that she participates in it, Persephone has extreme difficulty reading the atmosphere in situations and usually just speaks out what comes to mind in her usual deadpan tone, sometimes making others surprised at her actions.

The persona that Persephone puts up is one of a larger-than-life, ridiculously hammy and loud, seeming to constantly talk. Truth be told, Persephone has trouble socializing with others; more often than not imitating clichés seen in fiction in a bad attempt to endear herself to others. In this "mode", Persephone is usually friendly and cheerful to her friends, always being curious and not worrying much about things, though she subtly manipulates them at all times. She usually tries to raise the spirits of others, making her the mood maker of any group. She has problems reading the atmosphere in situations and just speaks out what comes to mind, sometimes making others surprised at her actions. This is all due to her upbringing, she knows nothing of how to interact with others. During battle, Persephone is prone to eccentrics like posing, pre-battle speeches and calling her attack names as loud as she can.

The actual Persephone is noted to be fairly lazy regarding matters that don't involve martial arts—often being a ridiculous procrastinator, if somebody says "do this in a week" she will subconsciously interpret it as "do it in six months", and then ignore any attempts to correct this. She tends to distract herself while undertaking a task by playing video games, watching television, interacting with animals—indeed, during her brief phase where she was going to take being a marine seriously, Persephone undertook an request; however, normally two hours after getting down to business, she'd go home out of boredom, and come back a few days later—though, the efficiency and skill level in which she accomplished her task was impeccable. Because of this, many are particularly reluctant to hire her—not only is she unpredictable with accepting jobs, but she is extremely lax about performing her tasks as well.

Persephone often misinterprets what others say and takes some things literally; this usually results in others becoming briefly alienated and Persephone feeling ashamed for her horrible social skills, which she constantly attempts to improve so that she can feel the same as everyone else. She is also able to forgive easily; and she generally attempts to keep her cool under most circumstances, and no matter what her enemies ever do to her, she can sometimes come up with a retort to it of questionable quality. Despite her laziness, Persephone is fond of nature—she loves each and every aspect of it, even the "nastier" parts of nature such as the more ferocious animals. She is a proud 'tamer' of animals—she's capable of getting even the biggest of creatures to act like a docile puppy.

She has a strong belief that "people with good in their hearts are music", and she strives to protect that "music". However, she also has a rather apathetic side; Persephone has little to no interest in the world of piracy; seeing it as "even less than nothing". She displays apathy to the likes of the Marines, the Shichikubai, and any of the races that she hasn't read about in books. Of note, she hates the reindeer the most—whenever she sees one, even if it is accompanied by a pirate, she will go out of her way to murder it for absolutely no reason; and considering that she can easily beat down most magicians with her fists, she will succeed most of the time. For her disgust towards modern pirates, she prefers to keep to herself and simply train her martial arts. However, at the same time, she sees her own crew as something different—more like "proper pirates". It is suggested that this behaviour came about due to the Revolution of the Armed Azure that changed her life for the worse.

Persephone has the tendency to see newer material in a medium (be it music, film, animation, or comic books) as inferior to the older classics that she knew in her youth. She generally ignores new material of her favourite multimedia series, "Dragon Adventures", in favour of the specials that other writers had created for the cartoon that she used to watch when she was in her single digit years. The same goes for her view of the world—most of the current pirates, excluding her own (of course), are "crap", and the pirates and marines of her youth were "awesome". In addition, she preferred it when Devil Fruits weren't known by "everyone and their goddamn mother". While she has admitted that her nostalgia is a flaw, it won't stop her from acting like so. Persephone has the habit of making top-tier puns; puns so amazing that they can end world wars.


Persephone was born in Alabasta, during the kingdom's occupation by the Marines; she was conceived as a result of her mother working as a prostitute, though her father treated her as a wife. Growing up, Persephone soon discovered her talents in playing the violin, as pressured by her mother, but didn't seem to like utilizing it much—instead, as she grew up; she watched the cartoon known as "Dragon Adventures", prompting her to gain an interest in martial arts. Her father was a famous Marine who was a Vice-Admiral; he was known as the Azure Flash of the Marines (海軍の蒼閃, Kaigun no Sōsen) for his mastery of Soru (including the special technique that is the reason for the first part of his title) and his weapon, the azure gauntlets known as Ehrgeiz. Without her mother's knowledge, her father began to train her how to use her Haki, which she discovered at an early age, making her something of a prodigy. One day, coming home from school on an empty stomach, Persephone devoured a strange looking fruit that made her sick—though immediately afterward, her stomach turned black, preventing it from harming her somehow. Her father, shocked, told her that this was Busoshoku Haki—and then offhandedly mentioned that the fruit was made of people that had died; he had found it in an abandoned island.

Unfortunately, seeing her use Haki the last straw for Persephone's mother, and her parents went their separate ways; Persephone stayed with her mother while her father departed to parts unknown. After this, Persephone's early life in Alabasta was a struggle, as cruel children teased her for her only half-Alabastan heritage, leading her to use her Busoshoku Haki to beat said kids up. However, her father had left Persephone and her mother some Beli prior to leaving, which she used to set up a shop, selling items such as Dials and weapons to marines. When Persephone was twelve years old, her mother became ill, leaving her to run the shop all by her lonesome. While her mother was bedridden, Persephone, rummaging through her mother's belongings for a special jewel that her father gave her mother, found a picture of her father, and began showing it to the marines who came to shop at the store, asking if they knew who the man was. She eventually learned from one of her father's students that the man was a Vice-Admiral, who had retired from active duty and was serving as an instructor of the Marines. Persephone knew she wanted to go to the Marine HQ in order to meet her father, so she eventually sent a letter to him via asking one of her customers to give it to him, requesting to travel there.

That wish was eventually granted and Persephone was picked up from her home on a battleship which was making a quick trip to Alabasta, left her mother behind, and became a Marine recruit. Before she left, her mother had given her a final request—to create the "greatest melody of all time". The reason why her father retired was due to a hip injury during active duty, and a combination of depression because of leaving his beloved; though, he was overjoyed that he saw Persephone once more, and began to mentor her in combat, teaching her everything that he knew and even bestowing upon her his gauntlets—while it is unknown if she obtained the rank of Vice-Admiral, she was looked upon favourably by the upper brass for her dedication and skill—not to mention her powerful Busoshoku Haki, as the World Government appreciated whenever they believed that they had a Haki user under their control. However, her laziness and strong sense of actual justice often caused her to be left out of important events, as she seemed to be unaware of the corruption within the Marines.

However, this was not meant to last—soon after gaining such acclaim, Persephone was ordered to assist with a Buster Call upon the Island of Faraway, which had a community that had discovered some unsettling news about the World Government and its possible formation. While it is unknown if the information was true or not, the World Government refused to take any chances with it, and ordered the Buster Call. Upon seeing innocents being slaughtered by the dozen, Persephone's worldview was skewed forever in a single moment. Outraged by the disproportionate reaction to something that could be taken care of non-violently, Persephone immediately turned on the Marines, beginning to help the civilians of Faraway to escape by being one of the few fighters in the event to attack the Marines; she managed to hold off a good number of them, possibly even a Vice-Admiral, to allow at least a hundred civilians to escape.

After this event, known as the "Revolution of the Armed Azure" (の革命武蒼, Busō no Kakumei), Persephone quickly hid herself from the public eye, not wanting to raise suspicion. She eventually crossed paths with Dravolos Ashraf, and interested by him, decided to join his pirate crew, the Black Crown Pirates as the musician; noting that he might as well need a very powerful fighter by his side, as well as somebody who can serve as a musician. However, her actual reason was to travel all across the world and discover the inspiration to create the world's greatest song.



Ehrgeiz (竜閃牙 (エアガイツ), Eagaitsu; German for "Ambition", Japanese for "Dragon Flashing Tooth"): Ehrgeiz is the name of the specially customized gauntlets that Persephone had inherited from her father. Normally, they take the form of silver bracelets, but when activated, flames released from the Flame Dial shells surge around Persephone's hands, allowing the bracelets to take the form of azure gauntlets with numerous shells wrapped around them, textured in gold and silver. These gauntlets have the ability to act as single-barrel shotguns which fire the effects of Dials, being fired with a piston mechanism—each magazine wrapped around the gauntlets have fourty-eight Dials, giving Persephone ninety-six Dials in total when both gauntlets are fully loaded—however, after the Dials have been spent, Ehrgeiz will begin to regenerate, a process which is bolstered with the help of her Haki and then recharging the Dials with the assistance of the gauntlets themselves, effectively causing them to function once more. In order to be activated, the piston goes up and down in a cylinder built-into the gauntlets; when it is up, energy from the Dials wrapped around the gauntlets is injected and ignited by the reaction between Ehrgeiz and the Dials, causing the gauntlets to release the effects of the Dials with any motion which possess impressive piercing power and swiftness, utilizing either Flame Dials, Jet Dials, Water Dials, or Axe Dials as they generate a sort of pressure effect after being fired, often blasting enemies far backward. In addition, Ehrgeiz seems to augment Persephone's physical strength in her arms; as a single punch to the ground is capable of causing small tremors; and a full punch with Ehrgeiz equipped can smash through even the hardest of materials and cause immense damage to the environment—to the point that Persephone is capable of leaving a hole in a large creature with a single strike. It is said that Ehrgeiz was forged from two fangs of a Sea King; because of this, it has immense power and is extremely durable—almost nothing is even capable of putting a scratch of the gauntlets.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ways of CombatEdit


Persephone using her martial arts prowess on a Marine.

Grandmaster Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Persephone is renowned throughout the world as one of the greatest martial artists to ever live. Inspired by the cartoon of her childhood, "Dragon Adventures", Persephone wished to imitate the feats shown in the show—and due to a liberal application of Busoshoku Haki and her own ingenuity, she was capable of doing so. Due to the laborious training that she had undergone for many, many years, Persephone shows immense power in the ways of street fighting to those who have the unfortunate fate of fighting her; and she is a highly powerful and fierce fighter; indeed, she is without equal in the forte of hand-to-hand combat. Because of her lack of special abilities, such as a Devil Fruit or a racial trait, Persephone focused on the forte that everyone else saw as supplementary, training night and day to reach the level beyond the highest level possible for hand-to-hand specialists. Indeed, as of now, Persephone has achieved a peak physical conditioning and prowess, granting her immense reserves of stamina. Persephone's incredible skill in unarmed combat is drastically enhanced by her inherent immense strength, giving her the ability to unleash devastating blows with ease. Tending to mix it up in the heat of battle, Persephone does not favour either punches or kicks; instead, she uses a liberal application of both, more often than not keeping the opponent guessing each and every time.

When not utilizing her Strike Arts, Persephone tends to keep her fighting style freestyle and improvised; attacking from all angles, as well as in every way possible, in order to overwhelm the opponent with relative ease. While fighting, Persephone can also think on the spot, and come up with creative counterattacks against her enemies. She is a master of a wide variety of martial arts, knowing Krav Maga, Savate, Capoeira, Aikido, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, grappling, kickboxing, and Muay Thai—however, Persephone simply learnt these alternative fighting styles to prove to people that she could master them all within two years, though she secretly integrated parts of the styles into her Strike Arts. In addition, she has incorporated fighting styles such as Ryusoken, Fishman Karate, Jao Kun Do and the Black Leg Style into her combat repertoire, allowing her to mix it up quite a bit, keeping her opponents upon their toes—though she does not actually use any of the techniques, simply adapting the movements of each to form an overwhelming yet seamless martial art without any equal. When in battle, Persephone makes most use of her powerful arms and legs to take on her foes, with her specialty lying in punching and kicking moves where she uses her extremely powerful limbs to their fullest.

In terms of fighting style, Persephone focuses specially on power and speed, using strong and powerful punches and kicks, such as powerpacked jabs or piercing uppercuts, and slashing kicks and drilling knee strikes, to deal damaging blows to her opponents. Once she catches an opponent in her barrage of attack, she keeps them trapped by keeping up her strikes, never allowing her opponents a chance to counterattack. For stronger strikes, Persephone tends to build up momentum with her limbs by swinging them around, before hitting her opponent with full force. Persephone's fighting style enables her to strike her opponent swiftly and powerfully with enough force to knock them a fair distance—and sometimes, the power of her punches and kicks are capable of trigging a violent internal explosion, which can cause the opponent to explode themselves, ala "you are already dead" style. She is able to quickly close in without revealing any hints as to how she advanced; this is the product of her naturally immense speed that is also augmented by her mastery of Soru. Indeed, Persephone can easily strike the back of the head from a very close distance completely unbeknownst to the target. With her fighting style, she is capable of dealing a blow to the temple that would crush a man's skull. All in all, Persephone's hand-to-hand combat is a force of nature itself turning even the surroundings into a raging maelstrom of death and oblivion.

  • Blaze Dropping Leg (焔降脚, Enkōkyaku): Blaze Dropping Leg is a "secret art" of sorts to the Black Leg Style which involves the martial art whom utilizes it heating one or more of their legs (or both) up, adding extreme amounts of heat to the impact of their kicks. This whole process is put into motion by the practitioner focusing intently, before unleashing an unfathomably swift and powerful stomp upon the ground or by spinning at high speeds, the practitioner of the Black Leg Style using the force that's produced by their foot acting as a solid surface alongside their control over kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion to invoke kinetic friction, the user's foot and ground moving relative to each other as to rub together, the friction between the two surfaces converting all forms of kinetic energy into thermal energy and thus transmogrifying work into heat, setting the martial artist's leg ablaze by shrouding their knee down to their foot in red-orange flames – when the Blaze Dropping Leg is equipped upon the user's foot, every motion they make with said leg leaves behind a trail of flames. Enshrouded in high-intensity flames, with Blaze Dropping Leg, the martial artist is able to inflict severe burns upon their opponents if they wish, setting them alight and potentially subjecting them to the process of combustion if they deem it to be suitable. The incredible level of heat produced by the Blaze Dropping Leg is able to burn straight through the likes of Tekkai, a Rokushiki technique that makes the user's body harder than actual iron – thus, by correspondence, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the addition of the Blaze Dropping Leg enables the practitioner of the Black Leg Style to perforate all sorts of metals and alloys, including the likes of cyborgs and even the World Government-issued Pacifista, though in the case of the latter, a strenuous amount of training is required for the fighter to bust a Pacifista's head in two with a single kick. The power of the Blaze Dropping Leg spreads its burning power to anything the user wishes, as upon contact with a majority of forms of matter, said matter spontaneously ignites, thus adding overwhelming quantities of high-quality heat to the impact of the user's kicks, searing through anything they aim their leg at. At higher levels of utilization, the practitioner of the Black Leg Style is able to spontaneously ignite their legs to invoke the power of the Blaze Dropping Leg simply through fueling the activation sequence of this incredible skill with their burning ambition, completely disregarding any spinning around and the like while retaining the original level of power displayed by the skill and potentially dramatically amplifying said level of strength – this process is also capable of being invoked underwater without any adverse effects. However, prolonged utilization of the Blaze Dropping Leg carries the risk of the practitioner of the Black Leg Style suffering severe and adverse side-effects, these detrimental effects oftentimes manifesting in serious damage to the user's body as their own leg suffers noticeable burns. The Blaze Dropping Leg is known to be a variant of the Black Leg Style secret art exclusive to Vinsmoke Sanji known as Diable Jambe, only perfectly attuned to Persephone's own utilization.

Strike ArtsEdit

Strike Arts (総合悪武装格闘戦技・覇気戦道 (ストライク・アーツ), Sutoraiku Ātsu lit. Integrating Armament and Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques: The Way of Ambitious Fighting) is a martial arts style developed by Persephone Yueliang which combines her legendary prowess in martial arts with her skill in harnessing her Busoshoku Haki along with a myriad of other processes to produce a fighting style that has almost no equal. The various codified systems and traditions of combat practices she had learnt throughout her journey are broken down to and recreated from the ground up to specifically fit her own fighting style, with Persephone infusing innumerable techniques and theories from other forms of martial arts around this wondrous world to create a fighting style best suited for her own utilization. These are then merged into a single method as to allow a seamless transition between each specific style without wasting any time on doing so and negating the very probable chance of such a phenomenon becoming unwieldly due to the dramatic differences between each type of martial arts; this fighting style does emphasize its origins as a mish-mash of styles, whereas numerous other martial arts simply borrow and adapt from other styles, they cannot really be considered true hybrids. However, even then, this combat method would receive further refinement, with Persephone integrating her incredible skill in utilizing the power of ambition, specifically that of the colour of armaments into this fighting style at all times – her expertise in regards to her martial arts helps make this fantasy a reality, producing an unequalled combat method. Persephone is known to have based the Strike Arts off the fighting style in her favourite cartoon, "Dragon Adventures"; if any proof of her eccentricity was required, then look no further. Dramatically augmenting the strength, speed, and durability of her already deceptively powerful frame through the utilization of Busoshoku Haki in conjunction with the ambition dwelling within her burning heart, the might of Strike Arts enables Persephone to do battle with her enemies in a manner that's more in line with her true nature and potent abilities, thus lashing out at her opponent with countless flurries of strikes of all kinds, such as different types of punches and kicks, headbutts, elbows, knees, and palm strikes, all of which are delivered at speed of sound, resulting in her attacks resembling fierce bombardments of cannonballs as she zips around the vicinity with utilization of Soru, effortlessly overwhelming those whom she deems to be her opponents through brute force.

While the concept sounds rather simplistic, the mechanics behind it are indeed somewhat complex, and thus, the constant infusion of Haki of any kind within their fighting style is rather difficult for unskilled martial artists – even amongst the most proficient of fighters, it's shown that getting to this level of expertise in martial arts is practically unheard of in this day and age. Harnessing the burning will she's always possessed while striking forward, Persephone uses this ambition in conjunction with the hardened limbs that have been subjected to the colour of armaments in order to manifest a sudden phenomenon upon her extremities, commonly summoning a myriad of shockwaves that can bust through other forms of defenses, including the opponent's own Busoshoku Haki due to said propagating disturbances being a perfect combination of offense and defense, the latter due to the shockwaves possessing the properties of Persephone's own Busoshoku Haki – indeed, when Strike Arts are being utilized, Persephone is able to unleash a various number of dynamic and unique attacks that deal immensely destructive damage upon anything that they come into contact with, the sheer force altering the interaction that holds protons to neutrons through the strong force which holds together atomic nuclei via their pressurized energies, allowing objects to disintegrate no matter their composition – in the face of the Strike Arts, everything Persephone aims her power at is rendered as naught but a paper-thin half-assed excuse for defense. Because of her mastery of her fighting style, Persephone is shown to have almost any physical attack be rendered pointless against her, as it becomes incredibly easy to dismantle some attacks and use them against her opponent, given they do not surpass her own reaction time or power, and negate them; she is shown to be extremely versatile with this. When using Strike Arts, Persephone projects her blows using Busoshoku Haki itself as a perfect fulcrum, even if it doesn't belong to her or if it's in the field of her vision. This makes sure that there's very few chances of any supernatural defense measures that can hold off the attack—as when utilizing Strike Arts, her Busoshoku Haki allows her to view any offense or defense via Devil Fruit of any kind, racial traits, fighting styles, or anything else as just "one thing", and thus, it treats the foe's own strike as a medium for the attack; the power is pure, and it doesn't feel the need to manipulate and control anything that Persephone or the foe can utilize. Not only does the Strike Arts' ability to instantly decay and disintegrate all forms of organic and inorganic matter by touch, but it also works just as well on supernatural forces such as Devil Fruits – by harnessing this fighting style's inherent nature of being able to crush anything her limbs come into contact with, Persephone is able to nullify the effects of certain supernatural powers which possess a tangible form simply through smashing them to pieces.

Thanks to the unique properties of her Haki as detailed below, Persephone is able to manipulate her own kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move from its stillness, and thus, with Strike Arts, Persephone's unarmed blows carry the entirety of her weight behind them, granting her strikes a combination of power and speed, resulting in the fusion of her combat skills and her physical fortes coming together in order to produce a force that's almost unmatched in close-range battles. When harnessing her natural ability of absolute dominance over the concept of kinetic energy, Persephone has displayed the ability to harness the properties bestowed upon her figure through her godlike movements with an incredible efficiency in any environment imaginable, even when in a cave or while underwater, wielding the might that it grants her for both offensive and defensive measures, striking and reacting in the briefest of moments. Interestingly, the damage of Persephone's attacks are bolstered based on how much damage she has taken. This works by Persephone subconsciously converting part of the damage inflicted by the opponent into ambition to defeat the enemy and accumulating it in her body; adding it to the power of her Busoshoku Haki. The efficiency of this conversion into Haki power raises the more her own physical strength decreases. The Haki energy that was accumulated in the body like this can be used to boost Persephone's abilities; as such, if she is damaged to the point of being on the verge of death, possibly an enormous amount of ambition enough to destroy everything before her eyes can be saved up. Essentially, Persephone, at near death gains enough extra damage on her attacks to reduce the opponent's survivability by a relatively wide margin, in addition to increasing the radius of most of her moves; essentially giving her a wider range of attack. Strike Arts also increases Persephone's power when she's nearly out of stamina; both these factors combined give her a relatively large chance to stage a comeback. The properties of Strike Arts act as a double-edged sword however, where Persephone's attacks are extremely weak when she's mostly fine; as such, Persephone has to be battered and bloody to fight effectively, where she's then vulnerable to high damage herself. As such, Strike Arts is the epitome of risk versus reward. The martial art rewards Persephone's for falling behind and punishes her for pulling ahead, which makes achieving a close battle a must in any situation.

  • PersephoneDivingKick

    Persephone using Flashing Magical Kick.

    Flashing Magical Kick (閃光魔術蹴り, Senkō Majutsu-geri): Flashing Magical Kick is known as Persephone's signature attack; in addition, it is also the first original Strike Arts technique that she developed. In order to initiate this attack, Persephone imbues her leg with her Busoshoku: Koka ability, while focusing even more Haki around her foot; this intensifies the black leg, focusing so much Haki upon her limb that it begins to shine golden. From there, she harnesses Soru by kicking off the ground ten times in the blink of an eye –the first kick releases a small shockwave with special properties- in order to leap a good twenty feet or so into the air, before using Soru once more to propel herself downward at an angle at an overwhelming velocity—when in motion, she begins to twirl around while thrusting her leg forward, initiating a corkscrew kick as she drills through the opponent. This attack promises absolute destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The resulting power of the diving kick can crush the target and is particularly dangerous to Devil Fruit users. It is capable of tearing through diamond and even through weak defenses. Because of the sheer velocity of the move, Persephone's movements seem to cause fire to be released behind her figure during her descent; the impact of her body releasing a powerful shockwave of pure power that is capable of destroying everything in the vicinity for meter away from touch-down. However, there is a secret about the Flashing Magical Kick—if the opponent is hit by the initial shockwave of Persephone charging her jump, then they will become stunned by falling down, leaving them vulnerable to the rest of the attack with no way to defend against it. The Flashing Magical Kick has the uncanny ability to strike characters who are airborne, even Logia users in elemental transformations (as per the abilities of Busoshoku Haki), but it is rather difficult to actually hit an enemy with it and avoid being struck if the attack misses. Another unique property is that if the Flashing Magical Kick ends with Persephone shooting towards a wall, she is capable of instantly bouncing off and gaining height, allowing her to attempt the attack again.
  • Whirlwind Spinning Kick (旋風竜巻蹴り, Senpū Tatsumaki-Geri): The second attack of the Strike Arts; when performing Whirlwind Spinning Kick, Persephone imbues Busoshoku Haki upon her foot with Busoshoku Koka, just like she does for Flashing Magical Kick—once the black substance has been properly compacted, Persephone jumps and rotates her legs, spinning around at high speeds, causing a slight pull on nearby opponents while emitting a small tornado that devastates everything three meters from all directions around her. If the enemy is caught, Persephone's high-powered leg swing keeps the opponent trapped until the move ends. This makes escape via directional influence difficult. While powerful, it is known to be erratic; more often than not catching Persephone's foe off-guard while dealing a multitude of strikes; it is enhanced by the wind generated by the spiral formation that she spins around in; and thus it traps foes in a vicious cyclone of kicks which deals up to ten hits while damaging all the foes in the radius of her foot. When Whirlwind Spinning Kick is finished, the last hit dealt causes slightly more than moderate knockback, but can be very dangerous if used in the air, as while descending, Persephone is helpless due to the sheer momentum generated by the initial Whirlwind Spinning Kick, which had tired her out, leaving her completely vulnerable. Whirlwind Spinning Kick can be controlled, allowing Persephone to move in any direction while using the attack, and moving instead of remaining causes Persephone to extend the amount of time that she spins around. While using the Whirlwind Spinning Kick in the air, if all strikes make contact, the final blow is capable of knocking the opponent even higher into the air. This attack can be used for recovery as well. It gains great horizontal distance on top of some vertical distance, especially if she jumps before using the attack. However, something to note is that Persephone will bounce off of the ground rather than returning safely if the enemy manages to strike her while they are in the tornado.
  • PersephoneSeiken

    Persephone using Holy Fist Punch against an opponent.

    Holy Fist Punch (聖拳突き, Seiken-zuki): The third technique of Strike Arts, the Holy Fist Punch is one of two attacks that involve Persephone's fists. In order to perform the Holy Fist Punch, Persephone imbues her arm with Busoshoku: Koka, before compressing a shockwave upon her fist, condensing it to its utmost limit in order to drastically enhance the power of the next attack; condensing it unto its utmost limit until her hand starts overflowing in pure energy, radiating a power so brightly that it seems to blind those whom turn their gaze upon Persephone. Once this is done, Persephone cocks her fist back before throwing a powerful straight punch with all of her might, unleashing the concentrated shockwave upon her fist towards the foe, essentially transferring the shockwave into the opponent's body, causing a powerful surge that grievously wounds them from within; the attack is actually derived from Chinese martial arts. The power of the attack is demonstrated upon impact; the shockwave does indeed multiply, causing a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves to smash into the opponent's body simultaneously—the last of which is capable of sending them careening through the air at an astounding velocity; even shattering steel and destroying a small building. The attack is said to be akin to being shot in the face by a gigantic cannonball; devastating the unlucky recipient with relative ease. However, this attack can be stopped if the shockwave cannot travel through Persephone's arm or hand, essentially resulting in a blunt strike that, while powerful, does only one third of the damage that it normally would. Interestingly, Persephone is capable of turning around to the opposite direction while charging Holy Fist Punch up; allowing the attack to do slightly more damage, but it has a slower release time due to the extra seconds needed to turn around. However, Holy Fist Punch has a simple yet glaring weakness—it requires a precious few seconds to charge up and release, during which, Persephone's opponent could attack, thus interrupting the strike. Because of this, she normally prefers to use the technique when the opponent is restrained or unguarded.
  • PersephoneDualDragonShot

    Persephone charging her ultimate attack, Burst Wave Fist.

    Ultimate Attack: Burst Wave Fist (絶招・波動列帛拳, Zesshō: Hadō Reppakuken): Burst Wave Fist is the "Ultimate Attack" (絶招, Zesshō) of the Strike Arts fighting style. It is something that is a grave departure from the normal close-combat attacks of the style; being similar to a "ki attack" from fiction. In order to harness the power of the Burst Wave Fist, Persephone first activates Busoshoku: Koka upon both of her hands, before utilizing her pure power to form a shockwave that is condensed upon both of her hands. Pushing her hands together in a cup-like motion, she cocks her hands back, while applying the theory that "Busoshoku Haki is an invisible force" to the shockwave. After a few seconds of charging, Persephone unleashes the shockwave in the form of a powerful concussive beam that blasts through the air at astounding speeds in any direction that she chooses upon release -this allows her to strike more than one opponent with ease-; the attack is shaped like twin dragons. In addition to this, Persephone can move faster than the attack itself, allowing her to fire multiple blasts from different directions. Indeed, Burst Wave Fist is capable of travelling great distances in an instant, making it increasingly difficult to evade, though it is at its most powerful at the start; as the generation of the two dragons causes a brief shockwave of power. Interestingly, the Burst Wave is shown to have two settings—a version that emits a higher-velocity beam with enough momentum to breach defenses; but the damage dealt to the target without penetrating a defense is significantly reduced due to its lower power transfer; it will pursue the enemy and surely hit; the other version is akin to a classic beam attack: this variation has less velocity and, while less penetrating, quickly transfers the shockwave to the target upon impact, reverting back to pure power and destroying the target from within; though naturally, this version does not work upon humans. Burst Wave Fist is capable of being charged, and while doing so, any other being, human or not, who touches the blast takes a small amount of damage. Indeed, Persephone can also continue to hold the blast after it is fully charged, allowing her to take advantage of its damage dealing ability, or store it for later use. If the enemy attempts to defend against it without Haki, Burst Wave Fist is capable of shattering most defenses with the exception of seastone, and, of course, Haki. The reason that it quickly obliterates any defenses is the amazing speed behind the multiple hits of the charge which quickly wears away at the opponent's defenses. Indeed, it is possible for Persephone to constantly fire the blast while approaching foes from the air.

Physical ProwessEdit

Immense Strength: As one of the strongest martial artists, Persephone possesses phenomenal strength and superior hand-eye coordination, and can break free from almost any attack that binds her and could possibly prevent her from moving. She is strong enough to uproot an enormous tree with both of her hands; and she can upturn huge portions of rock floor with a single strike directed at the ground with her fist. Persephone also has enough power to break steel with her bare hands, and break through even harder material; her inherent immense power is only amplified by the momentum at which she moves; making her strong enough to smash her way through enemies (though not seastone), destroy surfaces by stomping, or break down solid walls; and she is able to lift and press five hundred kilos, making her amazingly powerful. Persephone has been shown being able to tear parts from cyborgs' bodies with brute force alone with some effort exerted. Another testament to Persephone's monstrous brute strength is that she is able to split the hydrogen in the air by punching, lash out with powerful kicks, or throw objects through the air with such force that she can set them aflame through sheer friction. In addition, Persephone's feats of strength are as simple as carrying around two coffins filled with bricks on her back as part of her training regimen under her father. One simple swing of her fist is enough to create powerful shockwaves of air, similar to her punches that produce similar destructive feats; this ability plays into her martial arts style, which is known as Strike Arts. She has demonstrated that she is strong enough to enable her to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head; unless they are capable of using Busoshoku Haki or have a Devil Fruit. Persephone's physical strength also extends into her legs, enabling her to be able to jump to a height of several stories in a single bound, and her power has only increased drastically from there; as a note, she is capable of lifting a hundred kilo boulder using a single hand with very little effort exerted. Essentially, due to a combination of speed, strength, durability, and her Soru prowess, Persephone is a 'flying brick' (without the flight, of course), which is essentially somebody with the powers of a superhero in all but name.

Immense Speed: Persephone possesses excellent physical ability, capable of feats comparable to somebody who has been trained by Vice-Admiral Garp the Legend, who was a known slapper of wimps, which had the effect of making them man the hell up and turn into Men of Destiny; amusingly making Persephone a female version of one of those destined pupils- though her father can be considered similar to Garp in terms of training regimen. Her tremendous raw power allows her to move fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between her and the opponent and even seemingly disappear from sight with the use of Soru; even using her agility to her advantage by bounding around like a destructive ball in order to keep her opponents guessing all the time. She has also shown on several occasions that she can jump incredibly long distances, up to twenty meters by applying Soru to her jumps. She often only appears as an azure shimmer of energy as per her epithet, with only the fastest foes even catching sight of her true figure during a battle; this is thanks to her special Soru technique. This incredible speed gives her an edge in battle against slower or close-range fighters. Indeed, Persephone has been shown to be able to evade many a combatant in both long and close-range; her movements are so tremendously swift that few would be likely to see an attack take place—this enables her to attack almost a multiple of three times in a row per second. Not only that, but her movement is scarily perfect, being both fluid and precise; indeed, it is rare for her to make painful looking gestures while in motion. Her speed also allows her to follow the movements of faster opponents in order to better analyze their movements or deflect difficult and otherwise fatal strikes with a bit of difficulty. In addition, Persephone is amazingly well coordinated, as she is able to catch bullets fired from flintlock pistols and rifles in mid-air between her slender fingers; her tremendous reflexes, agility and speed usually enables her to dodge many a powerful projectile while balancing herself on a single limb. Naturally, with great speed, comes great reflexes. It has been shown time and time again that Persephone's reflexes enhance her speed even further. Due to being so small and spry, Persephone is highly flexible in battle- able to perform one-handed backflips, somersaults, and mid-air cartwheels with little effort in terms of physical strain; making it seem as if though she had been a gymnast before becoming a Marine; and considering how interesting and multi-talented Persephone is, she probably was. Persephone is also known for rolling around on the ground to evade foes' attacks, as well as being able to perform multiple spins and tricks in mid-air- this is all because her movement style is similar to Parkour.

Indifference to Pain and Amazing Invulnerability: Persephone's physical and mental durability and stamina is truly mind-boggling; capable of withstanding nearly any and all onslaughts thrown in her direction. Her durability enables her rise from attack after attack after attack on numerous occasions, more often than not surprising and confounding her foe, striking fear into their hearts. She can smash several barriers of steel with her fist without showing any sign of pain or injury. In addition, Persephone can forcibly dismantle several cyborgs with her fist without showing any sign of pain or injury. It is also worth noting that, for nearly all the battles Persephone has endured, she has rarely been crippled, and it is odd to see her display any permanent injuries- though both of these can be chalked up to the fact that the woman knows how to take care of herself. Additionally, she can survive free-falls from relatively impressive heights, falling face-first from a high point in a five story building, merely shaking it off after landing. This level of durability is how she survived other forms of extensive punishment, such as falls from several stories like when she landed on a vehicle from six thousand centimeters with no discomfort. Persephone's durability is high enough to where she can take blows from numerous beings with Devil Fruit-enhanced strength and not be fatally injured; though naturally, it does pain her a lot. This durability makes even her soft tissues, well, extremely durable, and more than up to the task of using Busoshoku Haki to render her virtually immune to firearms with the exception of, well, cannonballs. In addition, due to the rigorous training that she underwent as a Marine recruit, Persephone's deceptively strong body eliminates the truly preposterous build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in her muscles, which gives her the endurance to allow her to function at peak capacity for several hours without rest and the lung capacity of an opera singer- all of this, without showing any indications of fatigue. For some reason or another, Persephone not wholly but feels prickly pain when hurt and will not receive any serious damage when she is shot unless by a high-caliber firearm. She also is able to catch a sword attack with the teeth; she possesses near-maximized physical endurance to match her strength, and is capable of taking as much major punishment as she is able to deal out.


Rokushiki (六式, Six Styles): Rokushiki is a special, superhuman martial arts style practiced mainly by CP9, though various others are extremely skilled in its usage as well—Persephone is one of said practitioners. Rokushiki uses various special yet mundane movements in order to make create something that sits right in the middle of the line between supernatural and "doable" in this world for a normal human; having become usable by the user training their body. For specific examples, Shigan (指銃, Finger Gun) is utilized by concentrating strength on the user's finger and then jabbing forth with amazing speed. Tekkai (鉄塊, Iron Mass) is harnessed by the user tensing their muscles to make them as hard as iron. Geppō (月歩, Moon Step) is kicking the air with enough force to make it as if the user is literally stepping in the sky. Soru (剃, Shave) is performing ten steps in the blink of an eye to achieve an overwhelming speed without any equal. Kami-e (紙絵, Paper Drawing) involves the user relaxing their body to allow them to literally move with the flow, allowing them to avoid attacks. Finally, Rankyaku (嵐脚, Storm Leg) is initiated by the user kicking the air with enough force to unleash a deadly blade of air. Persephone was mentored by her father in its usage, making her one of the most proficient users of the art out there—and she has several "ultimate" variations on some of the attacks, such as Soru. Indeed, her mastery over the art is what makes her such a difficult opponent to deal with. However, she has decided to only focus on Soru, as per her father's training—meaning that she has very little experience in the other forms, and most definitely, it leaves her unable to perform the Rokuogan.

  • Soru (剃, Shave): Soru is the fifth of the six/seven techniques of the Rokushiki. In order to utilize it, the user must kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. Essentially, it allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. This is signified as the user disappearing from all but the keenest eyes—they are travelling at such a high velocity that they practically vanish. Persephone, having been mentored by her father who was known as one of the greatest users of the technique in the Marines, has achieved such an amazing mastery over it that she can utilize it as her primary method of transportation and even harness the power of Soru minutely to evade attacks in a split second; making Soru a skill akin to super reflexes. When using Soru, the distance between Persephone and her foe is shortened by an enormous margin, allowing her to more often than not attack first, leaving her foe bewildered as she darts around the battlefield, assaulting them relentlessly. When using Soru, Persephone's movements produce afterimages of herself which are capable of confounding opponents who are unable to follow her movements. While she does have control over her afterimages, Persephone usually moves so quickly that she creates afterimages inadvertently. Her movements are so tremendously speedy, that it is relatively easy to immediately lose sight of her. Her speed with Soru is to the point that it seems as if Persephone has the ability to teleport with every movement that she makes.
    • Self-Styled Instant Movement Technique: Azure Flash (自流瞬動・蒼閃, Jiryū Shundō: Sōsen): The Azure Flash is a varation of the Soru technique; it is touted to be the greatest of all the variants shown. The man who invented it, Persephone's father, was known as the Azure Flash of the Marines (海軍の蒼閃, Kaigun no Sōsen) for its creation, which caused him to be hailed as the greatest practitioner of the Soru technique to ever grace the Marines; though the position is argued about even to this day. The Azure Flash is said to be the highest speed that one can achieve with Soru, and it is often touted to be the "supreme form of ultimate speed"—notably, only Persephone and her father can utilize it. This speed is noted to be something completely different than mere speed-enhancing techniques; in fact, it is said to be akin to a form of teleportation. On rare occasions, the Azure Flash is misguidedly compared to the likes of the speed of light granted by the Pika Pika no Mi, though this is completely inaccurate; but it allows Persephone to move faster than the eye can follow with a short burst of super speed that gets used more like teleportation. By kicking off a thousand times in the blink of an eye, Persephone gathers additional kinetic energy within her legs in order to enhance her already tremendous speed, drastically boosting her movements exponentially. The movements of the Azure Flash make it seem that the positions of Persephone and her targets have been reduced in a flash through her amazing movements, hence the name of the technique. When utilizing the Azure Flash, Persephone releases a fair amount distinct noise when in motion, and on the ground she leaves small craters in her wake with every step that she takes, and midair the surrounding atmosphere around her ripples as though from waves of heat with an occasional discharge of electricity; leaving afterimages as she moves. Each of these afterimages are accompanied by incredibly powerful razor-like winds that possess the power to leave shockwaves that will devastate the area. When using the Azure Flash, Persephone's movements produce afterimages of herself which are capable of confounding opponents who are unable to follow her movements. While she does have control over her afterimages, Persephone usually moves so quickly that she creates afterimages inadvertently. This speed can be put to an offensive use by Persephone using her Busoshoku Haki to harden her body, essentially turning herself into a cannonball that bounds around at amazing speed. However, the Azure Flash has a weakness; when performing the technique, it is extremely difficult to see her destination, though not impossible—but it requires amazing reflexes and split-second reactions in order to use properly; making it a 'high risk, high reward' ability.


Haki (覇気, Ambition): Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being in the world. It is not that different from the normal senses. However, most people do not notice it or fail to awaken it. Broadly, there are two types of Haki common to everyone, given the proper training; however, there is a third type that only a certain group of "chosen ones" are said to possess. Essentially, it enables the user to manifest the concepts of presence, fighting spirit, and intimidation into the mortal plane through sheer willpower, allowing it to take the form of an invisible energy. Persephone focuses solely upon the utilization of Busoshoku Haki which serves as an invisible armour. She has not shown any interest in Kenbunshoku Haki, and is seemingly incapable of utilizing Haoshoku Haki. Indeed, her focus upon Busoshoku Haki is what makes her so deadly—being combat-oriented; Persephone's mastery of Busoshoku Haki is to the point that she is considered a battering ram or a living cannonball.

  • Busoshoku Haki (武装色の覇気, Ambition of the Colour of Armaments): Busoshoku Haki is known to be a form of Haki which enables the user to create an invisible force similar to armour around their body. Similar to Tekkai, this iteration of Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Indeed, Busoshoku Haki is invoked by the practitioner focusing the ambition that dwells within their very existence intently, as that burning ambition flows into the user's blood vessels, specifically their veins, resulting in a paper sheet-thin layer of Haki energy, which, while compressed inside the user's body, results in a hardening of their muscles to the level of iron and even beyond almost all forms of alloys, causing the user to manifest an invisible armour around their form that protects them in a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree angle. Through the process of doing so, the user's frame is bestowed with a property not dissimilar to the likes of super armour, allowing a practitioner of Busoshoku Haki to negate the kinetic and supernatural energy of a number of strikes thrown their way before any of their attacks get interrupted and they take damage from the opponent's actions by the colour of armaments reducing the kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move from its stillness to zero, nullifying the motion and thus the force of the blow. This also results in the user's senses of pain and seeming weakness of their body being removed for as long as Busoshoku Haki is active- this enables the user to endure damage without suffering from recoil, being stunned, or flinching which would normally interrupt their actions, such as attacking both with physical and otherworldly moves, meaning that Busoshoku Haki being invoked results in the user being incapable of being stopped simply by attacking them; getting struck gives off the visage of a faint pattern of black energy tracing the veins beneath the surface of the user's skin. Naturally, this invisible armour is capable of being used as a weapon to strike the user's opponent, as well as to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of their body as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack which is enhanced by the hardening of the invisible force around the user's body is far stronger than it would normally be without it; as their fists are capable of penetrating solid steel with ease while also standing up to the most powerful of fighters with relative ease – though naturally, a sufficiently powerful force is capable of busting straight through such as a more skilled wielder of Busoshoku Haki. Thanks to the immense hardening that the user's body undergoes when performing this ability, they possess the ability to harm their opponents when they perform elemental transformations such as Logia Devil Fruits; rendering the user capable of striking the body beneath the elemental energy, bypassing their transformation; however, it does not negate their Devil Fruit. What should be noted is that unless the user uses their power upon an alternate target within the user's grasp, Busoshoku Haki is unable to be equipped to attacks which aren't from the user's body; weapons being the sole exception. Due to their reinforced skin acting similar to steel, the user is able to also act as a makeshift lightning rod to an extent. Despite the increased physical density that one gains when activating Busoshoku Haki, it does not nullify damage, and one should remember that the user's body is still flesh and blood; thus, its resistance to force has its limits- while the practitioner can ignore the knockback of the opponent's attack, the blow will still damage them, meaning that in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful strike, in some cases, it would simply be easier to evade if possible. It should be noted that in terms of her own skills in regards to the utilization of Busoshoku Haki, Persephone Yuèliàng could be considered to be one of the greatest practitioners to have ever walked the seas. In tandem with her own imaginative mind and her incredible ingenuity in regards to martial arts, Persephone has chosen Busoshoku Haki as her exclusive form of Haki, completely disregarding the more defensive-oriented Kenbunshoku Haki and while it hasn't been confirmed though it's highly suspected that she can, even if she was capable of harnessing it, she probably wouldn't utilize Haoshoku Haki either – indeed, her skill with the colour of armaments has reached the point that that's all she really needs.Utilizing Busoshoku Haki in order to dramatically augment her fighting style as well as her already-tough frame, Persephone seems to be capable of invoking its incredible power on a whim simply by mental command alone, with enemies charging in, assuming that they've cornered her, only for a flash of stygian energy to amass upon her body and instantaneously whittle down any chances they have of striking Persephone and dealing sufficient damage to the girl to even less than zero. Indeed, Busoshoku Haki is the only Haki that Persephone has taken an interest in, because of the offensive uses and how it could drastically augment her own martial arts; meaning that by focusing solely on Busoshoku, she has become one of the most proficient users of the art. Not only utilizing the notable technique known as Busoshoku: Koka as listed below, Persephone has developed several techniques that are exclusive to her alone, and over the years, her Busoshoku Haki has taken upon the properties of something never witnessed before.
    • PersephoneBuso

      Persephone initiating Busoshoku: Koka.

      Busoshoku: Koka (武装色 硬化, Colour of Armaments: Hardening): Busoshoku: Koka is a technique derived from Busoshoku Haki, which allows the user to heavily concentrate the Busoshoku Haki upon their body, enabling them to harden parts of their body, turning the area black and thus making their body denser and far more formidably, finally granting their attacks more power. Busoshoku: Koka can also enable the user to coat their entire body in Busoshoku Haki; from here, the manipulation of the invisible force upon the user's body forming invisible armour also drastically enhances their power and defense; as the user's attacks are now capable of punching holes in steel. When the user releases the force momentarily, it has the same magnitude of the user's enormous strength, and tends to destroy the area around the user. Whenever the user unleashes sufficiently powerful strike, black lightning seems to spread out from the point of impact; a testament to the user's extreme strength; Persephone is known to be amazingly skilled in the usage of Busoshoku: Koka, with her opting to use it in place of the Tekkai Rokushiki technique, perhaps due to the extra advantages that this technique grants the user. She is capable of manifesting it instantly for defensive purposes, instantly granting her the power to grab ahold of a sword with two fingers; it is considered to be far superior to the Tekkai, and ironically, Persephone's Busoshoku: Koka is said to be similar to a mass of seastone in that it not only allows her to attack Devil Fruit users with impunity (though not negate their powers), but it grants her body a resistance that is said to be the "stuff of legends"; the effects of being struck by a cannonball could only cause her to take a step back. In addition, and of course, Persephone is capable of applying Busoshoku to her gauntlets and unarmed attacks, allowing her to viciously brutalize her opponents through sheer force. Persephone's Busoshoku: Koka is said to be one of the most powerful, as she is capable of snapping a low-ranked Marine's Busoshoku-enhanced sword with relative ease, much to the latter's shock. With Busoshoku: Koka active, Persephone is durable enough to the point that if a person beats her with a hammer, the hammer would eventually break and Persephone would show little discomfort. Essentially, Persephone's Busoshoku: Koka enables her to resist incredible forces that could easily obliterate a normal human without suffering any serious external or internal injuries. Persephone's Busoshoku: Koka is the basis for her amazingly powerful Strike Arts, which allow her to use the hardened parts of her body for her Haki, materializing her willpower further in the forms of shockwaves released from her limbs—though it should be noted that these shockwaves do not carry the properties of Busoshoku Koka, making Strike Arts needing Koka simply a force of habit, it seems.


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  • Persephone's personality and name (to an extent) was based upon the author's own, as well as her love of martial arts.