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Yohneff (ヨーネフ, Yōnefu), also known by his birth name Landa John Jones (ランダ・ジョン・ジョーンズ, Randa Jon Jōnzu), is a pirate. Yohneff is the founder, as well as the Captain of the Ere-Ede Pirates. He is known for his tremendous speed and immense mastery of mystic arts.



Yohneff is a tan-skinned man with a very tall and brawny stature, along with well-developed muscles. Aside from some wrinkles (a sign of his advanced age), his face is quite youthful. He has a scar on the left side of his neck, which he presumably obtained in a battle. He has short and wavy light grey-colored hair, which used to be dark brown in his youth. His most prominent facial features are his steely blue eyes, which are almost always half-closed and glaring; he usually opens his eyes completely only while watching a movie.

He usually wears simplistic, dark-colored turtlenecks and matching trousers, along with black boots. He also wears capes and cloaks, with their colors ranging from indigo, crimson, basil and grey. Sometimes, he is seen wearing golden or white gloves, which contrasts his usually dark-colored clothing.


Yohneff can be described as an strange, bizarre or perhaps even a "weird" person. While he is usually quite stern and grumpy, he can also be extremely cheerful and energetic. His erratic personality often confuses others, leaving them unable to form an opinion about him. Because of this, several people around him, even the members of his crew, never manage to fully understand him. King, one of Yohneff's closest comrades, once even noted that if a single word must be used to describe Yohneff, it would be "eccentric", which is a quite perfect description indeed, because he is very unpredictable in his choices and actions. While he sometimes seems to be some sort of enigma, preferring solitude, keeping his feelings close to his chest, and being distant from others, he also doesn't usually hesitate to express his opinions and speak without filtering his words, even going as far as to unexpectedly share some of his most private feelings, which he never shared with even his closest companions, with a complete stranger. Due to this, O-Ren describes him as a cryptically-written "open book".

He is infamous among his crew for his extremely questionable sense of priority. Notably, he preferred to attend a movie premiere rather than lead his crew on a quest, and prioritized obtaining the original recording of his favorite movie trilogy over the safety of Bill (however, this was partially because he was fully confident that he could rescue Bill later). He is also known for his equally surprising placement of interest. While he can be excited over something as trivial as waking up early in the morning to go for an early morning boat ride, he considered King's remarkable swordsmanship skills to be "lame". Oddly enough, he deemed Douglas's murder at the hands of Django to be a "dull" incident, but only moments earlier, was excited upon the prospect of conducting a duel between them.

He is also very volatile when he is bored, and frequently destroys the ship's mast (partially or fully) for the sake of entertainment. His ferocity during boredom is a source of gigantic annoyance for the members of his crew. His actions usually depend solely on his mood; he is enormously uncompromising and acts mostly on impulse without consulting others or contemplating the consequences. However, he genuinely cares for his crew, and treats his mates like family. Though he is very cheerful, his comrades do not believe him to be very friendly, probably due to his preference of solitude, and therefore, he does not have many close friends. Yohneff is also rather shy and can be quickly embarrassed. For this reason, he is often the butt of jokes for the members of his crew; even his status as the captain does not immune him from this.

Another noteworthy trait of Yohneff is his enormous love for movies. His early days at the Ursa Temple resulted in an extreme lack of contact with the outside world for a long period in his life, followed by a lack of sociability and some sort of emotional detachment from the outside world even after Yohneff ran away from the temple. Perhaps due to this, he found solace only in movies, and discovered getting lost in the world of movies to be a heavenly feeling. He hates to be interrupted while watching a movie and might react violently if he is. His colossal passion for movies causes him to not only quote movie dialogues and pick up mannerisms of certain characters, but also prioritize movies over most things, so much so that he devotes six to twelve hours in his day solely for watching movies.

He is also a passionate lover of music. While not watching movies, he uses his mother's music player to listen to music (especially the melodies and songs featured in his favorite movies), sometimes even in the middle of combat. In battle, he indiscriminately fights men and women of all ages, though he is reluctant to hit children. He usually doesn't like killing, but will kill ruthlessly when he needs to or when he is in the mood. He prefers to finish fights quickly by not exercising restraint and going all-out right off the bat, but also likes to use very fancy attacks to show off and look impressive and formidable.


  • Magic Capes: The sources of Yohneff's power. Yohneff wears capes of different colors, presumably to match the rest of his clothing. These capes allow him to perform sorcery, which can be be utilized in combat. It is unknown if different capes give different powers to Yohneff. While Yohneff is capable of performing some sorcery attacks and magic spells even without his capes, he needs them to avail himself of his maximum power.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

As a younger man, Yohneff was not very physically formidable due to being a victim of artificially-induced cerebral palsy, turning him into a wheelchair-bound cripple. However, his left leg was quite functional, and so he trained it to be self-dependent to a large extent (gaining amazing muscle control and being able to perform various tasks with just his foot) before training to regain the ability to move. After achieving partial mobility, he trained at beaches to attain strength and sturdiness. He trained himself to withstand sea waves and even try to split them with punches and kicks. By the end of his training, which took several years to complete, he not only achieved improved mobility, but could also bear the force of huge waves without even budging, and create gales by just spinning.

Yohneff's physical capabilities are exceptional. He possesses immense strength, with King being the only one in the crew who is physically more powerful than Yohneff. He is capable of crushing steel in his bare hands, lifting and throwing boulders (often with a single hand), shattering constructs with ease, and tossing a number of individuals with minimal effort on his part. He can lift King's weapon, though unlike King, he requires both of his hands to do so. He also possesses great endurance and durability, being able to take a bullet to the face with only minor wounds. He can also survive cannon fire, grenades and falls from extraordinary heights (albeit with major wounds) and even withstand multiple blows from King himself. However, he is not invulnerable to pain, as King's punches frequently cause him to scream in great agony.

His most notable physical attribute, however, is his incomprehensible speed. He is the fastest member of his crew and believes himself to be one of the fastest men in the world. He acquired his speed thanks to his training at the Ursa Temple. Since a very young age, Yohneff was trained at run and act at superhuman speeds. Due to his exposure to numerous exercises and training regimes at the temple, as well as performance enhancing food items, ritual-like experiments, etc., he not only attained phenomenal speed, but also incredibly fast perception and metabolism, and resistance to effects of friction, reduced oxygen and kinetic impact. Yohneff was the fastest individual in the entire temple. He was so fast that he was essentially omnipresent throughout the huge temple. He also managed to outrun the temple's rogue-hunting squad, who were known for hunting rogues in less than a month, for over seven months. He lost his ability to move (and the ability to do so at superhuman speeds) when he was crippled, but even after regaining his mobility and becoming much stronger, Yohneff is not as fast as he once used to be.

Nevertheless, Yohneff is still spectacularly fast, being much faster than the speed of sound. He is also capable of engaging multiple opponents at once, catching a large of bullets with a single hand, and attacking at supersonic speeds (which result in tremendously powerful impacts). His fighting style utilizes his outstanding speed and sharp reflexes, and relies on his instincts and offense to overwhelm his opponent or wear them down. Although he has not received much formal training in martial arts, he is quite skilled at kick-boxing; while he possesses the ability to punch at a blindingly quick pace, he specializes in the use of his legs, especially his left leg, which he can manipulate to great effect and kick with enough force to briefly stun even King (who claimed Yohneff's kick to be stronger than a cannonball).

However, as physically formidable as he is, he lacks stamina. While he can hang around in a fight even after being fatigued or injured, he is at his best only for a short while during the initial moments of a fight, which is why he prefers to end fights quickly, or use other tricks on his sleeve.


Yohneff's most significant power is his mastery of mystical arts. He seems to draw his magical powers from the energy of supernatural entities to perform sorcery. The full extent of his magical powers is unknown, but he uses them to achieve a wide variety of effects. He has the ability to levitate and glide through air, though flying at supersonic speeds requires more effort. He can use sorcery to unleash powerful attacks, often in form of slashes that cut through metal, lightning bolts that can kill a giant octopus, and invisible blasts that are strong enough to destroy a ship's mast. He can conjure flames, winds and water out of nowhere and even control them to a minor extent, allowing him to use them for a wide range of offensive, defensive and supportive purposes. He is also capable of conjuring shields that can block simultaneous attacks from both Roy and Rey without breaking, and binds that can restrain a transformed Angel-Eyes. He is capable of rendering himself invisible and/or intangible, but doing so requires a tremendous amount of concentration on Yohneff's part.

One of Yohneff's favorite powers is the ability to cast illusions. He is capable of casting perfect illusions which are visually indistinguishable from reality. He can manifest visions such as objects that are not actually present and show events that never actually take place. The illusions are similar to mirages and holograms, and the deception can be thwarted with physical touch. Yohneff can use these illusions very craftily, utilizing them to frighten his opponents or forming mirages of items and physical wounds to trick them (or alternatively make them disappear for the same purpose). He can also form mirages of clones to confuse others. This is another ability that requires tremendous mental focus from Yohneff; lack of focus will result in flawed, imperfect and unconvincing illusions.

However, Yohneff does have several limitations and weaknesses. In his own words, he is a sorcerer, not God. One of his weaknesses is that the use of some of his magical powers, such as flight, can take a huge toll on his body. He is prone to collapsing and even coughing blood in the middle of the battle. He cannot even use his magic powers when he "runs out of the energy invoked from divine beings." He is also incapable of using his full power until he has certain artifacts, such as his cape and gloves, at his disposal. He is admittedly inept at using mind tricks (and thus cannot perform hypnosis and mind-reading) but has shown the ability of induce sleep to others and use his illusionary powers to manipulate their dreams to some extent. However, this ability can fail against strong-willed targets and also presents the weakness of requiring Yohneff to physically touch them, which can leave him vulnerable to attack if this ability fails to work.


Yohneff learned about the existence of Haki only after he escaped from the Ursa Temple. While he initially didn't believe that such a power exists, he was intrigued by it, and eventually came to believe in it after his own research and interaction with O-Ren. He learned and practiced the use of Haki during the years he spent in prison and by the time he became a pirate, he had mastered two of its forms.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Yohneff is skilled in the usage of this form of Haki. He is capable of using Busoshoku Haki to manifest an invisible force around his body. He utilizes this invisible force as not only an armor against most attacks but also as a powerful weapon for both close combat and ranged attacks. Yohneff is able to protect himself from most swords, bullets, and cannons unscathed by coating himself with an aura of Busoshoku Haki. This aura also enables him to hit much harder than he normally would, allowing him to shatter sea-stone, defeat a Pacifista in a single blow, and negate the intangibility of a Logia user. While he is able to darken his limbs to a metallic black coating to further increase the hardness o his skin, he is not skilled enough to apply this coating to coating to his entire body. His great speed, along with his Haki-imbued offense and defense, allows him to unleash quick and powerful attacks on his opponents. He can also project this invisible aura to create immensely durable, spherical force fields; alternatively, the invisible aura can also be projected to break free of restraints. One of his most preferred ways of attack include utilization of the invisible force to unleash powerful strikes from a distance.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Yohneff is admittedly more proficient in the usage of this form of Haki. Yohneff's Kenbunshoku Haki gives him a psychological awareness of his surroundings. He can navigate darkened rooms, instinctively avoiding obstacles or hazards, or potentially noisy or unstable floorboards, walls or ceilings that may betray his presence. He can extend a spherical, invisible aura and sense anything in its vicinity. In his own words, he can even sense the dropping of a coin within the radius of at least ten miles. Yohneff's omnidirectional Haki can guide him to or away from hidden weapons and disguised enemies. Surprise and sneaky attacks are absolutely useless against him. At one instance, Yohneff not only pinpointed the positions of two opponents who were going to attack him from behind, but was also able to accurately predict exactly how they planned to do it. At a later point of time, he was even able to sense how many fingers Go-Go holding up behind her back.

Yohneff is skilled enough to keep his Kenbunshoku Haki permanently active, even while he is unconscious; this allows him to fight effectively and avoid threats even when he is unconscious. By utilising his Haki in conjunction with his fantastic reflexes, Yohneff is able to effortlessly dodge extremely fast attacks, such as multiple bullets, energy beams, or even explosions. Even point blank, his Haki can warn him in enough time to get away from danger like a precognitive sense, before he can even consciously think about his actions. Yohneff's Haki can enable him to battle even the most skilled fighters. While not being trained much in martial arts, his Haki and reflexes allow him to dodge and counter, often with ease. He can even predict an opponent's actions and react accordingly.

Another ability which Yohneff possesses is to conceal his Haki to hide his presence and avoid detection. However, this ability fails against a skilled user of Haki.