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Zenolenoffe Eressal-Ederhal (ゼノレノフ・エレッサル・エデーハル, Zenorenofu Eressaru Edēharu), also known as simply Zeno (ゼノ) is a pirate. Renowned as the Shadowless Flight (無影飛行 Muyō Hikō) for his incredible speed, Zeno is the founder, as well as the Captain of the Ere-Ede Pirates.



Zeno is a pale-skinned man with a tall and muscular stature, along with well-developed abdominal muscles. His eyes are scarlet in colour. He has a scar on the left side of his neck, which he presumably obtained in a battle. He has short and spiky light blue-coloured hair. He wears a crimson-coloured shirt and matching trousers.



Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical ProwessEdit


Devil FruitEdit



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